Obama and OUR American Military


Obama and OUR American Military

With this coming election, which is now not only literally days away, but is undoubtedly the most important election ever in the history of this nation, there is a topic that the Main Stream Media in their never ending task of protecting the man with no past refuses to cover unless forced to do it.  When they ARE forced to cover it they only give it passing attention at best.  And that is obama’s contempt for the American Military and America’s very security itself.

I finally got to see the movie 2016, obama’s America.  When I first heard of it, I figured “yeah okay, anther full length feature commercial”.  I originally thought this movie was going to be targeted specifically towards patriots and not even one liberal would go to see it.  Just as those leftist movies by Michael Moore are designed to play upon what’s left of the minds of the liberals and designed specifically to make sure that the liberals STAY ignorant and loyal to the left.

I was wrong.  What finally got me to make sure I made time to see this movie was an article written by a well known CBS reporter.  And there is no one that can accuse CBS of not being liberal.  I was actually shocked to see a reporter from that network praise this movie as being totally unbiased and extremely informative about this man with no past that is presently holding the office of President of the United States.  So I made the time to see the movie.

After just my first few minutes into the movie I was ready to say “forget it” because Dinesh D’Souza chose to stay clear of the controversy as to the actual birth place and resulting unqualification of obama to hold the office that he does.  He conceded to the liberals that obama was born in Hawaii using the announcement in the paper of his birth back in 1961 as his grounds.

That birth announcement and the liberals using it as their sole justification to his place of birth has always made me openly laugh.  BECAUSE when I was born, clear across on the other side of the nation my paternal grandparents, being typically proud grandparents put an announcement of my birth into their local paper.  All that their announcement said was that I was born that day and it listed the names of my parents.  Their announcement did not say THEY placed that ad and that I was their grandchild.  It was a humorous family discussion for years because when they put that announcement in their local paper they started receiving those notices of gifts for newborns waiting for them at local merchants for miles around.  D’Souza must have felt that he needed to concede that issue in order to get on to the formulative years of obama’s life because the birth issue in itself would merit a complete movie in its’ own right.  And the saddest thing about that issue is that with the politicians we have mistakenly placed in our Congress we may NEVER get to see that issue clarified because of ALL the people that investigation would expose and all the arrests and indictments for treason that would ensue.  When it comes to our politicians, cronyism trumps our Constitution and patriotism every single time.

As the movie progressed one was introduced to what could almost be called an actual compassionate history of obama and how and why he grew up hating not only America, but ALL countries that his mentors considered to be “colonial”.  It also went on to explain why being brought up as muslim, he hated Israel as well.

After seeing that movie it isn’t hard to see why he set out from day one to vastly increase America’s deficit and to print more and more paper money knowing full well that the more money printed, the less the value of our money, all of which combined would push this nation ever closer to complete economic collapse.  The deficit this man created was GREATER than all the deficits of ALL previous administrations COMBINED.   It also was no longer difficult to see why he feels that this nations’ very security needs at the very least to be drastically downsized, and it is the military and our nation’s very security that this particular article pertains to.

America was the only true Super Power remaining in this world.  And it was because of our military strength that the entire world was held at bay.

The existence of the American military is one of the primary reasons why America was able to succeed in becoming the most powerful country on the planet.  It not only safeguarded the American people and the freedoms that were listed for us by our founders but this country grew strong enough to protect all other countries in our entire hemisphere as well.  Soon, because of its size and strength, the entire world began to come to us seeking the help of our military.

Until the second half of the last century, America’s military strength was upheld by ALL Presidents regardless of the political party those President’s were affiliated with.  Then, beginning with the turbulent 1960’s the liberals began to gain complete control of the Democrat party.  And by the 1990’s that party in no way even vaguely resembled the Democrat party of all previous generations.

It is no secret that liberals hate America’s Military and would much prefer that we didn’t even have one.  Somehow in that lollipop and rainbow and Unicorn filled alternate reality of theirs they must either feel that if America didn’t have a military then the entire planet would likewise not need one.  Because in their alternate reality the rest of this planet only has militaries to protect themselves from the evil U.S.  Or, they feel that if we didn’t have a military then when we are invaded and conquered, all those countries involved in the conquest of America will be loving and compassionate overlords willing to coexist with them in their alternate reality.

