I can safely bet that there is a pot hole in the road somewhere close to you that you have to avoid every time you drive down that street. If you venture that direction often, then you know exactly where it lays in wait to swallow up those unsuspecting tires which don’t know of it’s presence, nor swerves in time to avoid hitting it head on with a high impact jolt to the whole vehicle that makes you swear that you now have a flat tire or bent rim. Every time you pass it, you ask, “When is someone going to fix this?” But as time goes along, you have become accustomed to it’s ambush, so much that it’s become a routine in which you can now avoid it even at night. Since nothing is done to fix the problem, you now have learned to simply live with it and move on.

The options confronting you in life, in politics, and in living, have basically become the same… you learnDodging to accept it by dodging it, or you get swallowed up in the irritation of it’s existence, as there is nothing you can do about fixing it, only carry on.

I’m so perplexed by the inabilities of the general public today in their lack of stance taken to confront the current problems that has enveloped our lives to make living in the eyes of our God and the Founders more difficult to do with each passing day. Our rights, freedoms, liberty, and independence are being ripped from us like a shirt from our back, yet the majority seems to act to avoid it, as they have learned to adjust, accept, and move on, just like that pot hole down the street. The progressive Left, with their Marxist-Alinsky tactics, seem not to be having any trouble in “fundamentally transforming” America into their ideology of socialist/communist platform of how we all are now supposed to live. The tactics in use by the Left has so discussed me, and many others, that I’m surprised someone hasn’t shot these commie-bastards where they stand. Being a man of faith, I know evil when I see it, and these people are purposely using evil as a weapon, or as their tool, to get their progressive agenda accomplished in as short an order as possible. God only knows how these vermin got to become so warped and distorted in their brain, and in their thinking, as all I can think of is that commercial of an egg to represent your brain, as it is cracked into a hot fry-pan to represent your brain on dope. I guess something can be said for the progressive take over of the media and academia, because with those two in full Cloward & Piven overdrive, our nation has turned from a bunch of patriotic kick-asses to a bunch of pansy-waisted wussies in only a few short generations.

We have become so caught up into pass-time distractions, like TV, movies, games, sports, and music, that we are oblivious to the war going on under our own nose in the demise and take down of freedom and liberty of one of the last remaining nations that once held it as a banner to the world that oppression and tyranny will not be tolerated so long as America exists. I guess that has become their main objective, for if America falls, so will the rest of the world. The Powers-That-Be Globalists have very methodically, and very carefully, removed a piece of humanity from us one at a time to where we will not see it’s creation until it becomes too late. They dreamed of, created, and now they are harnessing the power of their “Frankenstein” monster to unleash it’s horror upon the citizenry in ways that repulse us at the vision of another Hitler, Stalin, or Mao subjecting the people to the darkest evils in which man can do to each other. Most all of us are for “world peace”, “saving the planet”, “stopping hunger”, “helping the children”, “saving the wales”, etc…, but at what cost? Does humanity have to sacrifice itself for a little cleaner planet, a few more animals, and a brother hugging brother comrades between all nations? I think compulsion has replaced rational thinking and logical solutions to problems that doesn’t necessarily exist to the extent as they are portrayed. Most of it is hype, and a way to milk more of our money from us to make other people richer than they already are.

I ask myself why someone needs a gazillion dollars to live? We all know that they don’t, but when one is obsessed with global control, I guess every dollar helps when you want to take down empires like America, Australia, Russia, China, and Great Britain. Fundamental transformation isn’t cheap these days, and the only way to get more money for yourself is by forcibly taking it from others , and call it “redistribution”. And if you look at most governments in this world today, you will see a common pattern of dishonesty, corruption, extortion, murder, embezzlement, and thievery within. The Federal Government is no more today than an organized crime syndicate of yesterday. Mobsters don’t have to live by the set of rules they create for others, they only have to make sure that their offers are never refused.

