Political Psych Ops


Political Psych Ops

Psychological Manipulation and its’ Effect on Voters


Oh you’re So STUPID!!!

I highly doubt that there are many, if any at all that didn’t hear those words when they were in their adolescence.  Or a word or phrase very similar to that which in essence meant the same thing.  It could even have been a comment about the way you dress or wear your hair, or even your physical lack of attractiveness to someone.  I likewise highly doubt that there are any that weren’t affected to the point of being almost traumatized by those words when they were in their adolescence.  Though few will readily admit it.

The reason being that everyone wants to fit in to life someplace along the line.  Whether it’s fit in with a certain group of kids at school, or a club of some kind, or even to be accepted by someone that they feel is very special to them in their life.  As with a boy who has a serious crush on a girl and very much wants to impress her with his “knowledge” or “maturity” or even his “wittiness”, or just the opposite, a girl with a crush on a boy who wants to impress him with any of those particular characteristics.

To hear those words come out of the group or person they are trying to impress is so actually devastating that it sub-consciously affects them for the rest of their lives because the “insult” occurred at such a critical point in their life.  The seeds of doubt were sown as to ones’ actual self worth, appearance or even their intelligence.

Words are VERY powerful and affect people both consciously as well as sub-consciously.  That is why one of the truest and most remembered of all quotes is “The pen is mightier than the sword”.  People can remember being physically injured in their past, but as time continues on, the exact pain they experienced tends to fade from their memories.  Naturally that statement excludes combat veterans who were more than just wounded.  They remember every single second of what they endured and what caused their permanent catastrophic injury.  In their dreams they even relive the tremendous pain and shock to the minutest detail.  But for the rest of those in this country a past injury might be remembered but details fade.  With the almost singular exception being … an insult.  THAT … they remember and they are both consciously and subconsciously controlled by it from the point of receiving it and on for the rest of their lives.  It permanently affects the way that they want others to see them, think of them and remember them.

The actual POWER of words and phrases has been well studied for centuries.  The USE of words has for the same amount of time been carefully constructed when it came to controlling the thought process of individuals and groups and their potential reaction to those words or phrases.  Writers of fiction use words that can actually take the reader out of reality and into the realm of their stories.  Contracts and other legal documents were worded in such a way that it was difficult if not impossible to get out of a contract.  Laws were written in such a way that for the most part interpretation could not be utilized.  But many times words could be made to look as if they WERE subject to interpretation and thus two very powerful professions came into being.  The Legal Profession and the Advertising Profession.

The advertising profession became very skilled at finding the single word or the shortest group of words that could readily influence those that read those words.  Words and phrases that were so well grouped that all people needed to do was glance at them and not even realize they were reading them to be affected by them.  THIS was the “subliminal effect” that the advertising industry perfected.

The legal profession took a different path and became very skilled at making words or phrases “appear” to be subject to interpretation.  If there was any word or group of words in a law or contract that could be attacked and twisted to make anyone else believe that it was all a matter of how something was interpreted, then the attorneys would usually win their case.  But that is only “usually” win because there are many documents that were so skillfully worded that they cannot be subject to interpretation no matter how hard the attorneys try to “twist” them.  That is why no matter how hard they try to do it, enemies of the United States such as the ACLU cannot twist the words in our Constitution and its’ Bill of Rights.  It was too well worded.  The very best they can do is try to get any case that pertains to the Constitution or Bill of Rights heard in a court that is controlled by one of the judges that they personally control.  It was for this very reason that the Marxists have been steadfastly pushing for decades to get their own judges firmly imbedded in our judicial system.  And because of that more often than not they are now beginning to succeed with every assault they make on our nation.

Words have been used POLITICALLY for generations when it came to affecting both HOW people think as well as WHAT people think.  As far back as the beginning stages of this nation phrases were used to stick in peoples’ minds and affect how they think.  One phrase that comes to mind is “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” which brought an easy win to the Whig party in around the mid 1800’s, or even further back the simple phrases “Don’t Tread on Me” or “Live Free or Die”.

