Looking Back on the 2019 SOTU Address


Looking Back on the 2019 SOTU Address

February 5th 2019 will be logged in as one of the BEST and MOST UPLIFTING and DIRECTLY HONEST State of the Union Addresses given by a President in WHO can even remember HOW long.

President Trump seemed to cover ALL bases with a frankness that has never been seen before, at what usually is just a boring get together of political hacks, with speeches that were made by his predecessors filled with nothing but the usual deflective political flimflamming.

But then again this first ever actual people’s choice for President is not a politician skilled in the art of lying to the people.   He is and has been from the very beginning, void of all the deception that is basic to America’s politicians.  He actually tells it like it is in a very easy to understand, take it or leave it, way of speaking.

Something that is truly refreshing to the ears and minds of the more than sixty three million that voted for him, and totally bewildering to those who believe that presidents should be the same as other politicians and say absolutely nothing, but sound polished while saying it.

President Trump is the very first chief executive since this country was sold to a private group of international bankers back in 1913, to actually represent the people themselves, and not America’s corporate owners and their establishment.   He was elected by the people themselves in complete opposition to what their masters and their masters establishment had predetermined should take place.

That was something that our owners were able to adjust themselves to and now merely regard President Trump as a “bump in the road”, a temporary setback in their ultimate agenda for this nation.   BUT the communist left and their media that actually controls the thought processes for so very many in this country, have NOT been able to adjust to the actual will of the people.   They are like the spoiled children who want what THEY want and they want it NOW.   They are just far too stupid to realize that the road to our national transformation and destruction that they seek is not some kind of an obstruction free super highway.

Our actual owners on the other hand are extremely patient.   They have been working toward our national transformation and destruction LONG before communism even came into being.   Which is also much longer than the communist left has been in control of so much of this country.

The communists are merely the tools of our globalist owners.   They were given complete managerial control of the democrat side of our singular ruling political party in order to do the “dirty work” that our owners needed to get done.   Those that align themselves with and support that side of our owners’ singular ruling political party are overall far less intelligent than those who support the right side, and thus much easier to manipulate.

Because our owners gave them unlimited funding for everything they engage in, they believe that money will forever rain down upon them.   They cannot fathom that they are being used and that even though they are anti-capitalist, they cannot function without the money that can only be acquired through capitalism.   They have no concept of economics and thus believe all their socialist policies they seek cannot fail.   They just have no real concept of actual reality.

BUT… getting back to the SOTU Address, it had something for everyone.

Prior to the address the camera’s kept focusing on many of the females from the communist democrat side of the party dressed in Ku Klux Klan White.   At first, and not having any prior notice as to WHY they were wearing white, one would naturally guess they were for some unknown reason openly celebrating the roots of the democrat side back when there actually were separate political parties.   But later on it was explained that they were dressed that way because like adolescents quite often do, they were dressed to display symbolism of something.   In this particular case they were symbolizing the anniversary of women’s suffrage.

THEN there were actual children present again.   President Trump and our gracious First Lady personally invited them there to celebrate both children’s triumph over cancer, as well as to show other children that being bullied by children who were deliberately raised to be less intelligent, and indoctrinated with pro-communist ideology in the public education system, should never feel intimidated.   Especially by those being deliberately raised to be nothing more than tools of communist ideology.   Unlike the democrat side who merely USE children for political effect like the Nazis and all other socialist governments and parties did and still do, President Trump CELEBRATED children at HIS address.

THEN President Trump came to the podium and began his reporting of the events of both the past year as well as overall during his tenure.

At the podium was a President that we as the people do not get to see very often.   He was not on the defensive, and fighting back against the daily relentless slander and lie filled attacks by the communist left and their media.    He was very calm and very clear in everything he had to say.   So clear that even the faces of several on the communist left that the cameras panned to, showed they could not legitimately rebut what he was saying.

His address took the nation on an emotional roller coaster clearly pointing out the highs such as the lowest unemployment figures in many decades.   Accenting ethic employment being the strongest that it has ever been, as well as the huge increase in American based manufacturing overall.

And then down to the lows that have harmed this nation.   He clearly addressed our national need to withdraw America from all the needless wars that were created by our owners in the Middle East that have never benefited the people of this nation in any way.

