Racist and Racism often are not connected in a way that most have been indoctrinated to automatically connect them.

Racism has been around almost as long as mankind itself.  So-called “inferior” races were initially targeted for conquest and enslavement by those who were more powerful militarily.   Because slavery became not just a way of reminding the conquered they were subservient to their conquerors, but it became an economic necessity.   Most armies and navies were comprised of citizens, which left the necessity to have fields and herds tended to as well as buildings and roads and other edifices to be constructed and the need to have those buildings etc. maintained.   All those were best tended to with slave labor.

The taking of slaves was not by any means purely a “racist” motivated action.   Simply because slavery had become such a necessity, ALL races enslaved their own as well as others.

ALL races on this planet engaged in slavery.   Caucasian’s took slaves; Asian’s took slaves; Black’s took slaves; Indian’s of the North and South America continent took slaves.

However … by far and away the race MOST enslaved in this world was the Caucasian race.   And of those the Irish comprised the majority.   Rather than just slaughter the Irish, to recoup some of their expenses as well as get rid of the Irish people, the British gathered them by the hundreds of thousands and sold them as slaves Irish slavesthroughout the world and especially to those in the New World as North and South America were referred to at that time in history.   The Irish were very cheaply purchased slaves and thus were easily replaced.   As such, aside from being the most enslaved, they were the most severely abused of all slaves simply because they could be replaced so cheaply.

Muslims were the first to make slavery an actual third party business.   Something that is continued to this very day.   After their conquest of Europe failed and they were driven out, Muslim piracy became their primary source of revenue.   In exchange for not attacking European and later North American shipping as well, they forced other nations to purchase slaves from them.   And it was primarily black slaves because they were the easiest for them to acquire.   Besides, their founder Mohammed literally hated the black race and his personal hatred of the black race was carried on by his followers to this very day as well.   Yes throughout the African continent there are Muslims.   But that was because the forcible spreading of Islam to all conquered countries was the primary function of Islam.   THAT however did not spare anyone and especially the black race from being sold into slavery.   And, as stated, they still do it to this very day.   Muslims were the first and actually the only group to make Racism a part of actual business because of the easily accessible black slaves.   The ONLY reason America ever had black slaves was because of the Muslim pirates forcing them upon Americans.

Racism and slavery were only connectable to Muslims.   To the rest of the world slavery was purely economics based and had been a way of life for ALL people’s for thousands of years.

RACIST is both a term and a tool.

It was first contrived by the communists while attempting to take over and control the minds of the most ignorant of people.   And when first contrived, it was more of a term than a tool.   It was designed to arouse anger in people and convince them that THEY were being discriminated against because of their race.   It never really met with much success.   Jealousy of others and the desire to have what others had was more effective a way of creating group think.

RACIST as tool or more aptly a psychological WEAPON did not come to realize its’ full potential until the communist takeover of America began in earnest in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

When that term was first created it was in a time period where people were far more mentally stabile.   Masculinity was masculinity and femininity was femininity.   There was no blending of the two in the psychological construct of the human mind.   People knew and understood biology and the role that both genders were assigned by nature.   They didn’t declare themselves to be above nature and more knowing than nature itself.

As such the psychological construct of the human mind needed to be changed and weakened.   So hand in hand with the communist takeover was the so-called psychedelic revolution were the youth were heavily encouraged to “drop out, turn on and tune in”.   Which then encouraged males to “get in touch with their inner female self” and the male youth were actually convinced that they did possess an “inner female self”.   When in reality what they were really experiencing was the mental weakening that drugs produce.

The leftist media then went full into promoting any and all racial conflicts.   The purpose behind which was torace riot

convince the black race in America that they were the targets of racism.   They were being held down by the “evil white man”.   No matter what the circumstances were in any situation.   Even if it was black against white actual crime, the black perpetrator was depicted as the victim of unjust racism.

