In Reality There are NO Christian Democrats

In Reality There are NO Christian Democrats

Christianity in America is under constant attack.   Attacks by atheists; attacks by communists and attacks by muslims.   Those groups have sworn to totally eradicate Christianity from the face of the earth.

American has ONE major controlling political party divided into two sections, the democrats and the republicans.  BOTH sides of the party in their beginning were Christian based.   But now only ONE side of the party, the republican side, is even trying to defend and save Christianity in this country.   The democrat side is supporting the eradication.   Thus the final outcome might actually be inevitable with Christians again being forced into the shadows and meeting each other in secret.

There will quite probably be a lot of phony indignation expressed about this article from those who “profess” to be one way but live their lives totally opposite of what they falsely profess.   But reality is reality and the best they can do is continue to pretend that reality is false and illusion is reality.

As one who associates himself with no organized religion I have the luxury of being able to sit back and observe what takes place among those who do.

No I am not an atheist, because one merely needs to look upon the massive complexity of this entire planet to realize that those who think all of this “just happened to come to be” are so full of themselves that they go well beyond the categorical label ‘ridiculous’.   Intelligent design of this planet and everything on it and in it is actually undeniable.   But I do not align myself with any organized form of religion because to me personally, all of them have proven themselves to be nothing more than wealth, control and power seeking businesses trading on an intangible.

Religion in all of its forms has always played a very important role in the history of man.   Whether it was all the various gods of old that man chose to represent the various sectors of their lives like the weather; day and night; their crops; life; death; birth; fertility; war; peace etc. or the all-encompassing singular God that governed all of it, mankind always accepted that there was an unseen force dominating over everything.   ALL of them unseen by man, yet still granted reverence and respect.   Because BEFORE man reached a stage where he ordained himself to be the most powerful and intelligent of all beings who likewise possessed the power to destroy life and his own planet itself if he so chose to do so, man realized that he himself was only a part of this world and there evidently was something far more powerful in control of everything man was even aware of.

As such, those in prominent positions in all the various religions of old were actually deemed to be more powerful than kings.  Because even kings were fearful of the unseen god or gods they were told could destroy them and their kingdoms.   And those in the controlling positions of the religions were thought to be able to converse with the unseen god or gods.

Prior to the fall of the Roman Empire that controlled almost all of the known world at that time, a new religion came into being.  It was based on humility, love and respect.  It developed in the Roman controlled section of the world known as Judea and spread throughout the entire known world.   It began with the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth who would come to be known as the Christ.

The Jewish religion had long since become corrupt as all organized religions eventually do, and those who controlled that religion were jealous of the admiration the people had for this man called Jesus.   They deemed him a threat to their own power and control.   They had him put to death.

What Jesus of Nazareth originally taught became the foundation for the Christian religion.  It suffered many obstacles to its existence such as persecution and group slaughter of the believers, but it survived and grew to where it now ranks among the top religion businesses in the world and has lasted for well over two thousand years.

However religion is religion and man is man.   No matter how peaceful and honest a religion was meant to be at its’ conception, it is comprised of man, and all too many in the species of man have an inbred lust for controlling their fellow man, and religion is a very good venue for them to satisfy that lust.   Man also has a lust for wealth.   And those religions that grew in size and power also grew in wealth.

The original Christian religion that was created to be an individual bond between man and the singular God became a religion of wealth and power.   A business trading on an intangible and instilling obedience through psychological fear of the unknown into those who aligned themselves with that business.   A religion of massive churches and monuments; churches of currency, gold and jewels.   And a religion of power for those who attained higher positions in that business.   Hierarchical positions they created themselves to show the level of power each had in that business.   True, the business itself became separated into many different divisions with Catholicism remaining the largest and wealthiest and most politically powerful in the Christianity trade, but all fields of business have many different organizations participating in them.

