Inducing and Manipulating Hatred


Inducing and Manipulating Hatred

Inducing and manipulating hatred is a focal point for radicalizing the democrat side of the party.

The Radicalizing of the Democrat side of the party has been a decades long, but not that difficult a process.

Do all of those who pledge their subservience to the communist managed democrat side of our owners’ singular political party steadfastly believe in and support communism?  No they don’t.  But do they steadfastly EMBRACE communism?  Yes they do.

Why?  Because to them politics is only “a game” and it is a game played by primarily two teams.  As far as democrats are concerned, the ONLY thing that matters to them is that THEIR TEAM wins elections.  Their entire political philosophy condenses down to nothing more than “Our Team Against Their Team“.

They know the names of the players on their team; they know who their team captains are; and they know each and every media cheerleader for their team.  But other than that, they know absolutely nothing about their team and their captains.  All that matters to them is that their team wears the democrat brand of our owner’s political party and they are NOT the “other team”.  Which in reality makes THAT part of their existence no different than those who pledge their subservience to the republican side of the party.  It makes no difference to the left or the right that both teams are under the control and direction of the same globalist NWO owners who are the only TRUE winners of any and all elections.

What makes the democrats embrace Marxist socialism while simultaneously claiming to be loyal to America?  Parental indoctrination.

What was known as the Greatest Generation in America is now all but completely gone.  It was THAT generation that was overall comprised of American patriots.  They knew first-hand what it was like to band together as a singular people to combat tyranny that threatened the entire world including America.

The Baby Boomer Generation has now reached senior status and a great many of that generation still profess patriotism to this country.  But likewise, as a result of leftist media indoctrination, a great many of that generation were actually converted toward the “America is Evil” ideology that the left continually pushed not just through their media, but through indoctrination by predominantly communist college professors.  Then there was the continuous indoctrination through the leftist tabloids which was meant to sway opinions away from Americanism toward socialism.

But it was still ‘parental indoctrination‘ that made most of the baby boomer generation who aligned themselves with the democrat side of their masters’ political party stay in that side of the party.  All of their lives they heard from their parents that they were and were to remain “democrats”, because the “republicans were evil’.  They continuously heard from their parents that the democrat side represented the working class and the republican side represented the evil rich.

Because it was THEIR PARENTS who were telling them how to think, they had no reason to doubt what they were being told.  Very few of them bothered to find out that in reality it was the democrat side that was the richest side and represented primarily the rich.

Unlike the generations that followed them, the baby boomers were taught to respect and believe their parents.  Much different than it is in this country today.  Now with complete Marxist control of the public education system (sold to them by the second worst president in America’s entire history, Jimmy Carter) children are actually taught that their parents play a much lesser role in their lives and that THE STATE is who looks out for and protects them.  The instilling of ‘that’ ideology into the American youth made them much more willing to pledge their subservience to the openly Marxist managed democrat side of our owners’ singular controlling political party.

To create the diversity necessary to maintain the illusion that there were actually two separate political parties; beginning with the turbulent late nineteen sixties; with massive support from the leftist media, Marxist Socialists were placed into all levels of government in the democrat side of the party.  The media billed them as “true Americans who believed in the people over government philosophy” and the voters in the democrat side fell for it hook, line and sinker because it was the media telling it to them.

Once successfully placed into government, these Marxists began to introduce socialist legislation.  The leftist media would then praise this legislation as something that was truly needed because America was “evolving”.  Then under the direction of professional communist organizers, demonstrations were set up in the individual states and even nationwide for the legislation that was introduced into congress, demanding that the socialist legislation be adopted and passed into law.  For the most part is was all passed into law and the rapid conversion of America into being a socialist country was underway.  An explanation of this entire process complete with it’s official term can be found in the article titled … Orchestrated Confusion.

Why was the democrat side chosen to be the catalyst for America’s conversion to Marxist totalitarianism and ultimate downfall?  Because those who aligned themselves with the democrat side have always been for the most part the least educated and thus the more easily manipulated of the two sides.  To put it even more bluntly, for almost an entire century now, overall Ignorance has been the primary unifying factor of the Left.  Coupling THAT with the always successful Marxist technique of instilling “jealousy” toward those who were successful, made them quite easily able to be manipulated.  Something they will always deny, but history has proven to be correct.

But make no mistake about it, the republican side of the party is quite easily manipulated as well.  Just not as easily toward violence as the left side is.  Because although they function to a large degree on emotion as well, those on the republican side do not function purely on emotion like almost the entirety of the left does.

With massive overall successes over the past almost sixty years to spur them on; with almost complete dominance over all aspects of the media; with almost complete control over the minds of America’s youth in the kindergarten through high school public education system, deliberately making sure that each upcoming generation is even less intelligent than the generation they are following; with almost complete control over the thought processes of students in the colleges and universities of this country by predominantly communist professors; and with almost majority control of all levels of government in this country; there is really not much remaining for the left as obstacles to the complete collapse and restructuring of America into an absolute Marxist totalitarian state.  So now the instigating toward ever increasing nationwide violence is the next step.

The 2016 election may have been the final stand of Americans against complete takeover and collapse.  The majority of this country chose the very first ever non owners approved person to be the President of this country.  He was chosen by the people over the objections of their masters.  He was chosen by the people over the objections of their masters’ establishment.  He was chosen by the people over the vehement objections of their masters’ media who did everything in their power to prevent his being elected.  Theyassaulted at a Trump rally originated lies, they created phony polls claiming he had “no chance of winning”.  They labelled him sexist and racist and someone who stands only for the rich and no one else, which are the usual communist labels used to attack someone they do not like.  George Soros funded agitators were hired to threaten and physically assault those who attended his rallies and the media twisted all of those actions claiming that Trump supporters were the cause of all the violence as well as President Trump himself.

