No justice… No tree!


Protesters on Times Square in New York City have taken to the streets to voice their outrage that another “white” cop killed a “black” youth. The grand jury refused to indite the officer who put a choke hold maneuver on a black teen who was overweight and had asthma, the teen died shortly afterwords on his way to a hospital. A tragedy, nonetheless, but when confronted by police, don’t resist, and don’t act like a moron to give them THE EXCUSE to take you down!

Again, the verdict of hate and outrage by the black community against “racist white police brutality”, and along with stupid, sympathizer whites, has been rendered before anyone has the chance to review the grand jury transcripts. Nobody knows what actually happened besides a video piece shot on the scene at the time of arrest.

Times Square is in turmoil just before the annual lighting of the Christmas tree event which draws many to enjoy the holiday festival. The event has now been placed on hold as few wish to venture into the area with so much rage and hate has become out of control. The mayor of NYC refuses to break up the protesters claiming they have their right, and has publicly denounce his police force of the way they handle situations with the blacks.

Folks, the Left is progressing with a very dangerous agenda of racial division which may get too far out of control before in implodes, touching off a racial war across many regions of America. Could this be done on purpose? Odds are it is, as black leaders, including Obama and Eric Holder, are fueling the fire of outrageous hate and retaliation. Any white person now harming a black today is targeted, but the blacks get no press coverage when the reverse is conducted. Murders, assault, robbery, and rape on whites has become an epidemic right now, as many whites are now arming themselves for defensive measures because they are being targeted. The police in many areas are being told to “stand down” as not to inflame more blacks into a full scale riot… so basically blacks, as of now, are getting a free pass because of fear, and of pity… emotional concerns instead of logical, common sense approach to cutting off the fuse before the dynamite explodes. Typical Liberal thinking…. make everyone else pay for their downfall. Never are they responsible for themselves or their actions.

Let the animals riot to show how correct society has been about some in the black race in being exactly what they are… ni**ers.. Though many are in agreement with whites that these radicals are only hurting their race and their cause, anyone who rejects the protest is deemed “racist” or an “Uncle Tom”.

Not until someone puts a handle on this and tightens the lid, will this subside. This will only cause more chaos until one side blows up and starts what has been leading up to a racial civil war since blacks were freed. Martin Luther King Jr stepped forward to shut it down in the 60’s, unfortunately, the MLK wannabe’s of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have only enraged the black community to rise up instead of peaceful protest. They want a race war, and if this continues, they will get their wish. The color of their skin will be judged, as well as the content of their character. You can only push “whitey” so far!!!


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