Religions became the most powerful forces in the world.   Sometimes openly powerful, but most often behind the scenes powerful, where it could manipulate others in positions of power over a people to do its bidding.   And many times that bidding was quite sinister in nature, so staying behind the scenes actually guaranteed their continuance even when those they manipulated and controlled were no long in power for whatever reasons.

Religions crossed national boundaries but their structure was still political in nature.  They have their rulers; their semi-rulers; their under-lords and their localized controllers.   Pretty much like governments that have their Monarchs and Presidents; their governmental bodies; their governors etc.  The primary difference though is that in religions, it’s only the hierarchy that get to choose the lower level management and they choose only among themselves the one who is to hold the position of ruler that the subjects are to give their absolute obedience to.   That way their hierarchical structure is never really in any danger of being disrupted.

However … where all other matters are concerned, they are not at all unlike other politicians.   They lie to their subjects the same as politicians always lie to the people to get the people to initially vote for them and then lie to them even more once they are in office to keep the people in line and doing as they want them to do.   Politicians use pomp and ceremony to enhance their control.   Religions use pomp and ceremony to enhance their control.   Politicians use arousing music to encompass the people.   Religions use awe inspiring music to enhance their “divine spirituality”.   Religions although pretending not to … seek wealth, power and control.   Politicians although pretending not to … seek wealth, power and control.   Both groups are almost totally alike.   Except religions always last longer than political structures.

Disregarding all other religions and those that CLAIM to be religions, and focusing strictly on the business of Christianity, because it IS after all the primary topic of this article; it must be noted that Christianity once actually ruled most of the known world.   After the fall of the Roman Empire it was Christianity that provided order and structure to the world.   People by nature are herd animals and they need to be led.   The Christian church became their leaders.

Much of the original teachings of Christ were based on humans loving all other humans; humans respecting all other humans; humans placing the singular God above all other gods and above all mankind; humans wishing no malice toward other humans; humans being at peace with themselves and living in peace with all other humans and with all creatures on this planet; to regard life itself as a gift given them by the singular God; to shun greed and to not seek dominance over other men.   To name just a few of those teachings.

The entire concept was undeniably good, but it was placed into the hands of mankind to maintain and mankind is incapable of such a daunting task.   Christianity the religion became the universal or Catholic religion where under the control of ever greedy men it became the BUSINESS of Christianity.   In fact not just the business of Christianity but a power, control and wealth seeking business that became just as ever more corrupted as it did powerful as the centuries passed.   The corruption within that business caused the breakup and the splintering off of many other Christian denominations.  Denominations that were likewise controlled by men and as such the same desires for wealth, power and control came right along with them.

But over the centuries while not actually adhering to their own professing, all denominations of Christianity continued to shape the world based upon those teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Now, even though the atheists and the socialists and those indoctrinated in the public indoctrination system toward socialism in America, as well as the latest wannabe conquerors of America, the muslims blatantly refuse to admit it, America itself was founded upon Judeo Christian principles.    The founders of this nation overall were Christians.   Different denominations of Christianity, but Christians just the same.  Christianity in all of its different denominations was actually the unofficial religion of America as a whole.   We were a Christian nation and remained that way up to the communist revolution which began in the late 1960’s where our owners Media worked tirelessly to place Marxist Socialists into ALL levels of American government.   From that point on, Christianity has been under steady and unyielding attack.   Because those who want this country destroyed need to completely eradicate the only ideology that always held the belief in a singular all powerful God, and morality and the family unit in high regard.   Along with a very strong patriotism for a country Christians firmly believe was founded with the help and guidance of that singular all powerful God.   By completely destroying Christianity and driving it into the shadows, those who want this country destroyed are in reality attacking that God as well.