Words and phrases specifically designed to lower peoples moral began to be used on a massive scale in World War II when leaflets were dropped on both the Germans and the Japanese telling them “We’re Coming” as well as “You Cannot Win”.  They DID have their desired effect.

Bringing it on up closer to our time, it was discovered after Reagan brought about the collapse of the Soviet Union and KGB files were opened up to the world, that there was not even one major anti war protest in the United States that was not orchestrated directly by the KGB.  They were actually the ones that came up with the singular word “Peace” with the two fingers being held up in a V for victory sign as was originated back in the Second World War, which became synonymous with that single word.

This was “Psych Ops” being utilized on a National scale.  Add to that the drug culture and by blending the two it was the perfect formula for an anti American victory.  True they had already by this time totally infiltrated our mass medias and were using those to enhance the effect of what they were doing with our youth, but it was by organizing those mass demonstrations of the “useful idiots” that they were able to bring about our withdrawal from Vietnam only months before North Vietnam had planned to surrender, thus negating the deaths of more than 58,000 American servicemen.  They did not as yet control the entire Democrat Party, but they controlled our youth, the Medias and enough Democrat politicians to bring about their victory.  THIS was Psych Ops at its’ perfection.

There has never been a Presidential election in this country where Psych Ops has not been used.  Only it was never labeled that until recently.  The Democrats used it successfully in the Kennedy/Nixon television debates when they knew the importance of “looks” and knew ahead of time that both the debate would be televised in color and that the studio would be very warm.  Kennedy was dressed as cool as they could make him and in colors that would show up favorably in the color schemes of the televisions of that time.  They also made sure he had makeup applied and Nixon had none other than powder to dampen the reflection of skin oils under those lights.  Kennedy came off looking much better and was labeled the winner of the debate.  It was STILL the closest Presidential election in history though and no one will ever really know who actually did win because within minutes of Nixon’s concession speech the Democrats sent an order out nationwide to immediately burn all the ballots, thus eliminating the possibility of a recount.

The republicans later used Psych Ops when Nixon again ran and they organized and widely publicized the “Democrats for Nixon” campaign.  Nixon won by a landslide.  This is something that the Democrats are now attempting to use in the 2012 election but to no avail because there is absolutely no one that would actually believe that there are ANY republicans that would vote for the Kenyan non citizen that is presently sitting illegally in the White House.  But they have set up the “organization” and are selling products labeled to that effect and then purchasing those products themselves and will more than likely have their Medias attempt to widely publicize those “sales”.  That is just another attempt at using Psych Ops but one that will fail because Americans know better than to believe it.

However … They are heavily investing time and energy, and quite probably a sufficient amount of money as well into the Republican Primary nomination process.  Their Medias are hard at work daily telling their viewers and listeners that the Republican Primary field is WEAK.  This in itself is an indirect psychological deflection away from the complete ineptitude of their own candidate who they know is potentially facing the biggest defeat of an incumbent in the history of politics in America.  They are comparing ALL of the republican candidates to the one they most favor and that is Romney.  Using Psych Ops they say things like “Do you think any of those candidates can beat Romney?” or “Their poll ratings are coming close but still lower than Romney” or “They’re now tied with Romney, but will it last?” or “It seems logical now that the ONLY choice for the Republicans is Romney” or “In the long run it WILL be Romney”.

The GOP is doing exactly the same thing.  It is telling the voters that they have already made up their minds long before the primaries even began and are heavily investing their money behind Romney.  Their so-called political Guru’s are daily saying that this candidate or that candidate cannot win, that the ONLY logical choice is Romney.

