So, what do we do, now? In 2010, we elected a majority of Representatives to take the House away from Nancy Pelosi, but not enough votes to take the Senate away from Harry Reid. In 2012, we had the chance to gain the Senate and Presidency, but somehow we decided not to show up because another RINO had been inserted to run against the Commie-In-Chief, thus leaving little or no gain in the House picture of senateand Senate…. certainly giving another four years for a man who is about as American as Fidel Castro, and as Christian as Charles Manson. But in 2014, Americans had enough of Reid and the Demokrauts filibustering and shelving Republican attempts to restore traditional, American values and ways… so, we voted in an overwhelming majority into the House, and enough to toss Reid on his ear in the Senate. Now, all America has to do is to boot the Leftist totalitarians from the White House, and gain more seats in both the House and Senate to stop the erosion of America’s roots, restore our foundational heritage and Constitutional Republic, and prove to our countryman that this socialist-communist-globalist-Islamic society that we have been “fundamentally transformed” into does not and will not work in a nation created for freedom, liberty, and entrepreneurship.

It’s obvious, now, that our Plan A has been a complete and utter disaster, as Majority Leaders Boehner, in the House, and Senator McConnell, have no intentions of letting the TEA Party and Reagan Conservatives have a voice in any of the glory. In fact, they have helped in progressing the Leftist ideology better than what both Pelosi and Reid could have done if they had retained their positions as the congressional leaders of the Legislative Branch within our government. It’s obvious, too, that we picture of house of repsneed to come up with an alternative plan that won’t place another RINO in position to make a run for the White House, and possibly enabling Hillary Clinton to take the Executive Branch by default, should the election process go that far.

I’m beginning to wonder if our past nine years of “transformation” have pushed us over the cliff of no return into the abyss of vanquish and disparity? It’s certainly beginning to seem as if it has, because no matter what we say and do, no one is listening to the people, and those with whom we thought we trusted to reverse course are continuing in the insertion of regulations, taxation’s, and bureaucratic mayhem into the American Way to finish us off once and for all to literally move us into the brave new world of one currency, one government, one religion, one law, and two economic status between the have’s and the have not’s.

We played by the rules, we did it by the book, but it wasn’t enough, as the Left, who has totally overpowered the Democrat Party and has pretty well done the same with the GOP, has showed who now is in control, and that truth, justice, honesty, and the traditional ways have been removed and been replaced by a Mafia-style government that Glenn Beck has dutifully named Crime, INC.

As the sayings go, nice guys do finish last, and evil always wins when good people do nothing. Truth, justice, and the American Way has become fiction, now only seen in Marvel comic book characters. The NSA knows everything about us, now, and the DHS can find us in an instant to take us down. Our children are now spying on us, and turning us in for trying to live free and in liberty. Cops are being taken down and out, and the criminals are rejoiced as martyrs, heroes, and saints, as a national police force is being constructed to become another Nazi-gestapo arm of a totalitarianism regime. A military “exercise” is just days away to infiltrate Conservative and Christian groups, monitor conservative talk and movement, and poised to take them all down when they set into motion the SHTF collapse of our economy, government, and society. They have deemed Red States as “hostile”, as some congressmen and senators, as well as ex-military brass, have become very concerned with what exactly our White House is up to. As usual, nobody’s talking, and if they do say something, it’s nothing but bull-crap. Is this the “show-down” at high noon that is coming, as we have been warned of for decades, yet paid little heed towards? Is this the Cloward-Piven transformation that those like Saul Alinsky, Stalin, Lenin, and Mark created to move us into a new global order of communist style “change”?

America is more divided today than even before the Civil War or American Revolution. Even before both of these great wars were fought on our homeland, this nation was divided into different fragments, similar to those we see today. The wealthy evil goers had the money, power, and control, while those who stood for freedom and liberty were mocked, criticized, harassed, and persecuted. Don’t let historians paid by the Left try to tell you that the Civil War was about only freeing the slave, it was about control and resistance to that control. Emancipation only made it look justified, and gave historians something better to write about. Much of the truth about both the American Revolution and the Civil War, which should have been called the Second American Revolution, has been removed, purposely omitted, and changed to oppress everything they were fighting for. And in comparison in today’s modern Americanism, we should have been up in arms, declaring our independence, and dividing as states and people a long time ago before we gave up our chances and abilities to secure our freedom, rights, liberty, and independence. The hammer is about to fall, and still we snooze as if nothing is wrong in America other1 than a few rotten eggs and greedy people who need to be imprisoned… it goes much, much deeper than that, my friends. If you had listened to the Tin-foil Hat Club back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, we might not be in this shape to see the United States of America become the United Socialist States of Amerika, today, and soon to be living under some form of Sharia Law.