Bill Clinton made no qualms about expressing his hatred for our military because he actually had put into writing years earlier just how much he loathed our military, when he like many others openly professed their cowardice and fled this country to avoid having to perform their military obligation during the Vietnam War.  Later he was rewarded for both his cowardice and hatred of our military by being made President which carries with it the title of Commander in Chief.  From day one of his presidency, high ranking Military Officers began to feel that hatred, not only from him but from his wife and all those around him.  It was reported by some of those Officers that during a function at the White House, Hillary ordered military Officers (those below the rank of General) to pick up food trays and take them around the room as if they were the serving staff.  Over his term in office many career officers had to actually give up their military career because they could no longer deal with the politicizing of the military.  At least one of them allegedly committed “suicide”.   Many others were actually forced out of the Pentagon to make way for what could only be classified as politicians in uniform which would further the liberal agenda concerning our military.  The military was drastically downsized and short changed in every conceivable area.  The cuts were so deep that our military didn’t even have ammunition to use on the training ranges.  Military occupation specialties were phased out and being that all other military occupations were also downsized there was no place to transfer personnel to, so many were forced completely out of the military.  Again, many who were career personnel and near their retirement age had no place to go but out.  Clinton, knowing the devastating effect it would have on troop morale pushed the liberal’s homosexual agenda under the guise of don’t ask, don’t tell, and thus succeeded in forcing the military to accept those which they had always successfully rejected.

Clinton may have wanted to do more damage but he was abruptly stopped half way through his first term when America revolted and elected a Republican congress to keep him in check.  There are quite a few more things that could be said about the media’s darling Bill Clinton but this particular article is not about HIM but rather about the man with no past who currently holds the title of Commander in Chief of OUR military.

This one wasted no time at all in pushing his own personal agenda.  He felt that if America was naïve enough to fall for all the media hype and put him into the office of POTUS without knowing anything at all about him, and as long as he had the protection of the Anti America major Medias, he was going to waste no time in delivering as much harm to this nation as possible.

What made modern day America as strong as it was militarily was not only the caliber of military personnel that we possessed; it was not only the highly advanced weaponry that our military possessed; it was the fact that we had around 5,000 nuclear missiles standing at the ready.  THAT ALONE made us the ONLY true super power in the world.  This man with no past decided to GUT our nuclear defense capability by almost 75% so that we would have no more than other larger countries in the world.

Now to the liberals in their La La Reality this was a good thing because in their common sense lacking minds that would mean that we are equal to those other countries.  Obama knew the real outcome but the liberals are just too blatantly stupid to realize it and that is that it won’t be just “some” country that will attack us, it will be many at the same time.

Knowing that this man with no past was on THEIR side and not America’s side, Russia began to demand that the United States disassemble the missile defense system in Europe and obama was more than willing to comply.  However America had revolted again just as they did in Clinton’s first term and they put in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and enough Republicans in the Senate to severely cripple the anti American agenda of the man with no past.  So he was caught on an open microphone incident where he was overheard asking that a message be relayed to Putin that they will have to wait until after the election in 2012 when he will have more “flexibility” to strip America of its defenses.

His contempt for our military was further demonstrated when a muslim terrorist being allowed to serve in OUR military at Fort Hood in Texas suddenly opened fire and killed a dozen American military personnel while screaming the usual allahu akbar.  One of these military personnel was a pregnant woman.  This man with no past decided that to appease his muslim brothers he would not allow this terrorist attack to be labeled as what it was, but rather decided that it should be labeled “WORK PLACE VIOLENCE”, and the medias that support him dutifully complied.

His contempt for our military was further expanded when he took up and furthered clinton’s agenda and got rid of “don’t ask don’t tell” and allowed homosexuals to openly serve in our military, resulting in a lowering of servicemen morale as intended.  Now, those that he allowed to openly enlist in our military are demanding the “right” to have military chaplains “marry them” and if any of these Chaplin’s refuse and stand up for morality they are severely dealt with by this present administration.

When it comes to the subject of health care for our military as well as America’s Veterans, THESE are his EXACT words:

“Look, it’s an all volunteer force,” obama complained. “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute…” “I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country, “obama continued “I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit… I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.”

THIS statement actually being cheered by the mutually anti American buffoons in the crowd at the time.  But then again they ARE liberals and they hate our military just as much as this man with no past hates OUR military.

One of our surveillance drones went down inside Iran.  No one will ever know if this was purposely done but when those in our Pentagon who are not politicians in uniform wanted to destroy it, obama said no.  Thus allowing Iran to give that drone and its intricate technology to Russia and China to have it taken apart and studied.  The result of which is that Israel recently shot down a drone over its’ air space and it wasn’t ours.

It is no secret to anyone that obama went on a worldwide tour apologizing to the entire world for America’s very existence, and has continued to apologize to the world for our existence ever since.  But apologizing to the world is not enough.  He used our dead military being brought home in caskets as nothing but photo ops for himself.  At one point and a picture that will always be remembered is him standing looking “majestically” to the evening sky as caskets of our military were being offloaded from a plane in the background.

His politicians in uniform ordered the burning of bibles that were sent to our troops in Afghanistan.  Those bibles were burned with the trash.  However when a few Korans were accidentally burned, the idiotic medieval muslims went on a killing spree and more of our servicemen were killed.  The result of that action was obama apologizing to the muslims.

Also, in Afghanistan OUR soldiers are ordered NOT to shoot the Taliban as they openly watch them plant mines because it would “wake up the locals”.  Obama’s military chiefs call this “courageous restraint”.

