No matter what your personal opinion is of what took place in Charlottesville or what is taking place clear across America where “Racism” is concerned; if one looks at it for what it truly IS then they must agree that RACISM is a MAGNIFICENT TOOL for the Left.   It has been used just as effectively here in America as it has been everywhere else in the world that it was utilized.   The sheer POWER of it can create enough turmoil and division that it can overthrow entire countries.   The communist left and their allies and advocates wield it like a physical weapon and all others are literally terrified of being hit with it.

The Globalists who own and control America have been against the way this country was structured even while it was originally under construction.   They have worked steadfastly for literally centuries now to bring about its complete collapse and restructuring into a country openly under their control instead of having to exercise their control from behind the scenes.   Owning and controlling the government from the shadows is personally degrading to them when they could do so much more for themselves having open and unrestricted authority.   That pesky constitution thing our founders created for this nation was the single most destructive obstacle to them from the very beginning.   But they are as patient a group as they are a dedicated group.  They work with what they have to accomplish as much as they can until that obstacle is finally removed.   And in reality, it won’t be that much longer a time period for them to wait until their goal is achieved.   After all, they now have the actual help of the American people themselves in their quest even though that help is mostly subliminal.

Although always working in the background, the globalists achieved their greatest strides forward in their orchestrated destruction of America beginning in the late 1960’s.   It was at that time they used their media to get America to begin to accept large numbers of Marxist socialists into the political structures of this country from the state to the federal levels.

It was a totally safe maneuver for them because although communism professes to hate capitalism, it needs capitalism to sustain itself and promote its’ agenda to enslave mass numbers of people.   It was also decided that the Marxists should be given complete managerial control over the democrat side of the controlling political party in America because those who aligned themselves with the democrat side were far more gullible than those who aligned themselves with the republican side and thus more easily swayed to accept Marxism as actual Americanism.   As a result, the illusion of there being two separate political parties in control of America’s government could more easily be maintained while the ultimate agenda was continued.

Leon Trotsky was the creator of the derogatory label known as “RACIST”.   From the time Trotsky created that term … RACISM became the MAGNIFICENT TOOL of the Left that could easily manipulate the less the creator of the term racistintelligent and herd them in a desired direction.   The absolute effectiveness of that tool and just how truly powerful it can be to divide and conquer a country is clearly evident in seeing its result here in the America of today.

It has been quite accurately stated that if Sal Alinsky did not already hold that title, that Trotsky and Lenin would be known as the fathers of the 20th century Democrat side of the political party that now RULES America.   Lenin and Trotsky found the way to effectively spread Marxism, but Alinsky created the ‘rules’ to be followed to force it upon not just America but the entire western civilization as well.   Now the communist democrat side of the party follows those ‘rules’ to the letter.   And with easily seen success.   Those who align themselves with the communist democrat side of the party now totally accept communism as actually being Americanism.

If the term “racist” is to be applied to any group of people in particular, then in reality it should only be universally applied to the democrat side of the party.   Because THAT is where it stems from in this country to begin with.   But being given managerial control over the democrat side of the party, the Marxists could not allow that term to be used against them so they began the policy of transference where they would blame the “other side” of the party repeatedly without pause.   Repeat it enough and people will eventually believe it.   It worked for Lenin; it worked for Hitler; it worked for Stalin; it worked everywhere else totalitarian socialism gained control; so there was no reason to even think that it would not work here in America.   And they are correct.

Jonson was president at the time the republican side of the party actually forced him to sign the equal rights amendment.   Johnson was against that amendment but he knew he would be facing a great deal of political LBJ pressure when he and the military industrial complex went ahead with their planned illegal escalation of the war in Vietnam.   He was informed that if he did sign it into law without sending it back to congress, that the black people in America were ignorant enough to believe that it was the democrats who passed that bill for them.   And not only would they would be able to hold the black vote in America for generations to come, the black voters would also not oppose the democrats and him personally because of his actions concerning Southeast Asia because he signed that bill.   So he signed it.

Using that bill as their foundation for their racism agenda the Marxists later began their transference program which they continue to this day.   And the ignorant are easily swept up into it and used accordingly.

Racism became the primary tool for the Marxists even more so than their contrived inequalities in other areas of society.   Actual racist groups were formed all across this country and even the “black caucus” was created by the Marxists in congress itself to “legitimize” what they were doing, using anti-racism as their grounds for legitimization.   America has experienced the never ending effects of those ever since.

