LAWS only apply to the RULED


LAWS only apply to the RULED.

It has been claimed that ‘laws’ were originally an extension of ‘morality’.   Well THAT may have been true of SOME laws created a long time ago, but ‘laws’ are now far from extensions of any form of morality.   In FACT in America alone, “laws” now exist that actually PROTECT and thus ensure the PROMOTION of IMMORALITY.   And THOSE ‘LAWS’ that protect and promote immorality are stretched well beyond the limits of rational thinking by leftist judges when cases appear before them that fall under the protection of immorality.

“Laws’ created by rulers, and in the case of America’s government, the singular ruling political party of America’s actual owners, have for generations now been nothing less than over-reaching extensions of suppressive rule over the populace.   They have one purpose and one purpose only which is to solidify oppressive control over many by a select few.

There are now so very many laws in existence on all levels of government nationwide that almost no one involved in “upholding” laws even knows what most of those laws are.   So, they very selectively enforce only a few such laws that specifically benefit their municipality, state, national, or where politics is concerned, their side of the singular ruling political party of America’s owners.

On the national level, laws that were created to protect this nation from those whose ideology is centered on conquest are quite well known but openly ignored.   As in the case of muslim conquest.   There was a law passed in the 1950’s that prohibited muslims from being allowed to immigrate to America unless they formally denounced their form of government and openly embraced ours.

When our owners first decided to create permanent unrest in the Middle East, a great many muslims were taken from their homeland and resettled here in America.   This was done without any thought given to their accepting America as their home and subjecting themselves to America’s laws.   Later, when our owners’ had Bush Jr. outright invade Iraq, the immigration of muslims into this country was increased dramatically with no thought given to the base of their ideology which is world conquest and forced conversion to islam.   Then when America owners placed the very first ever non-natural born citizen into the office of POTUS whose actual loyalties to islam were publically admitted to by him, the importation of muslims into this country increased even more.   Congress did absolutely nothing to stop this and to protect the American people.   And when Paul Ryan was asked if congress was even aware that congress before them passed a law prohibiting the immigration of muslims into America, he stated that yes congress is aware of it and congress does not care about it and congress will do nothing to enforce that law and thus provide protection for the American people.

So those who create America’s laws likewise exempt themselves from having to abide by such laws.   Where government is concerned “laws” are only made for the ruled to have to follow, but not the rulers.

The same goes for those who are charged with the enforcement of laws created by the lawmakers.   Where those who are charged with the enforcement of laws are concerned, laws are also selectively enforced or outright ignored.   Enforcement depends upon whether a person is subject to the laws or connected with those who created the laws.   And where those who are connected to those who create the laws is concerned, law enforcement depends strictly upon personal political positions.   If our owners’ political puppets in their government are squabbling amongst themselves, like they are presently doing as a result of the national election more than a year ago now, then those in control will enforce laws against those they oppose.   At least the communist side of the party will.   The so-called “conservative” side are always merely limp noodles doing as they are told to do by those who actually control their purse strings, which usually amounts to nothing more than telling them to just “give in” to the actions and demands of the leftists.

Even after totally rigging the entire election process back in 2016 the leftists still not only LOST the White House, but lost by more than just a significant margin.   THAT is something they have not as yet even tried to find a way to accept.   Their egos were totally destroyed by the result of that election, and as such they have spent every hour of every day since, trying to get even with America for daring to go against them by waging a never ending war against the very first ever actual people elected president.

The criminality of the left has never been challenged since they were placed in the position of perpetual control of congress by our owners.   Sometimes control in the forefront when the destruction of America required their upfront status, and other times from behind the scenes when the so-called conservatives were allowed to be placed up front for a while.

