There are NO Christian Democrats


There are NO Christian Democrats

Christianity in America is under constant attack.   Attacks by atheists; attacks by communists and attacks by muslims.   Those groups have sworn to totally eradicate Christianity from the face of the earth.

American has ONE major controlling political party divided into two sections, the democrats and the republicans.  BOTH sides of the party in their beginning were Christian based.   But now only ONE side of the party, the republican side, is even trying to defend and save Christianity in this country.   The democrat side is supporting the eradication.   Thus the final outcome might actually be inevitable with Christians again being forced into the shadows and meeting each other in secret as they originally had to do thousands of years ago when the religion was new.

There will quite probably be a lot of phony indignation expressed about this article from those who “profess” to be one way but live their lives totally opposite of what they falsely profess.   But reality is reality and the best they can do is continue to pretend that reality is false and illusion is reality.

As one who associates himself with no organized religion I have the luxury of being able to sit back and observe what takes place among those who do.

No I am not an atheist, because one merely needs to look upon the massive complexity of this entire planet to realize that those who think all of this “just happened to come to be” are so full of themselves that they go well beyond the categorical label ‘ridiculous’.   Intelligent design of this planet and everything on it and in it is actually undeniable.   But I do not align myself with any organized form of religion because to me personally, all of them have proven themselves to be nothing more than wealth, control and power seeking businesses trading on an intangible.

Religion in all of its forms has always played a very important role in the history of man.   Whether it was all the various gods of old that man chose to represent the various sectors of their lives like the weather; day and night; their crops; life; death; birth; fertility; war; peace etc. or the all-encompassing singular God that governed all of it, mankind always accepted that there was an unseen force dominating over everything.   ALL of them unseen by man, yet still granted reverence and respect.   Because BEFORE man reached a stage where he ordained himself to be the most powerful and intelligent of all beings who likewise possesses the power to destroy life and his own planet itself if he so chose to do so, man realized that he himself was only a part of this world and there evidently was something far more powerful overseeing everything man was even aware of.

Regardless of what all the different factions of it developed into over the centuries, Christianity was originally founded to be a religion of Love and respect for fellow human beings.

Now, even though the atheists and the socialists and those indoctrinated in the public indoctrination system toward socialism in America, as well as the latest wannabe conquerors of America, the muslims blatantly refuse to admit it, America itself was founded upon Judeo Christian principles.    The founders of this nation overall were Christians.   Different denominations of Christianity, but Christians just the same.    The socialists of today can try and pretend all they want that the founders were not Christians and they can even label them as “deists” like they have already done, because attempting to change history to what THEY want it to be is always a tactic of the socialists (like they are doing with American history right now).   But it does not change the fact that the founders of America were Christian.

Overall Democrats have totally rejected love and respect for their fellow human beings that Christianity was originally founded on.   They now as a collective group openly support violence and promote racism.   Those their controllers have placed into government positions by telling democrats what to think and who to cast their votes for, are without equal the most hate filled group of low life politicians ever to disgrace the halls of government.  On a daily basis they promote racism and they promote hatred and they promote everything they can find that is disruptive to this nation and its people.

As a whole democrats themselves openly support and promote racist groups like the BLM rabble and the Black Panthers and others.  They openly support racist morons like that rabble that was led by the race-baiting street hustler Al Sharpton as they chanted in the streets ‘What do we want? … Dead Cops … When do we want it? … Now’.

The democrat side has now firmly (and quite probably irrevocably) established itself as the side of hate, lies, violence and racist discrimination.   There is no factual base for denial of that.   They as a group are the complete opposite of what Christianity was founded on.

Democrats openly support all the brutal violence caused by their severely mentally deficient human garbage group that calls itself ANTIFA.   Those gangs of brain dead vermin are the today version of the Nazi socialist’s Brown Shirts that Hitler and his gang used in Germany to intimidate the populace in the 1930’s.

The Democrat side of our owners’ singular controlling political party is comprised of a large number of Marxists that openly HATE Christians and Christianity as a whole.   They ridicule Christians and spit upon the name of Jesus Christ.

At their convention Democrats openly rejected having the name God anywhere in their political platform and even ‘booed’ the mention of the name God.

— From the Philosophy of Communism, Fordham, 1952 …. “Our enemy is God and the hatred of God is the beginning of wisdom”.   Democrats fully adopt that belief.

