In these modern days of tribalism, Americans have shifted into this group mentality that states “there are results in numbers”. Basically, there are two groups, one consisting of the Conservative-Right, and the other of the Liberal-Left consisting in splinters of smaller groups who have aligned together to form a coalition to back the others who have a common goal agenda. We Americans are to either move forward in re-enforcing the foundations of the nation in order to build upon, or tear it all down to the base and start all over from scratch.

Fortunately for the Conservative-Right, the Liberal-Left of Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Shumer, and the rest, didn’t finalize their mission of America’s total fundamental transformation, nor their goal of a complete take-over so that any obstruction from their opposition could never again become a problem for them. As President Trump said in his book, ‘The Art of the Deal’, “Once you start to negotiate, you had better finish it being on top, or simply walk away.” The Liberal-Left has failed at doing either one. I guess they never bothered to read his book.

The ordeal with Judge (now Justice) Brett Kavanaugh needs to be documented and transcribed into our history book for future generations to learn from. There is always two sides of a coin, but in this case, those two sides are truth and justice, and on the flip are lies and deception.

Candidate Trump pledged in his campaign to nominate conservative-constitutional judges to sit upon the SCOTUS bench. So it should be to no surprise to those he has selected so far, because they sat upon his “choice list” that he presented to America long before the election was even held, giving the Left ample time to dig up dirt on each one. America pretty much already knew that if had Hillary won, her choice would have been to fulfill Obama’s mission to place Merrick Garland into the slot where Justice Neil Gorsuch now sits, as her choice to replace Justice Kennedy more than likely would have been Eric Holder, deepening the “swamp” to uncharted depths.

“Elections have consequences” as Obama once said, and it works both ways. The bizarre death of Justice Scalia made the 2016 election even more important than ever, as the next POTUS could have as many as four justices to replace. President Trump stated yesterday, “One of the most important decisions any president will make is their appointment of justices to the Supreme Court… that is why they have to get this one right every time.” The courts today have moved from interpreting law into actually making law, and that is why President Trump has been so careful in his choices of all federal judges he has placed into the courts.

Bias opinions and ideology have been the weighing factor within our courts for many years, as true justice has been shelved in order to progress an agenda orchestrated by the far-Left. Without legislative or full executive powers, the Left has only one option remaining, which is through the judicial branch to reconstruct law in order to fit their means. Since Bush, the federal bureaucracies have also gone on to legislate law without being checked. But with President Trump, this is all now coming to an end, slowly. These factors may be the deciding reasons why America did pick Donald Trump to be our 45th POTUS over Hillary Clinton, as the Supreme Court goes beyond a presidency, as does the federal bureaucracies… both that were becoming so stacked against the Right that the government was closely resembling the Kremlin of the Soviet Union, or the SS of Nazi Germany. Americans saw this, as a President Clinton would have definitely finished what Obama and the far-Left started.

Had President Trump’s choice been Amy Barrett or Ray Kethledge, the results would have been the same, as an 11th hour scandal would have surfaced to derail the confirmation, regardless. History shows us that very few SCOTUS nominations have been denied by the SJC or Senate. Many Justices have become legends, as most have been more than highly qualified to sit within the highest court. Both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are no exception. And one conservative-constitutional justice was enough for the Left to bear.

So, this appointment of Kavanaugh wasn’t about Kavanaugh, it was about the future direction of America, and the protection of what the Left has already established… the same as it was with the 2016 election, and the same with the upcoming 2018 midterms. The construction of a progressive-America has been ongoing for many, many years. Their designers now see that the tide has shifted, and they are slowly losing their beach. They have no other option now except to build dams, and pump the waters of Founding ideals and principles back out to sea. This is why they have been instigating chaos and mayhem at anything Trump and Republicans try.

America is more divided today than ever. On one side sits the architecture that built this nation into the greatest power on the face of this planet. America is a nation of laws, justice, and equal rights to all its citizens. It is built upon the Founding principle that every individual has an opportunity for success, and that the ideal of a free market place opens the door for that success. Government’s roll is to secure the nation, protect the citizenry, and institute a means where grievances can be heard and resolved… and that is basically it. But somewhere along the way, powerful people stepped in to say that it doesn’t work, and never will, because we are not safe, we are not protected against hardships and the evil that lurks in people’s minds. We are not capable in governing ourselves, so therefore, we must be governed… from cradle to grave.

They firmly believe that the world wasn’t constructed, nor remain balanced, with a Constitutional-America in their way. There are those who are beyond wealthy who believe that they are the only ones who can baby-sit the people, and keep the world on an even keel. These “globalists”, as we call them, seek an order to which they are the masters, and the people their slaves. Their desire for a “1984” world is not a story of fiction, but reality… and America stands in their way. It is not an accident that England once ruled the planet, that Germany and the Axis powers rose, that Communism surged after two great wars, and that socialism now dominates almost two-thirds of the planet’s nations. It is also not by accident that some very brave and wise men saw the future enough to take these powers on to create a nation more powerful, with more resilience, more sovereignty and independence than them, and protected a small corner of the planet where the people became the rulers over the land they reside upon, not the other way around.

