If I Were President


If I Were President

Debt Crisis … SOLVED!    Illegal Alein Invasion Crisis … Solved!    Energy Crisis … Solved!    Government Attack on Christianity … SOLVED!    Government Oppression of Small Business … SOLVED!

I am not running for any office on any level of government anywhere in this country.  My age and my health condition prevent that from ever taking place.  BUT … if I were, I would go for the top political position which is that of POTUS, and once assuming that office this entire fiasco that exists where government is concerned and almost ALL other problems in this country could be solved in just one term.

True … it would take a like minded majority of actual American patriots in both the Senate and the House of Representatives to do it, but it most definitely could all be taken care of in just one four year term in office.  America would once again be back on its way to being the most productive and most powerful country on this planet.  So IF I were actually running, and IF I were to succeed in winning that office, the following would take place;

The first hundred days in office are always marked by the Medias and everyone else.  Well the first hundred days of my term of office would be far busier than any who have preceded me in more than a century.

The very first month in office would be an extremely busy one with no days off except for maybe one or two Sundays.  No vacations, no golf days, no time for lavish taxpayer funded parties of any kind.  Because the person who occupy’s that office is NOT a king or royalty of any kind.  All too many have thought they were, ESPECIALLY this last one, and even MORE especially his wife, but it is NOT a Royal Position.  The person that TEMPORARILY occupies that Office and Position is an EMPLOYEE of the American People.  He is paid by the taxpayers to actually WORK for the taxpayers, in addition to being sworn by solemn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of this nation.  NEITHER OF WHICH THIS PRESENT OCCUPIER HAS DONE … OR WOULD EVEN CARE TO DO.

The first order of business would be to instruct the new patriot filled Congress to set aside enough money to handle a MASSIVE INCREASE to the unemployment rolls.

BUT these funds would be available for no more than 24 months for these new additions to the unemployed.  By the end of those 24 months the economy would be well on its way to recovery and those looking for new employment would easily be able to find work.

Next, all federally appointed leftist attorneys general would be immediately removed from their positions.  Unfortunately federal judges are appointed for life.  However those judges allegedly are sworn to uphold the established laws which includes the Constitution. All too many times they do not, and all too many leftist judges actually legislate from the bench.  This can be brought to an end very quickly by congress instituting a NEW law that prohibits any judge from engaging in any such personal legislation.  They are there to insure that laws are adhered to and NOT to overturn any law duly authorized and instituted.  The impeachment of federal judges who violate that law should be prioritized to being number one on the Congressional agenda list and those judges removed from office within days of any infraction of that law.  Furthermore I would request the new Congress to officially declare any and all such legislating by any judge to be immediately void with ex post facto temporarily suspended for this particular infraction as it was NEVER actually legal for any such judge on any level to legislate from the bench.

Next, I would instruct Congress to immediately defund the EPA and all related departments associated with it.  The EPA was setup to cripple American business under the guise of insuring clean air and water and has become the socialist’s most important tool for doing that destruction.  Everybody wants clean air and water and the Department of the Interior can handle that effectively enough without all these ridiculous Gestapo types being paid out of taxpayer money to destroy this nation’s economy.  Agents dealing with these issues would number no more than fifty agents per state for the largest and most populated states, all the way down to two or three agents for states like Delaware and Rhode Island.  The savings to the taxpayers would be in the HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars and just those savings alone would fund the unemployment checks.

There would be very simple rules where the environment was concerned.  If any company of any size at all is found to be accidently polluting the air or water or ground, first offense is a heavy fine and a very limited number of days to completely correct the problem or a shutdown of the business until the problems are corrected.  A second offense is a shutdown of the business for six months and if they are still arrogant enough to keep doing it, then a loss of their license to do business in that state.  Would doing that drive businesses out of this country like all these liberal regulations have done?  No.  It would be easier to correct a situation than move.  All of the other massive amounts of rules and regulations that have come into being through this organization would be null and void.  We would be able to start the economic recovery with a clean slate.

The next target would be the literally THOUSANDS of leftist originated regulations that were imposed for the singular purpose of strangling the small business sector which is the actual backbone of America’s financial strength.  All such regulations would be suspended until proven in court that they were actually viable to begin with.  Since none of them could be proven truly viable the outcome of those cases would be to declare them null and void.

The next target would be the Department of Energy.  Again … there is absolutely no reason for this bureaucracy to exist.  The Department of the Interior could handle this as well.  The Department of Energy would be immediately defunded and closed down.  All exploration requests and permits would be granted.  All drilling in unpopulated areas would be granted.  BUT … ALL safety issues as stated above pertaining to the environment would be just as strictly enforced.  Furthermore permits would be issued for the construction of several more refineries on government owned lands to at least equal if not surpass the number of those that existed in the 1960’s.  America has more oil reserves beneath it and in the seas surrounding it that fall within our territorial boundaries than all of the rest of the entire world combined.  It’s time we once again allowed Americans to enjoy the benefits of this massively abundant energy source at costs far lower than they are today, in addition to the literally thousands of new jobs that would be generated as a result of ending this liberal created bureaucratic stranglehold on our economy.

