Donald Trump has given to America many blessings that never would have been attained had Hillary or any other Republican candidate been elected in 2016. Yet, the most important contribution from “The Don” has not only been overlooked, but has actually been squashed as much as possible by the Democrats and their affiliates, meaning the media, academia, entertainment, unions, and so on. His No 1 contribution to America has been the exposure to the decades of inside corruption by the DC cartel which have made many a politician, bureaucrat, industrialist, and business head very wealthy, to say the least, while we “deplorables” are forced to shell out an aggressive percentage of our income to make and keep this lining of green for their pockets possible.

From 2015 to 2016, these political gangsters were very worried, should Trump win. From 2017 to 2018 they were scared, because Trump now was holding the top seat to their “dirty secrets”. Today in 2019, they all now are both outraged and in deep fear, because they know that short of impeachment or death, Trump will have those four years remaining to take them all down, and bring an end to their revolving circle of corrupt political income, which makes someone earning approx $175k/yr a multi-millionaire in only a few short years. This includes Republicans as well as Democrats, so that explains why leaders in the GOP haven’t been too quick to take down those in the DNC, because if they are exposed, so it will expose them.

Washington has this unwritten rule: “If it is against the law, yet detrimental towards our progress, we simply make it legal just for us to go around that law. But if it is legal, and also detrimental towards our progress, then we simply make it illegal just for our enemies to use against us.” Washington exempts themselves from every decree they pass along to us, thus making them immune from any conviction or punishment beyond a hand slapping.

Washington believes THEY are the law, thus they decree the order and do as they want, because who is going to stop them? This is why they need Trump removed, because he is the essential threat to their ways of doing business, and the “funds” produced in order for them to have a very lavish, good life, and a king’s retirement. The part that angers many a voter is that these people, who are actually our employees, believe they are entitled to everything they weasel out of the public for their coffers. As with those impoverished on the government’s teat, these people in Washington live on a governmental teat, too… only it is more endowed with a creamier milk than that given to those in poverty’s dole.

Washington works this way: Let’s say you own Acme Aircraft Corp, yet business hasn’t been very profitable because of the larger corporations that receive the vast majority of government contracts, like Lockheed-Martin. So you send lobbyists to Washington to wine & dine those who have pull and clout in defense contracting. You pad politicians with perks to exotic islands with personal body massages, and excursions to Disneyworld for their kids. You tell them you can make a top quality jet fighter for a much lower cost… but the cost really isn’t the issue, because politicians don’t care how much anything really costs, but how much in return they will get.

There is a brand new F-200 design that the Pentagon has been wanting, and you have the right stuff to make it happen for them. So, the Defense Department asks for bids from their normal contractors and you. When the bids come in, someone “leaks” to you those prices. You then submit your bid just short of the lowest bid Washington received, and you are awarded the contract for saving them a ton of money.

In reality, you are being paid $70 million for each jet you manufacture, but your cost is only $40 million to build one. Your profit is $30 million per jet. But, there are expenses, as your accountants inflate costs to make it appear you only made $10 million in profit, which you are happy to make. Guess where the other $20 million goes? You are very appreciative for the contract, so it is divided among the representatives that helped you be awarded the contract, along with the Defense Department heads, the DNC, and to the Commander-In-Chief for his re-election. Everyone is now happy, and wealthier.

But here is the fun part to all this. Acme Aircraft Corp (AAC) is traded on Wall Street. There are some who knew from the beginning that you would win that contract, hands down. So they leak to their comrades that AAC is about to be awarded a multi-billion dollar defense contract that will skyrocket the cost of shares. Those within the loop purchased hundreds of shares, then sit and wait. One day after Acme is publicly awarded the contract, AAC goes from $4 per share to $29 per share, or higher as time moves on. How many shares did your buddies in Washington purchase just before being awarded that contract?

There is a law that prevents insider trading for you and I, but not for those in government. Is this fair? Nancy Pelosi and others think it is, and have publicly said so. They say they work very hard, and to maintain a certain lifestyle in Washington, it costs a pretty penny. They keep America from going bust, and they protect you and I from harm… they deserve the “perks of Washington” they get. And that is simply two of the ways I’ve shown you how politicians leave Washington as multi-millionaires.

We can’t do it, but they can. This is what Trump is fighting, because he knows it isn’t right, he understands it isn’t fair, and he is appalled by the infection it grows, and manifests into this corruption that spreads from California to New York. Many of us have known for years about this because we pay attention and are not buffaloed by the fake news industry. We know the deep corruption, the personal favors, scams, and the under-the-table deals that profits the politicians, yet costs we taxpayers in the long haul.