Obama isn’t legally the “Godfather” of America, but we (being the majority) accept him as one, even with all the proof that has been dug up in evidence against him. Hillary failed four Americans and our nation in Benghazi, but we accept her excuses, and never attempted to retrieve the hard-facts of evidence until after her server had been wiped clean. We allow Jeb Bush to rake in millions in PAC donations to be used, not in the fight with a Democrat opponent, but to make mincemeat out of conservative rivals. We let AG Holder refuse Congressional subpoenas, hide incriminating documents, lie under oath, and push the blame of Fast & Furious upon some escape goat intern. We let elected officials trample upon the US Constitution, we adorn race-baiters who want a race war, we let career politicians like Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, and Jackson-Lee to make millions from side-skirt investments that neither you nor I could get away with without landing us in jail… and these are just the a few of the players in this grand scheme of transformation.

We watch as we are frisked, spied upon, researched, investigated, harassed, exploited in false accusations, and imprisoned for our beliefs in truth, justice, and the American way by those who are as un-American as Valarie Jarrett, Soros and Hillary. We let bureaucrats push us down with their thumb while they live like fat-cats on taxpayer dollars in a life-style we can only dream about. We let our police force and military become decimated, while they are told to stand down when terrorism and crime is committed before their eyes. We let our bravest become slaughtered victims to a “set of rules” in the engagement of war. We let government expand like the waistband of a junk-food junkie, to spend trillions on programs which has nor will never work. We let ObamaCare become the monster we can never control, nor put to death. We let taxation increase, inflation rob, and the rich get richer while the poor get handouts that is making the middle class bankrupt. We let agencies grab our land, take our property, hold us in contempt, and makes us go into the poorhouse fighting to get some of it back. We let illegals and terrorists come willie-nillie across our border, then pay them to live here illegally, and with mal-intent, in comfort while American citizens struggle to pay bills and put good food upon the table. We let schools and universities disregard the “three R’s” in education, but teach that Common Core and communism is good, Americanism is bad, and white people are slave masters who only want to oppress minorities into submission. We watch as our vehicles are downsized into deathtraps, passengers crammed like sardines after being groped to fly in an unsafe plane, and coal/hydro/nuclear power plants are closed, while those who make these rules drive gas-guzzling, bullet-proof behemoths, fly in private Lear-jets, and use enough power on their own home to light a small community. We watch as those who speak the truth get arrested, beaten, or killed, while no one is ever held accountable, and the real criminals of America walk scot-free in praise for their sacrifice to a better world order. And this is only a fraction of what we let them get by with as we do nothing to stop their actions and reactions against those who only wish to live as God and the Framers designed.

As with the pot hole in the road, we dodge it when it’s passed, bitch about it as nobody’s doing anything to fix it, then go on our merry way as it becomes a lost memory over our daily lives of existence to simply make ends meet. Are we defenseless against this “transformation” that has taken place? Far from it, but we have no leaders to take the baton to start the symphony who can survive the onslaught of Leftist spit Surrenderand demigodal hate. We have become cowards by their oppression, silenced by their tyranny, and spectators to their re-construction. We have become accustom to their change, as we have begun to learn to living with it. For, when no force opposes this transformation, it will continue until it is completed. When no one arrests the guilty, then only the innocent gets condemned. When their cry has become louder than our moans, then few will hear our pain, but welcome their victories.

The Left has a plan of action, a course for defeat, and a road map for the journey ahead. We sit dumbfound of what to do, where to go, and who to look to in our support. We want what we had to be returned, but the future is not in the past, but what we make of the present… and today, the present no longer rests within our hand of fate until we wrestle it away. We know what is coming if we do nothing, and yet sit in wonder when the same avenues we venture finds it being dead-end. We can no longer avoid the pot holes, as they have formed everywhere. But we can stop the traffic, grab some gravel, and make the road bearable to all who travel. Until we defy the odds, we won’t beat the odds. We must act instead of react. Until we hold the reigns, the cart will continue to head in the direction it’s going. We must begin to unite, as our cause is common, but our delivery isn’t divided. We can no longer accept compromise, nor be silenced by plutocratic rules. The Left is getting what they want because the squeakiest wheel gets oiled first. We can become louder, we can become stronger, and we can endureFailing America 4 their onslaught of vicissitudal attacks, only when we stop the flow of traffic and fix the pot hole before us, as quickly as possible, before a carnage develops before us, can we again restore a smooth drive to our destination, to give America her freedom and liberty returned into her hands where it truly belongs, instead of learning to live with tyranny and oppression under a progressive New World Order.

Thank you for your support.

Written By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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