The Communists, the liberals and the Socialists have been so very busy for so very long now telling people that drilling is not the answer, and as such have squashed our abilities to drill for oil for so long now that none of these could be done overnight.  But just the fact that we would once again be able to obtain OUR OWN oil would spur the economy initially and the economy would steadily increase from that point on.  Once that oil was into the refineries and out to its various destinations for use as fuel as well as the myriad of other uses for oil, this economy would be booming like never before in our history.

So-called “Green Energy” is fine for a sideline and potential auxiliary source of energy, but it is far too costly and gets almost nothing back in return for the time, money and effort needed to obtain it.  It could be great on a small individual home, but other than for individual home use, it isn’t worth the wasted time and money.  As I stated, we have more energy beneath us here, than all of the rest of the world combined.  So the foolishness and the deliberate strangling of our economy would come to an abrupt end.

There are those that try to use the idiotic excuse that all oil goes on the world market.  There is no requirement for the United States or any sovereign country to be involved in OPEC.  We can back out of it at any time.  But let’s say just for this one time that we stayed in OPEC.  Well, with as much oil as we have we could literally flood the market with oil driving the entire price of oil down.  So that ends that foolish talking point.  But one thing is for sure and that is by the end of this term America would be acquiring IT’S OWN oil and a massive amount of it.

The next target … The FEDERAL RESERVE.  EVERYBODY’S favorite subject.  The FED was set up illegally under Woodrow Wilson’s term during Congress’s Christmas break.  There were not enough votes in Congress to approve it legally so they scheduled the vote for it during the holidays when very few but those who were in on it ahead of time would be there.  When Congress came back in session after the New Year, they just didn’t have the votes to overturn it.

There is absolutely NO reason why a private group of bankers should be allowed to control the currency of an entire nation.  All that they do is print money and then give it to this nation as A LOAN with a rate of interest charged for that “loan” based upon the total of the number value printed on those pieces of paper.  But for almost a hundred years now, Americans have been indoctrinated to look upon the FED in awe as some sort of a powerful entity when in reality IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SCAM.  This nation itself and all of its businesses owe HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to a group of private families for nothing more than running printing presses?

NATIONALIZE THE FED.  Instantly all that unearned and undeserved debt is wiped out.  HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of national “debt” instantly wiped out.  America now would control its OWN currency.

Next would be Illegal Immigration.  Border security would be increased.  All border security officials appointed by any previous leftist administrations would be immediately fired and replaced with those who actually want to protect this country.  Border agents would be better armed than they are at present.  No more drug cartels entering this country assisted by the Mexican military.  It would all come to an abrupt end.

There are those leftist and even some left leaning (very left leaning) moderates that claim that it would be too expensive to deport what could actually be by now thirty million who have invaded this country.  Not so.  In fact it would cost almost nothing.  I would request that Congress immediately notify all public assistance programs that to receive federal money for dispensation that they have ninety days to clean their recipients list of all people who are not U.S. citizens.  We need to stop the funding of all federally contributed to welfare programs and lay down the stipulation that absolutely NO benefits of ANY kind be given to anyone who is NOT a U.S. Citizen.  To receive any kind of assistance whatsoever, the recipient must be a legal citizen of the United States.  No Housing assistance, no welfare assistance, no food stamps and not even emergency medical treatment with the singular exception being those foreigners who are LEGALLY here through a legally applied for and granted visa.  Those who are legally here can receive emergency medical treatment if needed.  Those who were born here for the sole purpose of being anchor babies could continue to receive benefits until Congress corrects the problem of anchor babies and removes the American citizenship part of their dual citizenship.  However, being that they have dual citizenship they would only be allowed to receive HALF benefits and ONLY benefits for themselves and NOT their entire families.  The mass exodus from this country would be bumper to bumper twenty four hours per day for quite probably several months in succession.  But it would occur.
For those thinking they can continue to stay here illegally and continue taking jobs from American citizens, the penalty for businesses hiring illegals is loss of their business license.  The migrant farm worker program however would continue to stay in place only with increased protection for those properly documented migrant workers against abusive employers.  There are those that say that by kicking out the illegal’s, that the migrant worker program would suffer greatly.  No, not at all.  I would request the new DOJ authorize the use of as many prison inmates as necessary to fill any worker shortage in the migrant worker program.

