Immigration is an issue that resembles the plague… everyone is talking about it, but nobody wants to go near it to fix the damage it creates. Both political parties have steered away from talking about this issue, since blocking immigrants from entering would hurt the Party, or those who back their Party with mega-financing. Democrats see immigration as a weapon to use against Republicans, as the “race card” of bigotry can easily be tossed into play. And, Republicans fold their hand once it has been laid upon the table.

Republicans also see immigration as a weapon to be used to point the finger of shame against Democrats for allowing illegals to do harm to American citizens, yet remain free to hide in the shadows to hurt another. Without uttering a single word of remorse or show a face of sorrow, they all move on as if nothing is happening, and that we citizens need to sit down, mind our own business, and shut the hell up. It is deep anger that now rests upon the faces of most Americans who have watched as little was ever done to discourage illegal border crossings, and with it, all the other related issues, because the people know that… for Democrats, it means votes… and for Republicans, it means cheap labor for their corporate donors. Yet, we voters are “racists” if we don’t accept it?

The old saying of “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” is very discretely used in Washington politics, more so than ever when it comes to this whole immigration issue. It seems that President Trump is a one man army trying to combat this major problem that stretches America’s security, sanctuary, and sovereignty to the point of snapping into eruption. If politicians really wanted to do something about illegals, the border, and migration, then they have had plenty of time to come up with some very solid, viable solutions. This tells us voters that they don’t give a damn about us, they don’t give a damn about America, and they don’t give a damn about the migrants who are used as a tool to make under-the-table deals, in order to make a lot of money for the politicians and their donors by screwing both the migrants and us in the process.

I lived in Arizona for almost a decade back in the 70’s and early 80’s. To most of America back then, this whole immigration issue wasn’t their problem. Illegals have been walking across our open border long before any of us were born, but they were few and far between compared to today. Most came here, picked fruit and vegetables, then took their wages with them as they headed home to their family for 6 months. Everyone was happy, even though everyone knew it was illegal, yet nobody said anything… until 1981, when President Reagan stood before Congress and America to say we had a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

What was a small, yet a contained problem, had rapidly expanded to place a burden upon businesses, schools, hospitals, jails, and communities. During the decade I lived in Arizona, I witnessed the dramatic changes that occurred because of the constant influx of both legal and illegal Hispanics pouring into the state, as Texas, New Mexico, and southern California were also having their demographics dramatically changed. Sections of Phoenix were being taken over by Hispanic “gangs”, as drugs, weapons, and sex trafficking became their main staples. Once quiet streets which you could walk down without fear, soon became part of a district that, if you were a “gringo”, you’d best keep out of… if you knew what was good for you. Country/Western bars soon had trumpets and accordions bellowing the top playlist of Mexico. Low wage jobs once worked by blacks and the non-educated hippies, soon found Lopez, Pedro, and Maria taking their place for a lot less pay. Landscaping, brick laying, roofers, concrete finishers, golf course maintenance, framers… any hand work, small equipment, and housekeeping jobs, quickly saw Hispanics replacing those laborers, because $5/hr was big money for most immigrants, as Hispanics know how to live really cheap.

The streets filled up with “low-riders” that competed at stop lights against one another to see which car could bounce the highest, that gave drivers a fun show, and the cops a headache. The local news began to run stories of increased murder, assaults, rape, and gang violence, showing most offenders to be Hispanic, and most victims to be white. Hospital E-rooms filled beyond capacity, and so did the jails. Local schools had to hire translators, as many children couldn’t speak a word of English. Road signs changed to become bi-lingual, as did documents and public notices. Instead of Arizona forcing Hispanics to adapt to Arizona, the state adapted to the Hispanics. Cinco de Mayo became as celebrated as the Fourth of July.

What really concerned me was that the government was doing little to thwart off the side effects of immigration. I saw it then as I see it now. I stated back in 1983, that if America doesn’t get a handle on the immigration issues, the issues will get a handle upon America. President Reagan tried, but by reluctantly giving amnesty to millions of illegal Hispanics in a trade-off deal with Democrats. Tip O’Neill and Alan Cranston reneged on Reagan’s Immigration and Reform Act by not funding border “protection”, not enforcing employers to “verify” Hispanic’s status, and by not reducing the number of Hispanics allowed in for work visas, and for citizenship. Since then, neither Republicans nor Democrats have stood in defense of that American law.

Not until President Trump has a single president tried to close the border or stop the flow of illegals coming into America. Many have wanted to give amnesty to the ones already here, but that has only encouraged more to come across the border illegally. Since Reagan, cartels have set up shop in America, allowing the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and women. Illegals kill thousands each year in DUI accidents, as assaults, rape, robbery, and murder have gone up 300 percent since the IRA went into effect. Diseases that once were eradicated are now making a comeback.

Today, we have mayors and even governors seeking sanctuary for any immigrant in order to protect them from any government deportation, regardless of their status… regardless of their crimes. They have basically told Trump and the feds to take a hike. They refuse to abide by the laws of this nation, because they don’t believe in them, nor in this administration.