Political Psych Ops is being used daily by both the Medias and the GOP to get people to give up and just accept their candidate which is Romney.  The Tea Party which is not even an actual political party unto itself is attacked DAILY by both the leftist Medias and the GOP as well.  BOTH call the Tea Party “obstructionists” because those who associate themselves with this very large and ever growing movement are against all that is taking place in government today.  The GOP has begun using people like Rove and Powell etc. to condemn the Tea Party and say that no Tea Party candidate can win.  Even though there is no official “Tea Party Candidate”.    ALL of what they do is designed to demoralize those in the movement, and there actually ARE members of the Tea Party movement that are affected by things that these people say.

Michelle Bachman began to make an early rise, but was attacked relentlessly and smeared in any way they could until she fell back to the bottom of the group.

Herman Cain running a completely unorthodox campaign spending far less than ANY of the other candidates began to make a meteoric rise.  Herman Cain actually energized the party base like no other candidate has ever done other than Reagan.  He was honest.  He had clear solutions to the tremendous economic burden facing this country.  He has a proven history that shows more than any of the others that he actually CAN get America back to work.  His 999 plan is revolutionary and after dissection it was found not only doable, it would definitely put hard earned money back into the pockets of those that actually work and pay taxes.  The biggest thing that made people flock to him was that fact that he was not one of the political crowd.  He is one of the people.  He was the ONLY one running that IS one of the people.  Totally free of political corruption.

He had to be stopped.  So … the Chicago Democrat smear tactics team went to work.  But they couldn’t find ANYTHING to use against him.  So they made it up.  Although fraudulent, sexual allegation charges were created against him.  First by two unknown women who never did come forth and then by a quite apparently mentally disturbed woman who by some strange “coincidence” lived not only in Chicago, but in the very same building as David Axelrod, the Kenyans’ political manager.  The story they created for her though was far too exact in detail.  So exact that they missed their opportunity to destroy Cain because they went too far in their allegations.  The acts she attested to were criminal in nature and if had actually occurred, Cain would have been arrested many years prior.  Failing in THAT particular attempt, at this writing they have now created ANOTHER woman with sexual allegations against him.  Only this time they found someone that actually did know Cain and is claiming she had a 13 year sexual affair with him.  The problem with THIS one though is that she apparently is a Lesbian and NOT a bisexual.  But he DID help her financially over the years the same as he has done with other people.  The outcome of all of this was learned on December 3rd, 2011 when Cain, not being from the cesspool of politics finally succumbed to the tremendous strain all of those false allegations took on both him and his family and suspended his campaign.

Those who are actually foolish enough to believe these charges are primarily the hypocritical self righteous potential voters who somehow believe that a candidate running for office should be a living saint, free of all the life related infractions that each and every one of us is subject to.  They fail to realize or even see for that matter, that of the two major political parties in this country, these charges were created by and publicized by what is unquestionably the MOST IMMORAL of the two.

If MORALITY was an actual prerequisite for holding political office in this country, then each and every office In the District of Corruption as well as each and every office of all the State Legislators would be completely empty.  But the purpose of this article is not to attempt to bring people back into the realm of reality, it is only to show the effectiveness of Psych Ops on the voters in this country.

There is a descriptive term that was coined some time back when it comes to referencing the people of this country, and that term is …”sheeple”.   Through the use of Psych Ops the Political herd masters have always been able to manipulate the “sheeple” and literally mentally herd the population of this country in ANY direction they want to send them without the populace even being aware that it is taking place.

An example of this is the national political primaries.  Long before the primaries are even begun, long before any candidate even decides to enter the race, the heads of both of the major political parties in this country know who is going to be their party’s candidate.  From that point on their main objective is to make the voters actually “think” that it was THEY who agreed upon the party candidate.  Politics (not just in this country but everywhere) is a filthy business, run by unscrupulous and for the most part morality lacking individuals who all believe the same thing and that is that the end justifies the means.

Although it can be said about each and every Presidential campaign, I will use only the most recent two as an example.

