Do you have common sense? Great! You are needed in Washington DC.

It seems that many in the”Good ‘Ol Boy” capital are lacking common sense, rationality, practical judgement, sound ethics, and intelligence. It’s that, or what they have and are doing is well planned to stifle economic growth, raise the poverty rates, help place citizens on government entitlements, ruin small business, raise inflation rates while lowering income rates, move American corporations out while taking in foreign companies by incentives, and expand the cost of living to unlivable rates. So which do you think it is?

Surely, there can’t be that many idiots who don’t have a clue what they are doing, all gathered around trying to get momentum to a stale economy close to death’s door, trying everything they can to save the dollar and the nation from total collapse. Since we know that there can’t be that many idiots and fools with Harvard & Yale degrees who can’t get a grasp on our financial situation, there can only be one other conclusion: BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS ARE PURPOSELY WORKING TOGETHER TO COLLAPSE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY AND THE AMERICAN NATION!

Ignorant and clueless sheeple can always blame this or that for reasons why we are digressing instead of prospering. But why most Americans are chasing: racism, gun control, environmental change, trade agreements, what Hollywood star did what, the new Playstation game, a case of beer and a big fat doobie… Or frantically worried about: Jade Helm, FEMA camps, 20 presidential hopefuls, Benghazi and Hillary’s Erasegate, millions are trying to make ends meet while living from paycheck to paycheck, and losing out at every turn from where they once were only a decade ago when they had enough money to live the American Dream. Do you not think that THIS may be a tad more important to their family’s lives than the distractions put into place to make America weaker as a Republic, and not stronger?

In my lifetime, Americans have come from a single primary income earner in the family to where now everyone of working age has to work 2-3 jobs just to keep up with the normal living expense bills. As a child, every family I knew had a father that had a good paying job, a mother who stayed at home to raise the children, as they lived in a modest home with a nice car in the garage, and took vacations once a year to great places across America for some rest and relaxation. Everyone had plenty of money, as the poor rent district was but only a small portion of town on the other side of the tracks where only the drunks, prostitutes, and worthless hung around because they had little respect for themselves to go out to get a decent job and a life. Poverty was an option, as there were enough good paying jobs on the market to employ the whole city twice over. You didn’t need a college degree, but you did have to be smarter than the average bear, with some common sense and motivational abilities to advance. If you were poor, it was because that’s how you wanted to live.

In today’s America, this is no longer the case. Many are now being shoved into poverty because they do only have a high school degree, or that today’s field of higher paying jobs now requires someone having devoted years of effort, along with decades of student loan debt, to make the same equivalent as someone did back in the 1960’s in a much less educated field. Experience helps, but because of the flooded pools of citizens seeking work, and with the influx of immigrants from overseas and south of the border, there are fewer jobs to be had. Thus, to sustain living with so many jobs now lost, Americans are being forced to accept food stamps, welfare, extended unemployment, and disability. Many who are over 55 are finding work an impossible task, resorting to take away the jobs which used to exist for students and those just entering the labor force. Can we really blame them for this? We have to survive, and most only thought that this was only a slight “interruption” in our economy, not a mainstream of what is here to stay, and worse… what is yet to come.

I know hundreds of people. I hear their stories. It’s sad to hear that they must give up their house after living it in for 15 years or more, yet because of job loss, medical bills, inflation, kid’s college tuition, or what-have-you that has burnt a huge hole in their income, assets, and ability to make a decent living, they are being forced to leave their home to live below their previous lifestyle and standards just to make ends meet. Bankruptcy has become a way of life, as is having to second mortgage the house and sell the better car just to put food on the table and pay the utility bills. Now with the health care system in it’s calamity and quagmire of disarray, Americans are being forced to pay three and four times their past insurance premiums to get half the coverage they once had. For those with sick or disabled family measures, this has become a burden in which they must meet, or sit back to watch their loved ones die in horrible discomfort. This is not the America I grew up in, nor the American Way in which we work together to produce a cheaper and better way in our standards of living.