His continuing contempt for OUR military is shown in the letters received from this administration by the families of our soldiers who were killed in action.  Those letters are completely generic and do not contain even a personal signature of this man with no past.  Instead they are MACHINE signed because he doesn’t want to be bothered writing to the families of OUR fallen heroes.  An action that caused at least one of those grieving families to send the letter BACK to the White House with their comments concerning him hand written on it.

Add to all of this his proposed BILLIONS OF DOLLARS in military budget cuts which will downsize our military even beyond Bill Clintons’ dreams.

He has used American taxpayer dollars to fund the terrorist organization known as the “muslim brotherhood” in their quest to overthrow mid east governments including Egypt and Libya as they organize to completely surround and prepare to attack Israel from all sides.  All the while having his state department under Hillary Clinton keep throwing out the propaganda that this terrorist group is NOT a terrorist group but rather a peaceful group that are “America’s friends”.  They are NOT America’s friends but they most definitely ARE the friends of this man with no past and his entire Anti America organization.

The most recent of these actions was Libya.  In a pre organized attack by al qaeda, known ahead of time to be coming by our intelligence community, our embassy in Libya requested several times for increased security at that embassy.  THEIR REQUESTS WERE DENIED!  To add insult to such devastating injury our military security at this embassy WERE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO HAVE AMMUNITION FOR THEIR WEAPONS!  The result … our embassy destroyed and our ambassador and others murdered.  AND reports are that our ambassador was sodomized as well as murdered.  When hearing the news of what happened, the response to it from this man with no past was to head to Los Angeles CA for yet ANOTHER liberal fund raising party.

When it was seen that America was clearly outraged by the attack and the murders obama had his entire administration as well as the major medias put out a false story that this was a completely “spontaneous” event caused by some obscure You Tube video that almost no one at all had ever heard of or seen, INCLUDING the muslims.  He, and his cohorts (the media included) continued to try and stand by this fabricated excuse for almost two full weeks before realizing that their concocted story was so full of holes that they finally HAD to find someone to blame it on.  So … they blamed it on Hillary Clinton because this was after all an election year and the election was so very close.  Whatever the deal was that they made with her to finally cop the blame, Hillary went along with it and stood there in front of the cameras lying her rear end off as usual and personally accepted “full responsibility” and said the man with no past knew absolutely nothing about it.

At the second debate obama’s actions concerning Libya were brought up and having no choice BUT to deny it, obama did exactly that.  Totally forgetting that all news conferences from the White House are up on You Tube for verification of anything if needed, the liberal “moderator”, Candy Crowly tried to come to his defense and claim that the “transcripts” of that day proved that he called it a terrorist attack.  Something she later retracted but only AFTER the debate was over.  That act alone by this liberal debate “moderator” proved beyond any doubt whatsoever that even with quite possibly being given all the questions in advance to prepare his responses, this man is so grossly incompetent that right there on national and worldwide television the anti American media STILL had to come to his defense.

And let’s not forget Osama Bin Laden.   OBAMA GOT OSAMA!  OBAMA GOT OSAMA!  Were the endless cries of the anti American left.  Something that this man with no past took FULL CREDIT for.   It finally leaked out that it was NOT as they chose to spin it to be.

This report comes from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely

Vallely said a “senior and sensitive intelligence community source” affirmed to a Stand Up America research team that Obama “did not know of the raid in Abbottabad to kill Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011, until after the helicopters with SEAL Team 6 had crossed into Pakistani airspace.”  The source said Obama was notified “at the golf course … which is why he was sitting in the strange sitting position in the picture that documented the White House operations room event.”  The source told Stand Up America that Panetta “was the key player who organized and supported this daring raid.”  “He signed the ‘execute orders’ with only a few people aware: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Adm. Bill Mullen and Gen. David Petraeus.” The source explained the White House “was closed out of the decision because the president, through Valerie Jarrett, had turned down two or three other earlier proposals.”

So this man with no past who backed up by his entire leftist media would claim all the credit for getting Bin Laden had NOTHING to do with  it and as stated would have ordered a halt to the operation if he had known in advance that it was about to take place.

There are those who will choose to take the path of ignored reality and totally disregard all the damage that this man with no past has done has done to this nation economically.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the high and still increasing unemployment rate of Americans under this man’s direction.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the indisputable fact that this man and his cohorts have increased the national deficit by fifty percent.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the fact that millions more Americans have been forced into welfare and now rely on food stamps to feed their families.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the fact that millions upon millions more illegal’s have entered this country under the protection of this man’s administration.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the fact that he has ordered trillions of more dollars in paper money be printed which lowers the value of our currency and adds to inflation.  They will voluntarily choose to ignore the ending of Medicare as we know it for our seniors and having it replaced with a new form of “health care” that comes complete with end of life panels for our seniors.

Yes there are many that will voluntarily choose to ignore all the damage that this man and his cohorts have done to this nation, but can and will they voluntarily ignore the ending our nation’s military strength and its ability to sufficiently protect America?  That remains to be seen and WILL be seen on November 6th 2012.

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