Do you ever get frustrated with people because they are either totally brain-dead or just plain ignorant? I guess many reading this will say a big “YES” to that question, as many Americans can no longer battle their way out of a wet paper bag because they have become too stupid to figure it out.

I was talking with this couple in line at the grocery store just this morning about Trump coming to our community next week for a rally. They certainly wanted to go, as they both voted for Trump in 2016. But what they told me about this coming election may have been surprising, but yet not unexpected.

This couple is typical of many American couples today. They hate politics and the political war, yet steer so far away from it that they fall into the traps laid out by both Parties. Basically, they, as so many others, are misinformed, dis-informed, and uninformed.

Life is too complicated as is. Many have demanding jobs, demanding families, and demanding lifestyles, so getting politically involved sits at the bottom of their list of importance. This is what many politicians hope for, as a distracted public is accessible to easily persuaded to cast their ballot for the wrong candidate.

Most voters cast their ballot for the wrong reasons as is. They like one candidate’s hair style over another’s, or how they speak, not by the content of what they say. They vote AGAINST more than they vote FOR… you get the picture here. Most voters buy the candidate’s BS without verifying the authenticity. That is why negative commercials work so efficiently, because few actually will spend the time checking out the commercial’s validity. BS in campaigning has become an art form, and Democrats have perfected how to paint that canvass.

The couple stated they plan to vote for the Democrat candidates this November because Republicans can’t seem to get the job done. They commented that Republicans fight among themselves far too often, and that every good bill seems to get derailed because of a few disgruntled Republican representatives who reject the bill because of some small discrepancy that should have been worked out before they even voted on the bill. The gentleman I was talking with said, “At least Democrats know how to stick tightly together!”

In actuality, I can’t argue with what he said because he was 100% correct. Republicans do argue over trivial matters, and Republicans do not support one another, especially when trouble surfaces. They are quick to run away from a fellow Party member if any negativity surrounds that person, because they don’t want to get swept down in the undertow with him or her.

Politics is one of the dirtiest careers one can seek, as most intelligent people don’t run for office because of the mud-slinging, the depth that the media and opposition will go to find any dirt, and the cost to get elected, both financial and psychological. When a person tosses his or her hat into the political ring, they open themselves up as a target, just like a big trophy buck on opening day… and everyone will try to take a shot at bringing them down.

I stated to the couple that by electing Democrats, who may take over the House and Senate, opens the door for Trump’s impeachment. They both laughed and said that the Democrats certainly don’t like Donald Trump, but to go as far as impeachment? “The people who love our President will see that impeachment won’t happen.” And whom are they kidding? Are they that naive as to believe Democrats wouldn’t immediately jump to impeachment if they get the opportunity? Like a duck attracted to water they will!

And they can forget about “the people” doing anything to stop it, as the masses are so exhausted with all the political fireworks of hate, lies, and deceit that people are tuning them out and turning them off like the NFL. Even if everyone stayed home to protest an election, if only one person voted, it would decide that election. The people of America are so divided these days that unity can only be found in the bowels of the Left by those who seek fundamental change, and an end to America as we’ve known it.

Political assassination today is as common as drinking lemonade on a hot day. Some politicians even manage to commit political suicide, but the results usually only effect Republicans and not Democrats. The witch hunts of the Left are after anyone who serves Trump and the MAGA agenda. They will go after anyone associated with Trump who has jaywalked once in their life. They seek anyone who will protect their own skin by becoming the Benedict Arnold against the President, regardless of fact or validity. Lying under oath, also called perjury, doesn’t seem to bother liberals any longer, as their motto has always been “The ends justifies the means”, meaning that they care less of how they get the job done, how low they must sink, and whomever they have to hurt, just so long as their end result is achieved.

And that part is what really bothers me, on how people can vote for people who are unethical, dishonest, untrustworthy, corrupt, and inept in their duties, knowing that the Democrats have become the political Party of, by, and for everyone else but the people they are supposed to represent?

Do people actually let what the politicians do overshadow their opinion to cast their vote for them anyway? Look at Obama as the greatest example. That man’s life, of what we were able to learn about it, was stuffed like a turkey on Thanksgiving with lies, cons, and corruption. Those he associated with were just as dirty as him… and then some. We don’t know if Obama was even legit to serve as a senator, let alone as POTUS. None of his records aligned. His hands were deep into communist activities, communist sympathizers, and the CPUSA itself. His dealings with Putin, the heads of Iran, terrorist and communist leaders, and Muslim organizations, were way out of bounds, much deeper than those accusations against Trump, yet no one said a thing, and no one did anything about it. Look at the goings on (or should I say NOT goings on) with Hillary. She is so guilty of espionage, treason, and being a traitor to America that she probably has the soviet flag tattooed on her butt. Yet, because of her status with the elite globalists, the Clinton money, and her past positions as First Lady, then senator, then Secretary of state, she has remained free, and free of anyone digging into the truth to resolve the frustrating questions with real answers.

