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Back in 1963, President John F Kennedy warned us of the covert organizations that control the military, the intelligence, and the media complexes. In his famous speech (found on YouTube under: JFK SECRET SOCIETIES speech) he warned how there is a serious threat to Americans by a covert operations consisting of intelligence agencies that are not working for the government, not for the people, but for powerful people in position to call all the shots while never to be questioned. These powerful people are what many refer to as the “Illuminati”… the world’s major industrialists, bankers, and financiers who are worth more than what most people can count. They absorb and hoard the world’s wealth and resources. Everything that has happened can be eventually traced back to them, as every transaction under the sun will eventually put money into their pockets. THEY own the banks, THEY own the media, THEY own the universities, and THEY own the governments.

To the nay-sayers, I challenge you to research these people, their organizations, and investigate the reports from those who have been within THEIR organizations, both dead and alive, who have come forth to tell their stories of the corruption, manipulation, and globalization of the planet that makes their agenda for a New World Order.

One such defector from the “Illuminati” is Foster Gamble, from the Gamble family (Proctor & Gamble) that makes everything from aspirin and cosmetics to toilet paper. He rejected what his family was doing because of their greed, and because of the harm it was doing to the common person so that most people cannot “thrive” in an economy controlled in a purpose to stifle wealth to the middle class, keep poor people poor, and make the rich people richer. He produced a series of documentaries, and an inspiring film titled “THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take”. If you have not seen this film, I strongly recommend taking the time to view it, as it can also be found on YouTube.

These are the “whistleblowers” who place their life, and those of their family, on line to bring forward the truth of what goes on behind all those closed doors. If not for them, the citizenry would be totally in the dark to the espionage and treason conducted by those with whom we have placed our trust, money, and faith in doing the right things for us, the people. Instead of protecting the people against the foes who seek our demise, they work with our foes to keep us in line, or to destroy those who may step out of line, as documented in this video attached here on the end, told by an ex-CIA top security clearance “whistleblower”.

Most Americans are impervious to the true happenings within this world because of conditioning. Many today have been so indoctrinated, so brainwashed, that they fall into this belief that such happenings do not exist, but conspiratorial propaganda to derail the betterment of the planet and the creatures on it. They believe that they are being held back or behind because of conservative ideology. They have been lead to believe that it is the business owner, the doctors, lawyers, and corporate managers who have them tied so tightly that they cannot “thrive”, as Foster Gamble explains. What they do not see is that it is the very people with whom they support, those who are funding their organization, and those who are delivering them their messages, that are the true culprits behind their living in such compromise.

George Soros, the head heavy-man for the Illuminati, and the head financier to over 3000 organizations created in false pretense to make the world better, but only serves to bring the current ways of better living to their end, spends his billions in wealth to keep America, and the world, at a state of revolution and discourse, as we see today at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany with the thousands of rioters clashing with authorities, and creating a disruptive scenery to be plastered all across the state-run media to spread the message that they are in the right, and everyone else is in the wrong. It is the Soros funded operations that create this revolt, and Soros funded messages of propaganda that the media will relay. In truth, AG Sessions and President Trump really needs to find a solid reason to arrest and lock up Soros for a very long time, then seize all his assets while closing down all his organizations. A little bit Stalinistic sounding, but if we want to pull the main gear out of all this disruption and chaos, this must be done immediately.

Secret Societies are nothing new. In the past, they were laughed upon as conspiratorial, non-existent, made up to give an excuse for natural happening, or having the blame on an event placed on someone or something else. The event of 9-11-01 is a perfect example, as the truth is there, but those who are paid to purposely detach the truth to place the event solely on terrorism are everywhere to see that the general public stays on course, that it was done only by 19 hijackers with razor knifes. Anyone with a brain can now see, if they do some real truth searching, that 9-11 didn’t happen for the reasons given by the Commission and the federal government. The truth continues to be white-washed, as it has been for the attacks on Benghazi, the Kennedy assassinations, the drug “war” in America, and the “explosion” of TWA Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island that killed very important Israeli diplomats that had just met with then President Clinton.

Presidents have warned us about these secret societies and their control over intelligence, the military complex, and mysteries that have kept us questioning for decades. President Trump has said repeatedly that there is a complex of globalists out to bring the world into an organized order, and that they have been working to destroy our economy and country for many years to make the NWO into their reality. The creation of the World Bank and Federal Reserve wasn’t to help us out financially, but to take our money to fund their global projects. The organization of the intelligence complex wasn’t to fight terrorism and communism, but to fight us, the people. And the military complex was installed to only protect us from our enemies, it was created to control us, and create a means of conducting wars by fueling them, developing the tools of war they plan on using, taking over other countries that won’t comply with the Illuminati, and producing trillions of dollars for those who sit on top of the food chain.

