Simple Solutions to a Complex Problem


Simple Solutions to a complex problem

Simple solutions to a complex problem more often than not turn out to be the best solutions.   Unfortunately, if the solution that is proposed does not at least SOUND complex, then most people will ignore it.

We will ignore it because we have been trained to believe that everything MUST be complex.   We have even been told uncountable times that our own lives are complex and whoever choses to live their life in a simpler fashion is functioning outside the established norms of society.   Therefore those individuals must be regarded as having mental problems.

The structure of all levels of American government is a prime example of our willingness to accept and firmly believe that everything involved in government is so very complex.   And indeed it most definitely IS complex.  It was deliberately made to be that way.  And it was deliberately made that way in order to better flimflam and control the populace.  The more complex, the safer it is for government, and the easier it is for government to get away with all the violations of our founding constitution that government has committed over just the past two centuries in our existence as a sovereign country on this planet.   It was most definitely NOT planned to be that way by the founders of this nation.   The constitution those men created was just about the most perfect legal document ever structured in the history of this entire planet.  IF it had been allowed to remain intact by those who took over control of this nation’s government, it clearly would have stood the test of time.

As I have stated many times and is an irrefutable fact, Homo sapiens like most other mammals are herd animalsThey prefer and actually NEED to be led.   Following is much easier than leading.   In other mammals the leaders are the strongest among the herds.   In Homo sapiens the leaders are the most devious and cunning.   In other mammals, the leaders lead and protect and they are concerned only with the safety and welfare of the herds.   In Homo sapiens the leaders are almost always interested primarily in themselves and what they can do and get for themselves while enjoying control over their followers.   In other mammals leaders physically fight to attain the leadership role.   In Homo sapiens, for the most part they lie and deceive their way into control over the herds.  There naturally ARE exceptions however, such as the dictators who kill and maim members of the herd in order to instill obedience through fear into the herd to acquire and retain control.   But dictators are actually few and far between.

America’s founders structured a country where the people themselves would be in control.   They did not setup a democracy because they knew that democracies were incapable of lasting.   Humans are by nature self-destructive.   Instead they setup a constitutional republic where all people could be equally represented in the national government.   Yes they did make at least one major mistake in their document.   They did not make Federal level judges an electable position and they did not set any time duration for periods that judges could hold their positions.   THAT would later turn out to be a very serious mistake.

However the rest of their document was the great experiment in absolute self-governance by a people.   Unfortunately, it was an experiment that failed.   Humans do not WANT to self-govern.   They only want to accept the illusion that they self-govern.

In the mid 1800’s Americans voluntarily surrendered their right to self-governance over to primarily TWO privately created; privately owned; privately controlled and very corrupt political parties to operate the government FOR them, because they did not want to be bothered with such a task.   Their surrender was generational as parents continually indoctrinated their offspring to remain in the same political party their parents aligned themselves to.   Being that personal greed and personal lust for power and control are the bedrock of politics, both of those political parties were later and very quietly purchased and merged essentially into being one major controlling political party while maintaining the illusion that they were separate.   FROM THAT POINT ON America would begin it’s ever increasing spiral downward to its’ own national destruction.

Under private ownership and control, government grew steadily and massively; forcing its’ way into every aspect of American lives.   Those who then owned and controlled the government began to use the power that America eventually became to force THEIR will upon the rest of the world.   In America itself, to protect their control over the people, literally THOUSANDS of laws were established restricting the rights of Americans that were listed in the original constitution.   Americans were told they STILL had those rights, but ONLY as long as they followed the laws that were set up to “regulate” those rights.   Americans were foolish enough to accept all that was done TO them by those who now RULED over them.   And the conversion of America from a free country to a totalitarian ruled country continued and ever increased.


What would America have become if the people only chose to place INDEPENDENTS into any and all political offices?  What would it have been like if the people had chosen those of their own ranks to represent them in government instead of those who were preapproved by the party to hold political office because they would adhere to the party wishes over those of their constituents?   What if ONLY INDEPENDENTS were chosen for public office over all these years that would place the people of their respective districts first and foremost?

