Recently I came across three posters still remaining in my file cabinet from around twenty years ago that I designed, had printed in the hundreds and then personally distributed.     Looking at them made me not only reflect upon the past, but think about all that is taking place in this country today, as well as all the political races currently underway from the local to the national level.  It also made me think about a lot of what these candidates running for office say which is in direct conflict to what they really feel about this nation and its people.This isn’t about any one candidate in particular, even though there will be those who primarily subscribe to the views of their particular candidates for these very reasons while simultaneously vehemently denying it.  No this is about ANYONE seeking public office on ANY level who professes these ideas and why at least I personally can never and will never support them on any of their other stances as long as they continue to profess these hypocritical views.It is no secret that America has made very little if any headway at all in the so-called “war on drugs”.   It has been stated this country which possesses only about 5% of the worlds entire population, consumes almost 60% if not more of all the illegal drugs in this world.  There are a great many reasons for this and near the very top of those reasons is corruption.  There is just too much money involved for greedy public officials and some in law enforcement as well to resist.  We are a capitalist society, and thankfully so, where the desire for more personal wealth is a driving factor in most peoples’ lives.  That desire causes most people to work harder to achieve their personal goals in life.  Many succeed … many don’t.  However, there are those who choose to take what they consider to be the “easy way” to achieve financial gain and that is to directly as well as indirectly participate in the realm of illegal drugs.  This particular group spans almost the entire spectrum of professions.Everyone is already very familiar with the well publicized drug cartels.  Everyone already knows about these mass producers and suppliers of illegal drugs and the vast amounts of money they generate.  How they murder their adversaries as well as their competitors and even brutally murder and dismember innocent people just to set an example of what could happen to anyone that attempts to stop them or even just get in their way.  Any and all who are directly or indirectly associated with the illegal drug trade are the absolute epitome of sub-humans.  From the low life’s’ who generate these drugs to the bankers who accept and launder the money acquired from this destructive “business”, to those in the political realm and the law “enforcement” field who accept payoffs to look the other way, as well as those in a highly corrupted legal system who assist these maggots in exchange for personal financial gain.

But it is NOT just the maggots listed above that are responsible for this failed endeavor.  The blame for this also rests with the complacency of the American people and their extreme lack of genuine concern for their fellow human beings that has assisted greatly in nothing really being done to curb this epidemic.  If American’s as a whole really did care about this new holocaust that has come to be in this country, then we would not see anywhere near the devastating amount of human destruction that is attributed to it.  But contrary to what people like to profess concerning this topic, they really don’t.  They only “care” if it in no way “inconveniences” them on a personal level.  Case in point; back in the eighties President George Bush Sr. decided that we should do something about this ever growing problem, so he decided to have our military assist the Columbian military in their attempt to stop the cultivation and manufacture of cocaine in their country.  Troops were sent in.  Almost immediately coffee prices in America skyrocketed to triple and were on their way to quadrupling; blaming all of it on a sudden freeze damaging the coffee crop which turned out did happen but on just one plantation.  Americans, loving their coffee as much as they do began loudly screaming.  The administration knew the real reason behind the sudden price increase and immediately backed off in assisting the Columbian military, after which prices went right back down.  America proved that if this “war on drugs” could adversely affect them in any way, then they would much rather not have any such action and just let those drugs continue to destroy the lives of millions of people.  And destroy lives it most definitely does.

I am not just referring to all of those deaths attributed to overdose of these illegal drugs.  And there are hundreds of thousands of those.  I am referring to the murders committed by those under the influence of these illegal drugs as well as another form of destruction that I am now going to very bluntly refer to.

I am not one of those who suddenly decided to join with others when the Tea Party first came into being in 2009.  I didn’t let others make the first move and then decide to follow because of the “safety in numbers” feelings most people have.  My awakening to what is happening came decades ago and my attempt to thwart off some of what is being allowed to take place in this nation began in earnest in the late eighties and then magnified in its intensity in the early nineties when this country did what many thought was impossible and it embraced an anti American married to a devout Marxist socialist and placed the both of them into the White House, in a position that many deemed to be our first co-presidency.  I entered into everything I did on my own, because I could find no one who cared enough to actually participate with me.  I received empathy from people, a great many people … but no physical assistance.  People cared … however like the vast majority of America, they just didn’t care enough.

