It has always been the doctrine of the Democrats to protect those who are placed upon the lower rungs of the totem pole. There is nothing wrong with a political party that feels it must champion the underdog, but to what point they will extend this shelter of protection is the question we face today.

To review reality, you know… the things that the Left cares not to believe, and the thing they change to fit their own narrative… it was actually conservatives and the Republican Party that set forth to protect the Negro, as the Democrats refused to budge to give them any freedoms after the Civil War. If it hadn’t been for a Republican congressional majority and a Republican president, blacks may not have had the rights granted to them by the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

I won’t bore you with the details, because you can look them up for yourself, but in the mid and late 1800’s, Democrats, especially southern Democrats, viewed anyone who wasn’t fair complected as inferior, thus needed to be treated as such. If Democrats today want to talk about “White Nationalism” and accuse President Trump and his followers in aligning with such an organization, then they had better take a hard look at their own past, all the way up to the point of an unknown named Barack Hussein Obama.

Democrats also aligned closely with German Socialists in the early 1900’s, giving Germany millions of dollars to help rebuild their country in a “White Nationalist” ideal. It is no secret that many Democrats gave Adolph Hitler help in not only money, but in design and engineering to construct his war machine, even after Hitler invaded Poland and the eastern block of Europe. Until Pearl Harbor, American politics had no ambition to get the US involved in another major, global conflict. In fact, history writes that had Japan not attacked US interests at all, the US government was willing to let both Germany and Japan have the rest of the world, as America would become the third axis in global power. But today’s historians stop short of exposing the truth because of the political mayhem it would produce.

There is no doubt that racism, prejudice, and bigotry exists… it always has and always will. It never will be resolved, at least not within the next several generations. Yet it seems we have made great strides in resolving this issue through education, hard times, and even terrorist attacks. It seems that human nature is to always have enemies, and most enemies are contrived from hatred, bigotry, and prejudice. Some group always thinks of themselves as being superior, while out casting the others as being inferior, even to the point of war and conquest… or even a holocaust.

It is no secret that Muslims despise Jews, as the call them pigs and dogs, both animals that Muslims look down upon as vermin. The Arab Nations didn’t align with the West after WW I, but did align with Hitler, and have remained that way since the creation of the Israel State, which America fully supports. Islam also teaches that Allah and the words of Muhammad are the ONLY true doctrine/belief they must follow… all else is evil and must be conquered, eliminated and eradicated. For those who do not believe this, then they need to read the Qur’an to put the pieces together. Yet again, historians fail to provide the truth, as it also creates another form of political mayhem.

How quickly Americans reverse course, as after 9-11, every American united to see the defeat of Islam with the hatred against us and Jews they hold. Americans have since battled the push from Islamics to build Mosques, educate children in the public schools about Islam, and create organizations that shield Muslims from American discrimination. But the words such as “politically correct” and “Islamophobia” came about to change the American mindset, and Muslims thus became a protected species, just as those of color, sex, age, etc. Today, only 17 years removed of the horrific attacks on America, Islam is now accepted and defended by those who see injustice against the followers of Allah because of war, hate, and inhumane treatments as POW’s and the victims from war’s aftermath. The war on Islam, in the left’s view, went from being a war of revenge and retaliation, as well as a war to free those enslaved by Iran and terrorist organizations, to a war for oil and control of Arab resources, protection of Israel, and American ideology being forced down another region’s throat.

One man put “racism” upon a pedestal… Barack H Obama. It is no secret that his roots were formed in an Islamic school in Indonesia where hatred of Jews and Christians were abound. His mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a devoted communist, as well as his white mother and grand-parents, all who hated American and Western ideology. In his book, ‘Dreams From My Father’, Obama felt that racism was in the DNA of white people that needed to be purged, as he also saw it in his grand-parents. He saw America as being a nation of evil, founded upon principles and ideals that only favored the wealthy, white man (you now see where that came from with the Millennials). Obama believed that America MUST be “fundamentally transformed” if it was ever going to adapt to globalism… America had to be downsized!

For all that Dr Martin Luther King did to unite people of difference, Barack Hussein Obama reversed. Sure, there was racism, bigotry, and prejudice still in existence, but few ever heard of it, as it wasn’t profound like it is today. In fact, in many a scholar’s opinion, BHO “did more to re-ignite the fires of racism than the Confederacy”. So long as you let things run its course NATURALLY, it eventually works out. But the Left cannot wait that long, and thus they force the issues, pressure people into acceptance, and make a scene out of anything that drives their narrative. They have yet to learn that people DO NOT like to be forced into ANYTHING, especially in how they feel and how they react. And to be called names in order to force acceptance is a BIG NO-NO!

Are you a “white-supremacist”? Do you see yourself as a “White-Nationalist”? Do you practice Nazism? Are you a member of the KKK? Are you anti-Semitic? Do you see Latinos as the new form of servitude? Probably not. But do you know who is?… DEMOCRATS!

Although their despicable history is being re-written as we speak throughout history books, Wikipedia, and Internet/media fakery, the Left has always being discriminatory. Their prejudice was a badge they proudly wore throughout the 1800’s and early 1900’s… up until FDR and even LBJ. It is in their own words, if you bother to fact check. This is the TRUTH that the Left refuses to accept, but reverses the finger to point towards the Right in order to persuade public opinion that the progressive Left are the good guys, while the conservative Right are the bad guys.