As you read this, a caravan of over 7,000 “migrants” (and growing by the hundreds each day) from Central and South America is snaking through Mexico in order to crash America’s borders. To the Democrats and the Left, they are “refugees” who are fleeing their homeland of tyranny and oppression. They have no jobs, no food, no medicine, as crime has ravaged the land to remove any freedom or liberty they had. To Trump and us patriots, we see it as an invasion that must be met with force at the border’s edge, if needed. Not a single one should be allowed to enter into our sovereignty. Because of liberal judges and Left-wing courts, all they need to do is step one foot in and request asylum from being persecuted. We have no option but to let them in, and to take care of their every need.

What this will create is a Cloward-Piven effect of overwhelming our systems in order to crash the systems. The Democrats, who hope to regain power this election cycle, plan to revise the whole immigration and border problem by disregarding that there is any problem at all, and to let immigrants come and go as they please without anyone stopping them. Can you see mass chaos and mayhem in the near future if this is allowed?
Although there is speculation and no verification other than someone saying it is true, we are learning that the Democrats and certain globalist money dirt-bags (e.g. Soros) created this caravan, and are financing their journey in order to disrupt the election, create a “no-win” scandal for Trump, and put a tailspin upon the fast improving economy in order to reverse it. We have pretty well verified that many within this caravan are prison releases, gang members, and even Islamic fundamentalists posing as Hispanics. And if this is true, then not a single one can be allowed to set foot into the United States. Everyone must be thoroughly vetted from now on.

President Trump has vowed to place the US military on the border, even though the Dems are already saying they will use it to impeach Trump when they win back Congress, as it falls under “posse comitatus”. The Democrats need to read the law, and read where exactly the Executive Power can reach. The president can call in the Marines if there is an “invasion” from those planning to do harm to the country, and even defend the border by force to prevent entry. Bikers and militias from every state plan to stand with Trump to assist in this oncoming assault. As Andrew Wilkow said on radio today, “This may get very, very ugly!”

It now seems that the Left is putting “we citizens” on the Right into a Catch-22 scenario, where we are damned if we take action… damned if we don’t. The law is most certainly on our side on this one, but the Left no longer respects “our” laws, and defies their existence with total disregard to consequences. Their media, their lawyers, their judges, their universities, and their “MOBS” will revolt and cry out “viva la revolution” if we take any action to stop the illegal’s invasion. As Tucker Carlson states in his best seller, ‘Ship of Fools’: “Our leaders need to be concerned about immigration, but they’re not. Instead they work to make the country even less stable, by encouraging rapid demographic change. With the enthusiastic consent of both political parties, more than 15 million illegal immigrants have been allowed to enter the United States, work jobs, and use public services in a country they are not legally allowed to use, let alone legally live in. Those service are allowed only for legal citizens. It is those who made those modified policies who benefit, in both financial and authoritative power.”

Carlson continues by saying; “If you grew up in America between the 50’s and 2000, suddenly nothing looks the same. The neighborhood is different, the neighbors are different, so is the landscape and the customs and so often the language you hear on the street. You might not recognize your hometown, or even your native state… you might not even recognize the country any longer. Humans are not wired for dramatic changes. They can’t rationalize changes at record pace, because it disorients them. It makes even the most open-minded people jumpy and hostile and suspicious of one another… it encourages tribalism.”

“Those who deny these changes are bigots, and need to be severely dealt with”, declares the Left. The establishment rulers no longer want a nation of European, Christian, and English speaking people, but a nation of ethnic minorities, immense religious pluralism, and no universally shared culture or language. They want diversity across the board, and will do whatever is necessary in order to achieve it.

It is by no accident that thousands picked up their children to walk a thousand miles in desert heat with no supplies only to come to America “for a better life”, all at the same time. They had to be organized, supplied, and encouraged. It is also by no accident that this comes now at a time of an election that will have consequences by which side wins. Once those immigrants reach the border, they won’t go home. And what is there to stop them, in short of being shot swimming across the Rio Grande? Can our border agents stop what we witnessed on the border of Guatemala, as thousands stormed the gates, tore it down, and proceeded to beat the “Federales” who stood in their way to death?

It is imperative that Congress finds the funds to finish the border wall as President Trump wants. It is also imperative that our law makers understand that we have laws for a reason, and that to be “a nation of laws”, those laws must be enforced.

Until bricks, steel, and concrete can erect a barrier that prevents access, Americans must use whatever means necessary to board up the border to prevent maybe tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from gaining access to our land. The Left can yell and scream all they like about “human rights” and being “un-American,” but if you ask the people, the MAJORITY wants this stopped, the wall built, and the laws supported. And if this new scheme of the Left turns into bloodshed, may it be on their hands, for Americans are only protecting their homeland from invaders who plan to continue the demise of our democracy, and the establishment of a class of rulers who don’t care about any of us, just so long as the ends justifies the means to their full control, and our total demotion into serfdom.

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Written By: Jim Hovda



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