There are far too many inconsistencies and uncertainties to launch a full scale revolt against the American government. Besides, a civil war would be exactly what Russia or China would love to see in order to mop up after we send this nation, and the rest of the world, into chaos. We no longer know who to trust and who we can count upon. Hell, we don’t even trust our own neighbors any longer! Will LEO’s and the military take our side, or will we be fighting them because the government pays their salary and brainwashed them? Remember that revolutions throughout history were created to free the people, but installed a regime like that of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao who were simply waiting in the wings for their chance to overpower a weakened state. The America Revolution, and a couple of others, were the exception. But anarchy usually rules, first, until some order can be restored in all cases. Besides, the people’s time has passed for us to step up and step in to be in control. By doing it in the ways our Founder’s intended, we played right into the hand of those who manipulated and used “the system” by changing it to fit into their agenda, leaving us standing in the rain without an umbrella to protect us. The hand is now fixed, the deck rigged, and the dealers are corrupted. To restore freedom, we will have to send us back over 230 years to start over, and then there are no certain guarantees what we will be afterwards. Maybe this is why so many I have spoken with now believe that a New World Order may become our only option to save humanity, and the planet, from total destruction.

Doomsday Preppers 4Whatever is upon the horizon, the storm will not be very good. Whether you look at this through logic, common sense, or even Biblical, you know that it’s going to get pretty ugly no matter how it goes. I sense a lot of death and destruction, as the prophecies of the globalists in a 2/3rd’s world population reduction seems to be inevitable at this time. Our food supplies have been purposely controlled, as has our energy, water, and medical… how long do we have when it’s locked away and only they have the keys?

Plan B should become that we all get as best prepared as we can for what’s to come. I don’t have a clue as to how long we have, but if all the signs are correct, it won’t be much longer. As many a good scholar has predicted, I doubt, too, that we will see a 2016 Presidential election unless these powers don’t quite have everything yet in place to set the fat lady on stage for the final curtain song. In that case, we haveDoomsday Preppers 2 but only a few more years, if best, to get our house in order, stocked, and ready to take on whatever they can throw our way. Those who began to prepare years ago are that much ahead of the rest of us. We may have looked, as the “Doomsayers” were telling us, at a fully rehearsed play… it’s time for the lights to dim and the curtain to rise, as the last act of America is about to commence. Only the strong and prepared will survive… I hope you’re doing your part to become one of them.

Good luck, and God bless! Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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    Good article. But I would like to express a few thoughts.

    First off, there are no RINO’s and there are no Dino’s (for those who still claim to be loyal to America but stay in and cast their votes for the Marxist side of the owners’ party). ALL in the owners’ puppet “government” are assigned their particular positions by the owners. Some are to openly push the New World Order Agenda and others are assigned the duty of being OPPOSED to all of it. THAT is an extremely intelligent strategy of the owners because by doing so, they keep the far less intelligent sheeple of America remaining in BOTH SIDES of their privately owned and controlled political party that has retained absolute RULE over America ever since 1913.

    Second; there is no need for the owners and their puppet government to listen to the sheeple because they know that the sheeple take their entire direction in life from the owners’ national media, and their media only and always refers strictly to either the democrat side or the republican side of their party. In doing so they continually solidify in the minds of the already totally indoctrinated sheeple that there actually is no alternative for government other than either side of their MASTERS political party.

    Third; it isn’t that the sheeple “thought they trusted who they cast their votes for” … They trusted them implicitly. They were always, as they are today, and will remain for the short time we have remaining as a singular nation, too ignorant to realize that ALL problems in this nation were created strictly by BOTH sides of the owners political party and absolutely no one else. Yet the owners’ party has been continually showing the sheeple just how ignorant the sheeple really are for a whole century now with every election. Each side points the finger of blame at the other side and says “our side will fix everything if you cast your votes for us again”. The idiotic sheeple ONLY AND ALWAYS DO and as such this nation gets pushed continually closer to its official ending.

    This country has never experienced an actual ‘civil war’ but rather two wars of independence and the second one failed. But as I have said before, to the victors go not only the spoils but the ‘right’ to write and rewrite history to any version they choose. But we most definitely WOULD NOT survive an actual civil war if it came to be. In THAT respect, we are in a no-win situation.

    So the plan ‘B’ that you mentioned is good, but only about 1% (if even THAT many) are even attempting to get ready for it. The rest voluntarily choose to remain in an alternate mental state of reality and actually believe their owners’ media that life is just continuing on. (Reassurance is a weapon that is equally as effective as political correctness. Especially to a nation of totally indoctrinated sheeple who now firmly believe that if they don’t believe something then it isn’t real). So with every election the sheeple UNCONDITIONALLY VALIDATE Einstein’s definition of INSANITY.

    There actually COULD be a plan ‘C’ where the public wakes up and refuses to cast any votes at all for their MASTERS political party. But the sheeple would first need to break free of their psychological yokes of servitude to their MASTERS and the zeros placed at the end of the odds against THAT occurring go on for infinity.

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