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To state the Left has become unglued over Donald Trump’s presidential victory may be a “yuge” understatement. Some call it the “Trump derangement syndrome” at play. But it more parallels lunacy/insanity/madness by the way they have been reacting. No matter what President Trump does to help America improve; regardless of how American’s lives are made better; even with all the proof with him; the Left remains relentless at seeing his destruction, his demise, and his removal.

Those who are following the Leftist narrative that President Trump is evil and destructive for America have been living in a bubble. Their obsession over Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has totally blinded them to reality. Facts mean nothing to them. The proof that has been shown to expose the corruption and treason of both the Obama administration and the Clinton cartel has been overwhelming, as has been the proof that Donald Trump has no strings attached to him with the Russians, with racism, with sexism, and with collusion to undermine our democracy, the Republic, and the American Way. The Left has become “dangerous” for America, and their actions may become a national security threat to both the Right and the Trump administration.

Democrats have become total obstructionists with Republicans, and refuse to give an inch on any issue, with the exception of tax reform. On every issue that the president and the congressional majority have worked on to get America back on track and in the financial black, the media and Democrat leaders have cried “foul” and turned it into some scandal or controversy. Many of the “greatness” we have seen already have been through Executive Orders and only a quick fix, as they can be undone by the next president, or challenged in court by the various anti-Trump groups… and today, there are many of them, as the Trump derangement syndrome turns into complete insanity.

Ex-Secret Service agent Dan Bongino stated recently on his radio show that President Obama in 8 years had more death threats made against him than any other president in history. President Trump, being in office for less than 2 years, has now taken over that record, making it very dangerous for him each day he remains in office. Since the Left has been unsuccessful in removing Trump by conventional means, I guess they are now going to resort to unconventional means to remove him, as it is becoming more apparent that a Democrat majority in Congress for 2018 has now faded into the sunset.

Americans have become wise to the theatrics of the Left, as their protests and outrage are only staged to agitate Americans who are against Trump, or those who walk the fence with his support. And how can anyone argue with the facts that America’s economy has surged into a 20 year high; how unemployment has hit a 40 year low; how terrorism has been held in check; that relations with other nations have vastly improved; that our enemies have now turned around completely on how they view America; and how the attitude of the world has become greatly more positive, thanks to Trump’s vision and policies?

George Soros, and other global leaders of the NWO, are pouring hundreds of millions into the agitation of the populous in order to turn them against Trump and the conservative Right movement. They send people, purposely, to places where the media will pick up their flamboyant outbreaks of hate and rage against anything done for MAGA. The media and social media have been purposely made to make Trump and his supporters into Nazis, sexists, and racists. Expect them to be calling us “Satanist” soon!

Over 90% of the news is negative against Trump and his policies, even spreading fake news stories and complete fabricated distortions of the truth so that the general public will believe that Trump and the Right are evil. The sad part is that many anti-Trump Republicans have joined upon this bandwagon to see to a Democrat revival and Trump’s overthrow. One thing you can say about Democrats is that they all remain 100% loyal to each other, no matter how horrible a charge is brought against them.

The media still carries the water of Russian collusion against Trump, even with federal charges looming upon the horizon against many involved in the whole collusion surge against the president. Not one word has been said about the scandals and treasonous acts levied, along with concrete evidence, against the Obama administration and Clinton cartel, as FOX News and conservative-talk radio have been the only ones who are opening all those cans of worms against them. Most of the general public who don’t watch FOX nor listen to talk radio are clueless as to the happenings being levied against Muller, the FBI heads, and Obama bureaucrats who have been the featured critters within “the swamp”.

What has been “rumored” about both Obama and Hillary for many years is now becoming a spread sheet of facts that both were purposely involved in the detrimental destruction of America, and the push to move the nation into the New World Order. In fact, it has the global NWO heads in such a state of panic that they have held several secret meetings to try to get their movement back on track, and see to the reversal of the Trump MAGA momentum… something they have not done since Ronald Reagan’s attack upon communism and the Soviet Union.

The one thing these people have not been able to defeat is American patriotism and national pride, for that is the glue which holds the bonds of the Constitution and 2nd Amendment together that prevents the global takeover of this nation. And that is why they must create a “meltdown” of the Trump MAGA movement.

If you don’t believe that we have been in a state of war, and continue the battles today, then you are naive. It is like the “war on terrorism”… with no country, no flags, no uniforms, no battalion of heavy-armor weapons aimed at us, and no military brass orchestrating strategic maneuvers of soldiers who brave the lines to shed blood for a cause. But there are leaders in command, battle fronts engaged, and weapons being used towards our destruction and demise. The media has been taken over by them to be their voice, social media to be their bull horn. Education has been taken over to be their training camps, and bureaucracies and institutions to become their weapons. The Democrat Party has been taken over to become their leadership and command point, while loyalists to Obama and Hillary have been recruited as lieutenants to herd the lower ranks of ignorant fools and idiots into battle.

The fears of the Left, the globalists, and the elites have come to fruition. Trump survived the political battlefront of election, and has weathered through the bombardment of lies and fakery that have shelled his administration since his election. Trump’s MAGA agenda has been beyond positive in its march, as the movement has grown more solid than loss… like a Patton blitzkrieg across France and Germany, Trump has torn apart the resistance to progress America towards victories that no other politician could have done, even within this short amount of time.