Muslims want Christianity completely eradicated from this earth.   The entire world that they had not as yet conquered was always very concerned about the muslims.  This nation as well when it was newly formed openly went to war with the muslims of the Barbary Coast.

Two centuries later when America’s owners had their puppet Bush Jr. invade Iraq for no legitimate reason and then spread the invasion to other areas of the Mideast, it rekindled the muslim dream of world conquest using immigration as one of their initial tactics.   Europe has severely paid the consequences of it and for all practical purposes has already fallen to the muslims.

Here in THIS country the democrats have welcomed the muslims with open arms the same as liberal controlled Europe did.   And just as the socialists in Europe initially did, they scream “intolerance” and the usual phony charge of “racism” at all Americans who do not want this country to fall as easily as Europe did.   And it can be quite accurately stated that if and when the muslims do become large enough in number and strong enough to overtake America, then because the Christian religion that many democrats “claim” to believe in actually means nothing to them, democrats will quite likely be the very first to quickly dump their alignment to Christianity and be the first as a group to kowtow to the conquerors and convert to islam.

The political platform officially adopted by those who align themselves with the democrat side of our owners’ political party now mirrors the communist manifesto and is in opposition to the constitution that formed this nation.   Communism, like islam has dedicated itself to the removal of Christianity from the face of the earth.   Democrats support both equally.

Christianity was one of the pillars that held America up as the strongest nation on this earth.   It was comprised of morality and decency and was what held America’s strongest group – the family unit –together.

The democrats totally supported all the Marxist attacks on Christianity and the removal of a great many artifacts such as monuments of the Ten Commandments, and crosses on hillsides, and crosses in public cemeteries etc. from around this nation.   As a group they supported the removal of Christmas from the public’s view, and they supported the Marxist indoctrination centers removing any mention of Christmas from the schools.  All done under the excuse of the actually non-existent “Separation of Church and State” malarkey.   But then they turned around and allowed the teaching of islam in the same public indoctrination schools.

Christianity believes in the Sanctity of human life.   Nazi Socialists, the same as communist socialists believed in the extermination of humans.   They did not regard all those MILLIONS of people they murdered as even being human.

Democrats fought continuously to gain “the right” to exterminate human babies and as such have now succeeded in murdering MILLIONS of American babies because THEY, like their Nazi and communist socialist counterparts, do not regard those being murdered as human.

Christianity at its core believes in morality.

Democrats have championed the cause of immorality in America.   They have championed every single thing the legal arm of the communist party in America, the ACLU, has in their actual charter that should be used to destroy America from the inside.

“The soundest strategy in war is to postpone final military operations until the moral degeneration of the enemy renders the mortal blow both possible and easy” Karl Marx. — Democrats fully support this tactic against their own country.

There are a great many more things that show the complete hypocrisy of democrats when it comes to their falsely claiming themselves to be “Christians” while supporting the opposite of what Christianity has at its core.   But yet they still try to pretend that they are what they most definitely are not.

They could be pretending to believe in Christianity because they are not really sure if there is a life after this one or not.  And they may actually think that if there IS a life after this one that rewards the believers and the righteous and punishes the non-believers and the non-righteous, then their lying about being a Christian will be able to fool a God that they must somehow believe is as ignorant as THEY are.   But if there truly is a singular all-knowing God, do they HONESTLY believe that he is STUPID?   If he is, then how could he be all-knowing?

People cannot embrace an ideology that they are simultaneously trying to destroy.   As such there ARE NO CHRISTIAN Democrats.   Those who pretend to claim otherwise are simply liars and just their belonging to the democrat side of the party is undeniable proof of it.

Then again in all honesty, based on the official political platform of the Democrat side of our owners’ political party, the SAME could be said about their actual American patriotism as well.  Could it not?


The above is only the abbreviated version of the entire article.  If anyone would be interested in reading – THE FULL VERSION of this article — it can be found by clicking on this notice.