But the left, who had enjoyed totally unchallenged reign for decades in their never ending attempt through all facets of the media to move America to accepting Marxist socialism on a national scale … LOST … and the American people prevailed.  Even though it will more than likely turn out to be the last time the people will ever again prevail.  Because to those who actually own and control America, Marxist socialism is only a strategy to be used for manipulation.   The left of today is a very unique blend of Marxist socialist communism; fascism and Nazi Socialism, and all of those combined make the new socialism even more powerful than the failed versions of the past.  As such those who actually control and manipulate the left do not consider the outcome of the 2016 election to be a sign of their eminent defeat.  They view it only as a temporary setback.  They are now coming back with a vengeance.  They intend to do all that they can to make the people’s president’s entire time in office a continually turbulent one.

Their media is attacking him daily with more and more false allegations.  They are demanding and receiving from the establishment’s owned and controlled politicians (who are ALL in on the fraud) “investigating committees” to try and create a successful scenario to legitimize totally fraudulent accusations.  They have their political hate mongering tabloids like the New York Times, the Washington Post and other leftist tabloids similar to those two creating false stories from apparently mythical “informed sources” in order to arouse the emotions of hate and thus driving the easily manipulated emotion driven fools in the democrat side of the party toward violence.  Those false stories are then picked up in an attempt to “legitimize” them by the leftist visual hate promoters like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, certain leftists on FOX and most definitely MSNBC because the ignorant respond more readily to visual stimulation.

Although it is the leftist visual media that is spearheading the national divide; it was a combined effort of the leftist controlled public indoctrination system and the leftist print media that enabled all of it to be centralized.  It was the sensationalizing of communist orchestrated riots, and the leftist media’s never ending push toward keeping violent racism alive and thriving in this country that made those possessing the lowest intellect follow the lead of other intellectually deprived and create race riots of their own.   It was coordinating with the Soros funded gangs of thugs to give special coverage to the thugs who assaulted President Trump’s supporters that in turn encouraged other low intellect fools to follow suit.

The entire left cannot in any way, shape or form accept the loss they received in the 2016 election.   Years ago it was decided that Hillary Clinton who has a list of imprisonable crimes attached to her that could fill a book (in fact those crimes have filled several books) was to be anointed the first female president of this country.  However … she not only lost the election, she experienced a MASSIVE loss at the hands of the majority of America which led to the uncontrollable hatred we are now experiencing from the communist left.  She was to finish off the damage to this nation that was stated by Obama.  Something she had no qualms about doing because she came with a well known price tag already affixed to her.  But it was not to be because the people chose their own candidate for the first time in over a century.

The leftist media was not the only ones trying to create national violence because of their loss.  The idiot that had been chosen to be Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, called for “blood in the streets”; Clinton called on all the idiots in America to “resist” the people’s President; Loretta Lynch (who SHOULD be under indictment herself) wanted to see republicans shed blood; pathetic morons like the one who calls himself Snoop Dog actually mimicked shooting President Trump in one of his crap music videos; has-beens like madonna, and mickey rourke, and cher and other idiots like that judd girl followed suit with their own braindead comments.  Then we witnessed the comedians who run late night talk shows displaying their stupidity as they likewise expressed their hatred of the President.  And all of that is in addition to the usual brain dead hollyweird leftist idiots who cannot resist showing their stupidity to the world every chance they get.

Then there was that special kind of idiot, Griffin who apparently has a pedophile type interest in the President’s eleven year old son because she has repeatedly said how much she wanted to pick on him, show her hatred by holding up what was a caricature severed head of our President.

ALL OF THESE and more, in fact MUCH MORE did what they ALL intended for it to do, and that was to cause yet another indoctrinated Marxist socialist democrat idiot to go out and kill.  This latest attempt of mass murder luckily failed and the only one killed was the Marxist socialist democrat himself.  But he did very seriously injure at least one republican congressman, Steve Scalise, who is not out of mortal danger as of this writing.

And immediately after the shooting, the same as whenever any Marxist socialist democrat murders or attempts to murder individuals or groups of innocent people, the leftist media immediately attempts to deflect the reasons behind the murders or attempted murders.  And other mentally impaired Marxist socialists who themselves were not physically involved in any of the actions, join in unison with the leftist media attempting in some way to put the blame for the crimes on the victims or the intended victims and the republican side of the party and even President Trump..

WHY is it ALWAYS this way?

Maybe … just maybe it’s time for those who remain in the Marxist socialist democrat side of the party strictly because of parental indoctrination to actually leave that side of the party.  Because it is steadfastly acquiring the indisputable stigma of being the party of communist controlled mentally deranged killers.  It is most definitely NOT the same democrat side of the party that their parents and grandparents belonged to.  It’s now a completely different side of the party.  And leaving that side would separate them from the group class that side of the party now fits into.

No that does NOT mean they should consider joining the OTHER side of the same political party.  Because those who align themselves with the republican side ALSO are subservient subjects of the establishment of America’s owners and masters.  The republican side is just not the communist managed violent side.  Those who would choose to leave should try becoming what our founders initially wanted the citizens to be.  They should be independent thinkers and make their own political decisions and not cast their votes for anyone who our owners present for them to vote for from now Marxist socialist democrat side or the republican side of the same political party.

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