Next … The Department of Homeland Security would be abolished.  This is just another over reaching bureaucracy created by George W. Bush using 911 as an excuse to create this extremely abusive bureaucracy.  We are not a police state and there is no reason to force this abuse upon the citizens of this nation.  The National Security Agency and the FBI can handle all of these duties quite effectively.  MORE Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer Dollars would be saved.

Next … This country is in serious financial trouble.  We reached this point because of BOTH primary political parties and the politicians that these political parties actually own.  If any politician belongs to either of these two parties then they are actually owned by that political party and must adhere to what the actual leaders of that party demand.  BOTH of these political parties care nothing about the financial cliff they are driving this nation over because as far as they are concerned, money and the power that money actually obtains is ALL that matters.

No matter which side is in power, the rule is always the same.  Borrow, Spend, Borrow, Spend, Tax the citizens, Borrow, Spend.  In exchange for their being allowed to hold the office that they do, these politicians are allowed to financially rape the U.S. Treasury for as much as they can get out of it.  EARMARKS would come to an abrupt end.  No more hundreds of thousands of dollars to take pictures of ants.  No more hundreds of thousands of dollars to study the mating habits of insects.  No more hundreds of thousands of dollars for bridges to nowhere.  No more hundreds of thousands of dollars for pottery museums etc.  It would ALL come to an abrupt end.  THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO PAY OFF ITS DEBT AND NOT CREATE ANYMORE OF IT.  ALL of that wasted money on “earmarks” could better be used as payment on that debt.  If any state has a legitimate request for a truly viable project, then that request could officially be made via an online request site for ALL Americans to see and decide if it is truly viable before the Congress votes to approve it.  All of this tacking “earmarks” onto bills would officially be over.

Now … In just the first one hundred days in office I would have saved this country over a TRILLION Dollars by stopping the needless and the most wasteful of government spending projects specifically designed to bankrupt this nation.  I would have prevented the wasteful spending of TRLLIONS of more dollars which would ultimately free American of its debt.  I would have placed this country well on the road back to financial stability, energy independence and begun the process of rebuilding the backbone of America, the private small business sector.  I would have cut the purse strings to the U.S. Treasury that entice all illegals to invade and financially rape this country.  I would have cut the purse strings to all wasteful pork barrel spending and stopped the ownership of government by all special interests.

THAT would be the agenda of the first one hundred days.

Following that would be quite a bit more.  The ACLU was setup by Baldwin and Eastman to be a subversive communist organization that would use our own laws and our court system itself to bring about this nations collapse.  They have succeeded in all of their attempts to do just that for almost a hundred years now.  To make matters even worse they have succeeded with the aid of American Taxpayer dollars.  I would request that the new Congress bring this to an end and declare that organization to be exactly that, a subversive communist organization, and by doing so prevent them as well as any person or group directly or indirectly associated with them from participating in our legal system until such time a court of law actually declares them to no longer be a subversive organization.  The outcome of that may very well be that all cases won by them would automatically be overturned and those cases would ALL have to be tried again.  But at least America would be free of those rulings for awhile.
The United States Government has absolutely no business whatsoever for being involved in private business.  That includes the funding of private business.  PBS is a leftist organization that requires public money to exist because if left on their own they could not survive because very few companies would support them with advertising.  But survive on their own they would have to be able to do because I would also request that Congress add that organization to the wasteful spending list and defund them.

Jimmy Carter sold out the future of America’s youth by allowing the leftists to gain control over the public education sector.  America’s children are now indoctrinated with the idea that the State is far superior to individual and that the State is the end all cure all for everything in this country.  The Department of Education would be defunded and closed, and education and the funding of education once again returned to the local level where it should have remained all along.

All legislation pertaining to the U.S. Military that has been passed over the past few decades would be declared null and void.  The Military is NOT to be subject to the political whims of whoever is in power at the moment.  The military is in existence to DEFEND this nation and should be free of Congressional meddling and manipulation.

Colleges in this country have been co-opted by the communists and the leftist agenda is the primary agenda of most of those institutions.  Communism is the sworn enemy of America and there is absolutely NO reason for American Tax Dollars to be given to institutions whose primary objective is to overthrow this nation.  All tax dollars given to these institutions would cease and not continue until each institution individually proved that they no longer would profess and promote the anti American communist agenda.

REGARDLESS of what liberals and atheists want to profess, this country was founded upon Judeo Christian principles to the point where the Creator is even profoundly mentioned in this Nations founding documents.  Therefore ALL attacks against Christianity would be totally ignored by the government for at least the four years of this term.  All of the Christian celebrations that had previously been celebrated by the government would once again be celebrated.  The mention of God would not be banned under any circumstances.  Political ideologies hiding behind a veil of religion such as Islam will no longer be promoted by the government for at least the years of this term.