Well … ONE THING is for sure and that is that America would have retained a central government that was actually representative OF the people themselves and NOT of those who own and control the people.   It would have retained a central government that was actually put into place BY the people themselves instead of put up by the party bosses for the people to choose from.   And it would have always retained a government that was functioning FOR the people themselves and NOT for their owners and masters.

The SIMPLE SOLUTION to a complex problem known as government, that could have sparred America most of the problems it faced in the past; most of the problems it is confronted with and faces today; and spare it massive problems in the future would have been; could be still; and most definitely should be in the future, is to break free of their psychological yokes of servitude to their masters and both sides of their masters’ political party and place only INDEPENDENTS into any and all political offices.


IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Woodrow Wilson would never have been president and as such the Federal Reserve would have never been allowed to be illegally created giving it absolute control over all people in this nation.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Franklin Delano Roosevelt would have never been President.   Instead when he was undersecretary of the Navy, he and all those involved with him would have been arrested, tried and convicted for sending an open un-coded message to England stating that the Lusitania, a civilian passenger ship was carrying arms and ammunition to England in open violation of ALL treaties.  An action that caused the sinking of the Lusitania and brought America into the First World War.   Later when he was president, he KNEW the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and stalled for time to LET the action occur.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … We would never have been involved in Vietnam.   A war that our military was never allowed to fight as if it was an actual war; a war that we were never supposed to win; a war that we were pulled out of just before North Vietnam was planning to surrender; and a war that senselessly cost this nation more than fifty thousand American lives, will millions more who came back from that war dealing with the memories of that war.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Nixon would have never been president and there would never have been the Watergate fiasco.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Carter never would have been president and weakened this nation and kowtowed to terrorists and gave away American possessions and caused the massive economic problems we had during his term.   Education would have remained under local control and Marxist socialism would not be indoctrinated into American youth in public schools.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Bush Sr. would never have been president and we never would have been involved in the First Gulf War, again costing American lives for nothing.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Clinton would never have been president orchestrating the beginning of the complete moral collapse of this nation; the massive spreading of socialism and again the senseless waste of American lives in other waste of time wars.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Marxist socialism would never have gained a national foothold much less almost become the now dominant ideology in America.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Several states like California and others would never have fallen under Marxist socialist control.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … this country would not have all the socialist programs destroying it that it does today.   Programs that were actually designed by the Marxist socialists to use the cloward-piven strategy to financially break this nation and pit the receivers against the payers.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Communism would have remained outcast in this country and the communist legal arm, the ACLU never would have been granted status as a legitimate organization, thus saving this nation massive amounts of grief.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … MILLIONS of American babies would not have been exterminated in the life extermination centers all across this nation because no laws legitimizing the murders would have been passed.   And even if one or two states had managed to pass such a law, no judge on the SCOTUS would condone the murders because no judge on the SCOTUS would have been a political appointee.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … This country would not have the catastrophic problem with illegal invaders of this country that we do now.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Bush Jr. would never have been president and we never would have invaded the Mideast causing the problems that now exist because of that invasion, which include the reviving of the muslim dreams of world conquest and domination.   In fact 9/11 may have never occurred and been the excuse for the invasion of the Mideast.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … Obama (who absolutely no one has yet proved was even eligible to hold that office) would never have been made president by our owners and masters.  The race card never would have been utilized playing upon the most ignorant of Americans and this country would not have experienced the most openly criminal regime in our entire history.

IF Simple Solutions were applied and Americans only voted Independents into any and all political offices … The central government could and would become streamlined with the elimination of a massive amount of deliberately created complexities such as committees for this; committees for that; THIS must be done before THAT can be done; ALL designed by congress itself to flimflam the populace and insure their absolute RULE over a people their position was originally meant TO SERVE.

The American people CAN still do it.  They CAN use the simple solution to solve the complex problem of government.   But WILL they do it?


They have been thoroughly trained to accept the complex and the corrupt over the simple and by far the more honest.

