As I watch our President deliver another speech about his plans to revive the American economy, I stopped to realize that there is one thing that could derail Trump’s agenda to make America great again to be pushed right off the tracks.

There is no doubt that anyone can argue the fact that since his election: The American economy has not only improved, but has set historical records in the rebuild. The stock markets have gone from 18,000 to a record 24,000 in just one year, making pension and retirement plans worth more than their weight in gold. Unemployment is at its lowest rate since Reagan was president. More than 4 million jobs have been created in the US, as companies are now reluctant to move to China or Mexico, while some corporations have already made plans to build huge plants in Indiana, Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee. Trump negotiated over $1 trillion in contracts with foreign companies to develop here in America. Our GDP has improved, our trade rates are reversing, and America has had three consecutive quarters of seeing over a 3% growth, versus Obama’s dismal 1.4%, or less, for eight years. Although ObamaCare still exists, it will be eventually changed, or die by its own hand. And taxes are about to make a dramatic change that will not only put money back into millions of American pockets, but filing taxes will be simpler and less costly for many.

Presidents Reagan and Kennedy had the right ideas: Put more money back into the people’s hand, put more revenue back into business accounts, lower taxes, reduce restrictions, and incentivize Americans to produce, then the budget begins to balance. As the more money flows in America, the more tax revenue government makes in the end, even with reduced tax rates. Everyone wins who desires to be a part of the expansion programs that does make America great. (Now if we could only get politicians to stop spending)

But not everyone seems to want to expand in the ways that Donald Trump and most Americans wish to go. Many want to be “obstructionists” against the measures that produce wealth and growth… at least for the average American. Democrats and RINOs want higher taxes, more restrictions, more regulations, and more dominance over how corporate America functions. Many want to continue with the global redistribution of America’s wealth to give other countries a shot in expansion, and to produce goods at a much cheaper rate. Many want to continue in Obama’s failed policies that not only hinders America’s growth, but actually has not only been detrimental to the American economy, but to America’s society and social structure as well, while doubling our National Debt in eight short years, from $10 trillion to over $20 trillion… a bill that will eventually have to be paid. In the past 10 years since Democrats took control, and Republicans have been silent, the only ones who actually did better in wholesale form were those in government, and those who helped in financing governmental expansion.

If Hillary had won the election instead of Donald Trump, I’m sure we would be looking at a very different America today. The failed policies would only have expanded, crippling any hope for prosperity by putting more below poverty levels, putting more out of work, expanding welfare and social services, while opening doors for immigration to replace American jobs, closing more business doors, raising taxes and regulations, and making America weaker in defending herself from criminals, terrorists, and other countries who could easily take us over without firing a shot. Hillary would have surrendered this country to them in a heartbeat. Believe this or not, over 45% of Americans want to go this route instead of the one President Trump wishes to take it, and that is a sad state that the Left has placed us all in.

But even against all these high hurdles that Trump must jump in order to make America great again, and even though he has managed to clear most of them to actually do what many thought impossible, there is that one last hurdle that he possibly will not clear in four years in order to make it to the finish line in making America great again. And that hurdle will be the big one that the Military-Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned us about. Along with help from the “Deep State” that Bush, Clinton, and Obama set up, these hurdles will be placed in front of Trump in order to cause his, and America’s, violent fall.

America’s military strength has been all but neutered by President Obama. His dramatic slashing on spending, the removal of programs on the creation of new military machines and the lack of service upon the old ones, the downsizing of our troops and the brass that commands them, the closing of bases and plants that makes military hardware, and the weakening of military logistics, has placed America and the world in harm’s way.

America is stretched out in our defense, and if a country did decide to attack us, or one of our allies, we would be caught in their cross-hairs without viable protection. Could America withstand going to war against a country with a well-trained, million-man army? Could America defend herself against a nuclear-tipped missile by an antiquated defense system that is only 50% reliable? Can our fighter jets match those of Russia or China when we have had 22 crash in the past 8 months because of mechanical failure? Can our aging Navy withstand long months of war deployment when most captains are saying their ship needs to come in for immediate service and repair? And what about our new, modern troops… are they as well trained and hardened like they were in WW II, Korea, or even Vietnam? A retired captain from the Army recently told me that there are still a few remaining, but Obama retired most who were really good soldiers, leaving only the wussies and idiots who are afraid of their own shadow.

