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How many realities are there?  To the practical, rational, and logical person there is only one.  But to the brainwashed and indoctrinated there are many.  Most of us know someone who happens to live in an alternative universe, where truth has been rejected and fantasy put to the forefront. History has been changed to fit the desired narrative, and where justice is only served upon those who reject their alternative universe and the rules that makes it turn.

We can argue that the earth is melting, but with record snow falls and polar ice caps now increasing in size, the alternate universe’s weather is controlled now by man-made emissions and not through nature… especially the sun.  The earth cannot survive without CO2 gases, as that is what plants take in to convert into oxygen that every animal, bird, fish, and human needs in order to survive.  Nature finds its way to stabilize, as once upon a time, CO2, sulfur dioxide, methane, and other non-breathable gases dominated the atmosphere… yet plants, animals, and fish survived.  But tell that to someone living in an alternative universe, and they look at you as being psychotic. “Humans didn’t exist back then, and it is because of humans that the planet is dying. We only have 12 years to reverse course, or we’re all dead!” they insist.

That is what’s so nice about science-fiction.  We can imagine an alternative universe to entertain us. But to those who live in that alt-u, it is real, it truly exists, and if we don’t stop it, it will eat us all alive! Even without scientific data to back them, they march on with these beliefs that the sky is falling.  Yet science has discovered some verifiable facts that present huge holes in their “fear-theories” that cannot be contradicted. But for those in the alt-u, we are not supposed to bother them with facts and the truth, because it disrupts their agendas to fundamentally transform the planet into their alt-u reality.

Their goal is to convince everyone of what really isn’t there.  They take small, minuscule parts from something to explode into some form of catastrophe that harms us all. To a very small point, they have some validity, but through the magic of propaganda, it becomes larger than life, and thus dominates the future results.

Everyone knew who Donald Trump was before Election Day… unlike Barack Obama. There was no facade, no trickery, no disguise, and no cover-up to Trump. He told us numerous times who he is, and what he’d do if elected. And President Trump is a man of his word.  This is now a proved fact.  He never campaigned on lies, nor distorted figures and facts. He told the nation where the hogs ate the cabbage, and his statements have all been verified to convince many that they have been lied to, swindled, and led astray by others who were only working against the country to progress their globalistic-socialistic-communistic agenda, and create an overpowering, central government to manage it all.

Unfortunately, not everyone has logic, common sense, and rational thought. In fact, over half the nation lives somewhere between reality and the alt-u. It is the radicals of the alt-u who are pushing these social, political, financial, educational, and justice transformations into their distorted reality.  Just as VP Joe Biden claims, Trump just inherited his and Obama’s masterpiece that created this economic boom.  But the numbers speak for themselves, Joe, as reality shows that if Trump hadn’t been elected, America would have become insolvent, and would have been auctioned off to Russia, China, and anyone else wanting a chunk of this once great experiment that failed. That was the ultimate goal of Hillary… one that Democrats hide, and that the indoctrinated and brainwashed can never see.

No one will deny that Russia was involved in the 2016 election.  But what isn’t being told, and what is being pushed, are two different agendas.  It was Hillary and the Democrats who were involved with Russia, and not the Trump campaign.  But in the world of the alt-u, everything is flipped in reverse.  The truth is reshaped, and reality is then pushed into a distorted version to place the crime upon the victim.

For a century, the Left has held the megaphone.  Their ideals has been spread through propaganda from the media, from academia, from Hollywood, from labor unions, from publishing, from the courts, from government bureaucracies, and from political spokespeople.  As Mark Levin states in his new book, ‘Unfreedom of the Press‘: “The only difference today between journalists, the media, and progressive politicians is that the politicians were elected. The downfall of the American free press is not the fault of government intervention, but of the mainstream media’s abandonment of reporting integrity and journalistic standards.  Those entrusted with news reporting today are destroying freedom of the press from within: not government oppression or suppression, but self-censorship, group-think, bias by omission, and passing off opinion, propaganda, pseudo-events, and outright lies as news.”

If one grew up hearing all their life that clouds were actually poisonous gas, and that its rain caused cancer, then they would never step out into a fog bank, nor drink water ever again.  In fact, as they grew up, they would be outraged that such a thing exists, and would probably campaign against it… even protest and become radicalized in getting rid of clouds and purifying the rain water.  Even though there is scientific evidence to the contrary, it would make little or no interest, because their alt-u reality has become their truth, and they will find fictitious facts that will point to THEIR rational, logical, and practical conclusions.  The actual truth then become a lie, and the facts are therefore made up to push the agenda of poisoning everyone and giving everyone cancer. In their universe, everything is reversed.

The same goes for all we now see that has become so distorted that it becomes so unbelievable that we make jokes about it, when in reality it is their truth and they make jokes about us. It takes generations to fundamentally transform a nation of God-fearing, patriotic entrepreneurs into Satan-loving anarchists who are content to exist off the governmental teat, and get paid for being anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian globalists (a.k.a. communists).

Hate, and their cousins of racism, antisemitism, xenophobia, and homophobia, are learned.  They would not exist if not pushed.  One isn’t born with them, but are educated in a demonic way to hate and despise those who are “different”.  But as educators, politicians, bureaucrats, and entertainers preach its existence in a way as to focalize it into the spotlight at center stage, it then becomes its own breeding ground.  To make it into a highlighted negative has only made people more aware and more prejudice.  The “hate” is now reflected upon those who simply exist as Christians, patriots, straight, and Anglo-sexton white… what America used to be before progressivism took root and bloomed into fruition.

