There was a song titled ‘Love is a Drug’.  I don’t know who recorded it, I never even once heard it and I don’t care who released it and I have no desire to be told who made it and I don’t need to listen to it.  But the title is true.  Love IS a drug and it’s a drug that can cause people to do things they never would consider doing if they weren’t under the influence of it.

There are MANY types of drugs.  Legal and illegal.  Some legal drugs can be life saving and totally beneficial.  Some legal drugs can be life saving but have serious side effects.

The illegal drugs are ALL harmful.  They create a nonexistent reality in the user.  They can create euphoria.  They can create the feeling of invincible immortality.  They can make the user feel like they can keep going forever without stopping.  There are almost as many feelings to be derived from the use of illegal drugs as there are illegal drugs to be taken.  But they will all kill the user.  Some more quickly than others, but they all will cause death eventually.  And with many addicts it is a very pain filled death.

The MEDIA is a drug that falls into the same category as ‘love’.  Not physically taken but absorbed by the mind.  And LIKE ‘love’ it can cause people to do what is totally opposite of logic and reason.  It can cause the victims to think irrationally or as in the case of MILLIONS of Americans it can cause them to not think at all.

At one time in America’s history the printed Media was a necessity.  It was the only way that Americans were able to know what was taking place around them and in other parts of the country.  Most of the time the news they received via the printed Media was already old news because the information that was gathered and published was acquired only from travelers.   Later, when the telegraph was invented, news reached people much quicker but it was only in short and to the point sentences.  But only the most important news was telegraphed.

Naturally because it was THEIR publication the editors of those newspapers would quite often voice their own opinions on topics, and the public being independent self thinkers at that time in America’s history would either agree or disagree with those opinions put forth.  NO ONE took their direction in life from the printed Media.  It was only regarded as an information source.

Then came the invention of radio.  It was almost a magical device that could broadcast over vast distances and news could be broadcasted almost as fast as anything was becoming news.  To make that particular media even more awe inspiring and mentally captivating, music began to be broadcasted and stories began to be read over the radio.  Then stories were written and produced specifically for radio complete with sound effects to further captivate the minds of the listeners.

Around this same time in the Los Angeles area of California a new media was about to spring up.  A media that would ultimately grow to be extremely mind captivating and influential.  A media that would no longer require people to visualize a story because it was all right there for them to see.  The motion picture media.  But that media in itself was not to become the ultimate media.

In the late 1940’s Television was introduced to America.  Only in the major cities at first, but by the mid 1950’s it was a media that was coast to coast with around 350 television broadcast stations, with more appearing every year.  NOW Americans could stay in their own homes and be entertained as well as informed of local, national and world events that were occurring.  Children’s shows and family shows were the first to be widely broadcasted.  But THEN came the syndicated television network newscasts and new ‘media stars’ were created like Walter Cronkite who became known as the “Most Trusted Man in America” along with Edward R. Murrow and others who brought the ‘personal interview’ format into the public arena.  A format that would later be blended into the newscasts themselves.

With the coming of television came the going of individual thought.  More and more people began to take their personal direction in life from those in this great and powerful new media known as television.  And they did this because television created for the people the ‘illusion’ that those appearing on those television news programs were far more intelligent than the viewers themselves. Because they appeared on those massive silver screens, people began to actually idolize movie stars, and because they appeared in their own homes every night via the television set, people began to idolize the network newscasters and hang on their every word, accepting whatever they said as gospel. It did not take long for those who owned this massively powerful new media known as television to realize that if they made their newscasts into full fledged productions they could actually not only INFLUENCE the thought process of an entire nation but they could actually DICTATE what those thought processes were to be.  And they succeeded. The people will BELIEVE

Americans are literally ADDICTED to the media now.  Even MORE addicted to it than junkies and alcoholics are to THEIR particular drugs.  In fact junkies and drunks are ALSO addicted to the televised media.  Americans can no longer even consider functioning without the televised media.  It controls their very existence.

