I moved to a smaller town just outside of the bigger city about 18 years ago, a move I don’t regret, with a 35 minute commute I have learned to get used to. Although my primary work is now farther away, along with the major stores, restaurants, and events, I have no remorse to escaping what I see is happening to most bigger cities throughout this country; with higher taxes, congested traffic, loudening noise, skyrocketing crime rate, the blight of neighborhoods, and idiots who no longer give a damn about anything except themselves.

As a child growing up in a modest town, I recall the big city being a decent place to live, work, raise a family, and have fun. In fact, the city was nationally voted one of the top 20 cities to to live in the United States, several times. Crime was virtually nonexistent. Schools educated the children to become some of the top leaders in many fields. It created some of the top athletes in professional sports, good politicians who represented the body of conservative ideology at the national level, top rated doctors and scientists, and engineers/architects that changed the way buildings looked and how they were constructed. Yes, we were a shimmering gem on the necklace within the heartland of America; not too backwoods, yet not too far away from the larger cities of Indianapolis, St Louis, Louisville, and Nashville.

Republicans were the usual controlling Party of the city, and what Democrats who did hold office actually worked with the Republicans to see that the city remained in tune. The “projects” consisted of about 6 square blocks just outside of the downtown district, as there were only a couple of streets that my parents said, “Roll the windows up and lock the doors, kids!” For most of the city, you could leave your doors and windows open when you left, leave your car running with your valuables on the front seat, as most people you passed waved and looked at you with a big smile.

As Dorothy said to Toto, “We’re not in Kansas any longer!” That was then… this is now. So what happened in between?

As with many cities within America, creeping liberalism began to overtake it like some deadly disease that had no cure. The schools began to teach ideology, not the 3-R’s. The “projects” were demolished and relocated to other sections of the city where growth had spread. Law enforcement and the justice system became overran with something they had rarely seen before… violence and crime. Because of industrial growth, the area had to search for workers outside the community to fill the positions, bringing in many from larger cities who no longer could find good employment in their home town. And that lead to larger city “lifestyles” being imported along with the workers. A whole ‘nother argument.

Federal rules and regulations, unfortunately, covers every inch of our country… no community can shelter itself from having to comply with the standards that the federal government decrees upon the citizens. What happened to this quiet community where everyone knew each other and worked together to keep the community safe, sound, and stable, got liberalized.

Fundamental transformation with the PC culture movement happened long before Obama took office. Liberalism/progressivism took root back in the 60’s and 70’s, and spread like the plague. The biggest cities were the first to go, as industry closed down to move to safer grounds where taxes weren’t so steep, and there was room for expansion. As inner cities decayed from crime, poverty, lack of education, lack of employment, and lack of dignity, respect, and virtue, suburbs sprang up like pimples on a teenager to take on the influx of expansion by the middle class getting away from the progressive cancer that engulfed their once sacred community.

Everything calmed down and transitioned well through the 80’s and 90’s, as stores, industry, housing, roads, and events plazas developed in newly constructed towns laying on the outskirts of the big city. Like acorns that had fallen from the big oak tree to sprout into their own mighty oak, towns and communities that had once been woods, cornfields, and pastures darted the map surrounding the decaying bigger city. Then one day, the larger cities said, “Hey! You middle and upper class morons all left us, and took your work, play, and your money with you… did you forget us, or don’t you care about us any longer?” It didn’t take long for the federal government to step in and finalize their plan to resolve this issue, to return life back to the inner cities.

Federal redistribution began the removal of our dollars to prop up and re-establish the inner cities that all were beginning to look like Detroit. A globalist plan, commonly named Agenda-21, was established and put into action a transformation of America from the outside inward. And as Democrats and their progressive/liberal ideology took root, so did crime, welfare, and decay of the home… outside and within, as the once stable family unit began to turn antiquated. Drug and alcohol addiction seemed to be the only source of inner city resident’s entertainment, besides robbing, raping, and murdering someone, since morals and the value of human life, along with their belongings, had no price to them any longer.

No longer would the big cities let themselves fall into fatal decline. They reached out to Uncle Sam for help, and they got it. The “Projects” were demolished, as new business and finer housing replaced dilapidated ghettos that had become the sore spot that drove industry and families away to the suburbs. Closed stores re-opened with fine restaurants and exclusive shopping, as the campaign to revitalize the downtown sprang into full speed. Welfare and Section-8 housing were removed so that stadiums, hotels and convention centers, casinos, and nightclubs would attract the people and their money back to the downtown district. New roads and parking, and slick, flashing LED screens, seemed to make the city come alive. But nobody asked the bigger question… What did you do with all those ghetto people who once made the downtown a war zone for violent crime, chaos, and drug dealing?

