I Do Solemnly Swear


“I do solemnly swear” (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”…

The above is the Oath sworn to by EVERY member of congress when they are installed into the position they were elected to.

The original oath for members of Congress only included the words, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.”   The oath was revised to what the present oath is today during the War Between the States, when members of Congress were concerned about traitors.

But the ONE THING that is constant in THAT oath taken by ALL those installed into congress for the past two hundred plus years are the words ‘I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States’.

‘I Do Solemnly Swear’ is NOT merely just a ceremonial oath of office filled with empty rhetoric for showmanship purposes… THAT OATH is actually A CONTRACT between the American people and those they place into political office.

Unfortunately the vast majority of those in congress regard that contract as nothing more than empty ceremonial rhetoric.

One would be hard pressed to find more than three dozen or so congress members from the republican side of our owners’ singular ruling political party, and maybe at extreme best (IF there even are THAT many) a dozen from the democrat side of the party who actually take that oath seriously as the contract that it is.   But out of 435 seats filled, those very few are vastly outnumbered by those who regard that oath as just a compilation of worthless words.

Because all too many on BOTH sides of the party no longer believe that we should even follow the constitution much less uphold and defend it.

That pesky constitution upon which this entire nation was founded is truly a perplexing document.

The communist democrats believe that it is a totally outdated set of rules that have no place in what America has deteriorated to over the past two centuries and especially over just the last hundred years.

MANY of the globalist puppets in the republican side of our owners’ singular ruling political party likewise believe that it should be replaced with something more in tune with what we have deteriorated to.

But NEITHER SIDE of the party even when they are in control of all three branches of the federal government has the courage to just try and do away with it.

The reasons being that initially it would require martial law to replace it until a new set of rules could be instituted and accepted nationally.   Because a nation without basic laws to adhere to would instantly become anarchy with widespread chaos throughout the land.

Also, and especially for the last hundred years where we have essentially been a privately owned and controlled country, the populace has always been led to believe that the original constitution is still in effect.   Even though what all levels of government actually now follow is NOT the original constitution, but rather a massive set of very large books referred to as constitutional law.   Which is the original clearly written document with tens of volumes of lawthousands or rules and regulations added to it.   Twists and turns and rules and regulations people were TOLD that they must adhere to because “they were based on the original constitution”.   And Americans, even though they no longer possess the clearly defined laws that reaffirmed their unalienable rights, were still at least “told” that they are still free and that they still possess those rights listed for them.   In spite of all those tens of thousands of regulations restricting those “unalienable” rights.   And for MOST Americans, merely being “told” something by government is enough for them to accept it.

Those who own and control our government however do not rest.   They never take “days off” and work steadfastly to effectively do away with that original constitution altogether.   But herding more than 330 million in the direction of the New World Order under the control of a One World Government is most definitely NOT an easy task to do.   For the few to control that many is in itself a daunting and quite delicate task to say the least.

The Media they control is by far their most effective tool to use because all facets of their media has now become the actual collective brain of America.   Using everything from movies and music to television and social media and naturally made up “news”, their Media very successfully tells the people WHAT to think, which continues on to WHAT to say, and ultimately WHAT to do nationally.

Because that task is so daunting, they naturally DO have setbacks from time to time, like the presidential election of 2016 where for the first time in over a century the people bucked their authority and actually elected someone they themselves chose to be president.   But our owners only regard that as a temporary setback.   Their agenda still continues on.

The Media is now very effectively re-enforced with the conversion of the American public education system into a Marxist Socialism indoctrination system.   Where by simultaneously lowering the overall intellect of America’s youth, they are now effectively turning out entire generations of American youth who are overwhelmingly converted to socialism and thus are more willing to accept communist collectivism over what America was originally founded to be.

When those lower intellect and well indoctrinated youth reach voting age, the majority of them, never having learned history, and not possessing the ability to actually think and reason for themselves, more readily cast their votes for the communist socialists.   Thus, like their parents who have for many generations cast THEIR votes strictly for those who are offered up by both sides of their masters singular ruling political party, they are merely casting their votes in favor of their own national destruction.   And THAT is ALL that matters to those in control of the “fundamental transformation of America”.

The criminal Obama regime succeeded in making huge strides toward our fundamental transformation into a third world country.   Aside from doing everything they possibly could to divide this nation racially by pushing race relations back to mid twentieth century levels, and aside from forcing as many large businesses as possible to move out of this country while totally pushing many of the smaller ones into complete collapse and thus raising the unemployment levels and forcing people into government assistance programs, the criminal Obama regime actually succeeded in striking a major hit to our constitution as well.    They SUCCEEDED where Bush Jr. had failed.

