And the Right CONTINUES to Get Played


And the right CONTINUES to get played

The players this time around are the usual contenders, CNN and the rest of the “Make it up and Make it stick for a while” groups of the so-called ‘Media’, with the addition to the game for this latest round being yet another scatterbrained idiot now appropriately nicknamed the ‘Mad Hatter of Florida’.  An idiot that is far too stupid to realize that she is merely the ‘tool of the moment’ being used to slander the people’s president and far too stupid to even care, because at least for the moment she thinks she is “a rock star” because of the temporary media spotlight on her.  Self-respect and dignity are as lacking on the left as intelligence is.

This week’s phony story complete with the usual feigned outrage from the communist left concerned a totally twisted around call by the president to parents in Florida who lost their son in this latest and longest lasting war our owners created for us using Bush Jr. as their front man to start it.

It is no secret that the communist left is enamored with death.  They successfully fought to enable and have successfully fought over the years to continue the American holocaust known under the politically correct term ‘abortion’.

With every single mass shooting (all of which have been perpetrated by democrats) they are quick to dance on the still warm bodies of the victims pushing their “we need to disarm all of America” agenda.

And they will readily use the dead who were killed in our owners’ wars as their props to push their agenda of hate for the right.

And the right ALWAYS gets sucked into the game and becomes defensive of all they should have just ignored to begin with.

What those on the right forget, and America’s collective brain aka the media will NEVER bring up, is that throughout the entire multi-year campaign to become POTUS, the people’s president had always displayed nothing but respect for America’s veterans and reverence for those who lost their lives in service this nation.  Yet NOW America’s collective brain aka the media want the sheeple to actually believe that he would say something as cold-hearted as the Mad Hatter of Florida pretended that he said.

Where is the proof?  Nowhere.  There is none.  It doesn’t exist.  Yet and as always the leftist media want’s idiots to BELIEVE that what they spew is the truth.  But ever since the American people elected a non-establishment puppet to the office of POTUS, the media has not been able to report the truth on anything.  Their hatred, as is that of the entire communist left for this man and the American people that elected him, is unable to be contained.  They cannot deal with the setbacks this man alone has given them to their planned collapsing of America and it’s conversion to a complete Marxist socialist state.

Based upon what the president has ALWAYS said where veterans and those who have died in service to this country is concerned, SIMPLE LOGIC of those facts should be enough for people to understand that all of this is yet nothing more than another staged happening by the communist left.  Twisting of words is after all their forte’.  But unfortunately LOGIC seems to be as lacking in a great many of those on the right as it is on ALL of those on the left.

As such those on the right CONTINUE to ALLOW themselves to be played by the left.


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