Americans as a whole now take their complete direction in life from the Medias that are for the most part owned and controlled by the same group that own and control their government on all levels.   They do not really think for themselves anymore because just like controlling their own government was too much of a burden for them, they have been indoctrinated to also believe that thinking for themselves is also too great a burden.   They place 100% of their trust in who they prefer to watch on the televised media and who they prefer to listen to on the audio media.   ALL of their thoughts are derived from those they choose to follow.

But just as the elimination of private ownership and control of their government could be accomplished by applying the simple solution to the complex problem of government, the people themselves actually COULD likewise destroy the indoctrination ability of the media and their ability to dictate the political thoughts of their viewers to such a degree that the Medias would be clambering for ways to be considered reputable and dedicated to facts that actually were fact.   The leftist Medias would likewise no longer remain engaged in creating false stories and creating false polls to help any and all leftist candidates for office as well as promote the leftist agenda overall.

America COULD be great again.   And it would not be just a slogan but an actual reality.

ALL that Americans need do is to truly care about their own country.   Not just PROFESS to care, and then cast their votes in a way that PROVES otherwise.   But care enough to actually APPLY the simple solution to the complex problems they themselves enabled to begin with.

Maybe if someone in the Media that they idolized were to pick up on that idea, the people would actually begin to take back control of their country.   But then again … if any Media idol actually DID THAT, they would not be in the Media for very long.   Because ALL of those in the Media have the same overall agenda which is to KEEP the people in either side of their masters’ political party with their psychological yokes of servitude securely fastened.

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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    “Through their state legislatures and without regard to the federal government, the people can demand a convention to propose amendments that can and will reverse any trends they see as fatal to true representative government.”
    —Dwight Eisenhower

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      IF the people would have used the simple solution during every election in the past … and if they would use the simple solution in all future elections … the would be no one seeking an article 5 convention. There would be no need for anyone to even consider it because we would not have experienced all the problems we have experienced and we would not experience any problems in the future because we would have a TRULY representative government on ALL levels. An article 5 convention is doing nothing more than we do now and have always done for the past few centuries with our votes. We always appoint OTHERS and say HERE … YOU GO FIX EVERYTHING FOR US. Then when they find out that a new constitution has been waiting in the wings and they do not like what THOSE OTHERS decided to do … they go back to whining and complaining like they have ALWAYS done and can be guaranteed to ALWAYS do in the future. It’s well past time for Americans to actually take the reigns like our founders INTENDED FOR THEM TO DO.

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        Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation where we can neither change what has been done or afford to waste the time implementing, exclusively, a strategy that, at best, will take too long to produce the desired results. When one State has 55 votes in the Electoral college, and an equal number in the combined houses of the Legislative branch of the Federal Government, it tends to guarantee that one sovereign state, with the same Constitutionally guaranteed rights as any other sovereign state, can be forced to comply with the wishes, desires and cultural whims of a more populous state. Article V, Convention Of States, provides for “1 State – 1 Vote”. 34 States pass legally compatible resolutions that will require Congress to initiated the process for a Convention of States. The States convene the convention without regards for, requirement to consult with, or being governed by, Congress. But don’t take my word…

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          I have read every bit of the article V proposal. But the ‘desired results’ of controlling the government could easily be obtained with the next election. The same as they ALWAYS COULD have been obtained with every election in the past. But the people chose not to institute the change needed to get desired results. Because people only vote as they are told to vote by the media. And the media will only instruct the people to cast their votes strictly for the democrat or the republican side of our owners controlling political party.

          As I stated in the article, if the simple solution were applied, congress would be 100% transformed into a truly representative government to such a degree that it would become streamlined and able to keep up with America’s very first actual WORKING President. It makes no difference what is recommended because the people will still cast their votes the same way they have always done for more than a century and a half and those votes will only and always be for both the democrat and the republican sides of our owners privately controlled government. 1 state 1 vote is a waste of time if those votes are controlled by the owners of congress. And Congress does not follow laws now. In fact there are a few laws they have openly stated that they have no intention of following, but they won’t waste their time repealing them because they just ignore them. But they most definitely will enforce their own wills upon the people.

