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CONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  Translation; CONGRESS shall not suppress any religion or make any religion the national religion.  To translate it even further Congress shall not give any religion preference in this nation over any other religion, to do so would be the same as declaring THAT religion the official religion.CONGRESS shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, BUT … CONGRESS is NOT the ONLY place where laws are now being established that affect this entire country.  There are ACTIVIST judges clear across this nation that LEGISLATE from the bench and if not challenged in a higher court, their legislating actually becomes law.  THEN, other judges will cite that legislative ruling when making a determination in cases that THEY are deciding and soon it becomes a widespread accepted “law”.

All too many times judges who are allegedly sworn to UPHOLD this nations Constitution in all of their rulings totally violate their oath of office and make a ruling not based on the Constitution or any other duly passed law but upon their own personal preferences and beliefs even if those personal preferences and beliefs are contrary to the Constitution.  Sometimes, non activist judges will set judicial precedence for no other reason than to maintain an effort to be “politically correct”.  Again, if not challenged in a higher court, their ruling becomes citable law.  So “Judicial Precedent” is yet another way laws are brought into being in this country.  Pay attention to the definition that follows;

Judicial Precedent: The application of precedent by judges, whether they are developing the common law (for e.g. in areas such as negligence or murder), or interpreting statutes is the main mechanism whereby judges make law. Occasionally, judges are called upon to give a ruling or make a decision when faced with a situation for which there seems to be no precedent or any guiding rule. In these circumstances, judges can be said to be formulating original precedent. Thus, it is the judge’s role to use his own discretion regarding when he thinks rules need to be applied, changed, improved, or abolished.

Now let’s bring that into what this article is about.  America was founded as a Christian nation.  Most of the original settlers in this land came to avoid persecution of their faith in Europe.  Others came as indentured servants.  But the laws originally established in this nation were based upon Judeo Christian principles.  To protect Christianity from persecution in THIS country in any form that it was observed, the founders of this nation wrote the protection of religion we now know as the very first sentence in the very first Amendment to the Constitution establishing this nation.  WHERE that protection was placed in the Constitution PROVES the importance the founders of this nation placed on religion.

In 1917 just after the Russian revolution, two devout communists in THIS country, Baldwin and Eastman realized that the only way this country could be overthrown was to first destroy Christianity.  They decided to setup a legal arm for the communist party in America and called it the ACLU which was meant from its inception to use our own court system against us.  There were several other targets of the ACLU such as destroying morality and destroying the family unit etc., but this article is just about their attack on Christianity.

It wasn’t until the well orchestrated civil turbulence of the mid 1960’s that they were able to make any real headway.  But from that point on there was no stopping them.  By that time the communist left had achieved majority control over most of the American Media and using the Media, the ACLU’s image was transformed from that of an Anti American subversive organization to that of a well respected legal authority and they were heavily funded by the Media, especially the movie industry.

The ABOVE cliffs notes version of the history of the ACLU is all that you will need for this article, but don’t forget the Judicial Precedents statements above.

There is no mention of separation of church and state mentioned in the Constitution.  THAT is yet ANOTHER judicial Precedent that went unchallenged and thus not only became law, but it became the law of the land being cited in ALMOST every case where religion was the topic of a judicial case.  The “separation of church and state” ideology was the basis for a massive amount of lawsuits filed against Christianity by atheists all across this nation.  First it was to remove from courtrooms the Ten Commandments, — the basis for almost all laws in all civilized countries for thousands of years.  Next it was to remove crosses and crucifixes from public areas because the sight of them was “offensive” to atheists.  Now it’s the removal of nativity scenes from public areas and not just that but Christmas trees are no longer to be referred to as Christmas trees, but rather called holiday trees because all of that is “offensive” to atheists.  Yet “CHRISTMAS” was established  long ago not only in THIS country but throughout the civilized world as a time of celebration commemorating the Birth of Jesus Christ and was a publicly established and accepted practice long before it became commercialized as nothing but a gift giving time of year.  Now remember Judicial Precedents stated above.

Next it was an attempt to remove the words “Under God” from our currency because it’s “offensive” to atheists.  Now add to that the fact that we have an unconstitutionally qualified person holding the office of President in this country who personally attacks Christianity as well, claiming that America is no longer a Christian nation while he does all that he personally can to advance the political theocracy known as Islam in this nation, which is totally contrary to this nations Constitution.  Now Americans are being told that the symbols of Christianity are offensive to muslims as well.  But remember Judicial Precedents as stated above.

Most of the above was accomplished by the ACLU and the atheists because of the unchallenged Judicial decree which became law known as separation of church and state.  Even the Supreme Court of this nation has heard cases and rendered their decision in favor of the Judicial Precedent law known as separation of church and state.

NOW let’s look at the atheists who with the representation of the ACLU won all of these different court cases against Christianity in this nation.

WHO are the atheists?  According to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

“Atheism is the position that affirms the non-existence of God.  It proposes positive disbelief rather than mere suspension of belief.”

I will also further, but loosely quote Daniel smart who said, Atheism is not just the lack of belief in a God, but the assertion about the non-existence of any gods, spirits, or divine or supernatural beings.  Atheists in this sense are metaphysical naturalists, and as such, they DO follow a religion.

NOW this is where this topic gets EVEN MORE INTERESTING.

In 1961 The Supreme Court in the case “Torcaso v. Watkins” said that religion need not be based on a belief in the existence of a supreme being and that “secular humanism” IS a religion.

More recently, in August of  2005 A Federal Appeals Court made a judicial ruling in a case filed by a prison inmate in Wisconsin who wanted to hold regular weekly meetings promoting atheism, that by refusing to let him hold those weekly meetings the Wisconsin prison officials violated the inmates “rights” because they did not treat atheism as a RELIGION;

“Atheism is [the inmate’s]religion, and the group that he wanted to start was religious in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being,” was the decision of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.


NO One contested the Supreme Court ruling in 1961 because there is no higher court established in America, and NO ONE contested the ruling of the 7th circuit court of appeals in 2005.  Therefore by COURT ESTABLISHED LAW … ATHEISM IS A RELIGION.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion … BUT JUDICIAL PRECEDENCE DID!

FURTHERMORE, in every case since the 1960’s that was filed against Christianity by the OTHER RELIGION known as ATHEISM, the courts ruled in FAVOR of ATHEISM.

THUS by the decrees of the courts in America, the RELIGION of ATHEISM is regarded as preferential OVER the religion of CHRISTIANITY.  In other words the judicial precedent laws that were established are in direct conflict with the established law of the land known as THE CONSTITUTION.

All of the leftist Media as well as their unconstitutionally qualified president that they uphold and constantly need to defend will continue their assaults on Christianity, but which law should people follow?  The law of the land or the laws established by “Judicial Precedent”?

Personally this writer feels that until they hold a constitutional convention and officially remove the protection of religion from the Constitution; all the decrees established by all those courts in America are invalid because they are in such direct conflict with the law of the land.  Let atheists practice THEIR RELIGION in public as well as privately, and let Christians practice their religion in public as well as privately and stop all the idiotic court and government assaults on the Christian religion in America which are by design making atheism the official religion of America.

So … Merry CHRISTmas everyone.  Have the Happiest of CHRISTmas seasons this year.

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