It’s Time to Start THINKING FOR OURSELVES Again.

AMERICA has now been totally conditioned into being a country that ONLY THINKS IN MASS.  As such and in reality it has been conditioned into becoming a society where the vast majority of the citizens for the most part do not think at all.  THAT particular tedious task has been willingly taken care of FOR them by those who own and control the entire Media that Americans take their primary life directions from, as well as ownership and control of the government that some follow blindly and others only whine and complain about.

The founders of America did not have Mass Media to aid them and rely upon.  They had no television, no radio, no telephone or telegraph.  News publications were small and in very confined areas. Information as to what was taking place was for the most part spread via travelers.  At that point in American history the people had no choice but to actually think for themselves.  And they did it daily and successfully.

Founding Fathers in Conference 3The founders of America did not all decide at the same exact point in time to get together and declare their Independence from Great Britain.  There was no mass Media to orchestrate the thought process of the masses and generate a mass “hoorah let’s DO this” movement.  The way it actually occurred was a few people discussing in the privacy of their own homes what could possibly be done about the tyranny of the Government that ruled over them.  From those who participated in those home discussions other meetings began to take place in yet more homes, and then taverns and road houses etc.   From those home meetings the seeds of Independence began to grow and those seeds were spread from home to home, tavern to tavern, road house to road house until they had spread and began to grow throughout the original colonies.

Every single one of those meetings that took place contained people who thought for themselves.  Some became in favor of independence while others opposed it.  But everyone voiced their own personal opinion.

America’s government is now under complete control of the financial globalists.  They literally own and control all three branches of America’s government.   They own and control what used to be the two major political parties in this nation that now because of  their control are in essence actually ONE political party divided into two sections to create the illusion of separate parties.  Because of that, what is now taking place in America under their ownership is not unlike the oppression the colonists faced under the British government.  In fact in so very many ways it’s actually far worse.

This government of the owners has now intruded into every single aspect of the lives of the American citizenry.  There is literally nothing that Americans can do that is not governed by restrictions.

This government of the owners has made claim to all of the air, water and land in this nation. They have continuously and through all forms of the Media they own put forth the message that THEY are now in control with absolute and irrevocable authority over the populace.  Bureaucracy after bureaucracy has been setup to crisscross with multiple laws every square inch of this nation.  Land is being seized from its rightful occupants in ever increasing occurrences through the abuse of the “law of eminent domain”.  I use the term ‘occupants’ because with the singular exception of only one county in the state of Texas, the government claims ownership of ALL of the land in this nation.  Thus they are able to get away with not only taxing it but taking it away from those who occupy it.  Two of the most recent examples of which are the Bundy Ranch and the couple in Colorado.  Harry Reid and his son decided they wanted the land Bundy’s cattle grazed on for a section of their solar energy business, and being that the government claimed “ownership” of the land and Reid is one of the current primary puppets of the actual owners of America’s government, he felt he could just take control of that land at will.  However … Bundy stood his ground and a very tense standoff began with people from all over America siding with and physically coming to Bundy’s aid.  The owners ‘Bureau of Land Management’ backed down (at least for the time being).  The couple in Colorado was not as temporarily fortunate.  They gave in and lost their land claiming “we can’t fight the government … it’s just too big and powerful”.  That statement of theirs was immediately picked up on and the governments’ owners immediately put that statement out to the entire nation via the Media that they ALSO own and control in order to get people to understand that the citizens of this nation do not stand any REAL chance against the owners.  And unless things change in America the way that it is today … they may very well be correct.

The colonists who formed this nation were not solely obsessed with a tea tax as the leftist controlled education in America now tries to put forth in their rewriting of American history.  What the colonists were obsessed with was being taxed at all without being duly represented as a group in the British government.  If they had been represented, there very possibly would never have been a revolution and we quite probably would still be a part of Great Britain.

We have now become a nation that is overly taxed in every conceivable way and we are once again in reality actually being taxed without representation.  Oh we have “representatives” in government.  America’s founders set this nation up so that we would always have representatives in government.  That was setup to make sure that government never got too big and too powerful and too overbearing and abusive.  But those “representatives” in government are no longer OF THE PEOPLE.   Americans themselves gave up on all of that.  The founders on a great many occasions WARNED Americans to NEVER align themselves with privately created political parties.   Because MOST political parties are created by a private group of people who have a private agenda, but NEED to be in a controlling position in government to realize their agendas.  The privately created political party was the perfect way to get around the protections the founders instituted for this nation in its Constitution.  If people could be made to align themselves with privately created political parties, then whatever the party did once they gained control was done as “representatives of the people” and therefore totally within the Constitution.

