Let’s Legalize Drugs


Let’s Legalize Drugs

Yes … by all means let’s jump on the bandwagon of all those self centered politicians that prey upon the stupid in order to generate never ending support for themselves and profess that we should legalize all presently illegal drugs. 

We just are not turning out enough psychotics brought up, drugged up through our school systems as a result of America’s unique mental illness epidemic known as A.D.D. and A.D.H.D.  We don’t have enough drugged up psychotic leftists going around now shooting people.  If the communists wanted to rely on actions such as these to try and cancel this years’ elections they would need not just several, but a great many more of these shootings and attempted shootings all over this nation in order to give them enough grounds to try and declare some fictitious “national emergency” in order to stop these coming elections.  They’re falling flat in the areas of having their race baiters assisted by the leftist Medias in trying to incite mobs into racial violence, and they are likewise losing ground in many areas of this country where they want illegal aliens to be able to illegally vote in OUR elections.  So I guess we need to have more drugged up leftist shootings and attempted shootings in order for them to try and achieve their possible objective.

Although A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. were diagnosed to have existed long ago it in no way was an “epidemic” in this country until AFTER Jimmy Carter in exchange for a few million dollars of campaign money sold out the futures of America’s youth by letting the leftists setup the Department of Education which in reality was meant from the very beginning to be the Department of Indoctrination where our children’s thought process could be channeled in the leftist direction.  THAT was by far one of the greatest achievements for the leftists in their planned and very well orchestrated destruction of America.  Even MORE advantageous for them than their ACLU’s campaign against God, Christianity and Morality in this nation.

There was a time in our history that teachers who couldn’t teach were replaced by those who could.  Not anymore.  It’s now completely the children’s fault and children that were bright and energetic as a great many children are by natural design, were now labeled as “unresponsive” and “unmanageable” and thus were “afflicted” with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. and “needed” to be “medicated for their own good”.  And Americans, as stupid as Americans had been made to become, went along with all of this because their “government” was telling them that it was so. 

Although it is true that many children come from homes where parents now willingly subscribe to the also indoctrinated philosophy that they are just too busy to be parents and that children are “their equals” and merely reside in the same house, that is still no reason to drug these children because they are used to absolute freedom to do whatever they want to do. 

Those parents who actually cared about the well-being of their children and dared to publicly question this government ordered drugging of their children were publicly ridiculed and then threatened with “criminal charges” if they dared to resist because by this time the leftists had also gained absolute control over all governmental child welfare agencies nationwide.  Also by this time the “Oh what can I do, I am just one person and THEY are the government” syndrome was well established in the American populace.  So the drugging of America’s children not only continued, it steadily increased.

The psychotic side effects of these drugs were well known for decades, but as always where the leftists are concerned, the end justifies the means and they were ignored.  I remember reading that just after 911 there was some drugged up teenager who flew a small private aircraft into a skyscraper office building in Tampa Florida because he wanted to be like those that killed all those innocent people in the World Trade center.  True, his action only had the effect of a mosquito hitting an elephant but his mind was not able to fathom that ahead of time.  His attorneys even admitted that he had a history of mental illness related to those drugs he was being given for his A.D.D.  But the drugging of children continued and continues to this day.

 Although the pharmaceutical industries profit tremendously from the manufacture and sale of these drugs, this was not something of THEIR creation.  But if the leftists were going to open a very large and lucrative market for them, who were THEY to object?

 This nation is becoming more divided almost by the day now.  On the left side are those that want this nation ended and on the right side are those American Patriots who want it returned to the ideals it was founded on.  There was a time in our existence that our youth were taught, patriotism, morality, and the importance of the family unit and even how to succeed in life if that was what they truly wanted to do.  Not anymore.  Now they are taught that the family is anything BUT what nature intended it to be, that immorality is “natural”, that patriotism means loyalty to “the state” and that the government should be looked to for all their needs.   However, the left side now controls most of the Medias from printed to audio and visual, as well as most of the education establishments and as such those who are loyal to what this country was founded on and for are literally demonized by the left through all of the areas that they control.  Dozens and dozens of leftist organizations and groups now exist to damage this country in any and every way possible.  Hatred is continuously spewed by leftist Medias such as MSNBC and others as well as by actual Hate Groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center who make it their business to officially label any and all pro American, pro Christianity and pro Morality organizations in general as “hate groups” and these ideologies of hate get entrenched in the minds of our youth while growing up and being “uneducated” in our public school indoctrination centers. 

Add the psychotic side effects of these drugs being given to our children to the leftist indoctrination they have received and the result can be murders and attempted murders like the Colorado and Washington D.C. incidents.   

Although it is true that within SECONDS of hearing of these incidents, the leftist Medias immediately tried to deflect the blame and place it on that “right wing extremist group, the Tea Party” which has NEVER had even one incident of violence attributed to it, it always comes out to be just the opposite and that the perpetrators were leftist indoctrinated. 

Unless they actually have several dozen deranged minds being housed someplace to begin shootings on a mass scale nationwide it’s now too late for the communists to use this as an excuse to stop our elections because those elections are only weeks away now.   

However … After these coming elections are over. IF the left can somehow regain control of our government over the next few years, then IF they were then to unilaterally push for the immediate legalization of drug use, coupling those presently illegal drugs with the government approved and issued drugs that our youth were given all the way through their growing years they could effectively have an army of deranged people out on our streets killing Americans right and left and THEN they could call a halt to all future elections as this country is permanently placed (for its’ own welfare) under martial law. 

So yes …. By all means THINK about legalizing drugs.  What have you got to lose … other than your lives and your nation?

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