Our government has put Americans on the back burners while granting foreigners the golden ticket to America’s riches and prosperity. I know of several foreign families that have moved to America, were set up with low interest loans for tens or hundreds of thousands in “welcome” money, started a business, built an upscale home, drive $40K+ vehicles, and send their children off to private education. That is wonderful to see such opportunity in the American spirit of immigration, as this is what America was built around. But shouldn’t we be taking care of our own, first? What is left over can go to immigration, as the old school of Americanism was to start at the bottom and work your way up, not the reverse handed to them on a golden platter.

Times and ways do change, but shouldn’t they change for prosperity and betterment of life? There seems to be a radical shift in the ways we conduct business in America, and what used to be taken for granted has now become a luxury for many. Those under 40 may have never experienced life when things were inexpensive, restrictions were low, laws were lenient, taxes were low, pay was high, insurance was a benefit, inflation was low, and living freely was an easy ability. Somewhere, the system collapsed. It has been radically shifted to a select group, and the rest be damned. What made America was the middle class of society. When people make more money than needed, they will spend it on needless items, or items they have always dreamed of owning. The economic circle is endless when not interrupted. Many branched away from their employment to create their own business with better merchandise and better service, usually at a lesser cost. Profits, not a paycheck, built America, and so long as we profited at home, we profited as a country.

Those in control (and you better understand how they think and why) had a different path for America to now travel. Our past ideologies of freedom, liberty, and independence seemed to be a liability for a small few who were either too doped up to think, too lazy to work, too stupid for their own good, or too hateful to exist within the status quo of Americans. It became unfair to immigrants to be forced to start from scratch, living at the bottom percentage of wage earners while they learned English and the American Way of living. The job market broke it’s habit of hiring the unskilled and untrained to see if they would possibly fit into their system, to where to run a tractor or drive a bus, you have to be in a union while having a PhD in that field. Corporations grew and put small business out of work. As cars and homes grew in quality and size, so did their prices. Labor rates/benefits, and government restrictions/regulations, have inflated costs to the producer, so the costs are passed along to the consumer, thus skyrocket the price of everything. Cheaper labor and product went overseas to other countries to create new industrial empires while it bankrupt our own in the process. Only those who head the companies seemed to be smiling while the rest went to the unemployment and soup lines. America lost it’s income from taxes, so more regulations, restrictions, and new found taxation was introduced to offset what was now being lost to our foreign competition. And what did the government do about it to help Americans? They shoved more crap down our throats as corporations grew bigger and stronger, placed more hardship on our abilities to shift and thrive, and sucked what profits they could from us while letting the wealthy get richer while the rest became poor. If the middle class still exists, it’s a small portion of what it once was, as it grows weaker with each passing day as government does more to hurt it than to help it.

America has been lacking leadership of calibre for quite some time. Once, those elected worked for the people. NWO 1Now they work for corporations and the bankers who grew wealthy from the past downgrade of the American Way to enhance the lifestyles of the rich and famous. As a people, we have only enslaved ourselves because we put into place the powers of greed and hate of the American Dream, to exclude it from everyone else but themselves. Those we elected placed themselves upon a grand pedestal, and to kick them off would be an under-task which only a few have managed to complete. Congressmen are a dime a dozen, and most now tow the line if they want money for their district, to be on a committee, or stay in office another term. Senators became what TV and film used to make fun of back in the good ‘ol days as a “Boss Hog” type who ran their state like a concentration camp, and funneled money to their pals who keep them elected. As government grew larger, so did their expense, and so did their need to transform into a profit making machine. And, who else to look at in creating massive amounts of revenue in deviant ways than the mafia.