Then back to the highs, he addressed how Millions of Americans have been lifted up from food stamp dependence that they were forced into during the previous administration.

And heading back down again and much to the open and very visible chagrin of the communist left, he most definitely DID address America’s mostly wide open unprotected southern border, and the desperate need this country has to actually protect that border.

He clearly explained in words simple enough for even a democrat to understand, that the drugs that are killing hundreds of thousands of Americans need to be stopped from easy access to this nation.   That the human trafficking of minors for the sex trade in this country needs to be stopped.   That the open access to this country by terrorists needs to be stopped.   That the open access to this country by criminals who injure and kill tens of thousands of Americans every year in this country needs to be stopped.

He used San Diego as a clear and indisputable example of how effective a wall is to stopping the flow of illegals into this country.   He explained very clearly how walls have very effectively protected many other countries and especially Israel over the past several decades.

With every mention of the needed wall the cameras panned to various communist democrats to display their reactions to having to sit there and listen to actual fact based truth, and the look of hatred on their faces was impossible not to see.

Democrats understand quite well that if that southern barrier is erected, it will seriously hinder their attempts to transform this nation into a communist totalitarian state.   They use the Cloward-Pivon strategy to help bankrupt this nation by placing tens of millions of illegals on government taxpayer funded assistance.   They allow and use the illegals to illegally vote in America’s elections, because without those illegal votes they would lose almost every election now.   They want the drugs to continue to flow mostly unabated into this country because human life has never meant anything at all to those in the democrat side of the party   And it just could be that many of them are being financially rewarded by the drug cartels to maintain steadfast opposition to a protective barrier on our southern border.  In FACT the drug kingpin ‘El Chapo’ publicly admitted to that and even rendered the names of some of the democrats HE gave money to.   Also when one realizes just how many perverted members of congress there are, quite a few could be taking advantage of the underage sex slaves as well.   Congress has always shown that those who comprise it can be purchased and then manipulated in MANY ways.

BUT … this first ever actual People’s President has stated very clearly that even though every one of the establishment owned and controlled puppets that occupied his position for the previous thirty years readily kicked the can down the road and only gave nothing but lip service to the wide open border, HE will not do that.   He will actually DEAL with that tremendous problem and do whatever he can to protect this nation and its’ people.

He also introduced veterans who were actual participants in World War Two, and even survivors of the Holocaust.   Something the democrat puppets would not do, and ESPECIALLY the one that immediately preceded President Trump, because he openly disliked our military because they were killing his muslim allies.

When he gave tribute to women’s suffrage and how far women’s participation in government progressed over the past century, all those adolescents dressed in White began jumping up and down and “high fiving” each other, like the true mental adolescents they are, instead of displaying dignity and acknowledging the accomplishments of women.

And … while on the topic of children again, throughout his address the cameras kept panning over to that Cortez kid who was acting more like a fidgety child who was being forced to sit with adults.   Through most of that address she was looking around and talking to other mental adolescents to the point where one would almost expect to see her mother come over and shake her and while pointing her finger admonish her to sit still and behave.

She continued with her fidgeting right up until the point President Trump clearly stated that this nation is NOT going to become a socialist nation.   That it will NOT be converted to what Venezuela and so many others became and ultimately collapsed.   As soon as he said those words she became visibly STUNNED and had one of those childish “I HATE you” looks on her face.

Watching that child react to what an adult said was equally as funny as observing the look on Bernie Sanders face when he as well heard those same words.   With the never ending help and support of him in every way they could to push the conversion of America into socialist totalitarianism, the leftist media was under the same illusion as Sanders that they were finally successful and were on the downhill slope toward our national destruction.   The election of President Trump seriously hampered their combined dream.

In a way, those two expressions will be remembered for a very long time and will become the brunt of even more jokes for an equal period of time.

Then bringing emotions back up again President Trump reassured America that for the first time in decades their votes truly counted and he was going to fulfill their wishes, because he represented THEM and not those who controlled them for generations.

The President ended his address with the words – The Union is STRONG — to loud applause.

It was truly one of the best State of the Union addresses ever rendered.   It gave Americans, (True Patriotic Americans anyway), actual HOPE for a better future.   HOPE that they could honestly grab hold of because for the first time they were hearing those words from one of their own.   Someone THEY chose, as opposed to merely accepting someone their masters had placed up for them to vote for.


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