President Trump in his speech last night in Topeka, Kansas said, ” I’m giving back to you what God has given to all mankind.” This is the true cornerstone of America’s foundation, as the “rights of God” precede over the “rights of men”. We cannot say where President Trump will eventually take us, but by studying him, and by navigating with him, it is now obvious that he is taking on the globalists and their ideology that they have instituted in the hearts and minds of those who can easily be brainwashed and indoctrinated into their beliefs. And the one sure way to make that happen is by destroying the things that become in their way.

Both Trump and his Supreme Court picks are those roadblocks they desire to remove. Democrats tried to filibuster Neil Gorsuch, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “changed the rules” to proceed with the vote. It was a 54-45 decision to confirm Gorsuch, as three Democrats voted yea. Apparently, the Democrats didn’t have enough time to throw in their 11th hour surprise, as they did with Brett Kavanaugh, to delay the confirmation. McConnell only used the same rules that Harry Reid applied… so, elections really do have consequences.

What happened during these past couple of weeks in the Kavanaugh confirmation has been a travesty to our judicial system. How we once confirmed nominees has now become corrupted, as total denigration will be the norm, no matter which Party is in control. And although this isn’t totally new, as Clarence Thomas was ran through the Democrat gauntlet with Anita Hill, the Democrats have learned a long time ago that when you slip in racism, bigotry, sexism, as well as perversion or sexual misconduct, that the media will turn a small puff of smoke into a firestorm that becomes hard to extinguish.

There is a movement of women to have their misconducts recognized, and understandably so… but “the evil that lurks in the back of minds” has also learned that this can also be weaponized in order to destroy another. It is a shame that there are so many good causes that get hijacked by Democrats and the Left to be used against others for the sole purpose of destruction to remove them from their way. It has become a “game” of sorts, and good people usually don’t play these type of games.

What we have learned from all this is that the Democrats can no longer be trusted with anything. They have shown their true colors, as their madness to Hillary’s loss, and Trump’s reversal of their transformation, has sent them all into a wild and desperate frenzy. To become such despicable as part of our process of governing is an atrocity, and needs to quickly get corralled.

America has seen plays from the “Political Dirty Tricks” book on both sides since America’s inception. It seems to be worse today, but history is short on covering the past where this is concerned. We have become numb to the plays, as all we wish to see is results in the end… regardless what must take place in order to accomplish the task. But what we have witnessed in our lifetime has become beyond description.

Eisenhower was silenced by the Industrial Military Complex from speaking the truth until the end of his presidency. Kennedy was permanently silenced from going after the media and those “societies” that have become the global power. Nixon was removed because he tried to cover up what his subordinates did behind his back, and refused to play ball with the globalists. Reagan was shot for going after the global bankers and communism… he instead just went after communism. GHW Bush was removed because he didn’t remove Saddam Hussein, and GW Bush was made into a mad clown and an evil monster in order to change the direction to establish Barack Obama. And now they have Donald Trump in their sites, but they underestimate his cleverness, abilities, and his money.

We know what the Left can do to good people like Gary Hart, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Clarence Thomas, and now Brett Kavanaugh… just to name a few who have seen the “Dirty Tricks” played upon them. The Left is masterful at their tactics of destruction, but I do believe many are now wise to their deceptions, and instead hold their ground to confront these demons head on. And that is exactly what Mitch McConnell and Republicans did this last week, because normally, they cave in.

Politicians are nothing more than pieces upon a chess board. They take their marching orders from the powerful globalists and corporate elites who line their pockets, or make them an offer they can’t refuse. Newcomers who come to Washington to change things find that if they don’t play the game, they get nothing and are quickly removed. President Trump is not owned nor controlled by anyone. He has taken the simple principle that if you give the people the power, then the people will seek success to make America great again. Those who don’t follow suit are either too ignorant and naive for their own good, or they have aligned with the agenda of America’s demise… there is no in between.

What we learned from all of this is that there are very evil people out there who don’t have our best interests at heart. They used those women and the “Me too” movement as a “dirty trick” play in order to stop the Supreme Court from becoming the entity it was designed to be… to interpret the law, not make it, or uphold pretentious laws design to conform to the Leftist movement. Much of this charade was in order of stopping Trump, and resume the transformation into the NWO.

We have learned that without concrete evidence, accusations will not fly, regardless of their validity. We learned that Republicans can have a backbone, and when they unite, as the Democrats do, then they can assume the power and control that has been in their hand the whole time. We have learned that we can all now trust the president, as his directions have been more than triumphic in all he has orchestrated.

We cannot force politicians to align with President Trump, but we can force those out who won’t. We cannot make people like and respect President Trump, but we can continue to surround ourselves with like minded people as us in order to see that the MAGA agenda becomes complete, then maybe they will see the light.

We are definitely headed in the right direction. The statistics prove it. Power is being restored to the people, as the Democrats and their Leftist minions are becoming a fish out of water. If we continue the squeeze, we can suffocate them in order to end their domination and control over the institutions that were once for, by, and of the people. This includes the media, education, unions, and Internet.

We can never anticipate what the far-Left will do, but we can assure the nation that so long as we have the ability to choose our destination, that if we desire to succeed, then success will find us. If we desire to be destructive, disruptive, and obstructional, then that same fate will fall into our lap to destroy us.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda



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