As all of the various forms of Media in America began to be consolidated, so were the privately created agenda driven political parties.   Soon enough with the assistance of the Media there were only two major privately created political parties in America. Decidedly different in their agendas but BOTH containing the exact same vulnerability… humans.   All humans possess the easily manipulated traits of ambition and greed.

Long before this nation existed, there existed a clandestine world power known as the international bankers.  They were for centuries the REAL power in the world.  They funded kingdoms and empires and likewise orchestrated the collapse of kingdoms and empires. They funded and played all sides against the middle, realizing Rothschild nothing but profit from any and all wars throughout the planet.  This group realized the potential of America, but the founders were very familiar with this group and warned everyone NOT to get involved with them in any way, shape or form.   But money can help frail humans achieve their ambitions and satisfy their greed.  The warnings went unheeded by greedy and ambitious politicians and America was officially purchased by this group back in the early 20th century when they were allowed to setup a totally private organization called the Federal Reserve where from that point on they controlled all of America’s currency.   Using their financial power this group purchased and consolidated the Media in America and purchased and consolidated BOTH of the major political parties into essentially ONE actual party that they controlled.  They owned the parties and the politicians in them and owned the Media that made the political parties what they are today.  This financial group is now the true owners and masters of America as it is today.

When faced with the tyranny of Britain the colonists began to speak amongst themselves.  They thought for themselves, they spoke for themselves and their thoughts and comments were their own, and not the product of mass indoctrination.   It started in the privacy of their homes and soon enough (for that time period) their thoughts and comments were almost in unison.  Naturally there were those who opposed their thoughts and even more opposed their actions, but just like it is in America today, those who opposed the independence seekers were right there to enjoy the freedom that was attained by the group that actually participated.

We are now faced with overwhelming government tyranny in this nation.   Far more oppressive than the early Americans faced with the British. But unlike the early Americans we are now a highly technological society with vast increases in that technology occurring just over the past two decades and more advances coming almost daily.   The owners of America were quick to not only realize but to take advantage of and utilize those technological advancements.   Using their servants in government (including the presidents they provided for the people), programs were instituted to spy upon every aspect of every citizen’s private lives in this nation.   Starting with the patriot act and moving on now to where everything on the internet as well as every phone conversation is now being monitored.  People enjoy all of these technological conveniences but likewise now fear them as well.   Because they now know that government is watching everything they do in even more ways than was visualized by Orwell in his book titled 1984.   Literally millions of people are opposed to what has occurred in this nation but are now very fearful of speaking out against it because they fear repercussions.   Many Americans talk of the need for a second revolution but technology and the comforts that derived from it outweigh that talk.   Because Americans know that if there ever was a physical revolution that they would lose all those comforts they have come to rely upon and quite probably most would lose those comforts permanently.

But a ‘second revolution’ does not really need to be a violent revolution.   It actually could be a peaceful and overall bloodless revolution ending with the desired result of the people.   I will explain why I said ‘overall bloodless revolution’ in just a bit.

Many people who have followed my articles over the years know that like millions of others I was parentally indoctrinated to not pay attention to politics and to align myself with the democrat side of politics.   But like many others I grew up and DID start to pay attention.   They know that I disassociated myself from the democrats when they officially declared themselves to be the American Marxist, socialist party in 1992.   I changed sides and aligned myself with the republican side.  THAT ended in December of 2012 after the republican side refused to contest the most openly fraudulent national election in the entire history of this nation.   It was at that point that I realized that there no longer were two separate major political parties but rather ONE party under the complete ownership and control of the financial globalists and just divided into two groups to create the ILLUSION of separate parties. Now I totally subscribe to the dire warnings of America’s founders that we should NEVER ALIGN OURSELVES with privately created political parties.