The latest attempt is the total erasing of actual American history.   And the Marxists are trying their best to make it even more violent than actual racial conflicts in the past.   They do stay clear of trying to constantly bring up Martin Luther King’s name in their actions though, because they always have a hard time explaining why Dr. King was a republican and why he did not want to align himself with the democrat side.   So they just push their Dr. Kingagenda to remove anything and everything in this country that could remind people of the south’s attempt to gain its’ independence.   They want the confederate flag removed from public view because they are trying desperately to relate that flag to “racism”.   Even though the confederate flag had nothing to do with “racism” and was only the battle flag of the southern states who were seeking their independence and fighting an invasion force.   But then again that battle flag was Christian in nature and as such is equally as important for the Marxists to see it removed.

Now they want the statues of ALL southern generals and leaders removed from view, as if those statues that had been in those locations for generations now were even capable of inciting any actual intelligent people to have thoughts of “racism” or any other thoughts that could be deemed discriminatory in any way.

But the sad thing about all that is now taking place is that the actual intelligent people in this country are too spineless to stand up to the communists and say enough is enough.   Leave our history alone.

But HERE is an interesting question.   Why aren’t the democrat endorsed hate groups on a campaign to remove all historical statues of republicans?   They are only demanding the removal of statues of democrats in their attempt to erase and rewrite history in the usual communist fashion.

It honestly seems to be a bit counterproductive doesn’t it?   Unless of course the democrat hate groups are merely trying to completely erase their own political history in an attempt the hide their past.

One would logically think that if they wanted to completely erase any reference to history that they would also want the removal of statues and monuments to Lincoln and many other republicans who in reality could not have eliminating historycared less about slavery, but only hyped it and made it an actual issue to use as a political tool of their own to win an election.   After all, those republican generals conscripted black people to fight in their invasion war against the south and then treated those black people they conscripted like third rate people.   The black people who actually volunteered to fight with the southern states in their failed attempt at seeking independence, (which was actually allowed in the original constitution that formed this nation), were treated far better.

In reality slavery was not the primary issue of that war.   Lincoln and his cabinet were faced with a complete breakup of the Union because even northern states were contemplating dissolving the Union.   As such Lincoln and his group needed to literally FORCE the south to fire the first actual rounds of that war.   If the north had fired the actual first rounds, the Union would have instantly dissolved.   Something Lincoln succeeded in causing at Fort Sumter and then used that as a rally point for the un-informed citizens of the northern states claiming the south attacked the north.

To the communists and their mentally deficient followers in this day and age, actual history matters not.   The communist agenda is ALL that matters, and the promotion of racial tension has always been a useful communist tool in promoting their agenda to bring down a nation.   Now with Marxist control over the public education system in this country, the race tool is heavily indoctrinated into the minds of America’s youth from preschool through leftist dominated colleges and universities.

But the communists could not achieve all the damage to this country they are inflicting upon it without help.   It isn’t enough to just instill their fallacy into the minds of youth, they need to reach far wider with their agenda.   They need influential promoters of their agenda.   People that foolish Americans look up to and actually trust.   The promotion of their tactic was provided by our owners’ Media.

The Most earnest promoters or racial tension in America.

The ignored political reality of all of it is that by far the most earnest promoters of racial tension in America are not the professional race baiters like Jackson and Sharpton and others who derive their primary incomes from promoting racial division and hatred.  They are all just two bit street hustlers running their con on the most ignorant of people for personal financial gain.   And it is actually not the racially motivated domestic terrorist groups themselves like black lives matter and the black panthers and the Neo Nazi group and especially not the Ku Klux Klan (the original democrat terrorist group).  The biggest promoters of racial animosity in America are the Media and government itself.

There is absolutely NO Collective GROUP that does MORE to deliberately promote racial division and escalate racial tensions and hatred in American than the Media.

Almost every time a black thug commits a crime and is killed in the process of committing that crime by a white person or a white law enforcement officer or officers, the Media seems to go well out of their way to locate old pictures of the now dead thug to find a picture of an innocent grade school child to blast all over the nation as being an “unjust victim” of a “racially motivated” death.   If there are crimes where an actual victim is white, or Asian, or whatever and the criminal or criminals are black, the Media will refuse to give any coverage to the media interpretations crimes.   And on the few occasions where public outcry actually forces them to cover the crimes, they will give it brief and most definitely non-reoccurring coverage.   They “legitimize; the criminal actions of the black domestic terrorism groups claiming they are using their “first amendment rights” to protest some nonvisible “discrimination” that is allegedly directed “at them”.   They give great attention to the chants of black mobs like ‘What do we want? … Dead Cops … When do we want it? … Now’.   Then give no coverage to what the law enforcement officers or any civil groups think about those actions.   When police officers are assassinated and the perpetrators are black, they will give it as little coverage as possible.   They sensationalize the black mobs rioting and burning and destroying private property and care nothing at all about the victims of these criminal actions.   There are so very many completely respectable black individuals and families in this country who are tarnished by what the media does, but the media cares nothing about those people.   They have their agenda to adhere to and that is all that matters to them.

