As with many of you, we’ve been through quite a few presidents.  For myself, the count is a dozen.  But at no time have I ever seen such contempt, disregard of the office, hatred, and downright anger delivered to any one of them as there has been with Donald J Trump.

Donald Trump has been upon the political chopping block since the day he announced his candidacy. His victory was a shock for many, so much so that the media cried, Hillary voters fainted, RINOs barfed, and wagons circled across America in attempt to remove this man from office, even before he swore his oath upon Inauguration Day.

Every attempt imaginable was presented to the American people to justify their “duty” to remove Trump from office, because they felt he had manipulated the election, conspired with the enemy to win, and used his influence to offset “true election results” to which they felt were in contempt of the American voters. In their opinion, Hillary won the election fair and square, and have tried to use her excuses as “evidence” in their justification for impeachment.

Every attempt thus far has failed, as there never was any viable evidence presented to vindicate their actions in order to proceed with impeachment procedures. So, the Democrats, and RINOs alike, felt that Trump will be re-elected unless he’s impeached, so they’ve contrived a story, skewed the truth, claimed false accusations, and found “witnesses” with so called “credible evidence” who will speak in their behalf, who will remain anonymously (What, again?… imagine that).

The ONLY thing Trump is guilty of committing is winning. He did the impossible to be nominated against very good potential Republican rivals, and then skunked the Democrat nominee in the Electoral College that is the Constitutional law in determining the ultimate victor. In fact, it was so lopsided that Democrats and RINOs tried feverishly to skew the electoral vote by bribing, scaring, and threatening those within the Electoral College to refrain from following the law in voting for the true victor. Even after Trump’s inauguration, they tried to use the 25th Amendment, Section 4, to find Trump unfit for office, and use his cabinet in order to impeach. The only collusion Trump has had with Russia is with his salad dressing.

Americans have been enduring this constant theatrics now for three years to no avail in Trump’s removal. The election of 2016, which was a scam from the get-go created by Republicans who couldn’t remain US representatives under Trump, and Democrats willing to fill their seat in order to swing the House of Representatives back to the Democrats in order to put the skids on Trump’s MAGA agenda, turn the focus away from them to reverse it upon the Trump administration, and to seek a means to find any kind of evidence, even contrived, to put the gears of impeachment into motion before the 2020 election to, if anything, make Trump out to be a criminal, to appear to be in violation of the Constitution, and an enemy of and to the American people… which is exactly what and who the Democrats, RINOs, and bureaucrats in Washington truly are.

The Office of the President has never been that of being a monolith. Since Woodrow Wilson, government has been an oligarchy of elitists who used the Office to mold government into this behemoth of power and control over the purse of taxpayers, and the strings they manipulate through bureaucracies to transform Americans into their puppet slaves. Trump has spelled out on many occasions that this is the number one reason why we don’t thrive as an industrial nation, why we are in unjustified wars, why other nations take advantage of America, and why poverty, crime, and disadvantages remain skyrocketed. Trump’s signature promise to America has always been to make America great again, and to do that he would need for the disposition of the corrupt, criminal-organized content that is the soul of the American government, and brainwave of the DC cabal. As Trump states in his book, “To make America great again, the American people must take their life back from government, and use their own powers to keep government in perpetual check.” Trump’s mission has always been to give America back to its people. Government’s mission now is to stop that by stopping Trump, and continue the progressive ideology of an authoritarian government by, of, and for the elitists.

With very little help from the inside of Washington, President Trump has managed to reverse the Obama “agenda of transformation” to place more control in individual and business hands. He returned money the government was siphoning from America back into its productivity. He removed the burden of regulation, and closed many loopholes that government was using in their pay-for-play extra-curricular affairs.

And that is why they demand Trump’s impeachment!

Washington has had a shakeup since Trump’s arrival. They knew he would be coming after them, closing their avenues of slush-funds and under-the-table deals, just like he accused the Bidens, Clintons, and others of abusing. Trump is after their golden retirement accounts, and to abolish the tools they use for manipulation to gain wealth, power and control. This not only goes for Democrats, but for Republicans as well, hence the total bi-partisan circling of wagons to protect their interests, and to cut off Trump at the pass. In the DC circus, Trump has few friends.

Trump has never said he was “one of them”, referring to the political construction of bureaucrats, industrialists, entertainers, educators, unionists, journalists, and Wall Street’ers, all who are joined at the wallet, but he has played many games with them along the way, thus his knowledge of their monopoly and the rules they play by. He has attacked them where it hurts them the most… their wallets. Trump is using their own rules against them, and they don’t like it one bit. He has turned the strategies of Alinsky, Piven, and Marx back upon them, and they all are now crying “foul”.

Who would ever think that you can be impeached for doing the job you were elected to do? Who would ever think you can be impeached for holding your promises to the people who elected you? Who would ever think you can be impeached for making America’s economy the best it has historically been? Who would ever think you can be impeached for doing the right thing by using your talents and skills to reverse the catastrophe America was about to endure, and by making this world a better place to live… that is for most… with the exception of invasionists, globalists, communists, socialists, earth wackos and organized criminals who seem to think they all should have the final say in how America must be ran?

And as 2020 comes closer to a close, we all need to stay reminded just how lucky we are to have a man of trust and vision at our back, and the only man who can possibly get the job completed to which he started upon the day he and his wife came down that escalator.

Written By: Jim Hovda


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