WILL America be Saved?

CAN … America even BE saved and restored to the dream the founders had for this nation complete with its Constitution?

Actually … with America the way that it is today it’s kind of doubtful.  Because we are SELF defeating.

I received yet ANOTHER package from Rand Paul today stating the absolute URGENCY of giving him MORE MONEY to fight obama and the communist democrat’s destructive agenda for this nation.  As is a daily occurrence now my email box also received its DAILY email from Numbers USA stating the absolute URGENCY of giving them MORE MONEY to fight the communist democrats and their RINO compatriots plan to legalize millions upon millions of illegal invaders of this nation.  And as usual I received my daily emails from various TEA Party groups stating the absolute URGENCY of donating MORE MONEY to them to fight the communist democrat’s orchestrated destruction of this nation.  And as always I received my DAILY email from various anti abortion groups stating the absolute URGENCY of giving them MORE MONEY to combat the legalized murder of millions of babies in this country.  There is not a day that goes by (except for Sunday when there is no paper mail) that I do not receive actual mail and emails stating the absolute URGENCY of giving THIS group or person or THAT group or person MORE MONEY to fight the destruction of this nation.

There have been several times in my articles that I have angered a great many people when I made the statement that “In America today, Patriotism ends where the WALLET begins.  People will side with you 100% in spirit but will NOT give you one solitary penny”.  The statement was made merely as an actual fact but people’s “feelings” were hurt by that comment, and in America today people do not want their feelings hurt.  But in defense of those people the ABOVE paragraph JUSTIFIES that attitude in patriotic Americas of this day and age.

I am not alone in the receiving of this daily deluge of give me, give me, give me.  I am quite sure that everyone who has openly stated their loyalty to this nation and its Constitution is also the recipient of these letters and emails and it is a complete turn off.  People are sick of it because they just DON’T HAVE ALL THAT MONEY to give to those individuals and organizations that want more and more and more MONEY.

Over the past six years the communist democrats aided by their RINO compatriots on the other side of what is now America’s actual ONE political party system, have made massive strides toward this nation’s total economic collapse.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and have been forced onto the food stamp and welfare programs.  Millions more have had their employment hours lowered to no more than 30 hours per week in order for employers to try and avoid the catastrophic financial burdens of obamacare thus lowering the standard of living for all those penalized by the communist democrat’s so-called new “healthcare” system.  The only jobs that are being created in the American private sector now are part time jobs and the only real full time jobs created are those where the people will be working for the state.  The communist democrats have continued to restrict America from acquiring its own natural resources and continue to force this nation to purchase oil from other countries.  And oil is the life blood of American industry.  Without it, this nation’s industry dies.  The EPA which was actually setup for no other reason than to place thousands upon thousands of economy strangling, business killing regulations upon American businesses has been steadily increased in size by the communist democrats.  Every single thing that is happening to this nation to force its economic collapse is BY DESIGN.


In my previous article about the most powerful political statement ever made, I mentioned one way to solve the problem.  The following is another way or even an additional way.

There is a syndicated radio program originating out of Nashville TN.  It’s a financial program created by Dave Ramsey where he teaches people HOW to climb out of debt.  What he teaches is basically COMMON SENSE that ANYBODY could do if they REALLY wanted to do it.  But Americans need “leaders” to TELL them what to do so that they can follow.  What Ramsey basically teaches is that if you have several credit cards that you owe pretty much your entire life to, then you pay them off in the following manner; you pay the minimum monthly stated amount to all but one of them.  The one you do not pay the minimum monthly charge to, you pay as much extra as you can afford to pay, and you continue to pay only that card the extra amount each month until it’s paid off.  Then you DESTROY that card and pick another one to do the same with.  Eventually you will be down to just that final card and when that one is paid off you destroy it as well.  From that point on you begin to save your money and remain free of the massive debt those cards create.

Well this exact same principle could be used to SAVE this nation.

The fact that America is now a corporation totally owned and controlled by financial globalists should be obvious to anyone but the mentally impaired.  All one needs to do is check into the money that funds BOTH sides of what is now actually America’s ONE political party system.  And how about that?  It all comes down to the same financial group.  Their money has been waved in front of the faces of Americans for multiple generations now as a continued indoctrination that “you can’t go against our money because you will lose”.  Americans have been totally indoctrinated to believe it and as such have become self defeating.  They have wholeheartedly subscribed to that indoctrination and then allow the owners of America to put up the “leaders” for the people will follow.  Because the goal of the owners is total global control, entire generations of America’s youth have now been indoctrinated to believe that the state should and will take care of them from the cradle to the grave.  What they are NOT told is that the owners will make the grave side much closer because they feel the world is over populated and as such they need to depopulate it.  But the owners of America COULD be defeated.

Americans desperately need to break away from BOTH sides of the owner’s political party and create a financially responsible and pro Constitution party of their own.

Where would the money to do that come from?  Very simple.  Following the plan used by Ramsey, Americans could skip making contributions to ALL those that URGENTLY NEED THEIR MONEY and need it NOW.  Even skip a few contributions to the myriad of other organizations that desperately “need” your money and need it NOW.  (Besides, if people actually looked at just how much of their contributions to the more well known organizations actually made it to the poor and then look at the salaries paid to those who run those “charitable” organizations, they might be tempted to skip a lot more than just a few contributions).  Send those millions upon millions of dollars to the formed NEW and PEOPLE OWNED AND CONTROLLED political party to go up against the owners and their party.  There would be one MASSIVE financial war chest created by the people themselves to TAKE their country back from the owners.

Put your money where it could actually do the MOST good and in TAKING your country back, ALL other problems will AUTOMATICALLY BE SOLVED once you succeed.