The “Deep State”, Military Industrial Complex (MIC), the “SWAMP”, the “Black Government”, and all those other dirty organizations within the DC multiplex have been ripping we taxpayers off for decades. Most don’t know the extent of their organized-syndicate criminality… most don’t care because few dive into the depths of where tax dollars actually goes. The government says they take in over $4 trillion annually, but we all know it is much higher. That portion that isn’t reported, and those portions that are never disclosed of its whereabouts, is what Washington is trying to protect against Trump. Trump is screwing with their lifestyle, their way of doing business, and their future within the “lifestyle of the rich & famous”.

We can go through the list of parasites who have become vastly wealthy off our dollars, and doing transactions that are either questionable or should be illegal for them as it is for us: Bill & Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emanuel, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Jim Messina, Joe Biden… these are just a small sample of those who have vastly profited off you and me. What these people have done is beyond despicable… beyond deplorable… beyond criminal!

It isn’t only about the money, the prestige, the luxury… it is about the power and control they plan. It is no delusion, no conspiracy that America is under a transitional coup to undermine Americanism to be replaced by a communist-progressive style of globalism. It has been ongoing since Woodrow Wilson. Liberalism has infected every industry in America except for conservative talk radio. We can no longer escape it, as we are surrounded now by like-minded urchins of progessivism who believe the very opposite of what we believe. To them, there were no laws broken, no deception, no collusion, no criminality on their side. No, it is our side of the righteous, the moral, the lawful, and the patriotic who are wrong, the crooks, and who needs to be punished. We are obstructing their transformation. We are forcing our ways upon others. We are keeping equality and justice from many because of our greed and selfishness. We are the problem, because they think they are the solution!

America wasn’t founded by the ideals they hold. It cannot sustain freedom and liberty under their identity, by their decree. Although Democrats say they are the “defenders of the Constitution”, they in fact are just the opposite. They hate the Constitution, and despise the freedoms and liberties we have from it. They just as soon remove it all from us so that their hold over us becomes stronger, as our dependency upon them becomes permanent. Only the selected, proposed by them, are allowed to prosper to their levels… the rest of us are to flounder in our own cesspool from their creation.

We ask, “Where is the justice?” We have been waiting patiently for many years to see justice of those in complete violation of our laws. Yet, they have circled the wagons to protect those we seek to be arraigned and punished. It was a dog & pony show they gave us against those guilty of crimes in Benghazi, against production of evidence in the email cover-ups, against the 3-letter bureaucracies that ruthlessly attacked the conservatives, against the theft of billions that were given to our enemies in exchange of a laugh for being so gullible. They themselves are guilty of the crimes they claim against Trump and conservatives, because they know that they never will be punished.

That may be our own fault for believing that Republicans are in solidarity in finding the truth, and focused on justice. Many are themselves guilty, and will never bite the hands that feeds them. We patriots and conservatives sat upon our hands to let the “system” work for us, when in fact that “system” was designed to work against us. There is no real outrage by us… WHY? We remain steadfast in re-electing the same low-life idiots who continuously say one thing, yet do the opposite. Good men and women come forth in the primaries, only to be defeated by the status quo, and the lack of participation in the primaries on our behalf. Regardless of the excuse, there is no excuse to allow a bad representative to remain in office when a good representative could have been there instead to protect our interests, defend our freedoms, and make damn sure that they help Trump “drain the swamp” and “make America great again”.

If this organized lawlessness isn’t addressed and rectified soon, America will split at its seams. We cannot continue down this same spiral into the abyss of abuse and extortion that is abound in government… America cannot sustain!

Take a look at this list I’ve posted that shows a portion of the abuses from the Obama administration, which nothing has been done to hold anyone accountable. It is no wonder they continue their destruction of our nation, and the removal of our ideals that gives everyone a chance through the freedoms and liberties given to us by God and our Founders.

Justice will never be served when it remains one-sided. And, the only way to see it served is by becoming outraged ourselves, and demand the truth be heard, and for the Constitution to be upheld. Media has to become fair & balanced. Academia must return to being neutral, and return to the criteria that produces sound citizens of entrepreneurship, not indoctrinated sheep who can’t think for themselves. Entertainment needs to refrain from politics, and to be simply entertainers in the arts. Union leaders need to work for the workers who support their lavish lifestyles, and find better ways to make America more productive and prosperous.

Unless Trump has four more years, and we, the people, stand with him, nothing will change, and we can expect four more years of the same from Washington, the media, Hollywood, unions, and the Ivy League universities of indoctrination… nothing will get accomplished except for more division, more frustration, and more revolt. Then in 2024 when Democrats retake complete control of government, we can resume the fundamental transformation into the global order of progressive-communism… to look no different than what Venezuela looks today.

The future is in our hands. Will we continue to rest on them, or use them as God and our Founders intended?

Written By: Jim Hovda


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