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So Viceland has a new show out for sheeple. It’s called “Terror” about jihad. If they’re going to teach the truth that’s one thing, but if it’s more propaganda to destroy America…. I WILL EXPOSE IT! We can start right here… Jihad in the terrorists training manual means, “Struggle!” Mein Kampf in the socialist training manual means, “My struggle!” Is it any wonder they’ve been allied since 1941???

They’re lying already. I knew it!! After the US backed Shia Muslims fight Russia and what they’re calling socialists, the war was ending. The Bush Dynasty was worried they’d lose their opium. It’s not about heroin, it’s about Pharmaceuticals. There’s a lot of opium in the pharma drugs. ALSO, they needed to push for Natural gas pipelines across Afghanistan from the Astoria region.

Then Bush Jr decides to invade Iraq and defeat then back the Sunnis!

Somewhere along the way a Saudi Royal named Osama bin Laden, A CIA asset started following the Koran.
They said that the US setting up based in Yemen was the start of the conflict. How do you start a conflict in the 1980’s and 90’s that’s been going on for 1300 years? Just America alone had to create the Marine Corp because of Jihad in the late 1700’s. When Islam loses territory, they never say they lost. They say this war is not over until we win it.

Treaties are called “hudna” back off until you are stronger, strike when they think there is peace.
This show is already so full of shit I’m not going to watch it. They want to teach America to blame itself for jihad. Jihad destroyed classical civilization, trade between the China and Europe forced ALL Mediterranean Merchants to go over the Alps with Ox carts because, “A Christian couldn’t float a plank on the inland sea!”

In a nutshell… Ferdinand financed Columbus west trying to find a new way to get to China and India. Britain paid tribute to Morocco, Tunisia, and Tanis. There was British Colony called America born out of the SHIT! The SHIT of what was left of classical civilization. Corrupt kings, corrupt satanic church.. People left Europe, because it sucked. OK! Europe still sucks! They are either Catholic like Poland the Check Republic, or they’re being over-ran with Muslim invaders like France and the UK while the leaders are all too busy being pedophiles and freaks to give a shit about anything else.

We have to listen to this absolute deception about the US being responsible for Middle East terrorism for, “Oppressing the poor muslims.” They have 53 countries who all were invaded and forced to convert to Islam! They have more than 3 times the US Canada, Mexico and all of Europe. All taken by force!
I used to think Vice News was a place to get information, but for at least 5 years I’ve known… it’s a place get fed lies. Islam is a religion of peace is a semantics game. What they mean by that is “There will be peace when the entire world is Muslim.”


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