The world was ready and waiting for America’s revival, as our leadership is what drives the gears of the planet. And that is why America had to be destroyed by the globalists and demonic Left. But Americans rallied to the side of Americanism, and have stood strong before the guns of “Utopians” who dream of no borders, a single currency, no religion, and a society of people in equality where there are only two classes, of lords and serfs… lifting the lower class while lowering the middle class to provide wealth, control, and power for the elitist upper class.

Although we are making headway, this war is long from conclusion. Many political activist agitators remain on the battle fronts to deter our actions. The media has to be turned off. Social media has to be exposed for their alignment with the enemies of Trump and Americanism. Education has to be for teaching and not indoctrination. We must take on those who stand against us with the truth and facts, and have them explain their actions in a court of law. Democrats have to become a whisper in halls of congress, while RINO’s need to be skinned with their hide exposed for everyone to see that their loyalty isn’t with the people, but with those who want to see the people enslaved by their tyrannical desires of superiority.

We once roared onto the stage with many Americans achieving their “dream”. Many moved up from the doldrums and anguish of societal hardship to rise to a new standard of living. We once built new homes, constructed new avenues to travel, fired up plants of new labor, traveled to exotic places, helped those in need, put our children through college, and upgraded our lives to live that American dream that once drove the mechanisms of American greatness. And it came from American ideology and American principles… that we are free to invest, expand, and advance in our own ways, just as much as we are free to fail. But success comes from positive thinking and trying over and over again until you win. Failure comes from giving in, giving up, and following pathways of entitlement. Words of success, the magic of thinking big, are never heard coming from someone on the Left. All they talk about is failure and how others have what they don’t, as those things must be taken away from them at any and all cost, all to be shared.

But, American opportunity is again there, and if someone is left behind, it is from choice. There is no excuse for someone not to find a job, unless they are lazy… spoiled on the government entitlement bonds by Obama and the Democrats. Many of our parents retired to live out their life in peace and tranquility. Americans achieved many great ideals, as we marched into new frontiers of space, cybernetics, and technological advancements. We have better homes, safer cars, easier work places, advanced medicine, and more opportunities for a longer, more productive life than we’ve ever had. You get the brass ring when you reach for it, not dreaming that it falls onto your lap.

It is quite obvious who are the one who restrain growth, and those who promote expansion. The Left and the Democrats don’t want your success, but only your need of dependency, as well as your tax dollar. We went through over eight years of hardship under Democrat leadership, as America slipped away into decay by neglect. There are proper ways of handling issues that confronts us, and ways that are very detrimental. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to point out those who are on which side, while which policies succeed and which ones are doomed for failure.

It now becomes our responsibility to continue this movement, and prevent the agitators of hate and resentment to accomplish their mission. We must have empathy for the poor, the truly disabled, the aged, and those who truly seek the American dream through acclimation of the American Way by accumulation. But the days of giving away our dreams so that the elites can have a better dream are over. Reformation of Democrat policies has to be achieved if we are to advance. No Democrat policy to advance the populous, as a whole, has ever worked. Their policies have only made slaves out of those they try to benefit… and this isn’t going to change with the immigrants. This is the new battle front of manipulation by the agitators of deception. We must not let them win on this one.

It is hard for the people to see the truth when people are kept in the dark, as fakery is presented while the truth hampered. We must become the light for those who have become blinded to again see. It is hard for children to hear the reality of history and the wisdom of the future when they are indoctrinated with lies and deception. We must become the sound of reason, experience, and expectation so that they can hear what they have missed, and what is to become if they follow the wrong path in life. It is hard for people to taste victory when all they have swallowed in life is defeat. The pain and agony of failure can only be removed with pride and prosperity. We must lead others down the road to financial freedoms, where dependency comes from one’s own victories, not from handouts and government spoils.

We, as a nation, must become intolerant of what we once tolerated. The Left acts for a reason… to benefit themselves, and not those they represent. The Left reacts for a reason… because change is their doctrine, and a NWO “Wonderland” is their end game.

Battles are not won and wars are not victorious when you let others fight your fights. To make America great again takes a united front with a united effort. We must learn from the past that if we remain inactive in defending freedom that freedom will be taken away from those who do work at stealing it from us. We closed our eyes to what we saw to let others handle the problem. We said we are too busy making our lives and building our future, while others were busy in the shadows reversing it to change the future. We paid little attention to who we were electing by not knowing what they stood for, and vetting their past history. We took for granted that if they promised then they would deliver, but they delivered us into evil, not from it. We invested into their future, not the future of the nation.

Donald Trump is a great warrior, a leader for all who seek greatness to follow. But he is only one man and cannot achieve victory by himself, although he is trying. We must stand with him to give him the strength he needs to push onward. His victories become our victories, and visa-versa. Experts will tell you that America came very close to ending, as the election of Trump stopped the tide of destruction from doing any more damage. Although there are those who seek his removal, and the failure of making America great again, we must call these agitators out and shout them down. We must crusade in making our country better, because if we greatly prosper, then someday may come when many begin to see the truth and decide to join us, not fight us any longer.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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