It was the televised media that successfully convinced Americans that there were only two political parties that were worth being considered for public office.  It was the televised media that successfully influenced all national elections from 1960 on up.  It was the televised media that quelled the populace after every restriction placed upon the American people by these two parties.  It was the televised media that quelled the populace with every new bureaucracy that was created by these two parties.  It was the televised media that successfully convinced the American people that the centralizing of America’s public education system under one group was a good thing.  Now the American public education system has been converted into a nationwide Marxist socialist indoctrination system where children are taught that the founders of America were radicals and that the Constitution they established is wrong and that the STATE is the giver of all things and people are to look up to and be subservient to the state.  It was the televised media that refused to report illegalities committed by these two parties.  It was the televised media that helped to destroy the reputations of people who opposed what those two parties were doing to this nation.  It was the televised media that quelled the populace when massive steps were taken by these two parties to convert this nation to a totalitarian state.  It is the televised media that works tirelessly to dissolve America’s constitution.  It is the televised media that continually projects the huge amounts of money that are spent, and need to be spent by either side of what is now in reality America’s actual ONE major political party, because those who own and control what used to be two publicly separate parties no longer have any hesitation of showing their absolute control.  But in reality those high costs are merely an illusion of what was spent because those who own the party put owned by 6   up the money and then pay that money to the media that they ALSO own for political advertising.  So they are taking money from one pocket, holding it up for all to see and then placing it back in their other pocket.  Their show however is successful because it keeps the people from thinking that they can break free of what is now America’s privately owned and controlled government.

Americans are totally and completely addicted to the media drug and even though some claim they are not (as many addicts do who are in denial), they will continue to do only what the media tells them to do.  They will think only what the media tells them to think.

PRIME EXAMPLE: Many Americans are still patriotic and loyal to this nation and the Constitution that established it.  But the media has very successfully fitted them with the psychological yoke of servitude to the privately owned and controlled party.  They ALL know of ALL the problems existing in this country, but when you ask them HOW can these problems be fixed, they only have ONE universal answer and that is … to put more people from the right side of the party into office.  If you tell them that is the WRONG thing to do, then what you will always hear back from them is … if you DON’T vote for the right side of the party you are WASTING your vote.  REALLY?

Ask people to name EVEN ONE political evil over the past 100 years that was not placed upon the American people by either side of what in reality is now America’s actual ONE major political party.   NAME EVEN ONE.  They can’t give you an answer.

Ask people what party created the FED?  A private group that was given absolute control over America’s financial structure.  THEN ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party created the permanent and ever increasing welfare system in America?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party centralized America’s public education system into America’s Marxist/socialist indoctrination system?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party absolutely refused to protect America’s southern border and has allowed quite probably 30 MILLION illegal entrants into this country?  Then ask them what party closed that border?

Ask them what party created the EPA, a bureaucracy setup primarily to stifle American business and the economy along with it?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party created the American Gestapo aka the DHS?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party created the NDAA?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

Ask them what party destroyed the American healthcare system?  Then ask them what party repealed it?

THEN ask them … is not voting for the same group that is deliberately destroying America and converting it to a totalitarian state the same as personally helping to destroy your own country?  They have no answer other than to say, we need to vote more people in from the right side of the party.

The media has successfully ignored the existence of many different political parties in America.  Their purpose was to keep people focused ONLY upon both sides of what in reality is now America’s actual ONE major political party.  If they even do mention another party they will refer to it as a “fringe group”.

Thomas Jefferson along with many of the other founders of this nation vehemently WARNED Americans to NEVER align themselves with privately created political parties, because to do so would be to guarantee our own destruction.  HE and THEY were ABSOLUTELY CORRECT.  The founders wanted this nation to be governed by the people themselves.  Americans abandoned that idea.

BUT … if for no more than FOUR NATIONAL ELECTIONS IN A ROW Americans would pick ANY  and ALL already established political party and vote FOR  ALL OF THEM and NOT for either side of the controlling party, so very much of the damage that was inflicted upon this nation by America’s owners could be halted and even reversed.  After that period of time if Americans still want to destroy their own country, then they should just go ahead and do it.

But the media drug has been so thoroughly embedded into the psyche of all America that ALL that you will ever hear from people is … “we MUST vote for the party …. We MUST vote for the party … we MUST vote for the party”.

Yet the American people somehow seem to take offense at being labeled … sheeple.




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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Another winner, Tony! Was able to fire it off to three people of divers ages and “takes”, all of which will benefit from your clarity. Thanks, and keep it comin’!!

    • ignoredpoliticalreality
      ignoredpoliticalreality on

      Thank you very much. I’m trying as best I can to actually educate people. But I fully expect to hear back from most … We MUST vote the party.
      But I’m going to KEEP trying anyway.