Politics shapes the planet, and our own lives. Some may be immune to the ups and downs in the political elevator, but most of us aren’t. Those results determines the productivity of our nation, the ability to resolve international crisis, the strength of the economy, and value of the dollar. Politics determines the rise or fall of stocks, interest rates, and the ability to secure loans. Politics determine the price of good and services, and determines the availability of them. We are tossed about the waves of restrictions, taxes, and rules set forth by political lawmakers, as the tone of the nation can be set by who remains in control, whether we sail on smooth waters, or forced to ride the storm out.

Our ability to vote is one of the highest honors of liberty being a free American. Remaining away from the voting booth should make it to silence the opinion of those who purposely neglect to do the one thing which can determine their future to be positive or negative for them. Those who never vote should never have the right to a say. Yes, we are but pawns upon a chessboard, but pawns do have their place upon the game, and if the pawn gets to the end without capture, the pawn becomes a queen that can move in any direction.

We all are busy, as I do understand. But to neglect to find just a little time to do a little research can possibly change the direction your life is headed. No one wants to stand in an unemployment line. Nobody wants to see their pay decreased. Nobody wants to put debt from one credit card to another, as nobody wants to lose the car or house to a foreclosed loan. But most like where we stand as of now in America after a decade of trials and tribulation because of Democrat policies. Most are back to work making more money than ever. Businesses are thriving, manufacturing is returning, and industries are growing faster than they ever have. The reason is because of Donald Trump and his MAGA policies, not from Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrats who want to remove all the positives to return America to the negatives.

And that is why we must secure the future with conservative candidates, as liberals have undermined the nation, the law, and the rights of us all to remain in freedom and liberty as our Founders created. We can no longer take a candidate’s word, as many are now but snake-oil salesmen pushing their “Cure-all” elixir. The test is now complete as to how Democrats, progressives, and RINO’s want our nation to run for the masses, as the result is that it ain’t a pretty future.

To make America into their desired order, the old ways must be destroyed while the new ways are implemented to fundamentally transform America into part of the global order, because the original design actually prevents what they are trying to establish. Agenda-21, Agenda-2030, and Vision-2050 can’t exist so long as the US Constitution exists. The United Nations has little power in America so long as we continue to have the three branches of federal government, which now has become four with Obama’s unification of the alphabet bureaucracies as a power of dominance over the public, business, and institutions, through federal governance.

You and I understand most of this, as we live in it from day to day. We watch the news, read the articles, listen to talk shows, and entertain ourselves with the right films, shows, and books that present the clear messages of right vs wrong, good vs bad, and pure vs evil. We bypassed or omitted the indoctrination-brainwashing philosophies that today manipulate which side of the road we stand. Unfortunately, many didn’t.

We care about the trees, but do not put the trees before country. We care about the poor, but not so much as to hand out so much that we remain broke. We care about trade, but not to where we always get screwed while other countries rob us with unfair and uneven practices. We care about the migrants, but want them to go by the law, assimilate, and to come through the front door. We care about war, but a stronger nation won’t see war by a weaker foe through strength, and never giving in to their demands to simply save peace.

Except for our lawmakers, we all want pretty much the same thing. We only have a difference of how to achieve them. But because of our lawmakers, compromise is off the table, and because of their collusion with the media, entertainment, education, and unions, negotiating is too.

We cannot let the fools and idiots of stupidity destroy this opportunity for America to thrive like it never has, which could last for at least the next generation. It stands before us, but so do the roadblocks that would plunge us backwards into the dark days like that of Obama. We cannot afford to let Pelosi and Schumer dissect Congress and the country for their globalist’s construction. We cannot afford to let justice play against us as it did under the Democrats. We cannot afford to let progressive groups dictate policies that are wrong for the nation, and that of the planet. We cannot allow political correctness to manipulate our voice, our vision, our future, and our children’s mind. We can no longer tolerate those who promote socialism, because nothing comes for free… and that is what they do not understand.

We are the smart ones. It becomes our duty to inform the ignorant, naive, and uninformed with the truth. They want to be lead, so then, let’s lead them where prosperity, bliss, and a better life awaits so that they can share in the American Dream, in the American Way.

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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JAMES HOVDA There are 2 things that are very important to me: God and my family. And I guess if I had to choose 2 others they would be: helping people to gain their financial freedoms, and the other is to help Americans keep their freedoms. I hate politics and believe in GOD, FAMILY, FREEDOM, AMERICA, and AMERICAN VALUES & PRINCIPLES(also Mom and Apple Pie). Want to make something from it? I also love a challenge!

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