SHOW us the MONEY!


SHOW us the MONEY!

All this malarkey about “tax returns” is totally ludicrous.

The communist left will NEVER get over the humiliating loss they experienced at the hands of the American people back in 2016.   They are in NO WAY AT ALL different from ill-raised spoiled children who were always used to getting their own way and suddenly received a massive dose of reality that you can’t always get what you want.

Instead of a lifelong political criminal, they SHOULD have produced someone who at least could appear to be somewhat honest and possess at least some degree of integrity to be their candidate for president in 2016.   But they didn’t and they received a humiliating defeat at the hands of the American people because of that.

Our globalist owners through their leftist media had been giving their communist tools in government a ninety percent leverage in politics ever since the communist psychological revolution of the late nineteen sixties to early nineteen seventies successfully reversed everything America and its’ founding constitution stood for.

They very successfully manipulated the minds of the less intelligent.  And to guarantee we would continue on the downward spiral toward Marxist socialism and ultimately to a New World Order complete with a One World Government, they took control of the entire public education system, where they could successfully lower the overall intellect of America’s youth and easily convert entire generations of American youth to openly support their own national destruction by preferring socialism over freedom.

Every time the communist left had majority control of congress, their policy pertaining to politics was always – our way or the highwayWE are in control, so just deal with it –.   Every time the American people would somewhat rebel against communist totalitarianism and give majority control back over to the right side of the party,  the communist left and their media would begin to openly complain that the right NEEDS to compromise on ALL issues because THAT is the best way to successfully operate government.   And the media which is America’s collective brain would always be successful in convincing the sheeple that the left is correct.

The 2016 election was by far the most historic election in the entire history of this nation.

It was the very first time that the American people elected ONE OF THEIR OWN to the office of president.   Someone that THEY chose as opposed to just accepting someone their masters offered up for their consideration and votes as they HAD been doing for many generations.   The election of Donald J. Trump knocked BOTH sides of our owners’ singular ruling political party on their rears, and neither side of the establishment could effectively adjust to it.   The communist left swore they would attack this man relentlessly and resist everything he attempted to do to rebuild this nation both economically as well as restore it politically in the eyes of the rest of the world.   The right as always, being subservient to the communist left slinked sheepishly back into the shadows and let the communist left have their way.

The attacks against this very first ever actual people’s choice for president began even BEFORE he won the election.   The Phony Clinton sponsored dossier claiming “Russian Collusion” was already being constructed to smear then candidate Trump with, just in case the “unthinkable” happened and he would begin to rise in even the totally ludicrous fraudulent “polls” put out against him by the leftist media.   While he was still campaigning, the Obama administration then authorized and ordered a totally illegal wiretap of then candidate Trump, and the leftists even tried to induce Trump’s campaign to hire a couple of people who were double agents and actually DID have ties with the Russian government.  IF those agents would have been hired by the Trump campaign, then the left would be in a position to claim their “Russian Collusion” accusations were “real”.   Somehow, something must have been watching over the Trump team because those agents were never hired.

So the left FAILED in everything they attempted to do and Donald J. Trump became the very first ever actual PEOPLE’S CHOICE for President.

The leftists in government and their media immediately began to do what they promised to do and that was to ATTACK this people’s president relentlessly.   NEVER BEFORE in our history has a president EVER been as viciously and relentlessly attacked and  SLANDERED every day of every week for his entire time in office as this people’s president has.

The communists and their media even tried to conduct a coup d’etat to remove this president using that same “Russian Collusion” malarkey as their basis.   They succeeded in creating a commission comprised of ALL Clinton supporting attorneys to “investigate” this president for “ties with Russia” they all KNEW were non-existent even before they began their phony “witch hunt”.   They wasted two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and reached a conclusion they knew in advance would be reached.   Because there was never any such thing as “Collusion” between President Trump or anyone in his administration or anyone involved in his campaign with the Russian government.

There WAS collusion however between Clinton and the Russians.  Clinton had received over a hundred and forty MILLION dollars from the Russians and that phony “dossier” was also created as a result of Clinton colluding with the Russians.  But America is supposed to just IGNORE THAT.

That entire Mueller Investigation was an attempted coup against a sitting president of the United States and ALL THOSE INVOLVED with that coup, from Clinton and the DNC to Obama and everyone directly and deliberately involved in-between are actually GUILTY OF TREASON against this nation and its’ President and its’ people.   WILL they be held accountable for their TREASON?   Quite probably not.   Because laws just do not apply to the communist left and the globalists in this country.

After their attempt to fraudulently remove a sitting president from office miserably failed, with the Mueller investigation finding NOTHING, the communist left NOW is demanding President Trump’s tax returns.   WHY?   Well they feel that they can successfully create a sell-able illusion that there is something… anything at all… in those returns that they could use to twist in such a way that they could twist the support this president has with America AWAY from him.  THEY ARE THAT DESPERATE now.

But this next attempt in their pathetic desperation to create anything against this president by the communist left is subject to complete failure YET AGAIN.

BECAUSE there is NO LAW requiring a president to release his tax information.

Candidates for political office ARE required to produce a Personal Financial Disclosure to the Federal Election Commission which the president DID do.   But he is in NO WAY OBLIGATED to disclose private tax information.   And the IRS cannot legally release any such information without the written consent of the taxpayer those records pertain to.

True, other presidents have released theirs, but there is still NO LAW requiring it.   And being that the communist left has openly stated that they will NOT cooperate with America’s president in any way, shape or form and that they will DELIBERATELY OPPOSE any and everything he does, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO INCENTIVE FOR THIS PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT TO GIVE THE LEFT ANYTHING AT ALL.

HOWEVER … since the left (when they are not in majority control) always whine that there should be ‘COMPROMISE”, then MAYBE a compromise can be reached.   And basing it on what they have done to this president every single day he has been in office, the left should do TWO THINGS FIRST.

FIRST: Every member of congress should publicly display THEIR personal tax returns, explaining in detail HOW they have increased their personal wealth by MILLIONS OF DOLLARS while they are only receiving a taxpayer funded salary.

SECOND:  They must release the TRUE Birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama and finally PROVE that he was legally qualified to hold the position of POTUS.

Do those two things FIRST, and then the President can consider releasing his personal information.

But the left will NOT do those two things because they have far too much to hide.   And since the left will not comply, the people’s president can just thumb his nose at those pathetic leftist losers.



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