But the criminal gang that was placed into the executive branch of our owners’ government back in 2008 was by far and without any even close equal, the most openly criminal gang to EVER have control of that branch.   From day one of their holding that office and branch they set out to divide America in every conceivable way imaginable.   And they succeeded in every way.   They had help of course.   The entire mainstream media was there to continually support them as well as continually defend them in everything they did.   America became tired of those criminals in their first four years so the most openly fraudulent election in the entire history of this nation was used to retain them for an additional four years.

Afterwards it was decided that the damage done to this nation was so great and seemingly unrepairable that all they had to do to finish off America was to place a well-known lifelong professional political criminal into the executive office, backed by a like-minded regime.   The media was assigned to issue almost daily totally phony “polls” giving her a 20 or 30 and sometimes even a 40 point lead over then candidate Trump.   The media relentlessly attacked candidate Trump 24 hours per day 7 days per week.   Women were hired to take part in the usual leftist tactic of creating false sexual allegations against their opponent.  All leftist comedians were assigned to make fun of candidate Trump.   And when the election itself came to be, as always the left enabled massive numbers of illegal aliens to vote in our national election as well as enabling all the other leftist voting fraud techniques to take place.

The Obama gang even got hands-on involved in the attempted hijacking of that election by politically Weaponizing the FBI, the NSA and the CIA and ordered the totally illegal wiretapping of all those involved in the Trump campaign.   Those in charge of the illegal wiretapping operation reported directly to Obama to keep him informed of everything that was learned.   Funding another operation through the Clinton campaign they hired a former British spy named Christopher Steele to work with his contacts to create a totally phony dossier attempting to create an illusion that candidate trump and his entire campaign were connected to and working with Russia to “influence” the American election.

The left had spent eight years totally destroying everything they could about America and actually saw its’ end being so close they could almost taste it, and as such were willing to do anything and everything they could do, no matter HOW illegal, to make sure it did come to an end with the placement of the career political criminal Clinton into the executive branch.

THEY FAILED, and Donald J. Trump became the very first ever actual people’s choice for president to be placed into the Oval Office.

But the left is just as shrewd and cunning as they are openly criminal, and Obama and his controllers and that entire gang had already preplanned for a possible failure, as remote as that possibility appeared to be.   During those eight years in control of the executive branch they were steadily converting hundreds of devout leftist loyalists from political appointee positions in government to career positions in government, which protected them from being replaced when administrations changed.   Thus they would be in permanent positions to continue the leftist agenda of bringing about America’s end even if a new administration was of a different mindset.

During those eight years the criminal actions of that entire gang were committed openly and without any fear of repercussion because the FBI, NSA, CIA were there to cover and protect them the same as our owner’s entire media had been doing all along.   Our owners’ congress would likewise back them up in everything they did, and should anything fall between the cracks and face even potential repercussion, the leftist dominated judicial system was there for permanent reinforcement.

January 20th 2009 to January 20th 2017 was truly the epitome of a “hay day” period for the left in this country.

However … the communist left, as much as those who support it would like to pretend it to be otherwise, are merely tools of the globalist owners of America.   The same globalist owners who own and control the right as well.   The pitting of the left that want America ended, against the right that want’s America to be saved and restored to the original intent of the founders, is merely a game created by our owners to project the illusion that there are two completely different political sides to the composition of this country.   Where the insignificant voters themselves are concerned, they are just the mindless tools who will for the most part anyway do whatever they are told to do and will believe whatever they are told to believe by their masters through their sheeple herding politicians and their media, which is now the actual central collective brain of this country that tells the body what to do.