Under Jimmy Carter, the communists were given complete control over the public education system where they immediately began to convert it into the public indoctrination system for America’s youth.   From that point on, children were taught that America is evil.   America is the cause of ALL problems in this world.   Capitalism, upon which America was constructed and thus grew to be the most powerful nation on earth, was evil, and Marxist Socialism was the cure all for the evil that America was.   But equally they promoted racism because they needed division to be constantly present in America.   From K though 12 and beyond the black youth were taught they have always been suppressed by the evil white man.   That they as individuals could never amount to anything financially worthwhile because the evil white man would not allow it.   Therefore they should accept what the compassionate democrats acquired for them which is welfare, so they could at least be taken care of by the democrats.  And that compassionate care for them would always be there, but only as long as they continued to vote only for democrats.   So they should accept “their station” in life and let the media and the democrats fight for their dignity for them.   And someday the media and the democrats will succeed and they will truly be “Free at last”.   White children in these indoctrination centers were taught that their parents and white adults for generations were complacent in this racist evil, and that the children needed to undo the damage to the poor oppressed black race that their parents were guilty of allowing to continue.

Was there always racism in America?  Most definitely there was.  But ONLY after the War Between the States.

Racism actually began after the southern states attempt at secession failed and the northern invaders totally destroyed the south and humiliated the southern citizens.  Something that the victors who always get to rewrite history labelled a “civil war” in an attempt to cover what they did to cause it, and what they did afterwards to the southern people.   But something they never can explain in their rewritten version of history is … when was there ANY time in history where a civil war comprised two UNIFORMED armies and navies opposing each other? North vs South  Civil wars are people against government for control of the government.   The south only wanted their freedom as the constitution allowed.  As a result they seceded and created their own country complete with a UNIFORMED military.  They had no desire at all to conquer and control the Union Government.   If they DID, they would have done so after the first battle of Bull Run where they totally routed the northern army and were free and unopposed to continue on and take over Washington.   But they didn’t.   Because to them it was not a civil war.   It was a war for Independence, the very same as the American Revolution against England was.

Through their atrocities against the south, the north created racism.  They took former slaves and placed them in governing positions over the southerners.  It didn’t matter to the north that there were very few slave owners in the south.  What they wanted to do was humiliate the southern people and permanently destroy their moral.  What they actually succeeded in doing was creating racism.  In addition to un-healing hatred against the north.  And it was the democrats that became the most extreme racists.  They even militarized their hatred by creating the Ku Klux Klan.  A democrat organization that remains to this very day.   Racism stayed and flourished for a century until it finally began to slowly die out on its’ own.

But racism was never given the chance to completely die out.   It was too important to the communists to create as much division in America as possible.  Left against right division was cultivated and nurtured to the degree that it now exists.   For the first three decades of their transformation of America they were more involved with just the indoctrination of our youth for future use by them.   The racial division needed to be inflamed because it was the most readily usable.

After the turn of the century the leftist media began to continue to fan the flames of racism.  And they did a very good job of not only keeping it prevalent, but in spreading it further.

The leftist media made racism acceptable for some and wrong for others.   Thus the totally racist “Black Caucus” was even created in government and it was allowed by the same government that was professing to want to see racism abolished.

Due to the influence by media, the majority of racists in America for a very long time were black racists.  Yes there were white racists as well, but do to national indoctrination by the public indoctrination system, as well as the media there were more black racists in America than white racists.

Until now.

Now a whole new type of racist has come into being.  They are the severely mentally inadequate leftists who have fallen for the latest racist scam called … WHITE PRIVILEGE.

These are extremely pathetic fools whose minds’ were weakened to such a degree that they are claiming racism on behave of the black race decades after the civil rights era came to an end with racism being abolished. fools  These are pathetic idiots literally dropping to their knees and begging black people to “forgive them” for slavery.   These are the pathetic idiots crying for some type of “reparations for slavery” when there is no person living in this country that has ever even experienced slavery.  The only thing ANY of them know of slavery is what they were indoctrinated with in the public indoctrination system, as well as what hollyweird puts out in totally biased, totally twisted movies, as well as what the media tells them to “think”.  And most of what they were indoctrinated with is out of pure leftist creativity.

But racism is now alive and flourishing in this country again.  In fact our NWO owners actually installed an extremely racist group into America’s executive branch from January 2009 to January 2017.  ALL for the purpose of inflaming racial division among the America people.

Racist finally became the psychological weapon the communists were never truly successful with when they first created the term.   Now through the never ending efforts of the department of indoctrination as well as the leftist media and hollyweird and leftist racist politicians … American’s have become terrified of being labelled a “racist” and will kowtow to most anyone to avoid that label.

And we now have a whole new batch of racists in addition to the old to wield that Racist weapon.  And they fall in many different categories.