As described in this video below, the Intel Complex has ways of dealing with “whistleblowers” and those who may stand in their way. It becomes very scary on the lengths they will go in order to carry out their agendas that not even the President is safe from the wrath they can deliver. If they will down a fully loaded plane to kill a few dignitaries, if they will topple a few building to hide their works, if they will poison a generation for experimental purposes, then they won’t have a problem to wipe out an entire city in the name of evil.

No, we don’t want to accept it, as we turn our heads to keep the truth from overwhelming us in order to disrupt our lives. We deny its existence in order to save our sanity, and to never believe that OUR own government is capable of such evil practices. We are expected to go to ball games, watch the nightly news and satires, go shopping at the mall, eat at McDonald’s, take the kids to Disneyworld, vacation on the beach, drive to work, go to social functions and Sunday school. We are expected to be educated just enough to keep us from being stupid, but only enough just to be kept ignorant.

Those who have been involved will tell you, if they can, that it is a smoke screen we are seeing. The canvass has been painted over for our enjoyment. The truth is now being exposed like it never has…. mainly because we can no longer be silenced, and we don’t have to rely on the papers and TV news to get our information. The Internet has exposed not only those who are pulling the strings, but who’s strings they are pulling, and for what purpose.

The NWO is nothing new, we have been told of its coming long before GHW Bush told us it was already here, and we must accept it whether we liked it or not. President Trump plans to “drain the swamp”, but does he realize how deep it is, and the creatures that lurk within? It is a task he will not be able to accomplish without our help.

They are in full gear to get him, and I’m afraid for another Kennedy removal if he makes things too hard on them and their agenda. They have sent the Hounds of Hell after him to divert his motives, and sent the Jackals of Doom to guard their secrets. This is their greatest fear from Trump… their full exposure, with the rise of the people to undo everything they have worked for through the 150 years of their existence. If nothing else, the combination of Obama’s actions together with the Trump election have awoken many, and has opened the door of truth to what actually has been happening to corral and contain us in a global fashion.

You may be a nay-sayer, and that is your prerogative. You are free to believe in whatever you want, but do not cry out “conspiracy” or “gullible” without having all the facts. I have spent over forty years researching this, and what I have found has been so horrible that I don’t want to believe it, either. We can look at that painting and see the white-wash in awe, or scratch at it to reveal the colors underneath. We can spend our lives in their fantasy world of make-believe, or we can expose the ills of government, banking, intelligence, and military for their true evils to put the world right.

There is a reason why we remain poor, why only certain people truly prosper. We can play their game, or we can turn the table upside down on them. Sure, you may be comfortable in life, but how much better would you be if poison wasn’t present in you food, water, and medicine? How better off for retirement would you be if your accounts weren’t being robbed, or you see only a small percentage of what you really could have profit? How better could your business run if you didn’t have to follow thousands of regulations, pay outrageous fines and taxes, forced to work under government’s thumb? Do you trust the tin can you drive if it was broadsided by a truck, when race car drivers walk away without a scratch from a 200 M.P.H. catastrophe? Can you afford to go to the doctor to check out that sore spot, or to get a shot to cure your virus, or do you learn to live with it, treat it with OTC medicine because your deductible is so high that insurance doesn’t do you any good any longer? Do you like the long lines at the airport and stadiums so that you are processed to enter without having a gun or explosives in your back pocket? Does your park now close the gate at sunset, removed all the playground equipment, prevent you from fishing, swimming and boating because they don’t have the funds to provide for your safety or sanitation?

I can go on and on about how we are being corralled and contained, but you get the point. Our lives are being changed on how we can live, and how we must now live. You adapt, or do without. We no longer have the say we once did when we were younger. Our freedoms and liberty are being removed as fast as our rights to live without being watched like a hawk, or to become a meal for the buzzards that lurk overhead when you make a mistake. You may not notice it because you have not lived 60 years to witness the dramatic changes that have resulted in our containment. You may be conditioned that this is the way life is now, so learn to live with it. You may be indoctrinated and brainwashed that it’s all a mirage, and that it’s all an illusion created to maintain the status quo of corruption… so you fight against it and truth to preserve the lie.

Yes, life can be different if we only look through the prism to see the distortion that it makes upon the light of truth that is fragments from the white light. The colors are pretty, but they are there to blind you of the truth. It’s not what you know that can help you… it’s what you don’t know that can harm you. Take it for what its worth, but if you seek the truth, you will learn how you are being manipulated… and freedom isn’t manipulation… liberty isn’t forced compliance… and, independence isn’t being surveilled 24/7 by secret societies.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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