Once upon a time, someone figured out a way to get national networks into every television in the country. The birth of cable TV launched a new way of watching programs, movies, sports, and yes… even the news. No longer were we confined to just the 5 stations that carried NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, and PBS. Some cities had local networks that aired re-runs or other programing that gave us another choice. But cable opened a new horizon in broadcasting and TV viewing, eventually delivering Americans over 100 channels of pure trash, for the most part to every home and business in America. Even today with satellite and WiFi, and over 200 channels to watch, there are less than a dozen that most Americans watch on a regular basis, making The Weather Channel still the most watched network in broadcasting across the continent. That says a lot for our intellect.

I recall in the late 80’s watching CNN quite often. The Cable News network delivered exceptional broadcasting of world events, catastrophes, and calamities. I still recall watching the bombing of Baghdad live, as journalists ran for cover as air-raid sirens wailed of approaching B-2’s that dropped their payloads with accurate precision. The Iraqi defense shot wildly into the night’s darkness, totally missing their target, as their projectiles hit homes and businesses throughout the city to add to the devastation and mayhem that our bombers managed to create. Seeing a military battle live and in living color was something networks always dreamed of, and broadcast journalists were standing in line to be chosen to go overseas to give us this coverage, putting themselves in harm’s way to deliver America the news through a simple cable box that we paid $20 a month to give us these awesome broadcasts.

Back then, competition for channels took on a new high. Networks expanded to bring us every game, every event, and every movie possible, eventually becoming major makers of some excellent programing, as FX, TNT, Spike, SyFy, Travel, Military, History, and Food channels began to take over what the big 3 had started over 60 years prior, with 20th Century FOX joining the small screen back in the mid 80’s. In fact, the big 3 were in a world of hurt by year 2000, and the major networks had no other choice but to revamp their entire programing to continue to see modest ratings.

But as cable expanded, so did cable news networks, as NBC expanded to give us several other varieties of news, CSPAN and others joined in to give us live coverage of politics in action, and FOX started FOX News and FOX Business News to eventually become the No 1 news network to give Americans a choice in “fair & balanced” political opinion, and up to date financial headlines, instead of being stuck with Leftist propaganda from the others.

It is within this time frame when reporting the news stopped, and giving personal opinion began. The mantra now is the same on every cable news channel: praise the Left, and bash the Right. There was no taking sides in cable news, as the White House dictated the stories, and how to deliver them. Only FOX stood against the vitriol machine to try a different perspective in delivering the news, and expressing an opinion about it. And today we see who now is laughing, as MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, and the rest have become more of a joke than anything else, as their empires have crumbled, and their ratings implode with only a small percentage watching them on a routine basis. In fact, if CNN hadn’t made a deal with the airports and barber shops throughout America, I doubt they’d have many viewers remaining. MSNBC also managed to strike a few deals to get auto repair shops, bus terminals, and liquor stores to keep them on the tube, but I have never been inside one home that has ever had them on. FOX NEWS and FOX BIZ NEWS rank first in home news viewing, at least here in the Midwest, where you find more conservatives and logical people who have some sense of reality and rational processing.

But FOX NEWS is changing, as the new CEOs and upper management are not as patriotic as those who have left for greener pastures. With Bill O’Reilly now gone, ratings have dropped dramatically. And if Tucker, Judge Jeanine, Watters, and Hannity happen to leave, their ratings will plummet, as CNN did when they stopped being journalists to become opinion story-tellers.

It became so bad in the cable news industry that several networks began to invent stories to direct a surge in ratings. And, it was none better than Democrats who provided them with the needed material, as Republican bashing became the norm in almost every segment. Certainly, Trump bashing has been taking up 99.99% of the air time, while the world implodes with terrorism, a coming war, failing economies, expanding borders and air space, sharks eating humans, and bears pooping in the woods. The world continues to spin, and many events happen every day that we need to be hearing about. But in today’s continuing media soap opera, there is nothing more news worthy than the agenda of getting Trump impeached… everything else takes a back stage and second fiddle. Thank God we have Face Book and Twitter… how else would we receive factual information of great worldly events? <<cough>>

I don’t blame the White House if they do ban CNN from their press briefings. They twist all the stories, spin every detail that proves they are wrong and Trump is correct, and call him every name in the book but a clean white guy… yet they do call him a racist on a regular basis. CNN fake news has become irritational. Dozens of people call into radio talk shows to complain, as America has now caught on to their game and have turned them completely off. Every negative story about Trump and Republicans seems to come back on them to haunt them. Yet, they don’t ever retract. Suicide by lunacy, in my opinion. You can bet that MSNBC will be next.

Now, the fake media has begun to eat their own, as attacks on Pelosi, Hillary, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz have become a new topic in the Left’s failure, blaming them for all that has happened to turn the tide from Obamamania that had highlighted the mainframe of media for over 9 years. I’ve even heard Leftist experts claim that the reason why Democrats are failing is because they are not socialist/communist/globalist enough… and that is where Americans want the direction of Washington and their country to undertake. They might as well call the undertaker, because only the two coasts, and maybe Chicago, wants America to go in the direction of Venezuela. The reason why Trump won was because of that exact direction that Obama and his ideological sheeple was taking us. Americans are not quite ready to surrender yet to a European/Canadian/South American lifestyle of servitude to the government… although Obama & Co did get us close.

What most Americans want, at least those away from the two coasts, are lower taxes, higher wages, less restrictions, better education, better security, a winning military, lower medical costs, a balanced budget, and less freebies to those capable of working. Americans want fairness and virtue, something most politicians on both sides of the aisle don’t have, along with their propaganda machine of the media.

I’ve said for a couple of decades, if you want to really begin to change America back to its foundation in a grassroots effort to restore our values, principles, and America Way, then you first have to silence the media, or have a blackout on political news. Tell us about the hurricane, the boy who saved the airport, the fires that melted Australia, and the bear that pooped in the woods… but let us be when it comes to ideological political propaganda. We just don’t want to hear it any longer. We are sick of it. Get on with living and building a nation in freedom and liberty. We care less what some has-bin politician who was voted out of office, a retired judge who left her court in disgrace, or some schmuck actor or singer who thinks their opinion is respected…. IT AIN’T!!! We care less what your opinion is, so shut the hell up! If you have never done anything worthy of helping to make America a greater nation, or wrote a No 1 best seller, then your opinion means bear poop, and you can go speak your opinion about how that bear relieves itself the next time you find yourself in the woods all alone.

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Written By: Jim Hovda




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