We have the usual black racists who hate all white people because they were taught by the indoctrination system and media and their own ignorant parents that white people are to be hated.

We have the usual white racists who hate all black people because they were indoctrinated by their ignorant parents and white peers to hate all black people.

We have the old established Black Panther racists, but they are nothing more than a club that uses racism to get dues paying members that will support their racist ideology.

We have the KLAN.  A democrat openly racist organization that have hated all black people since the northern usurpers destroyed and demoralized the south.  This group is very old and very well spread out and intertwined even with government.

We have the racist black caucus in government to show that our government openly supports racism against white people.

We have the usual professional race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton etc. but they are not worth mentioning at this time because they’re just common street hustlers making money by playing their own people and keeping as many of them as ignorant as possible.

We have the public indoctrination system to nurture racism in the K through 12th grade years in school.

We have the communist professors who render advanced racism to ignorant college children and now couple it with communist organized aggression groups like their antifa morons.

We have the communist BLM racist group that was elevated to national recognition by the most racist president EVER to have been installed into the White House by America’s NWO owners.

We have the racist leftist media in America to sensationalize racial riots and do their part to help cause and inflame racial riots by staying as far away from the truth about what actually spurred those riots as they can.

We have a great many racists in social media that PRETEND that they are AGAINST racism by making comments and posts about racism and how this person or group or that person or group is racist when in reality those they are referring to are not racist.  They try to create racism where none existed.  Except in their own minds.

THEN we have this newest group of complete morons who profess something they dreamed up called “White Privilege” and by themselves add their contrived label to the Klan idea of White Supremacy.  THESE are the severely mentally deprived pathetic fools who have been made so blatantly color blind that they actually believe that only White People are “allowed” to financially succeed in America today.   They are so blatantly STUPID that Not ashamedthey cannot even see the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of black people who have not only succeeded financially but many have more than just financially succeeded.  But those are the black people who refused the wear the reins of leftist servitude and chose to work for what they wanted and succeeded at getting what they wanted out of life.  THIS GROUP that is creaming “White Privilege” is comprised believe it or not of MOSTLY white people are so incurably STUPID that they even call successful black people “WHITE SUPREMACISTS”.  As we saw recently at a restaurant in Philadelphia.

ALL of these newest racists, whether they are the morons “apologizing to the black race for slavery” or those crying this “White Privilege” foolishness; or those racists trying to rewrite history by destroying statues and other artifacts; and even those morons who want names of buildings and street signs etc. changed because those were the names of people who were sympathetic to the southern states as well as even some of our founders who were slave owners themselves; are sending the same message to the black race in general which is – you are and have always been failures who do not have it in yourselves to succeed in life, and because we are so compassionate  we’re giving you an excuse to hide behind.   And this same message is being delivered by the black as well as by the white racists.

Then we have the everyday run of the mill leftist minions who are too ignorant to even know what racism actually is.  But they continue to call the very first ever actual people’s choice for president a “racist” because the leftist media labeled him as such even though no one has ever seen anything from him that was racist.  To THEM it’s a “bad word” the leftist media called him so they need to stick with permanently, because without the leftist media to think for them they would all be wondering around with blank stares like zombies.

YES RACISM is not only alive and strong in America, with the help of the left it is now even stronger than it was in the days of Jim Crow in the south.

But there IS a way to END racism.

OPENLY IGNORE IT.   IGNORE the racists and IGNORE all the left’s racism in general.  Don’t talk about it.  Turn selectively deaf ears to those who scream it.   Become mature adults who pay no attention to childish insults and stop fearing be labelled by idiots.  Ignore posts on social media by all those who attempt to use the racist weapon.   The communists and their clueless minions are now involved in the usual tactic of erasing history by pinning false labels on statues and other artifacts and demanding their removal.   Corrupt politicians are kowtowing to these morons because they fear being called bad names by the leftist media.  But THAT, as usual, is the fault of those who placed those corrupt politicians into office with their votes.

IF you don’t feed the fools by paying attention to them, they WILL get frustrated and eventually stop showing their complete lack of intelligence.   It could even reach the point where THEY would fear saying anything because they would realize that by opening their mouths they are only broadcasting their ignorance.

Racist is a well yielded weapon, but it had no power until American’s voluntarily gave up their self-respect and their ability to think for themselves and surrendered their entire thought processes over to the media.  Learn to be self-thinking adults again.


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