PRAYER is the solution???


PRAYER is the solution?

Many … Many people … say that Americans need to PRAY to save this country.  That PRAYER is the best way to save this nation.  God listens.  God WILL help.  The JEWISH PEOPLE PRAYED DESPERATELY in Germany back in World War 2.  They prayed with all they had in them.  THEY and MILLIONS of other non Jews PRAYED with all they had in them.   How did that help all those MILLIONS?   (Which if memory serves me correctly was around 15 MILLION all total comprising millions of Communists, Czechs, Greeks, Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, mentally and physically handicapped, Poles, resistance fighters, Russians, Serbs, Socialists, Spanish Republicans, trade unionists, Ukrainians, Yugoslavians, prisoners of war of many nations, and still others whose identity may never be recognized).

For almost 200 years America worshipped God, and there was an event in the war of 1812 that tended to prove that God actually watched over the new American nation.  But beginning in the 1960’s and now with extreme escalation, not ALL but definitely MOST Americans have turned away from the God they originally worshipped and looked to for guidance and protection.  Consequently IF America as a whole has turned away from their God, then HOW can the very few left that still believe expect that same God to again watch over and protect them?

Man has evolved.  Mankind has become highly technical and self sufficient.  Mankind should rightfully be expected to do for himself with minimal outside influence.  As such the days of ‘manna from heaven’ are LONG gone.  There will be no more ‘parting of the waters’.

Man SHOULD be able to solve his own problems now.  ESPECIALLY that segment of mankind that comprises the American nation.  BECAUSE the American nation was originally setup as the MOST unique nation EVER conceived by man himself.  And it is very possible that GOD had a great deal to do with the thinking process of those men who actually formed the American nation.   It was originally to be a nation where the people themselves were to be the actual LEADERS of the nation and those APPOINTED to public office BY THE PEOPLE were to be the EMPLOYEES of the people of the nation.

But American’s themselves voluntarily for most, and out of non-caring stupidity of the rest GAVE IT ALL UP.  And now ALL Americans are subject to the will of those they gave control of the country to.

PATRIOTISM in America has been replaced with FEAR of the government.  And FEAR of those in control has been the principle tool to keep people in line for ALL people of ALL countries for multiple millennia.  America is now no different than the rest of the world.  Americans FEAR their own government now and as such have totally disassociated themselves from the intent of the nation’s founders.  But it doesn’t have to continue to be that way.

There is a saying that quite probably holds true and that is ‘God helps those who help themselves’.  IF the Jewish people in Germany had refused to surrender their personal weapons (which the Nazi’s claimed was for the “good of the people”);  IF all the others had not voluntarily surrendered their weapons, there quite probably never would have been a holocaust or even a World War 2.  IF the American people had remembered what was in their own constitution and actually CARED enough about their own country to adhere to what the founders put into the constitution, IF they would have chosen people from their own ranks to be in government and replaced ALL of those people at regular intervals AMERICA WOULD NOT BE IN THE SORRY STATE THAT IT IS NOW.

Americans were at one time the freest people on the planet.  Over the multiple generations they became SPOILED, and as such they want things HANDED to them.  They somehow think that if they whine and complain that the now actual owners of their country will just give in.  They WANT their freedoms back, but they have shown that ALL they will do about getting those freedoms back is whine and complain.  The whining and complaining needs to end, and it needs to be replaced with actual ACTIONS.

It’s not just time … it’s well PASSED time for Americans to stop their whining and actually begin to help themselves to save their own nation.  If people really need prayer, then let those prayers be FOR GUIDANCE.  BUT … when they finish those prayers, for their own sake as a nation and a people, their actual ACTIONS should begin.

The pitiful thing about this is that there is a SIMPLE LOGIC answer that could solve ALL of America’s national problems at the very same time.  But people just will not do it.  They prefer to whine and complain and then continually place the same people back into political office that are determined to end this nation or even replace them with more of the same that are put up and funded by the now OWNERS of America’s government.  MOST to continue the escalated destruction and a VERY FEW that are put up to give false hope to the sheeple that they CAN take the government back from its owners.

THIS article is actually a reintroduction to an article published February 4th, 2014 where it was stated that ALL of America’s problems could be solved IMMEDIATELY BY THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.










And … this could ALL take place at exactly the same time.  That is if people REALLY wanted it to happen.  All that they need do is care as much as they claim to care and then ACT UPON IT.  The ONLY thing stopping this from happening, besides the government operatives on ALL of the actual American Patriot sites saying it can’t be done, is the people themselves who don’t really believe in themselves.

Analytics showed that a few hundred people viewed that article and out of ALL of those who viewed it, ONLY ONE PERSON commented on it.  Which PROVES that Americans would much rather COMPLAIN than actually DO anything to save their nation.

READ THE ARTICLE (a link back to it is attached at the bottom).  IT IS VERY DOABLE.  ALL that it takes is for the rule of 10 to be applied to it.  10 people get together and discuss how they want to do it … then they each get 10 OTHER people to do the same, who in turn get 10 MORE etc. etc.  IT COULD NOT BE STOPPED and in no time at all the American nation would be MORE than just on the brink of taking control of the nation away from those who now own and totally control the American government.  Yes … whether people chose to accept it or not … SIMPLE LOGIC COULD ACTUALLY SAVE AMERICA.


SIMPLE LOGIC could actually SAVE America.


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    Anyone with a relationship with God knows that prayer precedes action. Just prayer with no action is like a book on a shelf.

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