When America’s owners and their managing establishment realized that because of the massive crowds he was generating at all of his campaign appearances compared to the dozens of people that Clinton was attracting to her appearances, and it was quite apparent that Trump was going to become the first ever actual people’s choice for president, precautions had to be taken to protect the criminal government ruling over this nation and all those associated with it.   As such the same establishment that had ridiculed and condemned Trump from the very beginning of his candidacy now began to pretend they were actually with him.   And being a non-criminal entering into the totally criminal realm of American politics, he would need “guidance” on how “things were supposed to be done” and just WHO he should place into his administration.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT positions that the establishment needed to protect was that of the ATTORNEY GENERAL.   If President Trump actually intended to keep his promise to the American people about ending the corruption in government by “draining the swamp” as he put it, then whoever was placed into that position could inflict MASSIVE DAMAGE upon the criminals in government.   The AG could convene grand juries and get indictments against ALL those the public was already aware of who have committed serious crimes against this nation and its’ people.   Criminals like the Clinton’s who sold government secrets to the Chinese and Hillary herself who used her position as secretary of state to make MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars SELLING POLITICAL INFLUENCE in her “pay to play” scheme, as well as actually committing ESPIONAGE while secretary of state, as well as a host of other crimes she committed.   And Obama and his entire criminal gang for all they did against this nation and ESPECIALLY for those totally illegal wiretaps of private American citizens which included President Trump while he was a candidate.

So very many criminals needed to be protected, so trump was told to nominate Jeff Sessions* for the Attorney General position.   Sessions was the perfect choice for the establishment because he was incompetent and very timid to begin with.   Because of his timidness he could actually be depended upon to not enforce the laws of this nation.   Also, he was well acquainted personally with MANY of those who would need to be indicted and as such would not want anything to do with their being brought to justice.   Trump followed his orders and nominated Sessions.   After another fake dog and pony show hearing put on by the left to pretend they were “against” his attaining that position, he was approved and America has suffered greatly ever since.   And President Trump has been placed into the very awkward position of admonishing Sessions for not doing his job while at the very same time retaining him instead of FIRING him and replacing him with an ATTORNEY GENERAL who was from outside the DC swamp who would actually uphold the constitution and the laws of this land.

So life continues on unabated in the DC swamp teaming with all those parasites that feed upon the American populace for their own personal gain, with no fear of being brought to justice.   Sessions is there to PROTECT them.   With Sessions as Attorney General, laws will CONTINUE to be only SELECTIVELY enforced.   Laws like the constitution itself as well as other high crimes laws will continue to be ignored the same as they were with the two actual criminal attorney generals before him that were part of the Obama gang.

Oh congressional “investigations” will continue on because they provide good dog and pony shows to entertain the American people.   And even more never to be prosecuted crimes will be exposed as part of the show.   Crimes like Wasserman Schultz getting rid of evidence as well.   But being stupid has always been one of Wasserman Schultz’ major drawbacks.   Unlike Clinton who deleted tens of thousands of emails and smashed cellphones containing evidence against her, Shultz actually had a Pakistani operative get rid of the incriminating evidence against HER and what she as head of the DNC was doing.   And he didn’t destroy the evidence.   He took the entire computer to Pakistan where it sits to this day.   You see, it now comes to light as part of these congressional dog and pony shows, that the DNC under Schultz had hacked into the congressional servers, and were monitoring everything that was taking place behind the scenes in the swamp.   A MAJOR hacking crime which could put her away for years.   But again Sessions is there, so there is really nothing to be concerned with but a little more public exposure.   And public exposure is meaningless to these criminals because they regard the American people as stupid and unable to do anything about the crimes they commit.   And sadly she and the rest of those vermin are correct.

Laws in America will continue to be only selectively enforced.  They will continue to apply ONLY to the ruled and not to the rulers.  And it will NEVER change because Americans will do absolutely NOTHING to change it.  The vast majority of them will continue to genuflect to their owners the same as the establishment puppets do.  The difference is, the people themselves will never realize any personal benefit by serving their masters.  They will do as they always do which is what their masters’ media and their totally indoctrinated peers convince them to do.   Meanwhile and as always those in the establishment that is appointed to rule over them continue to get richer and richer.

Lady Justice may be blind but her pockets have been filled and her scale is tipped in favor of those who do the filling.


*Another article pertaining to Sessions is: Appeasement gets a Sessions 



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