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        Where are your readers? Does no one follow you? I am always happy to catch what you have to say and find it very informative and well reasoned.
        We need the numbers … we need new candidates … we need to consolidate as closely with like minds as possible.
        We need ONE group only, to receive ALL donations, we need to let go of petty differences and concentrate on
        what we can agree on first and let the rest go for a while. God knows there is work here for years and years so priorities are of the essence. Plenty of time to dicker over details much later. Conservative/TeaParty, Libertarians,
        Independents, Disenfranchised Reagan Democrats, all.
        I sense a new wind blowing, people need a place to land where they find they belong. Just don’t give up, Tony! This is a fight to prevent the death of this country that we must win!

        • ignoredpoliticalreality
          ignoredpoliticalreality on

          Oh they are there. 1300 plus views on the past before this one. But after this site was changed over to this new format there were all kinds of problems connected with the comment section. We received over 200 emails from people that said they could not get their comments to register. Then when It was changed to a simpler version people either could not see the little box in that captcha
          thing where they were to put their answer or they could not see the captcha question at all.

          Now as of 2 days ago the comment section has been changed to
          DISQUS allowing anyone to comment, even the mentally impaired that do nothing but post filth filled comments. But with many of the 9K subscribers having so much difficulty in commenting before, many no longer even try. But as time goes on and people actually look past the end of the article and see that we now use DISQUS, they will begin commenting again. Today the notice of the new article goes out so the lack of comments may change and it may go back to the way it used to be.

          The Reagan democrats are who I am trying to concentrate on
          reaching now. Their parental indoctrination to stay with the left side of the party needs to be addressed because the party they were parentally indoctrinated to belong to is no more. The conservative republican side is no more as well. People see that but they have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that as I stated in the article all
          you will hear out of MOST of them is “we MUST vote the party … we MUST vote the party etc. etc.

          Although I have repeatedly called for a new party to be formed, it will not happen. As I have said on several occasion Americans place pocket over patriotism. BUT to BEGIN to reverse the damage that has been done to this nation beginning long before the dem side and the rep side were merged into actually one party, for the next few elections the voters need to pick any and all already existing political parties and vote for THEM. Return this nation to having a government OF, BY and FOR the people should be Americans FIRST priority.

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        Just heard back from one of the three afore mentioned, my son …. ” Hi mom, I like this well written piece. And it’s true.On the education issue, Common Core will be worse than No Child Left Behind, or no child’s behind left alone.”

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    I am one of those who was caught in the difficulties you speak of, and just couldn’t get through, thinking I had missed a step in basic doing what I always did and receiving a different result. Because I had not updated my computer, which is old and no longer updatable!!! Tried to share and was not swift enough to join a social network which some sites are using exclusively. I am so sorry, but not nearly as sorry as you must be for the loss of your loyal followers because of “improvements” you seriously had not received!

    • ignoredpoliticalreality
      ignoredpoliticalreality on

      Little by little the glitches are being fixed. Readership has never been lost, only commenters because people get easily frustrated. You do not appear to be having any problem with the DISQUS system, so when people see that comments are once again functioning things will change.

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        I still think DISCUS handles commenting the best! Love reading the comments both pro and con. Good knowing what is on the minds of others and finding how they arrive at their conclusions … I’m glad you are back among the living!!! *-* !

        • ignoredpoliticalreality
          ignoredpoliticalreality on

          Told ya they will begin to pick up again. 🙂 Now if every reader who is also on facebook and twitter and such begins to share their comments as well as the artiles everything will be back to the way it was.

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            Well that’s one (1), laughing here!! you and I have certainly made ourselves the majority of commenters today!!! Now go back and correct your spelling …. I have to go to work!!! 😮

          • ignoredpoliticalreality
            ignoredpoliticalreality on

            Sorry about that. Worn out keyboard. Sometimes the keys do not register when struck. I’ll order a new keyboard sometime today. 🙂 But give people a chance. This forum was only added yesterday.

          • ignoredpoliticalreality
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            No it’s the keyboard. I use one of those illuminated keyboards and some of the numbers are beginning to burn out and it somehow affects the pressure required on those particular keys as well.

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    Albert Maslar on

    Americans suffer from ADS, a severe debilitating case of Attention Deficit Syndrome in which only the self matters and since national problems are not of concern to the politically deaf and dumb, that see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and act like severe problems do not exist except in the minds of doomsday naysayers who realize that eventually the free money will be really free… free of value, Monopoly Money good for board games only, and guaranteed, no one will be bored, more like scared to death.

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