In reality the America that was founded under the original constitution came to an end with the War Between the States that is always falsely labelled a “civil war”.   Lincoln who was newly elected as president was faced with a complete breakup of the Union of States as states above what became known as the Mason/Dixon line were intending to join the southern states and their decision to disband the Union as the constitution allowed.   Lincoln and his group could not allow that to happen so he FORCED the south to fire upon Fort Sumter and then he ILLEGALLY SUSPENDED the constitution and declared martial law all throughout the northern states to keep them from seceding well.   When the war was over and the south’s attempt to gain their independence had been crushed, the constitution was never fully restored.   But it never really made any difference because the American people had already surrendered the entirety of the country over to just two privately created; privately owned; privately controlled and extremely corrupt political parties to control the country FOR them.   A surrender that was maintained from that time period onward.

In 1913 the country was illegally turned over to the private ownership and control of a group of financial globalists who later quietly purchased both political parties and thus became America’s actual rulers, while maintaining the illusion of there still being two political parties in absolute control of government.   When people began to notice that government was actually the same on both sides of the ruling parties, a new illusion needed to be created.

The communist revolution beginning in the late 1960’s under the guise of being an anti-Vietnam War revolution, was the grounds to be used to institute that illusion.   The communist were given complete managerial control over the democrat side of the party which would clearly show a difference between them and the republican side.   The Media then began to work tirelessly to place as many Marxist politicians as they could into government.   Mostly on the democrat side because of the two groups of voters, those on the democrat side were overall far more gullible and easiest to manipulate.   The conversion of America from a freedom loving country to a Marxist Socialism accepting country has been the primary focus of the media and now even the public education system that was turned over to the Marxists by the second weakest president in America’s history, Jimmy Carter.

Because those who align themselves with the democrat side of the party are overall less intelligent and thus far more easily swayed; and because they pay no attention to government other than wanting to see “their side” win elections, they were easily induced to adopting the entire socialist agenda which is in complete opposition to the Christian teachings most of them were brought up from childhood to believe in.

Regardless of what all the different factions of it developed into over the centuries, Christianity was originally founded to be a religion of Love and respect for fellow human beings.

Now, even though the atheists and the socialists and those indoctrinated in the public indoctrination system toward socialism in America, as well as the latest wannabe conquerors of America, the muslims blatantly refuse to admit it, America itself was founded upon Judeo Christian principles.    The founders of this nation overall were Christians.   Different denominations of Christianity, but Christians just the same.    The socialists of today can try and pretend all they want that the founders were not Christians and they can even label them as “deists” like they have already done, because attempting to change history to what THEY want it to be is always a tactic of the socialists (like they are doing with American history right now).   But it does not change the fact that the founders of America were Christian.

Overall Democrats have totally rejected love and respect for their fellow human beings that Christianity was originally founded on.   They now as a collective group openly support violence and promote racism.   Those their controllers have placed into government positions by telling democrats what to think and who to cast their votes for, are without equal the most hate filled group of low life politicians ever to disgrace the halls of government.  On a daily basis they promote racism and they promote hatred and they promote everything they can find that is disruptive to this nation and its people.

As a whole democrats themselves openly support and promote racist groups like the BLM rabble and the Black Panthers and others.  They openly support racist morons like that rabble that was led by the race-baiting street hustler Al Sharpton as they chanted in the streets ‘What do we want? … Dead Cops … When do we want it? … Now’.

The democrat side has now firmly (and quite probably irrevocably) established itself as the side of hate, lies, violence and racist discrimination.   There is no factual base for denial of that.   They as a group are the complete opposite of what Christianity was founded on.

Democrats openly support all the brutal violence caused by their severely mentally deficient human garbage group that calls itself ANTIFA.   Those gangs of brain dead vermin are the today version of the Nazi socialist’s Brown Shirts that Hitler and his gang used in Germany to intimidate the populace in the 1930’s.

The Democrat side of our owners’ singular controlling political party is comprised of a large number of Marxists that openly HATE Christians and Christianity as a whole.   They ridicule Christians and spit upon the name of Jesus Christ.

At their convention Democrats openly rejected having the name God anywhere in their political platform and even ‘booed’ the mention of the name God.