You know that those within the Military-Industrial Complex understand our current dilemma, as those in the Pentagon have to be biting their nails about the possibility of North Korea stepping across the “red line” that Trump has laid before them. Russia and China don’t seem to want to help calm down the “Pygmy Dictator”, as “Rocketman” Kim just launched a missile that shows he now has the ability to strike any city in the continental United States, or set off an EMP above. Tensions are very unsettled on the 38th parallel, as reports are now stating that the North Korean military is “preparing for something”.

What economic growth we have seen will go into reversal should America go to war, a position Trump would do anything possible to avoid, but could handle being our CIC because he has common sense and strategic fortitude. But the devastation would bring our growth and prosperity to an end. America would have to spend trillions to quickly upgrade, and trillions more to retain it, shifting us from peace-time economy to war-time economy, robbing every American of prosperity, except those within the Military-Industrial Complex that will be the ones who make out like bandits.

America showed it was very weak under President Obama. President Trump is not going to appease nor waiver in his duties to show he is not the same, and will never back down. It may be tough, at first, but his ability to assemble true leaders has always made Trump invincible… thus, will make America the same. It may not be pretty, and it may totally unravel America at her seams because of what occurred with GW Bush in Iraq. It may on the other hand unite us, but we would have to be hit first and respond defensively, for if Trump should provoke or lead the charge in taking down “Rocketman’s” empire, many Americas will not come to his support, and the unified drive to win the war will have been defeated before the big battles begin.

The “winds of war” have been blowing up a storm for some time now. I’m really surprised Obama didn’t have us in a big one during his two terms. I guess he expected Hawk-Hillary to be the one who would take us down that path… one that would have certainly lead to America’s complete surrender, and the icing upon the cake to put us into the New World Order as her trophy.

We have let North Korea, Iran, and our enemies, get away with doing whatever they liked without batting an eye since Slick-Willy. Terrorists could bomb a building, kill our ambassador, invade a country, and build WMD’s in wholesale fashion, and all they would get was a slight spanking. The rest of the world doesn’t want any part of “our wars”, and will cower in the shadows if America should ever fall under attack. And should they do so, the dissolvement of the United Nations and the NATO would have to be Trump’s next move if nations do not comply with their agreement.

Anything can happen. I would be filthy rich if I could predict the future with some accuracy. War may be avoided, but I look at the world through the mind of the globalists who want the world stuffed deep into their pocket, and will do anything to put it there. They want massive population reduction, but have run out of options on how to go about doing it. So, war, famine, and the diseases war brings may just be their last resort. They will remain quite safe and secure in their little bunkers, miles below ground level, with enough supplies to last them 25 years. (If you don’t know about the globalists’ bunkers throughout the world, please research them, and note that as of today they are fully stocked and ready for business)

It is a certainty that America cannot let “Rocketman” Kim-yung-un deploy missiles that will destroy millions of lives. We can ask for help and try negotiations, but I have little faith in seeing compromises with our enemies. Remember, Iran is sitting along the sidelines just waiting for the opportunity to take over the Middle East and destroy Israel. With America involved with Southeast Asia, that opportunity will open up to them. And, Russia wants Europe, while China wants the Pacific… opportunities for both to advance in expanding their “territories” should America get bogged down in war, or have an EMP overhead that will shut off everything with computer chips.

The “Forces of Evil” do not want to see America’s success, but seek only America’s demise. That goal was torpedoed by the election of Donald Trump, and the Powers That Be are developing plans to put it all back on their highway. They have tried alternative ways to remove Trump, but all those have failed. And, the more we improve economically, socially, and militarily, the harder it will be for them to get back on their course. After decades of careful planning, methodical executions of those plans, and trillions of dollars spent, I doubt they will let one man, one nation, stand in their way. Do you?

If they truly want to stop Trump cold dead in his tracks, starting a war is one sure way to do it, and there are far too many out there who don’t care what happens, who gets killed, or what damage it creates, just so long as they win it all in the end. And after months and years of withstanding war, those who do survive will do anything to stop it… ANYTHING!

Understand the bigger picture!

Thank you for your support!

Written By: Jim Hovda


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