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I, like millions of others was raised to be a devout, do not question what the party is doing or has done democrat.   Crossing party lines only two times during those years and that was to vote for Ronald Reagan because I felt he was the best man for the job in 1980 and again in 1984 after seeing how this nation truly benefitted from his holding that office.  I officially LEFT the democrat party in 1992 when the party that I was raised and indoctrinated to belong to put a socialist bobble head sexual degenerate married to a devout practicing radical communist as their nominee for the presidency.  I realized THEN that what I had heard so many times over the years was true and that was the democrat party was slowly being co-opted by and finally with that nomination showed that it was now completely under absolute control of the Marxist, socialists whose only purpose is to bring about an end to what is the most perfect form of government ever conceived of by man.  Unlike so very many unfortunates who do not care about their country but only about the political party their parents told them they needed to belong to, I broke free of the mental chains of indoctrination and changed over to the Republican Party because I had matured to the point where my views about this nation’s future were justifiably conservative.

 I officially left the republican party and changed my voter registration to that of ‘No Political Affiliation’ in December of 2012 when the republican party totally refused to contest what was the most blatantly fraudulent national election in the entire history of this nation.  A refusal to contest criminal fraud that they based on a prior “agreement” that they had with what is now the communist democrat party that they would not contest voter fraud.  Even criminal fraud on such a large scale.  By their refusal to stand up for the American people they showed without any doubt whatsoever that the only difference between either of those two political parties which now claim absolute control over the American people and the fate of this nation is that the communist democrats want to bring this nation to an end more rapidly and the republicans want to bring this nation to an end in a slower and “more tolerable” manner.

 Although not in the best of health I chose to personally support Senator Ted Cruz and his filibuster against the most criminal and nation destroying law ever passed by this government against the people of this nation, by trying as best I could to listen to his entire filibuster.  I was not standing and talking like Senator Cruz.  I was sitting and taking breaks and I had no choice but to finally get some sleep.  But I did limit that sleep to only 4 hours and 15 minutes before getting back up and watching him to the end of his allowed time.

 This was not a filibuster in the truest sense of the word because over time the rules of filibuster have been changed with time of speaking regulations placed on it.  And as to be expected those regulations were always conceived and passed by democrats when they enjoyed control of congress.  But it was definitely something well worth being observed in its entirety. 

I watched as other senators gave Mr. Cruz the opportunity to rest his vocal cords by requesting from him time to ask him questions, and then made short speeches of their own ending those speeches with the question they were allowed to ask.  I even watched as Marco Rubio who now is in full campaign mode, shared the spotlight and once again took on the role of being a true conservative in the attempt to sway the people of his state as well as the rest of this nation away from the fact that he was one of the leading voices of the infamous “gang of eight” which placed special and superior status as an additional reward upon millions who illegally invaded this nation in complete violation of our laws.  But Mr. Rubio was only solidifying his efforts in that respect because as always and as to be expected even though it only took place a short time ago, most Americans have now actually completely forgot about it and moved on to other matters.

 Over those twenty two hours (well the fifteen plus hours that I actually observed) I grew to respect Senator Cruz even more than I had already respected him. He fully demonstrated that he truly is a man who stands by his convictions and with the majority of the people in this nation against what has now become the most tyrannical government in our entire history as a nation.  With ever increasing tyranny still on the way.  I can think of only two reasons why this man is in the Republican Party.  First; he either completely fooled those that actually own and control that party and they backed him by mistake (which is actually unlikely), or Second; those that own and control that party knew all along that he could not be bought off and would actually stand by both his convictions and for the American people, but decided to play the “numbers game” and backed him anyway knowing that his objections to the party policies could be used to their advantage (which is the more likely of the two).

 The republican voters are like abused children or battered wives who stay in their environment.  The children are manipulated by a parent or even both parents and the abused wives by their abusive husbands.  In both instances they are convinced that they have no place else they can go and that if they stay long enough, things just “might” get better.  But it never does.  Then there are those republicans that have adopted an idea that they can somehow “take back” the Republican Party.  They can’t seem to realize that no one can “take back” what they never had control of to begin with.  ALL political parties are owned and controlled by an agenda driven group of individuals.  People only agree to adopt and side with the views that are ‘openly’ expressed by the owners of those parties, but never really get to ‘openly’ see what the real agenda is of those who established, own and control those parties.  The founders of this nation, many of which died as a result of founding this nation actually WARNED the citizens of America to NEVER align themselves with ANY political parties.  But Americans did not heed that warning and would not care to heed it even now.  Then there are those who feel they can co-opt the Republican Party like the communists were successful in doing with the democrat party.  But the communists were very well organized and it took them more than half a century to finally achieve their goal.  Regular American citizens are not well organized.  Those who own and control the republican party KNOW that as long as they allow a few people into public office via their backing and support and as long as those people bash the republican party that put them in office, the people will be manipulated to believe that they can somehow “take control” of that party and thus will continue to align themselves to that party and vote accordingly.  It’s just political psychology.

 Now back to Senator Cruz.  I didn’t just sit there like a spectator watching him.  All through that filibuster I was sending emails to Congressman and Senators re-enforcing what Mr. Cruz was saying as well as adding to all those emails he was reading from people all over this nation.  I wasn’t asking them to “defund” obamacare; I was DEMANDING that they FULLY REPEAL IT.  In addition to that, as much as I didn’t really want to do it, I turned on the television and to NBC in particular.  I wasn’t watching any of their programming; I was more interested in listing who was advertising on that network.  I then located their email addresses and sent each of them an email stating that I and as many others as I could find who would likewise spread the word to do it, are going to deliberately boycott their companies because they chose to advertise on a network that openly supports communism and the overthrow of this nation.  I just could not lower myself far enough to turn on that human cartoon network staffed by nothing but idiot clowns known as MSNBC, but NBC is their parent company and the advertisers are the same anyway.  Now I know that I am the only one that did this and will be the only one that will do it because I am the only one that I know of that ever does things like this and stands by it once I commit to it.  But I tried to do my part in my support of one of America’s so very few actual pro American members of congress.

 I totally commend Senator Ted Cruz for his valiant attempt to stand up for everyday Americans and well as thousands upon thousands of small business owners nationwide, even though it was a waste of time.  In fact in the final minutes of his allocated time, harry Reid asked to speak and admitted that Mr. Cruz was doing nothing more than wasting time.  And he was totally correct because the communist democrat party controls the senate and they were going to just go ahead and pass obamacare anyway regardless of what Mr. Cruz or the American people want.  THEY controlled both the House and the Senate back when obamacare was passed to begin with and it was passed without ever being read by anyone.  As attested to by that complete idiot Nancy Pelosi who will always be remembered for saying “We need to pass this so we can find out what is in it”.  The communists need this law to remain completely intact because it is far more than just an economy destroying law.  It also contains the funding for obama’s other projects like his pro communist civilian military force that he wants to see as well funded and as well equipped as this nation’s own military.  But Mr. Cruz would not bring that part up because he knows that obama’s civilian military project is a very well guarded project that is being quietly instituted nationwide and if he even touched on that topic the entire media, Fox included, would jump on him for that issue and that issue alone and totally destroy what he was tried to do with his filibuster.

 I am not a “fan” of Mr. Cruz.  Because unlike the vast majority of this nation I am not a “political groupie” desperately looking for someone to “lead” me.  Someone that I can “follow”.  I am a supporter of Mr. Cruz who now has EARNED MY RESPECT even more because unlike the vast majority in America’s congress, he stood up for we the people and continues to prove that he most definitely IS a man of his convictions.

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