Should not ALL votes be EQUALLY FAIR?


Should not ALL votes be EQUALLY FAIR?

Should not ALL votes be EQUALLY FAIR for ALL legal citizen voters in America?  Should not ALL voters have an EQUAL SAY in all matters that pertain not only to this entire country, but an EQUAL SAY in the affairs of their respective individual states?

If you say ‘YES’ to this, they why are Americans not doing anything at all to bring this about?   Why do Americans only give “lip service” to citizen voting equality?

Our founders did what they could to make all NATIONAL elections be fair by creating the Electoral College, which was intended to give ALL states a proportionate say according to their respective populations.   But they did absolutely nothing at all to protect the voters in each of those individual states.

Yes they chose to leave what happens in the individual states up to the individual states themselves which comes under the heading of ‘States Rights”.   Primarily because they did not want this country to have a large and overbearing government that exercised absolute control.   They wanted a SMALL government with restricted authority that was itself to be governed by the total of the individual states.

The National Popular Vote Constitutional Threat is REAL and is well underway to co-opting the constitutionally set up Electoral College that has guaranteed the inclusion of all states with all national elections from the very beginning of this country.

For a few years already the Electoral College has been under a well-orchestrated and well-funded attack by the communist left.  The communist democrat side of what has become our owners singular controlling political party RULING over this nation, has not been able to win even one national election without voter fraud ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt.   But even with their usual massive voter fraud in the 2016 election, coupled with never ending 24/7 media support and being given the debate questions prior to every presidential debate, they STILL suffered a MASSIVE defeat.   Because America found a person they actually preferred far more than any the establishment has provided for them to choose from as it has always done for the past one hundred plus years.

THIS ELECTION more than any other exposed the single party control of America as the controllers from both sides of the party openly united against the first ever actual people’s president.

For several decades now the globalists and their communist democrat tools placed into office from the left side of the party, have made great strides toward the open destruction of America and it’s inclusion into their one world order under a one world government idea.   The result of the 2016 election was a setback for them and a setback that they do not want to ever have to face again.

So a renewed push has been given to an agenda that has been quietly underway in all state legislatures for the past few years.   An agenda that if realized, would allow a handful of major metropolitan areas to control and actually dictate the outcome of all future national elections.   They have succeeded in getting ten states to sign on to their agenda and they only need just a few more now to win and make the electoral college nothing at all more than symbolic, because it will only be ratifying the votes of these few major areas.

They have already succeeded to the degree that they have because most American’s do not pay very much attention at all to their own state government and to what takes place in those legislatures.

What is it the globalists and their democrat communist/socialist tools say when they are referring to the right?   ‘Stay IGNORANT my friends … STAY ignorant’.

I was following a post on Facebook containing the first attached video in this article, that was posted by a Marxist Socialist by the name of Reich who wants America’s constitution to be set aside, thus paving the way to complete Marxist and Globalist rule over this nation for whatever time this nation has remaining.

Now there’s no real doubt that this Reich guy is as anti-America, anti-Constitution as one can get without his openly acting like the fat little dictator in North Korea.   And there is no doubt that in his videos he is playing strictly to the mush filled minds of the generations of snowflakes that were indoctrinated with Marxist Socialism their entire lives in the so-called “public education system”.    Generations of Marxism indoctrinated snowflakes that will soon enough actually outnumber those in America who experienced a logic and intelligence based education prior to the 1970’s and onward.  And he is playing somewhat to those lifelong subservients to the democrat side of our owners singular controlling political party, who know or care nothing at all about American economics; it’s founding constitution and the reason for the establishment of that constitution, as well as politics in general.   All those subservients to the democrat side of the party know is that their parents told them they were “democrats” and should always remain “democrats” because “their side” must win all elections so that the “other side” does not get in to office, because the “other side” is “evil”.   Pathetic as it is, THAT is the overall democrat mentality.

All Marxist Socialists like this Reich guy have a unifying characteristic. When speaking of America they ALWAYS refer to it as a “democracy”.   OUR DEMOCRACY this or OUR DEMOCRACY that.  Using that label constantly to get others to accept what they say as “legitimate”.   But America is NOT a “democracy”.  WE ARE A REPUBLIC.   A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  Our founders knew very well the dangers of a democracy and as such made sure that the nation itself was setup to be PROTECTED AGAINST a “democracy”.  The individual states however were left to structure their localized governments in any way they chose to structure them and many of those states became “democracies”.   And the devastating problems resulting from that are very easy to see as many of those states are now controlled by only the major cities in those states, and the rest of the state are forced to accept whatever those major cities want to adopt as policy.

The person who came across this video by Reich and posted it on his own timeline was under the assumption that THIS was something totally new.   Something that the communist democrat side of our owners singular controlling political party was planning to undertake in 2018 as retribution for the massive defeat that side of the party suffered in 2016 with the election of the first actual people’s president, Donald J. Trump.   He thought that video pertained to a new push by the leftists to convert this nation from a constitutional republic into a democracy where mob rules and just a few major metropolitan areas would then dictate the outcome of ALL future national elections by alienating the rest of this nation’s voters.