Despite Republican/conservative obstructionism to keeping ghettos, along with their problems, contained within the inner city and safe from those who lived, worked, and played in safe harmony in the suburbs, Agenda-21 removed the barriers that the Republicans had placed to keep themselves out of harm’s way. Democrats found a window of opportunity, starting in 2006, that was basically created by a very smooth campaign by the globalists to use the media, unions, universities, Hollywood, and double-speaking politicians who went incognito before the American public as Republicans, to change the rules of engagement so as to remove the barrier walls that conservative communities had erected to keep ghettoism out of their districts. This is where political correctness, racism, and bigotry found its edge.

Within ten years, the liberal/progressives had not only infiltrated the conservative ways and lifestyles that had made and kept this country so prosperous, safe, and productively sound, they actually reversed course of the ship by turning the people, business and industry about to sail back into rough waters. Federal laws could no longer let schools teach conservative ideology, but indoctrinate and brainwash the progressive ideological agenda. Unions no longer could benefit workers to give them rewards for their hard labor as before. Gun laws and restriction left victims unable to protect themselves from the law-breaking criminals who did carry guns. Parks and recreational areas were closed, along with strip-malls and shopping districts to build high-rise apartment complexes. And the “projects” of welfare and Section-8 ghettoites? They were relocated into the center of all those thriving communities in order to spread the corrosion into their bloodstream to make suburbs frail, less safe, and unsound. Thus we see the results of liberal/progressive redistribution, political correct lifestyles, and fundamental transformation in order to change America by bringing up ghettosim to replace conservatism. In other words, to lower our standards, to make the impoverished standards higher, to equal the balance of societal indifference, we all were downsized.

America is in decline because we were forced to decline. We were forced to conform to progressive-global standards to make the very rich wealthier, and redistribute the middle class economy to other nations that have less “quality of life” than America. America has been remodeled to be this evil empire that hoards the wealth, creates impoverished nations, and justifies itself in the name of Americanism. “America is the richest nation… how can its people live in slums, go hungry, and live among rats and cockroaches while so many live in big homes, drive nice cars, and live the life of Riley to not care for those who are less fortunate?”

Americans of old were taught that you made your own life. One chooses to work hard to build their “dream”, and to pass down what they made to their offspring to continue in their footsteps. If you chose a life of drug abuse, a life of crime, and a life of poverty, then that has become your decision alone to live with. Life doesn’t hand over luxuries… one earns it!

But that isn’t what those under 35 believe today. They believe: Because they exist, so they are owed. Their “needs” are furnished by those who already have it. It’s a Robin Hood mentality of progressive ideology… that people don’t have a choice in life, that they are placed into wealth or into poverty. They say, “One cannot make lots of money if they don’t already have it”, as the liberal agenda has made it to where the average American is now incapable of financing their start without jumping through many hoops of fire in order to obtain it. Most getting burnt. Those in poverty have their needs dangling over their head, and to move towards individualism means surrendering their needs, making it virtually impossible to move away from in order to live a better life. It was the liberal philosophy and progressive agenda that created poverty and kept many impoverished throughout their entire life, spreading from one generation to another like an inherited disease.

The morals, virtues, and standards of Americanism have been erased. Those impoverished actually believe if they need a pair of Jordan tennis shoes, then it’s OK to rob someone who has them, because they are insured or rich enough to purchase another pair. Many ghettoites are on drugs, as rational thought, reason, and natural law (laws given to all man from God) are the first things to disappear from one’s conscience behavior. Just like those teens who watched and videotaped a man drowning, they laughed and thought it was cool to post it on YouTube. Not a one mentioned to dive in to rescue him from certain death. That is the youth mentality today. Life is no longer precious, but now a game.

We have been programmed into change. Those of us who still stand on our laurels are of old school. We know and understand differences. Those today do not, as indoctrination and brainwashing by the Left have transformed us to where rioting, violent protesting, and causing major harm is permitted in order to justify your anger, and show ideological identity. Social order through political correctness has now replaced common sense and rational approaches to living a meaningful and thriving life. It is now accepted to live in poverty, to commit crime in order to fill needs, to dull the brain on drugs and alcohol, and to shut down all those who disagree.

Rejection of the truth to be replaced with a fantasy of falsehood has made many Americans into the vegetables they are today. Across America, jobs are readily available, and in many fields, but today’s youth doesn’t want to work, doesn’t want to be educated, and doesn’t want to spend their time doing something they don’t like. So, we fill the empty voids with immigrants, and those who don’t seek to homogenize into the American Way of life. Their dreams are not our dreams. Yet, they are quick to throw their nightmares at us with hopes it will stick. Without American culture, without closed and protected borders, and without one single language of English, we are to be doomed through our own allowance of modification.

