There is someone who doesn’t belong in the Trump White House. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the ONLY two people elected to be in there… everyone else is appointed. It is hard to say who the “leaker” is within the Trump administration staff, but it is now obvious that this person is on a mission to subvert Trump’s agendas, spy upon his duties, and relay any impertinent information to the press, and anyone else interested in finding out what is going on behind Trump’s closed doors.

It has been obvious that there have been staff who have been leaking information to the press ever since Donald and Melania walked through the White House doors with their luggage. Obama holdovers are ripe throughout the bureaucracies and White House staff, as the one thing the ex-President did was to get Andy Stern and the SEIU to unionize all those who work within the government bureaucracies and White House staff, so that the next President couldn’t march in to do a wholesale clean-out, as most past Chief Executives have done, including Barack Obama himself.

There are certain positions within the administrative staff and under-secretaries that can be shifted around, as the Secretary of Defense, Agriculture, and Housing can pick their intermediate’s, but the lower-paid paper pushers and file clerks are now protected from “clean-outs” that once removed everybody not loyal to the newly elected and appointed staff. The problem is that there are far too many who have security clearances who can stroll the halls of the White House and Capitol without anyone ever blinking an eye. Many are both Obama and Clinton hold-overs who are obviously not loyal to President Trump, but still moonlight for the past administrations. Some of them are even dedicated Never Trumpers who feel as if it is their “duty” to protect America from President Trump and the MAGA agenda.

That is exactly what this new “leaker” said to the New York Times in their letter about how President Trump is totally unfit and derelict in his duties as President and Commander-In-Chief. President Trump said that this person is a “traitor” to America, certainly to President Trump, and possibly a “national security threat”. I couldn’t agree more!

President Trump, just today, commanded his Attorney General and the Justice Department to investigate and find this “traitor”, and all those who have been leaking information within the Trump camp. Some speculate that the dusty old Obama lie-detector may be brought up from the basement storage to see who is telling the truth, and who is not. Of course, the NY Times has already stated they will never divulge their “source”, as CNN & MSNBC have declared that Trump is now on a “witch-hunt” campaign to burn his enemies at the stake… not unlike what Obama did to the patriot leakers, conservatives, and Christians when he was the president.

America will never become truly “great” until we rid this nation of the communists who now refer themselves as Democrats. Yes, maybe we do need to walk a thin line between doing what we must, and forced to follow the Constitution to the letter. As Osama bin Laden said, “Your Constitution and political correctness will be the death of America”, and he just may be correct.

Americans have become afraid to speak out in offense, or act in defense, because many are too scared to rile the opposition, or be called “racists” and “bigots”, or afraid that the minorities will rise up in extreme violence. So, what do we call the present crime wave; the surge upon our borders; the Islamic revolt within many American communities; the rioting and looting because some cop had to act in self defense, or from a successful, white businessman legally winning the Oval Office? How much concocted trove of lies and deceit must we put up with, when the evidence is clearly implicating the other side in high crimes and treason, until someone pushes Lady Justice to wield her sword in our retaliation?

WaPo stated in an Op-Ed that “The sleeper cells within the Trump administration are now awake, and ready to fulfill their obligated duty to defend the nation from the fascist dictatorship of Donald J Trump.” The NY Times also stated today, “There are those within the administration who have stepped up to become our nation’s heroes; to guide the administration to conform to the standards and ideals set by past administrations, and to protect the people of this country from the oligarch tactics of this President, until he is removed.”

Their article from the WH “traitor” was quoted saying: “We will do whatever we can to steer this administration in the right direction until- one way or another- it’s over!”

In my opinion, both the NY Times and WaPo have openly declared the Left’s war upon us, those who support President Trump and his MAGA agenda. I think it is time we retaliate to the fullest!

We can no longer heal the wounds and repair the deep scars that have divided us. Obama and his ilk of communist/globalist supporters have damaged our unity too much. It is now us versus them, and one side will win, while the other will lose… and I don’t plan to be on the defeated side. If there are traitors among us, then round them up and deal with them accordingly. Although we complained about Obama going after his enemies, maybe turn about can be fair play?

But we understood what Obama was doing, how he was doing it, and why he was doing it. He said in the beginning that his plan all along was to “fundamentally transform America”… and he did exactly that! President Trump is just trying to put Miss America back together. But all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men, WON’T help Donald put her together again.

Yes, it is frustrating, and it is beginning to look like the task of MAGA is quite complicated, because there are about 47% of Americans who don’t want to ever be great. They are happy to be average… even below average, as liberal whites now look at themselves as “oppressors” who need to restitute all the damage that their white ancestors created. College students now believe America was never and should never be “great”, because others in foreign countries cannot prosper, and are “held in chains” because of Americanism and Nationalism. Some college students are telling me that it is now required for them to learn about Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Saul Alinsky. I guess George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson were slave-owning, despotic deities to them, who need to be removed from history?

We let America be taken from us. I won’t go into the reasons of how, why, or by whom. But, we expect Donald Trump to solve our problems and repair the damage. He can lead, yes, but he needs an army to follow. We got him into office against every and all odds… we can also keep him there for another 6.5 years. But it will take an American effort, and American guts, to go on the offensive and not play defensive, as we have done for decades.

We put ourselves into shells and let the world revolve around us, never taking the time, money, nor heart, to crack the shell to peek outside. We surrendered out universities, our unions, our media, our entertainment, our industries, our rights, freedoms and our liberties, so as to not infringe upon those who have no problem infringing upon us. We find ourselves now at the crossroads we never hoped we’d have to come to. We must make that choice, or we will be lead down that direction we do not want to take. And, we all know where that road will end.

Help President Trump by voting straight Republican this November. If we can remove the Democrat Party, then maybe the Libertarian Party will replace it, as we can deal with that one much easier. At least they are not socialists, communists, nor globalists… by desire.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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