Is man himself actually a virus?


a sunrise

Is man himself actually a virus?

Has Anyone Noticed?

The sun came up this morning.  Just as it did yesterday and the day before and every single day for hundreds of millions of years prior.

The sun has also set every day for hundreds of millions of years.

And it will continue to rise and set every day to come.   Long after Americans have destroyed their own country and are gone.   Long after the Europeans have destroyed their countries and are gone.  Long after the Middle Easterners and the Africans and Asians and all those in the Southern Hemisphere have destroyed their countries and are gone.

The sun will continue to rise and set long after this living planet known as the Earth has cured itself of and eradicated that deadly destruction infecting it known as man.

When there are no longer even the most minuscule traces of man to be found anywhere on this entire living planet known as the Earth, the sun will continue to rise and set.

The sun will continue to warm the earth as each portion of it faces the sun, and the earth will cool as each portion of it ceases to be on the receiving side of that sunlight.

Vegetation will continue to flourish taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it to oxygen.   Plants will continue to die and decay fertilizing the earth to grow even more plants.  The cycle will perpetually continue.

The earth will continue to go through warm spells and cool spells and man will not be here to take credit or even issue blame for its occurring.

All things will continue as they have for hundreds of millions of years but without that deadly malady known as man to take from the earth without giving back.

The sky will be clear, the air crisp and clean, the land, the rivers, streams and lakes will once again be pristine.   Because man will not be here.

The human superiority complex totally ignores that mankind is among the most fragile of all thinking creatures.   Most four legged animals are more durable than man.  Insects are proportionately much stronger and more durable than man.   So why does this actually insignificant creature known as man continue to think that he is so superior?   Is it because he alone has the ability to make tools that he can use to destroy other forms of life as well as the earth itself?   Why does he constantly quest to dominate, or even destroy his own kind if he can’t dominate them?   Why does he continually pollute and destroy and consequently wound this living planet known as the earth?

Time itself is totally a manmade measurement creation.   Time does not exist universally.   But if one were to equate man’s measurement known as time to the universe, then in relation to the universe and even the existence of this planet itself, man has not been here for even the amount of time elapsed for the muscles controlling an eyelid to even begin the process of the blink of an eye.

But in that ultra miniscule amount of time that he has been here, man has emerged from the caves to building stations that enable man to live outside of the earth’s atmosphere and gravitational pull. However …in the process of achieving that level in his existence he has left a massive trail of death and destruction in his wake.  Which goes back to the question … WHY?   Why does man feel the absolute NEED to destroy?

Could man himself actually be a planetary virus that has infected this living planet we call earth?

A virus exists only to destroy.  Man for the most part only lives to destroy.  True there are a few things that he does that are not destructive, but overall man destroys.   He kills, he maims, and he destroys.  Not just other creatures and the planet itself, but his own species as well.

Everything that man requires to exist was here before man.   He feeds upon all that was here and destroys what was here providing his sustenance.   A virus does the same thing.

Man herds sheep and cattle to their destruction for his own purposes.    But mankind has always allowed others of his same species to herd and control him to his inevitable destruction as well.  Just look at all the so-called great civilizations that have come and gone strictly because of man himself.   Look at America and it’s now inevitable collapse which makes it next in line for the ‘once was’ category.   The inhabitants of America have (just like all the other great civilizations that existed) allowed themselves to be taken over by human parasites who then dominate the people and move the nation rapidly to its demise.   The Greeks; the Romans; the Egyptians; the Persians; the Germans; the French; The Asian dynasties etc. etc. ALL allowed themselves to be dominated and destroyed.   And now America.   It is almost as if it is self-destruction that was genetically programmed into mankind to mirror what he does to other creatures on this planet as continuing retribution for his actions while at the same time insuring his limited span of existence.

The human body as magnificently as it is structured has antibodies that attempt to destroy whatever harmful substances enter it. Viruses have self-protection as well.   But maybe … just maybe all of these deadly diseases that are now threatening man — such as HIV and the extreme end of it known as AIDS that appears to have actually come into being to eradicate the defects in the species, but has now been deliberately spread by the defects in man into those that are not defective as far as the species goes; as well as the newest form of EBOLA and all the other life ending viruses — are actually nature’s own way of dealing with what could actually be a planetary virus known as man.  Who’s to say with absolute certainty that it isn’t that way?  Although man’s massive ego will cause many to claim otherwise.

In a very well read article that I published a few weeks ago titled ‘Have we ALWAYS been here?’ I included in it the entire and extremely well written article by Mr. Graham Pick who stated and with what appears to be truly indisputable evidence that everything we were TAUGHT about our existence on this planet is WRONG.

Well if Mr. Pick is as correct as I personally think he may be, then is man something that appears on this planet from time to time and is ultimately removed from the planet almost as fast as he appears, and then lays dormant until he springs up again only to be removed again … just like a virus in the human body?

After all the planet IS self-healing and when man has been removed from an area he has destroyed, that area will at its own pace heal the damage man has done.

So WHO is to say with absolute certainty that even with ALL that man has accomplished in the relatively short time he has been here, that he hasn’t accomplished just as much or maybe even more in some previous period; but being genetically a destructive creature had to be removed?   Who is to say with absolute certainty that WE are not a periodic planetary virus that develops at different points and that the planet itself will remove just as the antibodies in man will remove a threat to the human body?

This was just a pondering, but STILL something to THINK about it.

a sunset

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Tony from ignoredrealityblog.c
This is a comment I received from a reader named Marie who cannot get the disqus program on this site to accept her login. So I’ll post her comment for her as well as my reply to her. Marie’s comment: As usual…..I can not log in even with the user name and p/w you provided. In any case……my take on this Is as follows: I do not believe in mr pick’s theory or any other evolution garbage.I believe that We ALL were created by GOD… one else.God is in complete control of every Thing going on in the earth.Now, I… Read more »
Tony from ignoredpoliticalreal
Continuing Marie’s comments: Marie: Nope, he believes in evolution and creationist as baloney. who cares how old Artifacts are, or if fossils are found in rocks. That does not create a human being. The origin of man? Well, he has the right to think what he wants about the origin of man. I Know man was created by GOD…..the Bible says so. I believe what it says and That is ‘No Baloney ‘ my friend! My Reply: Sorry to take so long responding. I was involved in another conversation over on Facebook where I also placed this article in a… Read more »
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