Back when our owners decided it was time to use muslims to create worldwide unrest and for no valid reason we invaded the Mideast, Bush Jr. sought to weaken one of the most overall patriotic states in America, by resettling thousands of muslims from the Mideast into Tennessee.   His initial attempt failed because Tennesseans resisted and although to some degree the state WAS weakened, it still remained mostly patriotic.

The Obama gang however used a different multi-pronged tactic.   They chose to resettle thousands to predominantly democrat controlled areas like Michigan and Minnesota.   Then they tried to fast-track citizenship to those they imported knowing full well that once they became citizens they could legally campaign for positions in America’s government.   And democrats not being known for possessing political intelligence would actually support them and vote for them if they campaigned AGAINST the “other side” of the party.   In that attempt the Obama gang succeeded and now America actually has muslim subversives holding political office in its’ own government.   Which now brings this writing BACK to the ‘oath of office’ this article pertains to.

Many of us remember when the communist democrats first openly declared themselves the socialist party back in 1992, and actually placed who they “thought” was our official first socialist into the office of the presidency.   Naturally they were fooled by the manipulators for that side of our owners’ singular ruling political party, because Clinton was in reality more an official globalist than just a useful idiot socialist.   But he WAS from “their side” of the party as opposed to Bush Sr. who was from the “other side” of the same party, so the useful idiots on the democrat side naturally supported and defended him.

Many of us ALSO remember back then the Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich orchestrating a well-publicized “contract with America” where the republican side put on a major show on the capitol steps signing a “contract with the American people” to actually represent the wishes of the American people.

Much hoopla was made out of that gesture and under Mr. Gingrich’s leadership congress was actually forced to finally balance the national budget.   Even though like they did with the civil rights act, the democrats fought it as hard as they could until it was passed over their objections, and then as to be expected THEY took credit for its’ passage because it was Clinton who was forced to sign it.   The same as Johnson was forced to sign the civil rights act.

But there was absolutely no reason for that “contract” and no reason for the show that was put on.   In essence that entire show could have been seen as an admission to the populace that congress had been ignoring WHO they actually were supposed to be representing for many decades prior to that, and who they actually were representing which was obviously not the American people.

Because that oath of office that ALL who enter congress have to state is in reality a CONTRACT in it’s own right with the American people, that those elected to congress will preserve, uphold and defend the constitution upon which this nation was founded.

But there are many, and most especially among the communist democrat side of the party, that could not care less about that contract.   To THEM, as well as to all too many globalist puppets on the republican side, THAT OATH, THAT CONTRACT WITH AMERICA is nothing at all more than meaningless ceremonial words that they must utter upon being installed into what USED TO BE the ‘people’s congress.   Some of them are there because they see it as a path to wealth that they do not need to work for.   Some are there to openly push the communist socialist agenda because they played upon the weakest of minds to get elected solely for that purpose.

THAT is why so many of those on the communist democrat side of the party OPENLY speak AGAINST the constitution and OPENLY advocate for it to be abolished.   And THAT is also why muslim insurgents are now able to be “sworn in” to congress.   Muslims are not permitted to swear allegiance to ANY government.   They are ONLY to be loyal to THEIR theocracy.   But then again according to their Quran thing, they are permitted to LIE to any non-muslim.   So swearing an oath to THIS nation and its’ constitution is totally meaningless to them.   Which is why there is now a muslim congress member from Minnesota that openly supports muslim terrorism.   And in coming elections this nation will see even MORE muslims installed into America’s congress from democrat controlled areas.   Because many more became citizens of this country for that exact reason.

But where the REST in congress are concerned, even the communist democrats swore an oath to this nation which means they entered into a CONTRACT with this nation.

THEREFORE ALL OF THOSE in congress who openly speak against this nation and its’ constitution are GUILTY of BREACH OF CONTRACT as well as DERELICTION OF DUTY, and most definitely SHOULD be removed from congress FOR that breach of contract and dereliction of duty.

Will it ever happen?   No.   America’s brain aka our owners’ Media WILL NOT PERMIT THAT.   They will publicly attack all those who may actually want that contract enforced.   The same as they viscously publicly attacked all those who wanted to see the real birth certificate of POTUS number 44.   And overall, Americans, although huge on attitude and ego, actually kowtow quite quickly.

So for us as a nation it will remain the same.   Or based on proven history, it is only going to get steadily worse for us from now on.   Number 45 will not be there to restore and protect this nation after the coming six years are over, and then the retaliation from the globalists and their useful idiots on the left to undo all that he has done for this country, will come with a never even imagined vengeance.

Contract with America


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