One of the devastating consequences attributable to these highly addictive illegal drugs is the personal self destruction of those who become addicted to them.  Once addicted, they care nothing about themselves, and they care nothing about others.  ALL they care about is getting more of those drugs.  They become dehumanized.  They will physically rob people and businesses, they will burglarize residences and businesses, they will do anything and everything they can just to get the money they need to get more of those drugs that they crave so desperately.  In the case of female addicts it’s even more dehumanizing.  They sell themselves to the degenerates of this world.  They don’t care about themselves anymore.  They have no self esteem left in them whatsoever.  Like all junkies, ALL they care about is getting the money to get more of those drugs.  A phrase was coined who knows how long ago by some male somewhere in history which goes “Prostitution is the Worlds’ Oldest Profession”.  THAT is a total fallacy.  That particular phrase should be corrected to the truth which is “The lowering of women to that status by the male population of this world is the worlds’ oldest profession”.  Throughout history women have always been regarded as second class or even just straight out property by the dominant male population of this world.  Even though countries like ours have given women the right to vote as well as many other benefits other women in the world do not have, they are still generally regarded the same as they have always been regarded.

One of the goals set by the ACLU to overthrow this nation was to strip this nation of all forms of morality.  They have succeeded in every single step they have made so far in that direction and they will continue to succeed.  Their cohorts in the movie industry began to show prostitutes more and more in the background in their movies.  Then prostitutes actually became the focus of many of those movies showing them in a completely different light.  All designed to desensitize Americans to this wholesale destruction of human life.  As television became the largest picture median, it branched out to that venue as well.

As I stated above I entered into a personal “war on drugs” which I wound up having to do all on my own with virtually no help from anyone.  I singlehandedly went up against street level drug dealers, pimps and corrupt cops.  I became very widely known on the streets and people stayed clear of me.  My name even became known to those all the way down to the state government level.  That is correct … I said DOWN to the state level because I realized that those involved in state government were actually lower than those involved in municipal government.  Because I was out there alone and would go places that even cops wouldn’t go if they were alone, stories began to circulate about me.  There were as many stories as there were people telling the story.  All of them wrong, but I didn’t care because those stories helped to keep me alive.  Especially since I was out there unarmed.  But no one knew that.

I used to sit there and watch what were once girls but were now nothing more than walking pieces of meat for the degenerates of this world, get into car after car from dark to first light.  Sometimes they would get picked up and not return, only to be found the next day severely beaten by some maggot that picked them up.  There are many times all across this nation that they are picked up and are never found alive again.  But that is okay to the general population because they are after all “just prostitutes”, nothing more than subhuman pieces of meat on the hoof.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article about the poster I found in my file cabinet that I designed, paid for out of my own pocket and then personally put up in as many places as I could find to put them where they could readily be seen by all.  Here are the exact words on that poster:

OUT OF WORK?                                                                                                    NEED MONEY?



ENJOY a highly profitable tax free relatively low stress profession complete with the support and respect of those Politicians, Judges and Cops that you pay off with your profits, as well as the RESPECT THROUGH FEAR of the parents whose children you are murdering with those drugs.  ENJOY the THRILL of watching girls lower themselves to subhuman status and sell their bodies to degenerates.  WATCH with amusement as they acquire … spread … and die from disease, or even be murdered at the hands of some of those degenerates, just to get the money to give to you for your drugs.  AND you won’t need to be concerned with their deaths either, because YOU KNOW that the high schools and grade schools are filled with their potential replacements.  FEEL the surges of absolute POWER that will pulsate through your veins as the cops and other “Public Servants” that are on your payroll not only look the other way, but actually come to your aid and assist you in your endeavors to destroy human life.  EXPERIENCE the pride of being part of an ever growing army with one main underlying purpose, and that is to totally undermine and destroy an entire nation and its people.