It is most definitely time for Americans to learn to actually start THINKING for themselves again.   People need to duplicate American history.   Like the colonists they need to begin holding meetings with like minded people in their very own homes.   No monitored internet and no monitored phone calls.   Just people getting together in the privacy of their homes to discuss what has happened to this country and openly discuss just how many freedoms they have seen disappear through laws and regulations passed just in their own lifetimes.   Then discuss just how they can actually and peacefully take the control of their own government away from America’s owners that purchased it.  Then people who were at that meeting should hold THEIR OWN meetings in THEIR OWN homes with yet more like minded people who were not in attendance at the first meeting.   Then people in THAT meeting should go to their homes and hold more meetings with yet more people who were not in attendance at any of the previous meetings. Soon enough there will be unmonitored meetings being held clear across this nation, even in the openly Marxist controlled states like California and New York.   Just because a state is controlled by Marxists does not mean that everyone in those states subscribes to that ideology.   A great many people in states like those are still loyal to America and its’ constitution, so a great many localized meetings would be taking place in those areas as well.   In each of those meetings one or two people should actually take notes as to what the group wants to see happen in this country.   Those people should be placed in touch with people from the group that are holding meetings in THEIR own homes.   One or two people from THAT group should likewise take notes and be placed in touch with others from other home group meetings.   Soon enough (in fact VERY soon) with just one or two people from each meeting being held there will be literally HUNDREDS of actual representatives of the people themselves in each and every state communicating with each other.

LO AND BEHOLD suddenly there appears a NATIONAL consensus of Americans who are still loyal to this country and its’ constitution to counter the owners’ absolute control of America’s major political party and its control of government.   FROM those groups will appear people who want to do more than just talk.  They are the ones who will be willing to run for political office as actual representatives of the people themselves if the people themselves will actually help them get elected.

The TEA Party was started this way and it now exists in every state in the nation.  The potential POWER of the TEA Party is well recognized by the open hatred that is expressed for it by the owners of America’s major political party.  They have BOTH sides of their party (the democrat side AND the republican side) attack the TEA Party on a regular basis as well as continually attack it via their owned and controlled American Media.  They ATTACK the TEA Party because they FEAR the TEA Party.  The owners realize that their hold on America’s government is at its’ best a FRAGILE hold. THEY fear the people so they do their best to strike FEAR INTO THE PEOPLE in an attempt to maintain their hold on the government. Liberal socialists also hate the TEA Party and they hate it with a passion.  They have NO IDEA whatsoever as to WHY they hate it, because liberalism truly IS a mental disorder and was PROVEN medically to be exactly that.   Liberals do not think. Their entire existence is based on emotion and nothing more than that.   So they take their complete political direction in life from their Marxist masters who are very skilled at manipulating that emotion and maintaining it in the direction they want it to go.

The TEA Party however was not created to be an actual political party. It was setup as a conservative ideology dedicated to less taxation and smaller government with far less intrusion into the lives of the American citizens. Two principals America’s owners hate and fear. BOTH of those result in the owners losing control over the populace. The TEA Party has no actual leaders because those that organized it know how anyone involved in politics can be personally attacked and slandered into complete ruin. In that respect those that organized it have shown that they don’t personally have the backbone to stand up to the America’s owners. But MILLIONS of Americans have aligned themselves with the TEA Party ideology and ALL that really needs to be done is to organize those people with others who ALSO still believe in America and CREATE a political party totally free of special interests (which in reality means corruption) that is truly OF … BY and FOR the people.

THIS is how America’s second revolution COULD and SHOULD take place. I said earlier that it would be an overall bloodless revolution.  The reason I said that is because it IS possible that some may actually die.  Many people are afraid to enter politics because they have seen that the owners will actually kill those who dare to oppose them. Not just those who oppose THEM personally, but eliminate those who oppose any of their puppets who they have placed into political office as well.  To totalitarians, FEAR is a necessary and effective tool which they will readily inject into society to maintain their control over it.   Overall Americans are fearful of dying. Many people say ‘I will place my life on the line for my country’, but for them that doesn’t mean as much when they see that it may actually happen. That is why most of those willing to run for office should be military veterans.  They already know what it is like to actually place your life on the line for real and as such their willingness to serve is real.   Besides, if we had a vast majority of military veterans in office it could pretty much be guaranteed that this nation would no longer involve itself in meaningless and seemingly endless wars for no real purpose to the American people, as we have seen take place over the past five decades.