Presently holding the office of President of the United States is without question the MOST inexperienced, the MOST incompetent person EVER to hold that office.  NOT EVEN JIMMY CARTER was as inept as this person is, and up until now Jimmy Carter has held (and deservedly so) the undisputable title of being our worst President.  To make matters even direr, this present occupier of our White House is not even a citizen of this country as set forth in the requirements stated in our Constitution.  But … the democrat party speech writers wrote an arousing speech for their primary convention in 2004 and Obama was picked to read it.  It turned out that he read that speech even better than they anticipated and the crowd was so enthused by not only the speech but by the way he delivered it that right then and there it was decided that he would be the Democrats’ candidate in 2008.

Maybe at that particular time they didn’t know that he wasn’t a citizen or maybe they did but our laws and our Constitution had not meant anything to them for such a long time that it didn’t really matter.      Because the office of President to both the DNC and the GOP alike is NOT about an individual, it’s about special interest money and what those special interests can do for their group and vice versa.  Case in point; Jimmy Carter who sold out the education of our youth in exchange for money and thus the Dept. of “Education” came into being which later turned out to be the Dept. of Indoctrination.  Communist indoctrination at that.  However … after the decision was made to make Obama their candidate, it was apparent there might be challenges to his being Constitutionally qualified for that office so immediately several attempts were made to change the requirements for holding the office of President, but every attempt failed.  They had too much money invested by this time so it was decided to go ahead and run him anyway and just deflect every attempt to prove him illegal.  They sealed every single one of his school records as well as anything else that would show his actual place of birth and his dual citizenship.  Then their Medias went on a full scale attack against anyone that tried to expose the truth about him.  They overlooked his fraudulent social security number though and the best they can do now is keep deliberately ignoring any reference to it and continue to deflect any chance of getting that particular case into court as well.  They have been doing that ever since.

What the DNC has done where Obama is concerned is a felony of the highest order, and if ever brought to trial would warrant prison time not only for Obama himself, but for every member of the DNC as well as anyone else that was involved in such a massive criminal fraud.

However … based up their absolute refusal to even bring this criminal act before the House, it is highly unlikely that anything will EVER be done about this.  Even AFTER Obama is removed with next years’ elections.  Those that wallow in the cesspool of politics in America consider themselves and their kind to be ABOVE the law and have proven many times that OUR CONSTITUTION doesn’t really matter anymore.  To have a hearing into Obama’s legal eligibility, even after he is gone, would require REPLACING ALMOST EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS with True American Patriots that actually DO care and choose to follow our Constitution.

The other predestined or preordained candidacy I will mention is Romney.  By all logical calculations with Huckabee suddenly dropping out Romney should have been the GOP candidate in 2008.  He was a very skilled debater who could have actually made Obama look like the fool that he really is to everyone who watched the Presidential debates, he had a political track record to reference, and aside from being a citizen of THIS country and thus actually qualified to run for the office of President, he was a liberal trying to pretend that he is a conservative which is what the GOP seems to want above all other qualifications.

At the very end of the group of GOP contenders back in 2008 was John McCain.  His campaign was continually faltering and because he was out of money and could no longer afford to remain in the race he was ready to announce that he was going fold his campaign.  Suddenly he received not only an influx of money, but the NY Times simultaneously endorsed him as the only logical choice for the republicans.  The political Psych Ops machine on BOTH sides began to tout those same words.  Suddenly Mike Huckabee not only dropped out of the race but he transferred his delegates to McCain leaving McCain the candidate with the most delegates (which came as a complete jaw dropping surprise to the republican base),and the official republican nominee.  It was at that point that Romney more than likely was promised the nomination for 2012.  Although Romney was a liberal, and was just as liberal as McCain, both the DNC and the GOP decided that they wanted not only a liberal but the most incompetent liberal they could find to place at the head of our government for four years.   The result of that is plain to see with America now teetering on the brink of financial collapse with record unemployment and enemies of this country making mass advances toward unifying the rest of the world under their control and against us.  Obama has proven daily that he could not even lead a herd of cattle to water if those cattle were dying of thirst.

