Orchestrated Confusion


Orchestrated Confusion

Orchestrated Confusion is only one segment of the deadly storm America ignored for many consecutive generations.  The entire storm itself could have been prepared for … but wasn’t.   Americans could have setup barriers against it … but didn’t.   Americans could have cared about it … but didn’t.   Now the storm is upon us and Americans as a whole have no idea how to deal with it.   And it WILL finally destroy this nation.

The storm itself is so expansive and comprised of so many individual cells that it would be impossible to cover   it in just this one article because this article would become as long as a book.   So I am going to write this in several different parts covering as many of the individual cells as possible.

HOW it could have been prepared for and the damage averted no longer matters.   Because it is here now with nowhere to seek shelter from it.

A person would have to be a true hermit to not be aware of what is happening in America today.   They not only would have to possess NO television, NO radio, receive NO printed news of any kind, but ALSO have NO friends to visit with who might have access to any of the aforementioned.

That is the ONLY way a person could not be aware of the all-out Psychological WAR that is presently underway against America’s very first People’s Choice for President.

ALL of America’s globalist owners are against President Trump.   The establishment puppets of America’s owners on BOTH the democrat AND the republican sides of our owners’ privately controlled congress are against President Trump.   The communist controlled democrat side of our owners’ political party is naturally against president Trump because with the help of the majority of America, President Trump rendered them a landslide defeat in the 2016 election.   The subservient establishment loyalist minions in the republican side of our owner’s singular controlling political party are against president Trump because like their democrat counterparts they wanted to continue having establishment puppets holding the position of President.   AND the entire leftist media is out of their minds with uncontrollable hatred for the very first ever people’s president.

It has reached the point where major publications like the New York Times and the Washington Post are deliberately creating totally fraudulent stories targeting America’s president and spewing them out as self-proclaimed “facts” that those ignorant enough to believe them pick up on and help to spread those made-up stories.   And to further their hate filled agenda against the people’s president, Jeff Bezos the owner of the Washington Post, even hired a large group of so-called “reporters” whose singular purpose is to create false stories about the President and present them in such a way that only those intellectually challenged to begin with would believe.   The rest of the leftist media then take those stories and “legitimize” them on television to make fools think there is more to it than imagination.   And the fools fall for every bit of it.

Not just the New York Times and the Washington Post, but many more like them now give the term ‘yellow journalism’ an achievement level of reporting that they need to strive severely upwards to attain.

How did we as a nation sink to the level we are now at?   When did the news industry become a news fabrication trade?   How did everything else we see taking place in this country become what it is today?   How did the American nation openly embrace the opposite of what its’ founders intended for this country to be?

America was founded upon Judeo Christian principles.   For almost two hundred of its’ years in existence, while accepting all other religions, America was a predominantly Christian country, adhering to those Judeo Christian principles.   Now Christianity is under steady and relentless attack.   The name GOD (when referring to the Judeo Christian deity) is now forbidden to be mentioned almost everywhere in this country.   But the god of America’s enemies and even the many different names of the anti-god devil figure are allowed and even encouraged to be spoken.   Morality was once a pillar of this nation.   Now morality is frowned upon and ridiculed.   Immorality has now become the accepted norm.   The family unit was once a pillar of this nation.   Now the family as a unit is all but completely gone with the state controlling what takes place in the individual family units.   Patriotism abounded in this country for many generations.   Now Patriotism to America is openly spat upon by those who were raised to believe that America is inherently “evil” and that it should not even exist.   The constitution upon which this country was founded DID NOT grant any individual rights to the citizens of this country.   What the founding constitution did was to LIST the INALIENABLE RIGHTS of man which NO government can rightfully regulate.   Now, every single one of those INALIENABLE RIGHTS is subject to a MASSIVE number of regulations from the local to the federal level.

So HOW did America come to openly embrace the opposite of what it was founded for?

It wasn’t just by chance.   It all came to be because of patiently dedicated anti America leftists and globalists.   The globalists being the primary because they are comprised of America’s actual owners, and the leftists because they are the useful idiot tools the globalists easily manipulate to maintain their agenda.

It came to be by granting the minority absolute control over the majority.

Josef Stalin is credited with saying … ‘America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life.   If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within’.

Well … THOSE mentioned areas were already under attack in America long before Stalin Came to power in what was to become the Soviet Union.   THOSE areas and many more were being whittled away at until the open political revolution beginning in the second half of the 1960’s and on upwards until our present time period where communist socialism is now the predominant political structure in the America of today.

How did it happen?  How did we come to openly embrace it as a nation?

Through Orchestrated Confusion.   Through well-orchestrated manipulation of the masses.

At the end of this particular article I have included an EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE VIDEO which was produced either back in the 1960’s or the 1970’s.   It explains EXACTLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN AMERICA AND MORE IMPORTANTLY … WHY.

But what this video did NOT touch on was WHY it was being ignored by the masses back then, and WHY it is cared EVEN LESS about with the Americans of today.

The completely IGNORED POLITICAL REALITY is that HUMANS, like most other mammals are HERD animals.   The want to belong to the herd because they feel security in the herd.   And, like all herd animals they actually WANT to be led.   They WANT to follow a leader.   Where humans are concerned however, they will accept either an individual leader or even a group of leaders to follow.   They want their leaders to protect   them and to guide them.   What makes humans a bit different from other mammals though is that many times they do not even know WHO their actual leaders are.   Instead they just follow what those around them do that they mostly associate and identify with because they want to be inclusive with the majority.   If the majority of those around them accept something, then they as well will more readily accept it.   They may not personally LIKE what they are accepting, but they WILL accept it anyway and actually become individually fearful of speaking out against it for fear of retaliation.   Every once in a while though the herd members will become restless a rebel somewhat against their herd leaders like they did in the election of 2016.   Now it becomes the job of the herd leaders and their underlings to try and put the herd back in the “order” they have created for it, as we are now seeing with the actions of the herd owners; their establishment; their subservient establishment loyalist minions in the republican side of the owners’ political party; and most definitely with the herd controlling leftist media.

Will all of them become successful in restoring absolute obedience of the entire herd to the herd’s owners and their underlings?   Honestly … quite probably so.

So … to get a good understanding of just HOW America was placed under complete communist socialist control, where the minority now enjoys absolute control over the majority, in a country that was originally founded to be just the opposite … take just a couple of minutes to watch this EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE VIDEO.

Political commentary from writers – Orchestrated Confusion. Orchestrated Confusion is only one segment of the deadly storm America ignored

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