So the answer to taking this country away from those who have purchased it and now control every aspect of it is to begin as the colonists did.   Begin immediately to have in person discussions in your homes with friends and relatives.   Have one or two people inFounding Fathers in Conference 2 that meeting take notes and save them. Have those in attendance have in person meetings in THEIR homes with a different set of friends and again have one or two people keep notes. Devise a way for all note keepers from every group to get and stay in touch with each other.   Keep this practice continually moving and in no time flat there will be thousands of meetings being held nationwide.   From all of these meetings will emerge people willing to run for office.   NOW setup a website where everyone can view ALL of the potential candidates and vet them.

The biggest indoctrination of the owners is that no one can compete with them financially and so people must continue to vote for only those running for office that are endorsed by and beholding to the party.   MONEY is not as great an issue as America’s owners want to make people believe.   But money and the effective raising of enough of it will be covered in another article once it is seen that people are acting in earnest to produce their OWN representatives for political office by having those in home meetings.

Even though Facebook is an extremely leftist network and even though they monitor all groups as well as personal pages and report what is taking place to America’s owners, it is still a major network that conservatives converse on.   In fact a great many conservative groups are on Facebook.   However, even though most of them started out as having primarily one unifying issue, the administrators of those groups lost control of the types of articles and comments produced by the participants in the group and as such they pretty much have all become essentially the same where people post anything and everything to those groups.  Making them basically not much more than standard social get together sites.

There IS one group though that is actually a new group which has been setup strictly for people who have learned the folly of wasting their precious votes on anyone who is associated with either side of what is now America’s ONE major political party under the complete control of America’s owners.  These people are very interested in American’s finally breaking away from servitude to the party and establishing a party that is truly OF … BY and FOR the people.   It’s at least a place for people to start looking for ways to successfully setup in person home groups and what they could discuss in those home meetings.

It’s an OPEN group for the time being which means that anyone still loyal to America and its’ Constitution can join the group and participate in discussions.

That group on Facebook is called — TO RESTORE AMERICA — if anyone would care to check it out. Americans can either begin now and in earnest to free themselvesRockefeller from those who purchased and now own America, and return this nation to being the nation the founders set it up to be … or they can continue on the path they are now on toward the unopposed destruction of the nation and its merger with the rest of the targeted countries into being just a territory under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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    Hi, Tony. Another great article! Have shared it with several today. Very diverse group from DHS/ICE to retired cop … both served in Armed forces … and a PHD from Stanford here in this country from India that I have been de-programming all of the serious indoctrination against this nation he has been marinating in for the past 8 years! Since leaving the rarified air of intellectuals patting each other on the back for being the ”cream the crop”, he is getting one hell of a dose of humility now that he is writing papers on his speciality and failing to get published immediately! He is finding out that his ideas are being read by others who have no respect for the bloviations (my spelling) of the “learned” neophite, who has never seen his theories actually tested in the real world. The year since graduation has caused him
    to seriously question the sophomoric humor he once thought so cool and degrading to the “FAUX News” and the “TE A BAGGER Party”. Looking now at long last for a bride and seeing how his Indian friends and relatives here are raising their children and cleaning their homes
    are lacking or abandoning their Hindu standards. He is
    finally figuring out that standards and core values are
    amazingly important values to maintain, preserve and protect and espouse!!!! I think he is finally ‘getting ‘it. That, yes … the TEA Party has great value, after all. One down, Tony, (almost) millions of college graduates to go.
    Thanks again for your wonderful thoughts, thanks for sharing them with us!! I am not on the social network, but wish you great success on Facebook!!!

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      Thank you for your very nice comment.

      I wish you a great deal of continued success in individualized deprogramming of years and years of anti America pro Marxism liberal indoctrination. It is truly an exhausting undertaking because the indoctrination can be very deeply imbedded into them. Especially with those who were brought up in the public indoctrination system post Jimmy Carter. The indoctrination begins to be imbedded into them in their preschool years and continues on K thru 12 and further re-enforced in their college years. They face it outside of school in the so-called “cool “Media sites like MTV and especially in the movies and on deletion. Yes it can be very exhausting to say the least. So I most definitely DO wish you success.

      I actually got into the Facebook thing a few years ago when one of my readers asked me why I wasn’t on it… I originally said I didn’t know anything about it and from what I had heard about it, it seemed to be nothing but a potential waste of time. But … out of curiosity I did sign up for it and as soon as they heard I was on it, they added me to a conservative group. I posted a few of my articles on the site and over the next couple of years people just automatically added me to more and more groups to where I have now been included in more than 70 of them. It does have the ability to spread my work, so I stayed with it.

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