STATE and FEDERAL government will BOTH assist you through widely media exploited, but overall meaningless drug busts designed primarily to quell the public.  As well as through the levying of low fines – which you’ll easily be able to afford – which in reality have proven to be nothing more than official and over the table dues required for allowing you to continue in “business”.  And don’t worry if any remaining small pockets of public resistance out there can actually FORCE the judicial systems to lock you away for awhile because there are no more prisons.  There are now only “correctional institutions” designed with your comfort and wellbeing in mind, complete with air conditioned environments, cable TV. Private channel television and radio stations, dormitories instead of cells, health clubs and in some cases even swimming pools and golf courses for your relaxation and comfort.  If you yourself are a user as well as a dealer you will still have access to drugs which are brought in by the guards.  If you are a female and become an inmate the guards will be MORE THAN HAPPY to satisfy your EVERY need.  In addition to that, your OTHER supporters known as parole departments will do whatever is necessary to make your stay in these ”resorts” as short as possible, so that any sentence that the courts may be FORCED to give you, in reality don’t really mean anything anyway.  SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  There are literally millions of kids out there just waiting for you!

Were these posters at all effective in any way?  I don’t know because the beat cops were ripping them down as fast as I was putting them up.  Except for the ones that I placed near the various newspaper publishers.  They would instruct their staffs to go out and pull them down.

Nobody looks at these girls and women that have been lowered as far as a human being can be lowered as anything more than the dregs of society.  The walking dead that are nothing more than pieces of meat to be used for the personal sexual satisfaction of a low life degenerate.  Nobody accepts the fact that these girls and women were once daddy’s and mommy’s little angel, complete with curled hair and fancy dresses, dolls, heartwarming smiles and laughter.  After all, nobody put a gun to their heads and forced them to become what they are.

That’s how sick this nation has become.  Although there are so very many of them that have actually been kidnapped and forced into what they do, there are other “guns” that were placed to the heads of those who weren’t kidnapped and enslaved.  It’s called “peer pressure”.  An extremely powerful and potentially destructive psychological gun.  All the other kids were doing drugs, so they felt the need to “fit in” and join in.  BUT … they couldn’t resist and once hooked, that’s all that was needed to destroy their lives.

The “war on drugs” has failed only because American’s as a whole did not and do not really care.  Add to that the fact that all forms of media have desensitized Americans to the entire problem; it is very unlikely that anything ever WILL be done about it.  And because Americans have been desensitized the entire issue falls prey to the standard liberal mindset that anything and everything should be LEGALIZED.  Nothing has really been done to stop this particular holocaust so LEGALIZE IT.  People are now going to do drugs anyway so LEGALIZE IT.  More people die every year in car accidents (so they think) so LEGALIZE IT.  We are not supposed to be “our brother’s keeper” so LEGALIZE IT.  Those who fall prey to drugs and even those who were kidnapped and forced into it were meant to die anyway so LEGALIZE IT.  It costs this country too much money every year on this so called “war on drugs” so LEGALIZE IT.  We are all sick of hearing about it and it’s become boring hearing about it, so just LEGALIZE IT so we don’t have to be bothered hearing about it anymore.  We don’t care.  It doesn’t affect me personally so LEGALIZE IT.

Liberals are enamored with death and destruction of human life.  As long as it’s others doing the killing and they themselves do not have to personally take a life.  That is why they love the wholesale murder of babies through abortion.  They successfully got THAT legalized so why not LEGALIZE this particular form of destruction of human life and ultimate death?  After all it’s ONLY human life.  As long as it’s not their life why should anyone really care?  We just need to LEGALIZE IT.  This has become the liberal battle cry for almost any and all things that are destructive to this nation and its people.  If it gives someone somewhere at least some form of pleasure then LEGALIZE IT.