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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    I no longer call the enemies of this nation Democrats. I call them Commiecrats as this is the clear evidence of what they are espousing. Everytime I read something about the Marxist Pope from Argentina, I want to vomit. Once upon a time there was Pope John Paul II who aligned himself with Reagan and Thatcher and brought about the end of Communism in the world. Or so we thought. In the immortal words of Nikita Kruschev when he took his shoe off at the UN and banged it on the table, “We will bury you”. How did they do this? By infiltrating our government and destroying it from within. Make no mistake about it, the Commiecrats are an evil force in the world today and bidders of Satan, “the father of lies”. I can only say thank God for Judicial Watch, The American Center for Law and Justice and yes, for President Donald J. Trump. He has proven how corrupt our gov’t has become and they want to destroy him. His election proves that America is waking up to what has happened to this once great nation. I can tell you, if they succeed in destroying his presidency, I will never vote again. They will have succeeded in making America a “banana republic”. Why bother anymore.

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      It all started with Baldwin and Eastman in 1917 when they decided to establish a communist law group in America. In 1920 they changed the name of their group to the ACLU. The motto was to ‘wrap themselves in the American Flag and use the American legal system to bring America down from the inside’. Their organization was mostly shunned until many years later when Ted Kennedy championed their cause and not only brought them out of the shadows, but succeeded in getting them not only accepted by America, but led the way to having them become the premier law advisors for the American government. From that point on the communist ACLU was designated to “clear or reject ALL applicant to the American Judiciary.

      Prior to Kennedy, there were 30 something actual communists in the Roosevelt administration who spearheaded and got America’s first true socialist program officially started by government. Social security was setup to convince people that socialist programs were “good for America”. A flood of more socialist programs followed. Among them “National Welfare”, which embedded in people that “government was going to take care of them”.

      The communist socialists were hard at work on the ground as well organizing anti-Vietnam War demonstrations and disrupting national presidential campaign, like they so very famously and successfully did in Chicago.

      The leftist media began to push Marxist candidates for both the democrats and the republican, but were primarily successful mostly with the democrat side because that side is overall less intelligent and much easier to manipulate than the republican side.

      Later, Jimmy Carter came along on the heels of the leftist media’s very success destruction of Richard Nixon. Carter like most politicians cared more about being President than he did about America itself and when he was offered a few millions dollars from the communists in exchange for his promise to consolidate the public education system under central control and then give the Marxists control of that department, he jumped at it. Thus the communists had complete control over the minds of America’s youth in their public education system from then on. Turning entire generations of America’s youth toward socialism.

      Yes President Trump is exposing corruption in the district of corruption as well as in the individual states, but in retaliation the leftists are having their media brutally attack him on a daily basis and media controls the thought processes of the vast majority of Americans.

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        Tony, A lot of Americans are waking up and are not happy. Take a good look at Mr. Trump’s rallies. Wherever he goes he gets enormous crowds. I listen to certain Fox News people. Lou Dobbs and Sean Hannity. Most people don’t listen to them, but the likes of Soros and the rest of the Commiecrats have attacked them. Hannity didn’t let them get away with it and warned them what was coming down the pike from his team of lawyers. He has Jay Sekulow and Tom Fitton on quite often as well as John Solomon and Sara Carter from Circa News. Interestingly, the Commiecrats who love using the race card are the real racists. Hillary’s mentor that she brags about was Sen Robert Byrd, Grand Wizard of the KKK. Slick Willile attached himself to Wm. Fulbright and then there is scammer Al Gore’s father. Byrd staged long filibusters against the Civil Rights Act and all of the aforementioned voted against it. The Republicans were the ones that voted that thru. The majority of the Dems voted against it. And there are plenty of black pastors who come on and love Mr. Trump. TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP AND THAT INCLUDES THE RINOS.

        • Tony

          None of what is taking place is about race. it never was and is not now. “racism” is a derogatory label dreamed up by Leon Trotsky and has always been a magnificent weapon for the communist left to use ever since. Using ‘racism” the communists can easily stir up the extremely low intellect types to do their bidding because ever since carter sold the future of America’s youth to the communists, all the low intellect idiots have been indoctrinated with that ‘racism” garbage from pre-school all the way through the colleges where communist professors outnumber American patriot professors by what I heard is now a ratio of 13 to 1.

          What is taking place is a full scale attempt by the marxists to totally disrupt this country to see just how far they can go before people stop them and push back in earnest. That is way that antifa garbage hide behind masks. They are afraid that they might be recognized and dealt with accordingly when they are not with all the other maggots to protect them. Cowards always feel brave when they are in large groups.

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