I belong to a very EXCLUSIVE group


I belong to a very exclusive financial group that has stood the test of time and has existed almost as long as civilization itself, lasting through millennia of Empires, Kingdoms, Dictatorships and Countries;

The group that I belong to has ALWAYS been approached for the funding of Wars by ALL participants in those wars, as well as the funding of other governmental and private commercial projects.  WE financed the Kaiser and the allied powers in World War I.  WE financed Hitler and the Japanese and the Allies again in World War II.  We were responsible for the production of the Zyklon B gas that Hitler used to exterminate so many millions of people.  Further back we financed Napoleon and the British as well.  We always remained quietly in the background profiting from all those wars no matter what side won those conflicts and steadily increased our power over governments and private enterprise in the process.

The group that I belong to actually dictated what the currency of Empires, Kingdoms, Dictatorships and Countries was to be and actually produced those currencies for those governmental structures as well as financially backed those currencies to add stability to the economic strength of those Empires, Kingdoms, Dictatorships and Countries;

The financial group that I belong to naturally at some point in time began to feel the absolute power that we alone possessed and we decided that we alone should be the absolute masters of this entire planet because we felt ourselves to be superior and more able to rule than all the misfits in the world.  So we began to work ever so slowly, candidly and methodically through ALL Empires, Kingdoms, Dictatorships and Countries to attain that absolute world control.  Passing our goal of world domination to our heirs who would continue the quest and pass it to their heirs as well.  And as need be periodically over time a very select few would be added to our group if their personal expertise added to our strength.  People such as those with the ability to actually regulate the entire world’s food supply.  Over the centuries our global power has become so great that we were actually able to eliminate anyone at all who dared to try and go against us and our world agenda.  Everyone from kings to dictators and even presidents and our power is such that we could not and cannot to this day be held accountable for any of what we have done and continue to do.

Empires collapse.  Kingdoms collapse.  Dictatorships collapse.  And countries collapse.  Mostly due to our involvement.  But OUR financial group survives ALL of them and we alone continue on unscathed and ever growing in strength because the entire world needs and relies on what we alone now control for their very existence.  WE control and supply their currency, energy and food to name just a few.  And as the world increased their absolute NEED for us and what we provide we placed MORE than just financial fees and interest on the loans and financial services we provided, we began to add “stipulations” to our services that must also be adhered to as well as the repayment with interest of the currency we alone provided.

The final nation to be established that professed guaranteed freedom and absolute inalienable Rights as the core of it’s’ establishment was not even be a setback for our group because greed and ambition are still the base core of all humanity and those traits were easily exploited by us.

The ONLY obstacle we had to contend with is that OTHER pesky and inherent trait in humans which is their desire to be free.  We needed to convince those citizens of this new and freedom loving country to voluntarily surrender their freedoms.  We succeeded there as well.

The founders of America setup what turned out to be the most perfect form of government ever assembled by man and if left to stand as it was created, it would have stood the test of time and remained strong and uncollapsible forever.  But we had those human core traits of greed and ambition on our side which our predecessors knew from the very beginning would be the undoing of America. 

The founders of America on a great many occasions issued dire warnings to the citizens that to KEEP the government they set up; the citizens of America would need to stay clear of any and all political parties.  Because any and all political parties have their own personal agenda and the core agenda of those parties is domination over the people.  They warned the American people that if they began to align themselves with political parties that they would be GUARANTEEING their own collapse as a nation. 

Because they had grown accustomed to the country that was setup for them; and because they were enjoying all the freedom that was guaranteed to them; they felt that the country they lived in would continue on forever without their personal supervision and Americans ultimately IGNORED THAT WARNING and DID align themselves with political parties and thus guaranteed their own demise as a nation.  Because through those political parties we were able to slowly and systematically strip or severely regulate from the citizenry ALL of those freedoms they were guaranteed in their constitution.  And being that we were doing it through those political parties it was actually being done with the consent of the people because they kept putting those same politicians back into office who consented to adhere to OUR political demands in exchange for their own personal financial gain.

With our financial help TWO of those political parties became the dominant parties which made our endeavors that much easier because BOTH of those parties came to our financial group for the funding that they needed for their campaigns.  Our group would naturally give them all that they needed as long as it was repaid with interest AND they adhered to the additional political stipulations that were added as a condition of receiving that funding.  The power over the people that these political parties sought could now ONLY come through us and as such we became the REAL and absolute power over the people of America.  Americans could freely choose whomever they wanted to put into a political office, but those seeking political office were placed up for consideration and then funded by us.

We didn’t stop with just purchasing political parties and owning the politicians in those parties; to make sure that we always would maintain our absolute control of not only America but of the entire world, we slowly purchased and then consolidated ALL forms of news media worldwide under the control of just six separate corporations which we controlled.  Because to maintain control over the people, the control of any and all information they received was imperative and needed to be slanted in any direction we felt was necessary.  We also purchased or gained controlling interest over the majority of all other forms of media as well, including the motion picture industry and television where under the guise of “entertainment” we could insert subliminal ideology into all motion pictures and live television programs, as well as direct non subliminal ideology in motion pictures and television programs to keep the populace heading in the direction that WE decided they should go.  We also deliberately promoted the “rebel against authority” ideology in the younger generations through their music as well, to keep discord alive and functioning in American society.

In the post World War II era, as a result of America’s victory of Nazism Americans began to actually show an interest in their government which we needed to stifle as quickly as possible, because control over people really IS a fragile control.  Total world domination has ALWAYS been a goal of the communists ever since we helped them overthrow and enslave much of Europe and they have ALWAYS had the overthrow and domination of America as a primary goal of theirs. 