I have one black friend who is a relative good man. He has given up drugs, street living, and mooching off others in order to better his life. He found Christ, and wants to move on to a better standard of living. But he feels caged, bound by the ghetto mentality that he is forever stuck in entitlement-land. I told him all he has to do is to walk away, move to an area like mine where good jobs and clean living are the mainstay. But getting him to take that first step has been almost impossible. And when he does place one foot forward, he will take two steps back. You cannot fix what wants to remain broken. So, the lifestyle he takes is the one he chooses… not the one placed in his lap, as he and other liberals claim.

To make America great again, we have to go back to our national standards in principles and ideology… the ones created by our Founders. This progressive ideology of liberal mentality has only made our cities into the hell-pits they are today. And, redistribution and forced compliance have not helped, but only made things much worse. We cannot modify a round hole for a square peg, but we can round off the edges of the square peg to fit into the round hole.

The morality of America has been eroded, as our leaders are no example for us to live by. When heroes are made into villains, when God is made into the Devil, when our Founders are made into tyrants, and when the media, Hollywood, and elected representatives can shout down conservatives with death threats, and wear pussy hats and burkas to voice for change, then the line has been crossed to where action by us needs to be taken. This IS NOT my America, and I don’t want this crap in it any longer! I don’t change my house rules to adapt to the desires of guests and visitors, nor do I let them sponge off me while trashing my house because they are pigs… do you? If they don’t like my rules, then they can get out just as easily as they came.

I have no tolerance any longer for this BS. I worked hard all my life to make a better life. I paid taxes, and my dues. I refuse to let morons and peons destroy over 230 years of creation in order to make life for us a living Hell, while sponging off my efforts. I want right to be taught from wrong, and justice to come to those who do wrong… even if they did run for President, were once Attorney General, or leader of a political Party. Nowhere are the words Islam, Allah, or “sharia” mentioned in the US Constitution, therefore, it has no place nor meaning in my country. If you want cities to be more productive, then teach the people how to fish, just don’t hand them a fish every day to live from.

We weren’t the ones who created this mess, but we sure as hell are the ones left to clean it up! By doing little to advert it, we let progressive liberalism take root and develop. We placed our faith and trust in elected officials who only stabbed us in the back through lies and deceit. Conservative ideology seems to always be replaced with liberal ideology, and never are the decisions reversed. As with ObamaCare, most want it destroyed, yet our elected representative will fight tooth and nail to keep it. Oh, they may eventually amend it, but for them it is a cash-cow. They don’t have to live under it, so how it damages us is of no consequences for them. Obamacare will live on. They do as told by globalists, lobbyists, and special interest groups, not those who elected them into power. The “swamp” is deep and full of lethal critters who will not be deterred from their agenda… not by you, me, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, or Donald Trump.

I wish I had answers, but I don’t. I have watched America’s decay for decades, and as the books of well thinking philosophers have warned, the goal is to remove any and all our ability to control by those who sit on top of the totem pole. We are being programmed to comply, not to deny. We are being sculptured to fit into one mold, as “global order is here to stay, whether we like it or not” as GHW Bush stated. We lack the necessities to fight, and losing the will to survive. We can try to do the right things, elect the right people, and protest as loud as we can, yet it will be for naught, as the power structure has been developed to derail anything we attempt to throw at them. These past 6 months should be a prime example.

But, I don’t give up nor give in easily… and neither should you. I have yet to hear the fat lady sing. There are enough of us still remaining to make a difference, but we need to get our foot in the door in order to make things happen quickly. We need to control the message, and that means though TV, Hollywood, media, unions, and education. We need to counter-attack the progressive movement in government, as we need true conservatives who won’t play politics, and won’t stand with the special interest groups and globalists. Term limits and more Independents are what’s needed. A law to make legislators live by their own decree is an absolute necessity. More control by the states, the communities, with less federal regulations, will put the power back into the people’s hand. And maybe we begin to arm ourselves for defense, because ghettoists usually do pack, and until they learn the fundamentals of God and American Independence, nothing will get resolved. Criminals must be confined regardless of the cost. And our systems must be restored as created.

This is our America… that is our Constitution, Bill of rights, and Declaration of Independence. This is not Europe, Africa, Asia, nor the Mideast. We have a standard set of rules for our house, and by God… we plan to honor them to keep them that way! I hope you all will agree?

Sorry for the long-winded rant… but I’m pissed!

Thanks for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda

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