Just recently, the 4 “congress victims of discrimination” squad spoke out about how President Trump was a “white-supremacist, a Nazi, a feminist, an Islamophobe” that needs to be exposed and impeached. Yet, in every speech, tweet, and rally he has ever crafted, there is not one word of any of that which has come from his mouth, pen, or finger. Words can be twisted. Some words omitted or added to take what was said totally out of context. And this is what the Left is great at creating. It should also be noted that once one on the Left makes a fake claim, they all quickly pick it up and run with it, regardless of its validity or not. Fact checking is oblivious from the Left’s resume.

To be impeached means there was a crime, and/or violation of the US Constitution during office. And although most Democrats have never read the US Constitution, those who have will see it with a very distorted and twisted representation. If the President is guilty of crimes, then where is the “Articles of Impeachment” with the listed crimes from them? The only thing President Trump is guilty of is reversing the Obama doctrine of fundamental transformation… something Hillary Clinton would have continued, and for that, they despise him for it. It has now turned all the Obama supporters into what they call “victims of Right-wing oppression and tyranny”, because Trump and the conservative Right are doing away with years and billions on their hardline “change” upon American ideology.

“Victimhood” is a term that the Left uses very openly. Everyone who sits on the Left is a victim of the Right’s aggressive prejudice and bigotry. And Democrat leaders are quick to champion “victims” as their protector… to see that their assailant is punished for their crime of hurting their feelings, making them feel they don’t belong, while placing them above all those who demonize them because of their “differences” to the groups the Left labels as their enemies; whites, Christians, patriots, and MAGAteers.

If you are “different”, then you automatically have a Leftist “dome of protection” shielding you, no matter what you say or do. You can lie, cheat, and steal… plus, if you are of different color, different religion, different nationality, different sex, different sexual practice, etc., then the shield is going to protect you from anyone who calls you out. That shield will stamp a label of “racism” upon their forehead that removes any and all credibility to the accusers and their story, even with incredible evidence to the contrary.

Racism, bigotry, and prejudice are all learned. They are taught by those who already wear those badges. Democrats have been in control of education, media, labor, entertainment, and now the Internet, for quite a while. Several generations have been raised with their message… and that message is of hate, prejudice, envy, and revenge.

How different would America be today had it all been reversed? What if instead those like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood had filled the big screen, while Carroll O’Conner and Gary Sinise filled the small screen? What if those like Pat Boone, Larry Gatlin, and Lee Greenwood recorded songs of triumph and patriotism? What if media had more of those like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Mark Levin sharing the daily news stories? What if our colleges and universities were educating students like that of Hillsdale College, Christendom College, and Liberty University? What if the labor unions had those like Boris Johnson leading them? What if we had elected representatives more like Ronald Reagan, Mike Lee, and Pete Olson? What if we simply taught and showed prosperity, victories, unity, and sacrifice instead of hate, doom & gloom, defeatism, and repression… do you think America could have a more positive attitude with less apathy?

I do not disagree that those who are less fortunate are to be protected. America is for all, regardless of differences. But we don’t need those differences shoved up our butt, and posted upon every billboard across the continent. America works when we work together to solve our indifference’s. But the Left, and democrats, have no desire to “work together”, nor to solve our indifference’s. They have an agenda, and compromise is NOT AN OPTION. They seek to fundamentally transform America into the polar opposite of what its creation was intended. Those on top of that totem pole feel that the vast majority is totally incapable of handling their own affairs. The playing field has to be even. Game rules are to not be challenged, and the capitol wealth is to be divided… 80% for the handlers, and 20% for the herd.

We are no longer allowed to contest the Left’s ideology, nor their movement into a New Green world. We are bounced off like there is a force-field surrounding those who seek transformation. If those who speak progressivism are black, then anyone challenging them is a “racist”. If those who speak Islamification, then those who challenge it are “Islamophobes”. If those who speak abortion and women’s rights, then those who challenge it are “feminists”. If those who speak of open borders, freebies for illegals, and wholesale amnesty are challenged, then those challengers are “xenophobes”. If those who fly the rainbow flag and sue because of religious contradictions, then those people challenging are “homophobes”.

Americans are Right-wing Neo-cons, white supremacists, Nazis, and patriot extremists, if they contest being shoved into socialism/communism/globalism. It is not because of their faith, their skin color, their heritage, or whatever, they object to… it is the discrimination against Americanism that they reject. This is what Trump also rejects. The vast majority do not want to see socialized-blanket “welfare”, nor wholesale medicare. The vast majority don’t want uneven trade, $15 minimum pay, with strangulating taxes and regulations upon business and industry. The vast majority don’t want our farmland turned into wind and solar power plants, while paying extreme utility costs for using less oil, coal, and gas. The vast majority don’t want to see other empires able to kick our ass without any defense. The vast majority want to see law and order, as justice comes to those who violate our laws regardless of their wealth, position of power, and ability to get the best lawyers in the land who make sweetheart deals for immunity under the table. The vast majority do not want lawyers, judges, and politicians able to pick apart the US Constitution and federal laws to fit their own narrative at the time. The vast majority wants a civil society that is represented by true Americans who adorn our symbolism, who praise our freedom and liberty, who seek unity of all, and who strive to make the ideals and principles of Americanism into fruition for all who wish to become and remain an American. And to all who disagree, then President Trump is right… go back to where you came from and fix your own country… please leave this one alone.


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