Next in line are the politicians that Americans were stupid enough to place into office.   Like almost all Americans, the politicians look to the Media for public guidance.   If the Media is portraying an incident in a particular way, then in hopes of the Media looking favorably upon them, the politicians will jump on the Media bandwagon and firmly stand by whatever the Media is claiming to be their “facts at the time”.

Politicians will go out of their way to create and pass laws like the “Hate Crime” laws solely for the purpose of having the Media portray them in a “favorable light” and then absolutely refuse to equally enforce those “laws” on ALL who commit the crimes that fall under that ridiculous category in a totally unbiased manner.   Thus in their own right giving even more power to the communists and their organized hate groups.

Congress absolutely refuses to protect the citizens of this nation from foreigners invading this country, so quite naturally they are not going to do anything to protect the citizens from a well-orchestrated anti-America communist agenda.

If Congress wanted to they could easily pass some new laws that would bring most of this stuff to a quick end.   And at the present time America has a sitting president that would sign such laws that were designed to actually protect ALL Americans.   But laws are only good for anything if they are enforced.   And congress has often enough proven that it has no intention of enforcing laws that protect American citizens.   They seem more interested in passing new laws that further restrict the ‘rights’ that were originally LISTED and NOT just “granted” to the citizens of this land in its founding constitution.

Since congress itself want’s to adopt Trotsky’s classification and use of the word “racist” … then it should actually pass laws OFFICIALLY OUTLAWING any racism promoting group presently in existence like Black Lives matter; the Ku Klux Klan; the black panthers; Antifa; the Neo Nazis etc. and PROHIBIT the forming of; belonging to; and financially supporting of ANY group that promotes racism in any manner.   Those who belong to any of these hate groups presently in existence must immediately disband.   Mandatory jail terms should be set for anyone belonging to such groups.

Laws prohibiting the public promotion of racial hatred should be imposed.   The professional race baiters in America should ALL be shut down.

And no attempts at claiming the right of first amendment should be allowed because all too often those rights are selectively granted now.   If they don’t fit the leftist agenda they are shut down.

If a demonstration of any kind is to take place it MUST be as outlined in the original founding constitution of this nation.   They MUST be PEACEFUL demonstrations.   If there are counter demonstrations then those demonstrations must NOT be allowed to take place at the same time and place as the other demonstrations.   ALL who show up at a counter demonstration that is taking place at the same time and place as a demonstration they are against, should be arrested and held without release for a minimum of 72 hours.

Then if congress is even capable of actually wanting to defeat this communist tool, they should DISBAND that Black Caucus of theirs.   Because the very existence of it is an official legitimizing of “racism” in this country.

Congress, like ALL Americans should be … Americans.   NOT Black Americans; NOT White Americans; NOT Red Americans; NOT Brown Americans; NOT yellow Americans.   CONGRESS like ALL citizens of this nation should be simply … AMERICANS.

Any person involved in teaching that pushes “racism” should be removed from their position and charged with SEDITION.   And there should be NO allowance for anyone to push “racism” under the contrived guise of teaching anti-racism.

Those should also include those in congress.   At one time congress was set up to work FOR the people.   It should be returned to that status.

If the excuse for not jailing those who violate these laws is that there would not be enough prison space for them, the answer to that is simple as well.   Just release all those who are presently incarcerated for mere possession of marijuana.   If a person is so mentally weak that they need to HIDE from reality because they can’t cope with it, there is really no reason to jail them for being mentally weak.

If congress wants to bring an end to all the violence created by and orchestrated by the left, then they can easily do it and America will be far better off because of it.

Where the race baiting Media is concerned, if the public cares enough they can totally boycott any Media that pushes the communist agenda and boycott it until it totally financially collapses.

Trotsky and his racism tool has now affected ALL Americans.   Some as the useful idiots they are that are used to push the “racism” agenda.   Others as spineless and too afraid to actually oppose it and use their votes to remove any and all from political office who kowtow to the racism pushing media and the hate groups they legitimize.

“Racism” actually CAN end in America.   Because we are Americans and give absolutely credibility to the statement … Out of Sight … Out of Mind.   If it isn’t seen or heard by Americans they will quickly forget that it exists.   THAT is why the communist left and their Media advocates try as hard as they do to keep it in the forefront.   Remove it from the sight of the masses and it will quickly cease to exist.

Political commentary from writers – RACISM is a MAGNIFICENT TOOL for the Left

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