LOBBYISTS would be prohibited access to the White House.  If lobbyists have something that they wish to present, then their exact proposal in complete detail would first need to be published to the web for all Americans to see.  Exactly WHAT they want and exactly what the proposed outcome would be for all Americans to see firsthand.

ALSO … To FINALLY bring about an end to the four year long fiasco that has taken place concerning it, and to let America FINALLY learn the TRUTH about all of it, IF it were ME taking over the helm of this country with this coming election, one of the very FIRST orders of business would be to ORDER CONGRESS to immediately set up a special Congressional committee to investigate the eligibility of this current occupier of the White House.  It is VERY likely that number forty four and his cohorts have committed the highest criminal fraud EVER perpetrated against this nation and its citizens.  IF this were found to be true, then ALL of those involved in committing as well as upholding the fraud would need to be indicted, arrested and tried for TREASON.  IF in fact it was found that no fraud was committed, then at least it would all be finally brought to a close and laid permanently to rest.  BUT if a fraud did exist, then any and all actions taken during these past four year by this present administration would be automatically null and void.

And finally on my last day in office I would issue one more executive order and that would be that henceforth with the singular exception of an act needed in the event of a national emergency such as a natural disaster or an actual attack on this country, all executive orders issued by the Office of the President for matters other than ceremonial must first be approved by a simple majority of the Congress before they can be enacted.

The preceding was a hypothetical and it nowhere near chronicles all of the wasteful spending programs that could be eliminated.  Many of which were designed for the primary purpose of weakening this country economically.  However, if I WERE running, the campaign would be targeted to all Americans who truly believe in a Constitutional Republic and believe that America could be once again the brilliantly shining beacon of freedom and prosperity that it had been in the past.  Where children are taught that they have a right to succeed if they work at it.  Where Patriotism is loyalty to a Nation and its Constitution and NOT loyalty to the State.  That laws were made to protect rather than oppress.  That all those in government are only there to serve THE CITIZENS and not the other way around.  The campaign slogan would be “If you truly believe in America … then put your vote where your mouth is”.

It could be almost guaranteed that IF I WERE running for that office and IF I WERE actually elected that it would be only a one term Presidency.  Because a solid twenty percent of this nation is now solidly anti American.  That is roughly sixty million people.  A strong thirty percent (or even slightly higher) of this nation is comprised of wishy washy so-called centrists who just want us all to get along and will readily vote for whichever way the political winds are blowing at the time of any particular election.  But from that solid twenty percent the assassination attempts by those who want this country overthrown would be almost a daily occurrence.  But a person who chooses to be in public offense should have no difference in his loyalty to this nation and it’s Constitution than any person who enters the military.  Anyone who enters public office should be completely willing to put his life on the line for his country.  Unfortunately almost all of those currently in office as well as all of those seeking to be in public office do not possess such loyalty.  They are all in it for the money, the public recognition, the power, the ego gratification and the benefits.

It is my personal opinion that ALL of what I stated above SHOULD be brought into being by WHOEVER occupies the office of POTUS.  Now more than ever before those policies should also be adopted by and promoted by ALL who are elected to Congress and ALL who are appointed to the judiciary.  But unfortunately for the past hundred years or so there has been no one in that office or in Congress that cared enough about this nation and its citizens to protect both.

It does not take a genius to figure out how solve all of the problems now facing us and how to not only return this country to its greatness but to exceed by countless times that greatness.  It takes only TRUE patriots in two of the three primary branches of government to implement these procedures.  These solutions are known by all, including those presently in office as well as those seeking to be in office.  But they will not be adopted by anyone because true Patriotism has become almost a thing of the past.  The ignored reality of it all is that this nation has become so corrupt and its citizens have become so complacent and so spoiled by what they already do have that even the citizens are willing to sell out their country and their freedom itself in exchange for here and now benefits as evidenced by those content to be on the government dole.  The communists knew and totally exploited this trait among Americans for generations now.  That is why the welfare system was expanded to the degree that it is today by the democrats.  “You have to understand that THIS is the way things are now and we need to work within the system that we’ve got” is the usual excuse that all will hear from politicians.  But it really doesn’t have to be that way.
There is not even one person in political office or seeking an office that is not part of the corrupt establishment we now have.  Some people are foolish enough to believe that the candidate they personally supported is not part of this establishment.  Those are the most truly fooled of all political supporters.  And they are the most blind because they actually refuse to see.

In this election year, if someone or a group of candidates had come out of nowhere, people who were NOT part of this establishment for years, and they professed that they would do all of what I stated above if elected to the office of POTUS and the Senate and the House, THOSE would be the ONLY candidates that I would actually pay real attention to and support and vote for.

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