The invasion of this country by illegal’s … STOPPED

300 BILLION dollars paid out each year for the illegal’s … STOPPED

Marxist indoctrination of America’s youth in the public education system … STOPPED

The preventing of America full access to ALL of its natural resources … STOPPED

Entering into meaningless and seemingly endless wars costing America the lives of its youth … STOPPED

The endorsing of the Anti Constitution political theocracy of Islam in this country … STOPPED

The corruption of America’s judicial system could be … STOPPED

The stripping away of American’s Constitutional rights … STOPPED

ALL of the problems facing Americans today could be ended simultaneously IF the people of this nation TRULY wanted them stopped and IF they REALLY wanted this country returned to being a nation that possesses a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people and NOT a country whose government is totally owned and controlled by the corporate masters.  ALL by putting your money in one single place where it could do the MOST good and that is for the actual TAKING BACK of your country.

Can this actually be done?  Most definitely YES.  But WILL it be done?  Quite probably no because Americans have been successfully indoctrinated to believe that there is nothing they can do for themselves anymore.  They have been conditioned to believe that they have already lost and that the best they can do is whine and complain about it but still accept whoever the owners put up for them as their “leaders” and hope that somehow that “leader” that is provided them by the owners will somehow slow the ending of this nation to a degree that they can at least adjust themselves to it.

The biggest problem facing people would NOT be the raising of the money for a political campaign because I have now shown TWO ways that could be accomplished.  Both ways together would raise far more than enough funds.  BUT … if Americans ever decided that they wanted their country back for REAL and fully intended to TAKE their country back away from its present owners, the biggest problem would be the infighting that would result.  Suddenly out of every area of the country would come people; all saying … ME…Choose ME … ‘I’ should be the leader of the party.  And Americans might very quickly tire of the fighting.  Totally forgetting that anyone who wants to be a “leader” should be the last one considered.  People should do what the founders did and hoped that we would always follow suit and that is to choose a representative of the people and NOT a leader.

All of this COULD be done.  ‘IF’ the patriotic citizens of this nation TRULY wanted their freedoms and their country BACK UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE and NOT the corporate owners of this nations government.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Tony, your article makes perfect sense and it contains all of the information needed to be put into play. How I wish and pray that the citizens of this country would stop waiting for their elected officials to figure out how to fix things. It is NOT their intent to fix anything other than fulfilling their own desires and bankroll for their own future.

    I was born in 1946. I was raised with the understanding that nothing I wanted to accomplish was going to happen unless I put my own effort, time, and strength into it. My grandparents came from Norway and Italy. My parents were “first generation” Americans — on purpose. Their parents came here to find freedom and to have the kind of lives they wanted to live. My grandparents found it in America. My parents fought for this country in WWII. My husband is a Vietnam veteran. I have worked for the government and for private enterprise, and together we owned our own business. We did things the right way and we did them without leaning on other people to help us.

    Today’s society has just not been taught what they need to know to live free in America. They have bought into the stupidity that is spouted by politicians and the media. They simply wait for someone to make things happen for them. They will have a very long wait.

    You are right. Logic is needed. We used to be taught logic in school and we were taught to use logic to solve problems. Do they even teach this anymore? I doubt it. Kids today wait for their parents to make things happen for them. Adults today wait for the various levels of government to make things happen.

    I believe in logic and I believe that it is the only way that this country will be turned around to re-capture its founding principles and resume its role in leadership and technology.

    Thank you for sharing the first solid piece of reason for a long sought solution. It is time for logic and reason to become our guides in taking our country back from the brink of extinction.

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      Thank you for your very nice comment.
      I wish that people could actually wake up for real instead of just telling others to wake up. But when they do come close to that awakening it is only into a heavy fog of indoctrination.
      Unfortunately I think that logic is a thing of the past for this country now. It seems more obvious every day that ever since the 1970’s the encouragement of the use of logic has been deliberately suppressed in the youth of this nation who unfortunately grow into adults’ void of even t the idea of using logic. Especially those who were brought up in the public education system. They were the direct recipients of the anti logic and anti truth agenda of the leftists that were given absolute control over the education of America’s youth by Carter, when he literally sold the educational future of our youth to the Marxists for a few million dollars of campaigning money.
      The entire media continues to re enforce the indoctrination from the schools as well as to do their own indoctrinating of the rest of this country. Just one category of which is that the people cannot fight the financial power of the owners of this country. That they must continue to align themselves with either the left side or the right side of what is now America’s actual one party system owned by the same group. The end result by design will be the same with America as it was founded coming to an end.
      I and a very minute number of others have tried to “break the spell” so to speak that has been cast over the people of this nation, but so far to no avail. They will agree with myself and the others and then immediately fall back into their controlled groups.
      In this particular article as well as the article prior to this one (and even in several others) I have shown people that they CAN break free from their masters and they CAN defeat the owners of this country and finally take this nation back and keep it under the control it was meant from the very beginning to be under, and that is the ownership and control by the people.
      But they are just too afraid to try. So they create an illusion in their own minds (but an illusion that is also encouraged by America’s owners) that they can somehow wrestle control away from the owners by continually placing into office those people that are put up for office and funded by the owners.
      I wish that logic and common sense would return to the people of this nation, but I’m afraid that it just may be too late now. Their indoctrination is just too strong. They will continue to see what does not exist and that is that they can get the owners of this country to fund a large number of candidates for public office that are against the owners of this country. I have repeatedly shown the people how they can fund their own choices, but their fear is just too great, so they will continue to remain in denial.
      However … that doesn’t mean I will ever voluntarily give up trying to get them to face reality.

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