IF … I WERE to write to President Vladimir Putin


Over the past half century or so I have occasionally seen appearing in the newspapers, letters that were written by American children to world leaders.   They were always cute little letters that would become widely publicized if and only if they fit in with the current agenda of whatever side of the party was enjoying majority control of America’s government at that particular time.

And I am quite sure that over the same period of time there were probably hundreds of letters written by adults in America to these same foreign leaders.    However … THOSE particular letters would never be published, and more than likely may have actually caused “problems” for the authors of those letters.    Especially if they were critical of the party and what it was doing at that particular point in time.

Well … with the entire western civilization now facing well-orchestrated collapse and actually experiencing that collapse at a very alarming rate, I will not be joining the ranks of those Americans who seek personal answers as to why events are taking place.    So no letter will be sent by me.

BUT … If I actually WERE to write such a letter, it would be to Vladimir PutinPresident Vladimir Putin asking him some WHY and WHY NOT questions.

First I would ask him, WHY are you creating the impression that you are TAUNTING the American people?    Why do you have your bombers deliberately flying into American air space?    And also WHY are you now planning on having your military aircraft make regular flights over the Gulf of Mexico?

Doing all of that seems to be a tremendous waste of Russia’s finances.    Because you are NOT taunting the American people.    Not only does the majority of the American people NOT fear you, but you actually have a great many TRUE ADMIRERS in America.

Although it does not appear that way based upon the present state of the ‘government’ in America, the majority of the American people actually DO admire and they DO respect true and strong leaders. One of which YOU most definitely are.

IF you are wasting Russian finances doing what I mentioned above just to taunt the present incompetent and ultra-weak administration sitting at the helm of America’s government, you are not accomplishing anything more than just that, and you are merely wasting a great deal of Russian finances in the process.    Because you are ONLY succeeding in taunting that administration and not the people of this nation.

The majority of the people in America openly admit that we have been without a president for six years now.    True, there is someone occupying that position.   But that person is the absolute most inexperienced person EVER to hold that position in this country.    He has been nothing but a complete embarrassment to this nation from the very first day he was placed into that office via the actual owners of America’s outright manipulation of the most stupid of our citizens.    He was placed into that position by the owners not just to do their usual bidding as all of the others have done who were in that position for the past hundred years, but was also placed there to escalate the ending of this nation and to bring it into the owners’ new world order scenario.

As you very well know he has made this nation the laughing stock of this entire planet to the point where even the weakest of this nations enemies are emboldened and possess no fear of any real retaliation for anything they may do.    Add to that the fact that he is by far the most grossly incompetent person ever to have held that position in the entire history of this nation, you can easily realize why you are wasting your time and Russia’s money.    He is in no way, shape or form a true representation of actual patriotic Americans.  He represents only those residing in this country who want this nation destroyed and removed from the world.    His understanding   obama as king 2of the position he was placed into is so pathetically twisted that he regards himself as an actual monarch, who is above all law in this nation and issues ‘royal edicts’ at will, which are in complete violation of the actual law of the land, the Constitution of the United States.    In fact, because ALL of his records have been sealed from the American people, there is a very strong possibility that he himself is in direct violation of America’s constitution.    He may very well be a foreign born person totally illegally holding that office which would actually be the highest form of treason against this nation.    And I am quite sure that you personally, as well as all the other actual leaders in this world already know the truth on that matter.    ESPECIALLY yourself having been a KGB officer.    And if you already do know the truth, it would be greatly appreciated by literally millions of actual patriotic Americans if you would publicly disclose that truth and put that very irritating issue to rest.

All of those Americans who actually care about this nation (as well as many who don’t) know that he was born of extremely anti America parents and raised his entire life ONLY by anti-America extremists.    He hates this nation and has hated it all of his life.  Where most actual world leaders spent their youth in service to their countries, this person spent his youth doing drugs and never even considered serving his nation in its military that he openly hates.

He wants to completely strip this nation of its sovereignty and has actually accomplished much of that task by thumbing his nose at the very Constitution of this nation and is now even getting away with personally granting of “amnesty” to millions who invaded this obama ripping constitutionnation.    And the reason he is getting away with it is because our “government” is no longer representative of the people of this nation.    It hasn’t been that way for many generations now.    Our “government” is only representative of the actual corporate owners of America.    But you already know that.    You also already know that he is the greatest ally of any and all who want America destroyed and gone.    So WHY are you taunting this nation Mr. Putin?

I’m not saying that even though you were a KGB officer that you still personally want this nation destroyed.    People DO change, and Russia itself has changed drastically over just the past generation.  Russia now appears to be transforming into a self-sustaining capitalism fueled country and America is now well on its way to becoming the Marxist Socialist totalitarian state that Russia has moved away from.    Even our entire public “education” system is now nothing more than primarily a Marist socialist indoctrination system that your country moved away from.   So things being as they are, our two countries are about to completely change national ideologies.

