Dire Straits didn’t only have it right about music videos on MTV, but they also had it correct about Washington and the DC “swamp”. Where else but in the Washington syndication can you enter flat broke, and become a millionaire in only a couple of short years?

Have you ever noticed how many within the DC cabal are related, either through bloodline or marriage? If not related, they certainly either knew each other through fraternities or sororities in college, or in business before their political career.

Yes, Washington is one big happy family… a family of criminals!

If you look at the inner depths of government, it resembles what Mario Puzo portrayed in his film series ‘The Godfather’, where the Republicans and Democrats are two opposing “families” competing for controlling the same “turf”… the taxpayer dollar. But if you notice one common point between the two is that both protects “the swamp” from those who are out to drain it, or wrangle any of the critters within. Thus the war between the “swamp” and Trump.

The “swamp” is very vast, very deep, and encompasses everything from the federal bureaucracies to the media, academia, entertainment, unions, finance, lobbyists, and even justice. And for other than a few short stents of Republican management that truthfully never produced much, it has been controlled by the Democrats… certainly by those who encompass the ideology of criminal complicity.

When one owns a business, every dollar must be accountable for fear of an IRS audit. Even a small mistake could cost the business thousands in the end after the “revenuers” are finished. But then who audits the feds?

When trillions of taxpayer dollars are funneled through many different departments, it becomes a quagmire of figuring out the division of who, what, and where’s of revenue. There is some accountability, but when the feds can lose over $6 trillion in just a few short years with no explanation, then it appears that only the fox is guarding the hen house. President Obama has been credited for spending over $10 trillion of taxpayer dollars, yet in eight years of federal management, what do we Americans have to show for it?

America crumbled apart in every corner due to “lack of funding”, but in detail, many of those who lurk within “the swamp” came out of the Obama era looking pretty “well fed” on champagne and caviar feasts… as were those who were invites to the federal festivals.

President Trump stated during his campaign that the past administration spent enough money to have completely fixed everything in America three-times over. To most, it would appear that grand theft, or money laundering, is apparent, but to date, no one is being held accountable. This is because “the swamp’ protects their own, and hides most criminal activities behind a hedge of legal maneuvers, just as organized crime does, to escape those who question their activities.

Back in 2011, President Obama gave Solyndra $535 million in subsidies to help in their production of solar panels. The company never produced one working panel, and never had to account for that money, nor refund the government. Solyndra went bankrupt, but before they did, gave over $8.4 million to the Obama re-election campaign. So, one can see how this all works in the Washington circle of subsidies and return “investments”. Unethical? Certainly! Legal? It is part of the “swamp” hedge that congress has set up for themselves in order to slide major donations towards themselves within the limits of the law while protecting their “donor’s” integrity.

Solyndra is small peanuts compared to big league companies like Lockheed-Martin and others within the MIC. They receive billions upon billions, then return millions upon millions back to the Party hacks that voted for their subsidies in order to retain them within “the swamp” for larger subsidies.

Many organizations that are exempt from taxes under 501c3 of the IRS Code take taxpayer dollars in helping their “cause” only to donate back to the politicians who helped fund them. Of course, this is against the law, but when it comes to campaign financing, who’s going to prosecute? Certainly not Republicans.

Some of our more favorite “charities” to Democrats are: UNICEF, ACLU, Museum of Modern Arts, Do Something, Human Rights Watch, Sierra Club, American Red Cross, Green Peace, ASPCA, Environmental Defense, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Council on Foreign Relations, PBS, Planned Parenthood, AARP, CARE, CAIR, and CAPE.

Think of the millions each group lobbies for every year, and how they promote the Leftist ideology and principles.

I have a cousin who was a “shadow secretary” for a senator who became VP, and now is in a fancy New York law firm making mega-bucks. She has told me horror stories of what goes on when the mics are turned off, when the back doors are closed, and when politicians meet at an exclusive hide-a-way bar to discuss plans on passing the next bill. Here is one:

A senator owned some swamp land in southern Louisiana. It was practically worthless, until the senator decided to donate 50% to some wildlife association, then lobbied for a road and preserve features to be constructed on this land. The “pork” was loaded onto a bill that was for certain to pass, and the wildlife park was constructed with a road that went through the senator’s remaining land that now had a tremendous value, and sold off in parcels that made the senator very wealthy.

Money for nothin’…

Washington has been famous for late night “activities” that makes ‘North Dallas Forty’ look like a Romper Room playhouse. The parties and call girls have been ideal in closing hard to land deals within the Halls of Common. Back in the Clinton era, no one was accountable, especially when “off the clock” and away from the media. Private, secured resorts held lavish parties with the finest food and drink our tax dollars can buy… along with “escorts” that came with a $1000/hr price tag. If a senator was iffy on voting for a bill, he was given a night to remember, and then a deal he can’t refuse.

Chicks for free…

The media might be denied entry, but there were always cameras around. So, if the senator decided to renege on his promise, certain videos fell into the media’s hand. As my cousin once told me, everything in Washington has a price, or comes with one.

Politicians play with “Monopoly” money, even though it has value to both you and me. While we think of a thousand dollars as great monetary value, these politicians spend a thousand lighting cigars for their constituents. They deal in terms of millions and billions without worry of accountability. If they need a favor to ask, a new Lamborghini is found in the driveway with a $1 per month lease attached, just to keep it legal. Political families vacation in the tropics at the best resorts for nothing, as there is even a private island in the Caribbean that has a better reputation than Las Vegas has in what goes on there, stays there. Not only do politicians have an open door, but so do lobbyists and those who are favorites in their “contributions”.

For those who think politicians and their ilk live like us common folk, you are in for a very rude awakening. I have only experience it at the state level, and cannot image it at the federal levels. It is no wonder they are so worried about Donald Trump and those who may come in to wreck their little party. When you can live like royalty, and retire like millionaire industrialists, you protect your nest and fight anyone who comes near. Organized crime has had those like Rudy Gulliani go after them, but even with some of the players removed, it still exists as big as ever. They are only more cautious in their “dealings and activities”. The same will go for the DC syndicate and Washington cabal.

As those like Hannity, Levin, Malkin, Ingraham, Rush, and Wilkow expose the corruption, thievery, and downright disregard of the law that these public servants commit, who’s going to prosecute and take on a way of life that has been going on since the Kennedy era? The”swamp” has seen to it that all forces who could move against them are now in their control… from media and FBI, down to the justice departments and courts. They have quietly protected themselves through secret deals, take-overs, and actually passage of laws that helps them side step the laws you and I must follow. And if someone decides to squeal against them? You know what happens next!

Little guys and gals may fall, as some are expendable in the DC circuit. But the real crime bosses are highly protected, as accusations will be as far as any liability may fall against them. Even though we bitch about these people, as we know the truth against them, we still re-elect them back into office, or replace them with one of their own who will follow in lockstep with the syndication to become one of the brothers or sisters of the Great Washington Criminal Organization, where the money is for nothin’… and the chicks for free.

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Written By: Jim Hovda


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