— From the Philosophy of Communism, Fordham, 1952 …. “Our enemy is God and the hatred of God is the beginning of wisdom”.   Democrats fully adopt that belief.

Muslims want Christianity completely eradicated from this earth.   The entire world that they had not as yet conquered was always very concerned about the muslims.  This nation as well when it was newly formed openly went to war with the muslims of the Barbary Coast.

Two centuries later when America’s owners had their puppet Bush Jr. invade Iraq for no legitimate reason and then spread the invasion to other areas of the Mideast, it rekindled the muslim dream of world conquest using immigration as one of their initial tactics.   Europe has severely paid the consequences of it and for all practical purposes has already fallen to the muslims.

Here in THIS country the democrats have welcomed the muslims with open arms the same as liberal controlled Europe did.   And just as the socialists in Europe initially did, they scream “intolerance” and the usual phony charge of “racism” at all Americans who do not want this country to fall as easily as Europe did.   And it can be quite accurately stated that if and when the muslims do become large enough in number and strong enough to overtake America, then because the Christian religion that many democrats “claim” to believe in actually means nothing to them, democrats will quite likely be the very first to quickly dump their alignment to Christianity and be the first as a group to kowtow to the conquerors and convert to islam.

The political platform officially adopted by those who align themselves with the democrat side of our owners’ political party now mirrors the communist manifesto and is in opposition to the constitution that formed this nation.   Communism, like islam has dedicated itself to the removal of Christianity from the face of the earth.   Democrats support both equally.

Christianity was one of the pillars that held America up as the strongest nation on this earth.   It was comprised of morality and decency and was what held America’s strongest group – the family unit –together.

The democrats totally supported all the Marxist attacks on Christianity and the removal of a great many artifacts such as monuments of the Ten Commandments, and crosses on hillsides, and crosses in public cemeteries etc. from around this nation.   As a group they supported the removal of Christmas from the public’s view, and they supported the Marxist indoctrination centers removing any mention of Christmas from the schools.  All done under the excuse of the actually non-existent “Separation of Church and State” malarkey.   But then they turned around and allowed the teaching of islam in the same public indoctrination schools.

Christianity believes in the Sanctity of human life.   Nazi Socialists, the same as communist socialists believed in the extermination of humans.   They did not regard all those MILLIONS of people they murdered as even being human.

Democrats fought continuously to gain “the right” to exterminate human babies and as such have now succeeded in murdering MILLIONS of American babies because THEY, like their Nazi and communist socialist counterparts, do not regard those being murdered as human.

Christianity at its core believes in morality.

Democrats have championed the cause of immorality in America.   They have championed every single thing the legal arm of the communist party in America, the ACLU, has in their actual charter that should be used to destroy America from the inside.

“The soundest strategy in war is to postpone final military operations until the moral degeneration of the enemy renders the mortal blow both possible and easy” Karl Marx. — Democrats fully support this tactic against their own country.

There are a great many more things that show the complete hypocrisy of democrats when it comes to their falsely claiming themselves to be “Christians” while supporting the opposite of what Christianity has at its core.   But yet they still try to pretend that they are what they most definitely are not.

They could be pretending to believe in Christianity because they are not really sure if there is a life after this one or not.  And they may actually think that if there is a life after this one that rewards the believers and punishes the non-believers, then their lying about being a Christian will be able to fool a God that they must somehow believe is as ignorant as THEY are.   But if there truly is a singular all-knowing God, do they HONESTLY believe that he is STUPID.   If he is, then how could he be all-knowing?

People cannot embrace an ideology that they are simultaneously trying to destroy.   As such there ARE NO CHRISTIAN Democrats.   Those who pretend to claim otherwise are simply liars and just their belonging to the Democrat side of the party is undeniable proof of it.

Then again in all honesty, based on the official political platform of the Democrat side of our owners’ political party, the SAME could be said about their actual American patriotism as well.  Could it not?