So WHAT Exactly Did America Win?


So what exactly did America win with the successful placement of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Well it showed that having an actual fighter in the White House who leads by example can force the milquetoast republican side of the party in the senate to put on a back-brace and stand up for the majority of America who placed not only President Trump in office, but is responsible for the republican side having a majority in congress.

True, what took place with the Kavanaugh nomination didn’t help the senate republicans to grow an actual spine, but it DID give them someone to hide behind while they at least pretended they were willing to do what is right for this country instead of their usual kowtowing to the demands of the left.

But the battle is now over and Brett Kavanaugh is officially Justice Kavanaugh.

And WHAT a battle it was.  President Trump and most of America standing behind Kavanaugh as the democrats being stoppedpresident’s choice, and the communist globalist left in the senate and the entire leftist media desperately trying anything they could do to stop the appointment.

The brutal beating that justice received at the hands of the communist globalist left was never before seen in the entire history of this country.   NOT EVEN the Clarence Thomas nomination was as disgusting as what the democrat senators; the leftist media and the useful idiot minions of the left staged with THIS nomination.

The right was behind the choice because the very first EVER actual people’s choice for president chose him.

The left was against it solely because they had sworn to object to and obstruct anything and everything the people’s president said or did which most definitely included picking a judge for the SCOTUS.

Oh the left tried to “claim” that what they originally objected to was that Kavanaugh MIGHT make a ruling that would be against the legalized massive slaughter of American babies.   But THAT was only because those on the left had no real idea who Kavanaugh was prior to the nomination, the same as those on the right knew nothing about him.

Even President Trump knew hardly anything about him because the President was not an avid follower of the SCOTUS and the D.C. court of appeals and the decisions that both groups had made over the years.   He was merely advised by the republican establishment as to WHO would be a ‘good pick’ for the court.   And it would be extremely difficult to find ANY decision of the republican and democrat establishments that could have been considered good for this country.   Other than the republican establishment finally but reluctantly giving in to the will of the people in the 2016 election cycle.

FAILING in EVERYTHING they tried to derail the appointment, and with the initial confirmation hearing over with, Dianne Feinstein made her last desperate attempt at scuttling the nomination.   She had been working with a Feinstein conspiringwoman who was originally supposed to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault back after the 2012 election was over with if Romney had won and nominated him like he said he would do.   But Romney didn’t become president, so it was all tabled.   Now being that the initial groundwork for the accusation had been setup back in 2012 complete with “therapy” for the alleged sexual assault “victim” already in place, it was time to try the usual democrat tactic of smearing someone with no actual proof.

Feinstein had been working with the “accuser” and her attorneys for a couple of months and on the last day of the hearing announced an “anonymous” letter that she had received accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault.   She then had her staff leak the “anonymous” letter to the press and the ludicrous show that all had to watch was underway.

Feinstein and the globalist left failed, but they did succeed to a degree by making the confirmation vote the closest ever for a SCOTUS judge.

But there was NO reason for ANY of it.

The right defended Kavanaugh; the left opposed him.   The extremely mentally challenged useful idiot minions of the left put on their usual ludicrous displays of their stupidity throughout the entire extended period of the hearing.useful idiots of the left   But even with a sellout vote from the right, the left STILL LOST and Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Now that it is OVER; just WHO is Kavanaugh and WHY was the left even trying to stop his appoint other than simply because he was a Trump nominee?

All sorts of propaganda was put out after the confirmation.   Propaganda such as “the court is now favoring the right”.   THAT propaganda has to twofold purpose.  It keeps the division between left and right strong enough to add even more turmoil in the future, and it makes the right think that somehow the SCOTUS will be more in favor of defending the original constitution.

Is it actually TRUE that Kavanaugh is a constitutionalist?  Maybe NOT.

The majority of American voters having no real political memory that goes back more than 60 to 90 days, quite naturally did not even know that Kavanaugh was appointed to the DC court of appeals by G.W. Bush who is a staunch advocate of the New World Order.   Bush would NEVER have promoted anyone to that position who was a TRUE constitutionalist.   Because doing so could hamper the NWO agenda for this country.   A good example to easily explain that was Bush’s appointment of ROBERTS to the SCOTUS.

Also… back in 2012 Romney stated if given the opportunity he would nominate Kavanaugh.   THAT SHOULD have been enough to let the intellect lacking left know that Kavanaugh was possibly more liberal than pro constitution.   Because Romney was and is a liberal passing himself off as a pro-constitution conservative.

Just like the left, Kavanaugh is PRO big government and places government over the constitution which can easily be seen with his decision pertaining to the FOURTH Amendment.   THAT is something those on the left should actually LOVE since they are government over the people at all times.

The left was angry that the Obama regime didn’t get to place a leftist into the court before their regime came to an end.   They wanted Merrick Garland to be a Justice.   Did they lose anything with Kavanaugh being appointed instead?

Kavanaugh is really NO DIFFERENT in his views than Merrick Garland.   So whether Obama had placed Garland into the SCOTUS or Trump placed Kavanaugh into the SCOTUS, the left may benefit more often than not on the rulings he will make.

Although not their “dream candidate” for the SCOTUS because he doesn’t regard the constitution as an antique document restricting the left from the outright taking over of government in its’ entirety, he is STILL a judge that has proven he favors the NWO and leftist ideology more often than not.

He was a contributor to the “Patriot Act” that gives government unbridled control over the people and removes citizen’s rights wherever and whenever the government so chooses to do so.

So if one looks at his voting record, all of what took place can be likened to liberals conspiring to slander and defame someone who sides with their ideology often enough to NOT make him a true constitutionalist.   And their crowds of pathetic useful idiots were making complete asses out of themselves as usual to back a conspiracy that one could say was against their own basic ideology.   ALL and ONLY because he was nominated for the SCOTUS by someone they were told by their masters that they were supposed to hate.   None of them can actually backup their reasons WHY they hate him with any facts, but he was not from “their side” so they must hate him and “resist” anything he does.

Regardless of what the leftist media tries endlessly to portray and many on the left would LIKE to think, the majority of America supports their very first ever people’s choice for president.   And if this man makes a decision, the majority of America will stand behind that decision.

What the senate democrats did in their desperate attempt to slander Justice Kavanaugh solely because he was nominated by President Trump was beyond just disgusting.

But their attempted defamation campaign DID have a positive side to it.   It showed ALL of America and the world as well, just how LOW and DISGUSTING they TRULY are.  And being that this all ended within the 60 day memory span of American voters, it may actually hurt the left BIG TIME in next month’s election.

So America and its’ President triumphed over the left … again.

But what exactly did America “win” in this particular victory?

Being that Justice Kavanaugh is NOT as pro constitution as the right is still portraying him to be, does that not mean that BOTH SIDES actually “won” in this battle?

Only time and seeing Kavanaugh’s rulings will tell.

But in the meantime maybe ALL who took part in any way with this particular fight should receive one of those “participation trophies” that liberals like to dole out to show there were not really any “winners”.



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