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            Article V, that is the 5th Article of the US Constitution, which is entirely without change since September 17, 1787, … “The constitution those men created was just about the most perfect legal document ever structured in the history of this entire planet” I assume that quote to include Article V.

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            Right out of my article. 🙂 But again … let’s assume that the convention is held and the rules are adopted and forced onto congress. Now … let’s say each state gets 1 vote. What difference will that make if the sheeple will never develop a spine and apply the simple solution and place Independents into any and all political offices. With both sides of the ruling political party retaining perpetual control because the sheeple will not go against their masters and replace them with TRUE representatives of the people, absolutely NOTHING will change. Nothing at all. The sheeple will STILL be RULED by their owners’ private government and they will wind up no different than they are today which is just a massive number of whiners and complainers who with EVERY election CONTINUE TO PROVE EINSTEIN’S definition of INSANITY. Now the next thing that would be said is then after having the convention and restructuring the established rules, replace them with Independents. BUT … if the sheeple are so terrified of their masters’ government already that they will only and always place their masters ‘R’ and ‘D’ puppets into office, there is no way they will change. But if they even were capable of breaking free of their psychological yokes of servitude to their masters they would be able to apply the simple solution now. And if they had the spines to apply the simple solution now, then government would automatically be repaired and there would be no need for an article 5 convention. Right or Wrong?

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    Your “simple” solution is why there is a need for a Convention of the State Delegates as provided in the brilliance of our Founders in Article V. And I also agree with the writings of George Mason, the author of Article V, that we should have holding one of these Conventions every 25-50 years to correct the actions of the federal government. Personally if they just repeal the 16th and 17th Amendments, properly define the limits of the “commerce clause” and properly define the “birth-right citizenship” clause in the 14th Amendment, we’d probably be good for the next 50 years.

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      Actually the simple solution is not why there is a need for an article 5. In reality if the simple solution had been applied all these many generations, there would be no talk of having an article 5 because there would be no need for one. The simple solution was never used after the War Between the States and only sparsely used prior to that occurring. Taking the reins and maintaining control over government was just too much of a burden for Americans. That is why they chose to pass that responsibility off to others and primarily just two groups of “others” who then once in control began to work together to make sure they and they alone retained control. Saying they want an article 5 is absolutely no different than what the people do now. They choose to shun their personal responsibility to control government. And with this idea they would be just continuing to shove it off to others to fix the problems they themselves never cared about, and do not even care about now. Because their total interest in government begins and ends with their always doing the same thing which is only and always using their votes to retain both sides of their masters’ political party in perpetual control. The 16th amendment was never ratified and as such is being upheld illegally. The 17th amendment has nothing to do with commerce. I believe you are referring to the 18th. As I stated in the published article about the simple solution, IF it were adhered to, almost all problems in this nation caused by our privately owned and controlled congress could be brought to a screeching end and congress and all the flimflamming that takes place in it could be streamlined to such a degree that it would easily be able to keep pace with the type of actual working President that we now have.

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            The people throw away the absolute most powerful tool our founders gave them. Even if they said okay we don’t care, go have your convention and do things FOR us so we don’t need to be bothered, and the convention is held, the people will still continue to throw away their most powerful tool. Ahhh … it’s GREAT to be old and closer to leaving than having to see what Americans do TO THEMSELVES even more.

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            Actually I enjoy life. Even what little I have left of it. But I have always been a realist and was not interested in anything that would prove itself to be a waste of time.

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            As a Citizen who lives in NC, I can see that the work we’ve done in our State has been no waste of time, and Article V is not a waste of time if there is any possibility of the survival of our Culture. To me, that’s well worth fighting for.

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            Who do the people in NC only and always cast their votes for? You need to exclude President Trump from that question because he knows what I and an extremely few others know. He knows herd mentality. And as such he chose to run as a republican because if he ran as an independent he would not be where he is now. BUT the republican establishment is against him and want him out the same as the democrat establishment is against him and wants him out. So who do the people in NC always cast their votes for. TRUE representatives of the people? Or only democrat and republican puppets of our owners?

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