A New Era of Post Sanity


For quite some time I have been writing about the devolution of American Social Norms and Individual Behaviors. Most importantly, the lack of self responsibility.

These are not new concepts from the slow creep of poorly reared children and the enormous influx of Foreign Speaking Immigrants. The largest Non-English speaking population in our nations’ history.

A salient population not only can identify where we have gone astray, but what measures are needed to correct an enormous crack in a methodology based on positive outcomes.

To those who refuse to have an open dialog, or stop others from thinking and speaking their mind, maybe you are the problem, not our new neighbors and friends. Fear of the truth is what is rendering the Left no more than a crowd of fools. They have no real positions, no viable solutions.

There are those in our nation who are no longer looking for those positive outcomes, because any trade-off, no matter the cause and effect will not be tolerated.

So in their personal journey to be relevant to their slice of America, and under the guise of Free Speech and Freedom they are destroying the Trust of our Institutions and between its Citizens.

Only then can they accomplish Destroying our Will.

The real problem with the Left is the lack of answers, that if enacted would render an opposing narrative less important. Lifting some, while bringing down others is more about bad logic, or just stupidity.

Not being able to tolerate dissent and other opinions denotes a stage of adolescence only seen in Stage 4 of Piaget’s (4 Stages of Intellectual and Cognitive Development).

What appears to be happening across the board is an interruption of this Stage 4 period. And although Piaget believed in Lifelong Intellectual Development, he believed the Formal Stage was the Final Stage of cognizance, and without its full employment those affected tend to make bad decisions.

The fact that many on the Left are using hate to fight logic shows just how crippled many in our population truly are. These feel good, emotive paradigms are flawed from the start. A cogent individual amasses data points and intellectualizes using logic.

America no longer teaches logic to the young, computers do the work. A.I. is making human interaction and experience obsolete.

As a result, Decision Making is Flawed.

Welcome to the Era of POST SANITY.

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Theodore Miraldi

What I try to convey are the socio-political ramifications of deviant social evolution. Behaviors born solely by convenience, and not conviction. Unfortunately many ethical mistakes have long lasting effects upon our lives, and our communities. My comments have been published in Letters to the Editor NYPost over 150 times since 2007.

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