Because people under the influence of drugs are much easier to manipulate and control then those who are not and the mental damage drugs can do is permanent; in the 1960’s to aid the communists in America we quickly and nationally promoted through ALL of our media their instituting of the drug culture as well as their rebellion against America’s government.  We funded all of their major anti war rallies in America and helped to produce all of the anti war movies that were so instrumental in swaying the thoughts of the American people.  Later we placed many of those “former” drug users into political office as well as into the “teaching” profession to further our agenda.  In the 1970’s we funded the communist purchase and consolidation of America’s public education system thus helping them to “re-educate” America’s youth away from the principles the country was founded on and toward the ideology that the “state” is more important than the individual person, which was totally opposite of what the founders of America professed.  Three entire generations have now been indoctrinated with that ideology thus further guaranteeing America’s inevitable collapse and physical enslavement of it’s’ people. 

In addition to that and primarily through the movie industry that we now had majority control over, we channeled millions of dollars in funding to the ACLU to aid in their destruction of America by helping the ACLU attack and destroy the four primary pillars of America’s strength; Its Patriotism, its Morality, its Spirituality (primarily Christianity) and the Family Unit.  With our help they have succeeded immensely and the official end of America is now in sight.  And it only took us two and a quarter centuries to accomplish that task.

Although we have enjoyed control over America’s government since its’ Civil War that we helped to instigate, it has been a quiet and behind the scene control.  But now, not just America but the entire world is ready for final consolidation under our open control.  We have been the manipulating factor in all of America’s major political elections since the Civil War, but to display our power for the first time openly for all to see, in 2008 we didn’t just manipulate the national elections we openly rigged them. 

Americans still believe the illusion we have created for them that there are actually two major political parties, when in reality there is only one party which we have divided into two sections.  The right side known as the republicans, and the left side known as the democrats.  We let the communists take over and manage the left side for us but always under our close supervision and we maintained management control of the right side.  But in 2008 it was finally time to openly show Americans our power as well as show them that their future is totally in our hands now.  We took a totally unknown person who had absolutely no experience of any kind in anything at all; a person who not only could not successfully operate a corner candy store but a person who likewise could not even pass a low level security clearance for a night watchman’s job; and told him that as long as he does what we tell him to do, that we would make him the next president of the United States and he could spend the next eight years partying like no person has ever been able to party before and all at the expense of the American taxpayers.  He was not even qualified to hold the office as America’s constitution dictates, but that was of no importance as well because we owned the media, the government and the judicial system in America and as such no one could successfully contest his being given that position.  Although possessing nothing else, he did possess the ego that we needed to do our bidding.  We then took the worst of our candidates from the right side that was ready to drop out of the primaries, gave him an influx of money for his campaign and had our media declare him the next candidate from the right and instructed the other candidates who were all ahead of him in the polls to drop out of contention.  We didn’t need to do anything else in that election because our nobody was skilled at putting on a good show and Americans have been mentally conditioned to always favor the best show.

In 2012 it was slightly difficult for us because Americans rebelled against the nobody we placed into office, but by that time we had replaced most of the old way of voting using verifiable paper ballots with electronic voting tabulators where we could easily preset the outcome.  Because the left side of the party we own advocates a quicker end to America, using those machines we will now have the next couple of elections favor the left side as well.  After that it will no longer make any difference because we will have ended America as it was created to be and officially consolidated it under our global rule.

We have already made the arrangements to deal with any American citizens who might try to contest our ending of their country.  In the previous administrations in preparation for our open takeover of America, we began to use American taxpayer money to build internment camps all around the nation for those dissenters and in 2001 we used a terrorist attack to create a heavily armed national police force to round up those dissenters for incarceration.  In the past five years we have increased both the number of those camps as well the size of the national police force.  However … those camps are only for those who may try armed resistance to our takeover.  Most Americans will surrender quietly because Americans have become very used to their comforts and they know that if they openly rebel they will lose those comforts, so they will try to keep their comforts as long as they can, and consequently MOST will not join with the few who may try to resist us.  To make the job of our national police force easier, in preparation for our coming change in America we deliberately and severely damaged the American economy and then placed almost half of the nation on government assistance to where they cannot function without the government.  To make sure that we are aware of any potential dissent we have now increased our surveillance of Americans to such a degree that there is primarily no place anyone can go that we cannot see or hear them or both.  We monitor all of their communications; we can observe them anywhere via satellite and ground level surveillance camera’s; we monitor what they purchase, where they purchase it and how much they paid for it; we monitor their internet activity and what they watch on television; we check packages they receive in the mail as well as monitor letters they receive and send.  We have such a complete surveillance of Americans in place now that most citizens now realize our absolute power and as such also realize that any attempt to resist our takeover would be a waste of time.  We are now ready to end America and consolidate it with the rest of the world under our absolute control.



 Actually I am NOT a member of this group which should be obvious to everyone.  However there are many who are and their agenda for absolute world control in no longer being hidden.  They are open and honest about their existence as well as their agenda because they know they can no longer be stopped.  Americans themselves helped this group reach the point they are now at because Americans voluntarily surrendered their country to them by continually voting into office those people that belonged to the political parties that his group has totally owned for more than a hundred years.

The following are a couple of quotes from just ONE of their members who now openly attests to the existence of the group:

“Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States,  characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global  political and economic structure–one world, if you will.  If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it” -Memoirs, p.405


“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long… We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller speaking at the United Nations Ambassadors’ dinner. [Sept. 23, 1994]



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