Today, knowledge is meaningless in social issues.   But being a loud enough mouthpiece will get one everywhere. It has now invaded all avenues of the American culture.  MLK was a man who not only could speak about equality, but actually showed that racism and prejudice was contrived, and proved it had no place in our society. Al Sharpton, on the other hand, is infected by racism, and that every white person’s actions has a prejudice intone at its base.  MLK’s philosophy was for blacks to actively prove their equality.  Sharpton’s philosophy is to replace whitey with a black person, whether qualified or not, whether proved equal or not.

In the political arena, it is no different, as those with the loudest voice (and money) seem to get the most traction. There was no way Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should have ever made it into the Halls of Congress, because she is dumber than a box of rocks and knows nothing about government, but she is a good spokesperson for radical social and progressive ideals.  The same goes for the Hamas loving anti-Semites from Dearborn and Minneapolis, Omar and Tlaib.  In fact, many representatives of the American people cannot tell you the first thing about America’s TRUE history, nor tell you the FACTS from the US Constitution.  Many politicians are in government because they are good at speaking, accomplishing agendas, and rounding up money and support… not because they understand the law, how America runs, nor what is best for their constituents.  If more money, bigger government, and a paragraph from Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, or Vision 2050 can’t solve it, then they don’t want nothing to do with it!

All Americans hope for change, but into which universe do they desire to live is the question.  This politically correct equality in social, economical, and justified future of globalism doesn’t seem to be fitting in the culture and nativism of Americana.  And that is why it has to be destroyed before conversion.

No longer can classic movies and TV programs that show blacks as slaves, homosexuals as queer, and families as wholesome be allowed. No longer can smart, talented, and/or educated visionaries be allowed to bask in the wealth they amassed… they have to redistribute it to those who can’t or won’t apply themselves within society. No longer can the public be trusted in making decisions for themselves… they have to be told what to do and how to do it from cradle to grave. No longer can nationalism be permitted… we are now one world, we are one planet without culture, barriers, or language to divide us. No longer can our history honor heroes who are now classified as “white supremacists”, who may have owned slaves, or fought to keep slavery legal. History has to be re-written. Speaking for the rights of free speech; for Christianity, for Judaism, for heterosexuality, for the right to life, for enforced borders, for wealth, and for America, will get you silenced into submission.

You cannot rob a bank, but you can steal from the US Treasury. You cannot lie to the FBI, but you can lie to your constituents, you can lie to Congress, and you can lie on the witness stand without recourse or accountability. You cannot commit high crimes and treason, that is unless you are an established elite or part of the Democrat Party machine. You can’t legally sell produce from your home without a license and FDA inspection, but you can sell pot from a store, shoot heroin in safe zones, and have magic mushrooms put on your pizza in certain pizzerias.

No longer can you stop someone from crossing your property, nor hold them at gun-point for law enforcement. In many locations, you cannot shoot a burglar, shoot a rapist, or even carry a weapon for your own protection. Yet, we have “gun-free” zones that welcomes those with guns to commit mass murder. We make excuses to release criminals from jail, only to see them return over and over again after never learning a lesson, except that in some circumstances, crime does pay. We can’t teach US History, but we can teach students how Nelson Mandela and apartheid changed South Africa, or how Castro and Che saved Cuba. They can’t teach students how to balance a checkbook, how to fix a flat tire, how to cook a meal from scratch, how to use an electric drill, how a bill in Congress is passed, or what is actually stated in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, but they can make damn sure that Dinesh D’Souza or Franklin Graham never gets a word in edgewise.

America is now run totally by progressives in all the fields that matters. The young are bombarded today with progressive ideals and socialism as if they are the new trend that with save all of humanity, and the planet, from people like us who are patriotic, family oriented, and God fearing. Donald Trump has promised to restore America back to her greatness, which means to preserve the past, keep our heritage intact, and forge the future in the ideals and principles of the Founders, the framers, and God. And that is what the Left rejects and are trying to stop at any cost.

The alternate universe of the Left is polar opposite of the universe of conservatives and patriots who believe that the Constitution is the key to freedom and liberty for all. We are a nation of rules, laws, and regulations to better a society and people, not one that entraps and enslaves them. We are a charitable people, but not one to be forced to give, nor have the government provide for those who refuse to be part of America’s achievements, yet have learned that if you milk/scam the systems, you will be better off than those who play by the rules and only keep their head above water.
The alternate universe doesn’t create a society of strong minded, sharp, and industrial people who plays by the rules to contribute back to the society. We are conditioned to fail, we see our leaders cheat and get away with murder, and we see that if we try to be “normal” in yesterday’s standards that we will be humiliated, outcast, and ostracized. America is to become for only two peoples… those that have, and those who have not.

This socialist future is not the universe we seek. We enjoy the fruits of our labor, cherish what we can afford, and believe everyone has the opportunity to pull themselves up to a higher level if they desire. It is those within the media, entertainment, labor, publishing, Internet, and political mainstream who desire the alternative, as to control the public means to control their money, and to control their future to remain in the riches that keeps them in the champagne and caviar social venues that states “I’m somebody!”

Personally, I just think I’ll remain in this universe… not because it may or may not be a better one, but because it is morally, legally, virtuously, and humanitarily right.



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