Years have now passed and my body itself is now breaking down due in large part to a severely damaged heart that is primarily kept working through the assistance of an implanted ICD and I can no longer even attempt to do most of what I used to be able to do.  But it would not make any difference if that were not the case because people STILL do not care.  Unless the American public as a whole could actually wake up and care in earnest about this for the most part condoned destruction of human life, things will never change.  And I do not foresee that happening.

My life has now changed to where I can only for the most part be politically active because the mind still functions perfectly.  I try as much as physically possible to attend political gatherings and meetings setup by congressmen and other politicians etc. and I pay very close attention to what is being said by anyone and everyone who aspires to public office as well as those trying to retain their already elected positions.

WHENEVER I hear ANY politician or would be politician, no matter WHAT office he or she is trying to attain or retain, even as much as INFER without actually saying that “we might as well legalize drug use” I write them off permanently.  Absolutely NOTHING else they say matters at all from that point on.

ALL politicians like to “claim” that they care about this nation.  ALL politicians on ANY level absolutely LOVE to convince people that what they are saying is the “truth”, when in actuality they are straight out LYING and only telling people what they think those people want to hear.  They are doing nothing more than pandering for votes.

ANY politician on ANY level who in one breath “claims” that he or she “cares” about the people in their village, town, city, county, state or this nation itself while at the same time says that drugs should be legalized is saying nothing more than “I care about this village, town, city, county, state or nation but I just don’t care about the people in it … I want votes and that is ALL that REALLY matters to me”.

There are those who support these politicians for that very stance and nothing more.  Even though they will publicly vehemently deny it.  All they need to hear is that this politician wants to legalize drug use and from that point on they will defend and support that politician to their utmost.  They will support that politician in ALL of that politicians beliefs and attempt to justify any position that politician takes on any issue.  But for most of the politicians supporters it actually comes down to nothing more than “I don’t care about other people.  I don’t care about the destruction of human life drugs bring about.  I don’t care about the fact that drugs are far more damaging and addictive than alcohol.  I support him or her because I personally want to use drugs and not worry about any legal ramifications”.  As I said, they will VEHEMENTLY DENY it saying things like “Well that may be SOME people’s stance but NOT mine … I support these politicians for all of the OTHER things they stand for”.  Those who claim not to be drug users but still support these politicians stance on all “other issues” are just as guilty of having a complete disregard for human life as those politicians and are just blatant hypocrites if they claim otherwise.

I did it by choice because I got fed up with all that was so visibly taking place, but I thoroughly believe that ALL of those who think drugs should be legalized should actually be forced to go live on the streets for awhile with all the junkies for at least ninety days if not six months.  I did it for a little longer period than that.  They should be made to see firsthand the absolute destruction of human life that is actually sanctioned by a complacent society.  They should see firsthand what happens to these girls that have been pushed that far down in life.  They should actually be made to see these junkies stick needles into their veins and not take their thumb off the plunger because they can’t … they’re dead.  They should be made to see the actual screaming and wreathing these junkies go through when they can’t get their “fix”.  Again where the females are concerned they should see what they look like after they are found brutally beaten (but at least still alive) by some maggot that picked her up to satisfy his own sexual needs.  They should be made to witness the beatings these girls get from their owners, the pimps.  But hey … we haven’t made any progress in the so-called “war on drugs” so just LEGALIZE IT.  After all, we legalized the wholesale murder of millions upon millions of babies through abortion, so what’s more human life thrown away?  It’s ONLY human life.

Everybody has their own political opinions and mine is that ANY politician who condones the murder of babies sighting “the law” as their excuse to let it continue and/or wants to further destroy human life by legalizing drug use is lower than the lowest form of life that can be found on this planet and I do not give them even a second thought.  I will vote for anyone OTHER than them.  As far as I am concerned any other stance they may have on any other issue what so ever is nonexistent.

I have personally seen the senseless destruction of human life that so many want to legalize solely because they personally want to be able to use drugs without any legal repercussion, and I cannot and will not ever personally condone it or support ANYONE who does.



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