I’m Justifiably Angry


Looney lefties like Maxine Waters want to impeach him because he enforces US law!! That’s his job!!!

Obama never obeyed the constitution and his butthurt people are mad now that we have probably the best and most powerful President in US history! The WORLD hated Obama!! The WORLD prayed for Trump to win. Not just Americans! The WORLD loves Donald Trump!!!! He is the reason we are not in a nuclear war with Russia, disarmed with jihad against our people in our country.

It was happening when Obama was in office. He poked the Russian bear in ways most people don’t even know. He bombed a Russian hospital in Syria and a military base that killed more than 40 high ranking military officials. Putin knew Obama was trying to start a war so he could stay in office so he didn’t take the bait!!! Russia and the US are the enemy of the British Crown, the Vatican and the Nazi party!!

Russia, especially now that they are Christian and communism is illegal in Russia! The world has 2 superpowers. The US and Russia!! We are now allying again to take out the NAZI/Muslim Brotherhood alliance!! Those motherf#*#*#*s are over with and their voters are waking up because of our hard work for years!!! #Walkaway from the criminal murderers who tell their own supporters lies!!


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Rick Erwin

RICK ERWIN Self-taught historian, religion and news scholar. Have a genuine concern and respect for people. I love to study and connect the dots for people who may not have the time or the energy. To point out the obvious for people who intentionally try to deny it. I love studying and I love writing. Conservative, politically independent researcher.

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