If you dissect the federal government and how it’s structured, you will see little difference between it and the mafia of old… almost in a “Godfather” way do they do their business, and serve their revenge for disloyalty and unfaithfulness with brutal consequences. It wasn’t Obama who created this type of government, and it wasn’t Bush, either. Actually, it was created around the Wilson era, only enhanced further as presidents passed. Bill Clinton ramped up the speed, GW put it into overdrive, and Obama pushed the peddle to the metal. What we have in Washington today is a fortress that’s almost, if not, impenetrable. Sure, candidates say how they will “change” the ways Washington conducts business, but how many promises must be broken for the American people to understand than “change” will only be seen in us, and not them? Some Senators, some Representatives, and some insiders can be tossed to the wolves because they didn’t play the game by the rules. We replace them, but the ones who remain, it takes death or retirement to get them out. And they are the ones who are established in both Parties who run the circus show we see. The Grand Master of the Center Ring, we elect, or should I say “appoint”, as the one in the Oval Chair was hand picked years before he/she ever sits in it. The POTUS only a figure head, and does what he’s told to do by the Powers That Be… the uber-rich.

You see, America didn’t create those who are in power, America made them wealthier and more powerful towards their global world order ideology. Our usefulness is now over, our role has been played. We are but anwo 3 simple cog in the wheels of their production, as China and other nations now plan to take the helm as the world’s No 1. We are but a “service” country, and the ones that “serve” are always financially enslaved to those who “produce”.

We have had election after election with a struggle in how America will do business. For generations, how has it become better for us? It never has. We elected conservatives in droves to get rid of ObamaCare, to reduce spending, to rake in bureaucracies, and melt away the restrictions which impedes prosperity. What have they done for us so far but only enhance that which is destroying us? Obama was elected by the people because of his “hope & change” stance on changing government. The only promise he has kept so far is in his “fundamental transformation” of America promise to the globalists who appointed him by changing America into a nation that we all do not recognize any longer… one in which 85% of Americans now hate. Only the bums, immigrants, and uber-wealthy have liked what has been done to this nation. The rest of us are paying and paving their way. We are now slaves to the Masters, and if you think Cruz, Paul, Bush, or Huckabee will be so different as to transform America back to the ways of old, you had better keep living in that dream, because the President in only a puppet figure for the “Godfathers”, the Senate is their henchmen, the House is their deceptor over the people, and SCOTUS is their ambulance chasers who supports their agenda. Together, they all form what is now known as Crime, INC… the Federal Government.

Some of you see a rainbow at the end of the storm. I’m glad you have such an imagination to hold your hopes high. But, there is only a bigger, more destructive storm behind this one. Reality should tell you that it doesn’t take 8 years to fix a problem regardless of how out of control it becomes. America has been purposely held in check for 8 years, and the call for “checkmate” is only but a short time away. We all now know elections are rigged, that the Chamber of Commerce and the corporate capitalists are promoting a Cloward-Piven restructure of the financial planet. The powers behind the military will enforce transformation, even if our soldiers stand in arm against them. Remember, it’s not America any longer. We are but a name, and a shell of what we once were under Ronald Reagan… a thorn in the side of progressives and the globalists who were in the process of our transformation. Reagan only slowed them down. He just caused them to adjust and continue. As GHW Bush stated: “This is the opportunity for a New World Order… when we are successful, and we will be”.


We will continue, and become what will be. We no longer have the drive to fight, nor to defend. Diversity has created division, and only in unity can we undo the process that has turned our nation upside down and inside out. The scavengers are already circling above to feast on what’s left. Islam only waits for the right moment to swoop in and create the explosion that will send America in all directions trying to escape it’s wrath. The dollar can not sustain much longer, as the propped up stock market will collapse when they are ready to pull the chains that will inflate our dollar to the point of having to merge into a global currency. Many will suffer, and the plan to depopulate the planet will commence through starvation,disease, violence, and execution.

In it’s end, the sun will rise, birds will sing, and humanity will move on, but in a brave new world that has been created for all who remains to play a part in. There will still be computers, TV, music, and sports, but everything will be controlled, and only exist for the directive. There will be no more major wars, and what violence occurs will be dealt with swiftly and harshly to set an example. The book ‘1984’ will be more of a reality as the transformation completes, and those who wish to remain alive will do as they are told, and live as prescribed, and everyone will get along just fine so long as they are part of the system. For those who are not, trust me… you won’t want to end up there.

Thank you for your support.

Written By: Jim Hovda





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