Romney himself could have challenged Obama’s non-qualification to hold the office of President, but he like the rest did not.  The Psych Ops teams then began to steer the voters in the direction they wanted them to go.  In Obama’s case it was not a difficult task.  All they had to do was play the race card and instill guilt into those who were not sure as to whether they should support him or not.  From that point on because democrat voters very rarely even look into whom their party is putting up it was easy.  As a rule the Democrat base primarily only votes “my school against your school” and nothing more.  On the republican side it was a little more difficult.  Because so many of the republican base did not like McCain being their nominee they had to be daily convinced that he was a viable candidate.  Still, many chose to just not vote in the national election on the grounds that they would be selling out their country by doing so.

Although anybody can choose to enter a primary, the outcome is quite obviously predetermined by either the DNC, or in their respective party the GOP.  If people really want to doubt that they are being manipulated then just look at the way these elections are going and just who the parties keep putting up as their candidates.  Pay even MORE attention to the way the republican primary is now going.  Romney was taken out of contention back in 08, but was evidently promised the nomination in 12.  From the time the elections were over Romney has been the repeated guest on just about every political program there is, on BOTH sides of the isle.  This was done to keep him continuously in eyes of the public.  At the very start of this primary season he was officially named the candidate that would be the republican nominee.

Using the Psych Ops techniques previously mentioned in this article he was immediately placed at the head of the pack and ALL others were gauged against him and are STILL gauged against him.  The GOP made a mistake though.  They did not count on the ever growing strength of the Tea Party movement.  However it was not a mistake that they were not prepared to deal with.

They did not count on the reaction of the public to Herman Cain’s candidacy.  After all he was an “outsider” who did not belong to the political “club” that the rest belong to.   He started slow and spent far less money than any of the others, but suddenly his clear message, his straight forward way of speaking and his 999 plan caught on and he made a meteoric rise, all the while energizing the crowds he spoke to like no other candidate was able to do and thus became a major threat to the status quo.  True … he was admittedly weak on foreign affairs but that was an obstacle that could have been remedied by placing the correct people in the correct positions to deal with that.  It should be remembered that the present illegal occupier of the White House did not know anything about anything before being given the Office of President and  after all this time he STILL doesn’t.   Obama doesn’t just make a fool out of HIMSELF, on a daily basis he makes a fool out of everyone that voted for him and the rest of this nation as well for allowing it to happen.    With his exceptional knowledge of business, Cain quite probably was the ONLY one of all the republican candidates that could actually have got America back to work and out of the financial straits we are now in and do it in record time.   However … the Psych Ops teams on BOTH sides sprang into action to defeat Cain.  The democrats used their usual sexual smear campaign techniques creating accusations of marital infidelity which was a basis to regard the man as “untrustworthy”, even though as I stated previously, in actuality it would be at the very least extremely difficult if not absolutely impossible to find ANYONE in the political field that is not guilty of infidelity.

The GOP then began to say over and over how the man is “un-electable” because of it.  They immediately began to say that his followers were leaving him in droves.  Not that his supporters REALLY WERE doing that, but they wanted to convey the thought that it was actually happening.  Then in all the discussion forums there began to appear the words “Herman Cain is Toast”, and “there is NO way he can win now”, as well as “Well I just wish he would come -clean- on this”, and the best of them all which was ‘Well I was for him originally but now after this I just can’t support him anymore”.  All of which was designed to instill defeatism into his supporters and erode as much support for him as possible, and it did work.  Meanwhile Newt Gingrich was given a quick but temporary shot at the top position, portraying him as an actual conservative and ignoring his past which proves otherwise.  If questioned about it, he as well as others state that “he had an epiphany” and decided to become a full fledged conservative.  The problem with Gingrich is that his true liberal beliefs slip out every now and then such as it did when he was questioned about the illegals in this country.  But those problems are given a pass because he is not the ultimate choice of the GOP anyway.  They have far too much time and money invested in Romney and unless that investment can be refunded, Romney WILL ultimately be the GOP nominee.