Americans have wallowed in their freedom for so long that they became for the most part completely complacent in it and didn’t even care to guard that freedom.   Consequently little by little and in small doses at a time those who actually control this nations’ “government” took those freedoms away from the people.    Thus the predictions of Stalin and Khrushchev are now becoming a reality, and due to the actual blatant stupidity of nearly half of its citizenry, America is now rapidly collapsing from within.    So WHY the taunting?    Or is this just another “show” being played out on the world stage?


THAT would be about the extent of my “WHY” questions … for the time being anyway.   The “WHY NOT” questions would pertain to a mutual threat.

I would ask him that since after literally centuries of remaining where they belong, the muslim hordes are now on the move worldwide and as such they are a mutual threat.

As they are required to do by their Quran they are infiltrating every country they can successfully get into with the exception of Japan which has outlawed them.    Russia faces the same problem as America does but has actually stood its ground where the muslim infiltrators and their terrorists are concerned.    But all of Europe is now about to collapse and be conquered.    America is right behind Europe.    Except that this nation is not just LETTING them in, the muslim sitting at the helm of America’s “government” is actually bringing them in to this nation at the taxpayers’ expense, and then giving them all the same financial rewards that this country is giving the invaders from our southern region (it can no longer be referred to as a border).    But even though Russia has stood its ground on their own soil and will only selectively tolerate the muslim infiltrators, Russia actually COULD go a long way in the curbing of the muslim world conquest agenda.


I would ask Mr. Putin the following…

President Putin, you have a protection agreement with Syria and were well prepared to honor that agreement if those who own and control OUR “government” attempted to actually remove Assad from Syria.    But is your agreement with Assad ONLY with Assad personally?

The muslim terrorist horde called ISIS is presently in Syria and slaughtering innocent men, women and children by the thousands.  Even beheading small children.   They proudly put up videos showing ISISmass beheadings of Syrian soldiers.    Our puppet “government” will not do anything to stop them.    Primarily I guess because the actual owners of our puppet “government” were the ones that initially financed, trained and supplied the muslim terrorists with weapons.  But they ARE in Syria and SLAUGHTERING thousands.    You have a security agreement with Syria so WHY NOT rid the earth of these vermin?    As well as any and all other muslim terrorist hordes?

The MOST that OUR “government” will do is send in a multi-million dollar missile in an attempt to kill just ONE terrorist.    Which makes no sense at all.    But then again those who own and control OUR puppet “government” have been starting wars for personal and corporate profit for generations now and really have no desire to see this present onslaught come to an end.    To feed the greed of its actual owners, this nation has lost thousands upon thousands of its youth in these corporate started wars, and ever since Vietnam, our military has not been allowed to actually eliminate the enemy.    In fact it has now reached the point where our puppet “government” is running such PC war’s that they are now prosecuting and imprisoning military personnel for actually doing the job they were trained to do in the first place.

Mr. Putin, your country does not have the same problem.   You have the military might and you personally provide the TRUE leadership necessary to get the job done.    You do not spend multi-million dollar missiles on just one person.    You fight wars openly.    AND you actually fight those wars with the intent on winning them.  Consequently … you could very easily send an unmistakable “message” to ALL muslim terrorist hordes worldwide by totally and permanently eradicating vermin like this ISIS horde.    And do it in Syria via your protection agreement with that country.   You have NAPALM at your disposal and THAT would be a VERY unmistakable message to deliver.    ESPECIALLY if delivered constantly and to every location that vermin is found to be at.

So Mr. Putin, WHY NOT use this point in history to establish your country as the only real defender of those who cannot defend themselves?   Your military is not under PC rules and you would Vladimir Putin 2never do to your military what the gutless wonders in this country have done to ours.   The helpless peoples of the world are looking for true and strong leaders to help them.   This country now has a void in both of those categories.  THIS could be your shining chance.


And THAT would be what I WOULD write to President Putin ‘IF’ I were to actually write to him.  But I am not because I do not personally have the name recognition to have such a letter even reach his desk.  But STILL these are a few of the WHY and WHY NOT questions that I would LIKE to present to him.


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TONY GUY A political commentary writer that never fails to arouse the emotions of the readers. Literally hated by liberals and has been called heartless, pompous, arrogant, self-righteous, one sided, too matter of fact and unyielding in his commentaries. But has never been proven wrong by those attempting to put forth a rebuttal to what he writes. There is no “middle area” in his articles and commentaries. Everything is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white with no gray areas. He is not an indoctrinated follower of the established mainstream media and he has no qualms about telling people that they themselves are primarily at fault for America’s pending collapse, and as such is disliked by many who align themselves with the conservative side of any and all issues as well. But his writing is interesting to say the least.


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