Yet it is most definitely NOT NEW. The NPV agenda has been quietly taking place and slowly succeeding BECAUSE the American sheeple DO NOT CARE about their own national government.   Or even their state governments as well.   Those on the right like to PRETEND that they do by “claiming” that they do, and even by posting patriotic pictures on line etc.   But when it comes to actually doing something to protect what was created for them, well then they are all for it … as long as OTHERS do it FOR THEM.

Well sometimes there are things that “OTHERS” cannot do for them.


A long time ago I personally tried to bring this national threat to people’s attention.   But those on the right are almost ALWAYS in denial of what is actually taking place right under their very noses.  When they see something take place that is against the constitution, their almost universal response is nothing more than to say “they can’t DO that”.   Yet it ALWAYS does take place.

I set up a survey that actually WAS seen nationwide pertaining to the ONLY REAL WAY to STOP the NPV.   I was told by a few state representatives that in order for something like that survey to be paid any attention to, it would need 50,000 respondents.   1,000 from each state.

It got only about A HUNDRED or so respondents nationwide.   WHY? Because those on the right live in a complete state of denial that this country and the protections that were originally established in it could really be stripped away from them.   YET THEY ARE being stripped away from them.   And the individual state ratifications of the NPV WILL END THE LEGITIMACY OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE whether the deniers want to believe it or not.

The Electoral College will STILL be there, but it will then only be primarily SYMBOLIC, and exist only to reflect the popular vote of those few areas where the communist left enjoys absolute control of the most ignorant of the masses.   THE REST OF THE COUNTRY WILL NOT MATTER because THEIR VOTES WILL NOT MATTER.

Reading the comments beneath that Facebook posting of this video, it PROVES just how IGNORANT those on the right REALLY are as well.   They ALL think it is something “new” that is being “planned” and they ALL believe it could NEVER happen.

Yet it ONLY NEEDS 105 MORE VOTES to reach the 270 votes needed to take complete and PERMANENT control of the Electoral College and thus END fair national elections in America.

HERE is that video the Marxist Socialist Reich placed on Facebook.   It was only posted online a little over three months ago.   Take a look at how many of the communist democrat minions have viewed this so far and are now fervently believing they can END the Electoral College’s equal representation of the states in all national elections.

But what this Marxist posted is not new.   He is merely bringing back into the spotlight what has been taking place stealthily for years.   He is merely playing upon and attempting to manipulate the emotions of generations of snowflakes that have been deliberately churned out by the Marxist controlled public education system in America which decades ago became more aptly known as the ‘anti-America public indoctrination system’ where personal emotions are to always rank over intelligence and logic.   Almost ALL of those pure emotion driven minions are still openly crying about the outcome of the 2016 election because their minds just cannot fathom that intelligence and logic and concern for the preservation of America could be more important than their … “feelings” and their emotion driven desire to see America officially become a communist country.

THAT VIDEO was put out only around three months ago, but HERE is a far more truthful and very informative video produced by Prager University pertaining to the same topic that was put out as a WARNING about the NPV more than two years ago.   Unlike the Marxist’s video it explains the fraud that could so easily be used if the NPV pact were to be adopted and ratified.   And remember … FRAUD is the ONLY way the democrat side of the party has been able to “win” ANY national election since FDR.

This second video shows just how detrimental to this nation the NPV agenda truly is.   But they have been stealthily making progress toward their agenda for years now.   And with only 105 more votes needed, those who actually DO care about this nation and want to KEEP the Electoral College, will actually need to fight to do so.   But once that additional 105 votes is acquired any and all objection to it will be futile.

The problem is that 99.999% of those on the right are not truly interested in saving it or doing anything at all to keep it.   They chose to live in a delusional dream world that they will never see it ended.   And it reality it won’t end as in no longer exist.   It will be just a symbolic group that does nothing more than ratify the votes of mob rule allowing a few cities to control all national elections from then on.

On the other side 99.999% of the left WANT it to be dissolved or at least co-opted to where it only ratifies THEIR votes.

Because the percentages are the same with only the determination being different, the LEFT WILL WIN and the RIGHT WILL LOSE.   Because those on the left are far more united and far more willing to work as a whole to achieve what they want.

In his video the Marxist uses the word ‘FAIR’ as an emotion arousing tool to manipulate the ignorant who function purely on emotion and are void of logic.   The Marxists who have progressed the NPV agenda to the degree that it has like to use the word ‘FAIR’ as an emotion arousing tool to manipulate the ignorant.   But the NPV is as far from being a ‘FAIR’ agenda as can be.   IN FACT it is exactly 180 degrees opposite of ‘FAIR’.   The entire purpose; the ONLY purpose behind this agenda is to by-pass the constitution that was created to protect the citizen voters of this country and place absolute control over the outcome of all future national elections securely in the hands of just a few leftist controlled major cities in this country.

But THERE IS a way that ALL citizen voters in ALL states could be treated FAIRLY.  THERE IS a way that ALL citizen voters in every single state could have their votes treated EQUALLY not just in national elections but in the affairs of their individual states as well.   No longer would just a handful of counties dictate the policies of ALL state residents.

So as I said in the very beginning … Should not ALL votes be EQUALLY FAIR for ALL legal citizen voters in America?  Should not ALL voters have an EQUAL SAY in all matters that pertain not only to this entire country, but an EQUAL SAY in the affairs of their respective individual states?


For those who are honest when they say that all citizen voters should be equal and have their votes counted equally and FAIRLY in ALL elections …

Just click – HERE –.


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