The republican primary under the actual Psych Ops direction of the GOP can be easily compared to a lab demonstration.  The voters are very hungry mice placed on a table.  Around the table are doors in front of feeding bowls containing different types of food.  All the doors are opened and the starving mice run to eat in all of them, but seem to avoid the one door containing food that they dislike.  One by one those doors are closed shutting off the food supply which makes the mice scurry to the doors that are still open.  Finally it gets down to just two doors and the mice still seem to want to skip one of those doors, so the final door to the food they do choose to partake from is closed, and they all head to the one remaining door and eat the food that they originally did not want because it is all that they have left and they have to accept it.  THAT is the republican primary in a nutshell.  The voters will ultimately go where the GOP had originally decided they should go and that is all there is to it.  The same holds true with the democrat primaries as well.

If anyone is really paying attention to all that is happening it leads one to wonder if something even bigger is going on that seems to involve the mutual cooperation of the heads of BOTH parties.  Something that the voters themselves as a whole are unaware of.   Why does the GOP always want to replace a liberal democrat President with a left leaning so-called “moderate” or an outright liberal from the GOP side who will not do anything at all to repair the damage to this country that was done under the liberal democrat’s term in office?  They will always leave everything the way it was.  Why do BOTH sides seem to keep herding this country more and more to the left and at an accelerated pace?  It is almost becoming evident that there is something else at play here.  It seems that both the left and the right are being manipulated to an ultimate goal.  What that goal actually is remains distantly out of site.  But anyone who pays serious attention to the way America is headed cannot help but see that something just isn’t right.  It is not just the communist left that is doing it, it is those one the right as well that are moving us farther and farther away from our Constitution and the vision our founders had for this country.

Meanwhile everything will continue on as before.  Voters, without their realizing it will be told not only WHAT to think, but HOW to think as well.  Words and phrases are POWERFUL.  Very … VERY powerful.  And when used correctly can make an entire nation think, do and say whatever those who are behind those words and phrases want the nation as a whole to think, do and say.

Because of their ego’s, there are many who will try and contest what I have just said.  Nobody will readily admit that it was not they themselves who decide how they are going to vote.  People “claim” that they actually research a candidate and base their vote upon their findings.  Very few actually do.  The extent of the “research” that most people do is listening to what the Marxist Medias as well as FOX news tell them about a particular candidate.  They listen to what these “news” sources tell them about a certain candidate.  Because as far back as their adolescent years people have wanted to “fit in” with others and when they are told by these “news sources” as well as all the GOP pundits that this candidate or that candidate “can’t win” then they want to “agree” with them because others are going to agree with them and they want to “fit in” with those others.  Nobody wants to be regarded as “stupid” and when these “authority figures” and organizations imply that people are “stupid” for supporting a particular candidate most will readily abandon that candidate in order to feel like they “fit in” with what they are TOLD that “others” are thinking and doing.

Will this ever change?  I have absolutely no idea.  It COULD change if people suddenly began to actually research a candidate’s abilities as well as how a candidate voted IN THE PAST, what they once expressed as their views on certain topics, and MOST IMPORTANTLY if the candidate they originally supported fits in with THEIR PERSONAL VIEWS more than any of the others do on anything and everything.

In these primaries especially, if people stood their ground and voted for their original choice and did not waver from that choice until the candidate they personally preferred backed out of the race then these primaries would actually be legitimate and NOT just the result of coordinated and coerced group mentality.   If only ten people support a candidate and voted for that candidate then the results would be the TRUE votes of how people REALLY feel.  Any candidate that won would be by winning with the HONEST votes of their supporters.  Until something like that actually happens, we will ALWAYS nominate and elect those that we are coerced through Political Psych Ops into nominating and electing.

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