For those people who are not too” busy” watching DWTS and American Idol as well as all the many similar formatted programs.  For those who are not too “busy” watching all of their other favorite weekly shows on the television.  For those who do not get all of their “information” from the leftist controlled visual and printed media in this country and thus are told not only WHAT to think, but HOW to think as well.  For those who somehow actually woke up and saw reality, there appears to be a growing question among them and that is WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY?How did we actually become ……..

A COUNTRY WITHOUT ENFORCEABLE BORDERS resulting in it being in all actuality a non sovereign country.  A country where BOTH of the corrupt controlling political parties have openly condoned and officially welcomed invaders of this nation, and rewarded and still rewards even the newest invaders upon their arrival with taxpayer funded federal and state welfare, medical, educational and housing programs and even awards them American taxpayer dollars to go into business in this country along with tax breaks for their businesses.   And NOW is ONCE AGAIN about to grant them AMNESTY and soon enough free citizenship over and above all those who came here LEGALLY and are STILL trying to go through the LEGAL process of becoming American citizens.  A country that not only encourages invaders but actually prosecutes its own border guards who are trying to do their job, and will now even give the invaders preferential treatment with the NEWEST AMNESTY BILL by forcing businesses to hire THEM over and above legal American citizens.

A COUNTRY WITHOUT MORALS that caters in every conceivable way to sexual deviants.  That actually promotes sexual perversion in its schools all the way down to the kindergarten level as something that is “normal” , “natural” and “totally acceptable” and should actually be “embraced” by children.  That encourages adolescents to engage in sexual activities and has provided free “morning after” pills in its schools to its female students, should they suddenly find that they have made a “mistake” and conceived another human being.  A country that actually forced the open acceptance of sexual perversion upon its military to destroy the morale of its members.   A country that is actually FORCING military chaplains to perform “marriages” of sexual deviants.  A country that sees that same sexual perversion openly and sometimes even close to being graphically promoted almost daily now in just about every form of media in order to desensitize the populace and get them to just give up their stance against it and give in.  A country that allows sexual deviants to not only adopt children, but to destroy the lives of those children by telling them that are what they are not, and then force those children to have gender changing operations further destroying their lives.  That is an actually legalized form of child abuse that is second only to the murders of millions of children in the womb.

A COUNTRY WITHOUT AN ENFORCEABLE FOUNDING DOCUMENT where so very many legally elected politicians and especially a certain non-legally “elected” politician decide that because they do not like America’s constitution and so many provisions contained in it that they do not have to adhere to that document which was setup to be the absolute law of the land.  Where so very many law establishers use the “yes … BUT” attitude to restrict the written guaranteed RIGHTS in America’s constitution by saying “we are not infringing upon your rights, we are only placing regulations upon you that will enable you to actually have those rights.  And a country with a judicial system that is now so openly corrupt that it upholds these anti constitutional restrictions placed upon the citizens of this nation.



A COUNTRY THAT FOR THE MOST PART HAS ALLOWED THE OVERWHELMINGLY CORRUPT POLITICAL AND JUDICIAL SYSTEMS TO VIRTUALLY AND SOON TO PHYSICALLY ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE while telling them they are actually free, but only as long as they do what they are told to do and not show any contempt for their pending physical enslavement.

A COUNTRY OBSESSED WITH THE KILLING OF CHILDREN while at the same time teaches those that were lucky enough to not be murdered in the womb, that they no longer need to respect their parents and that the state is above their parents.



A COUNTRY WHERE RACISM IS STRICTLY A ONE SIDED ISSUE and has multiple forms of media that promote that one sided racism at any and every given opportunity.  In addition to THAT it has now been learned that this present ILLEGAL administration that America is saddled with actually went to Florida to ORGANIZE RACE RIOTS in the George Zimmerman case and FORCED the state of Florida to file FALSE second degree murder charges against Zimmerman knowing that all factual evidence would find him innocent of any wrong doing.  But if the jury cannot be forced to wrongfully convict Zimmerman they are preparing violent race riots which will give them the opportunity to try and declare martial law.



A COUNTRY THAT AT ONE TIME WAS A SHINING BEACON for the entire world to see that enjoyed the respect of the entire world including its enemies who feared it as much as they respected it. But now is a country that not only is NO LONGER RESPECTED and feared, but a country that is actually LAUGHED AT by the entire world. But it has ALSO now become a country facing its end much sooner than later.  Primarily because people did not contest enough the illegal seizing of the Executive branch of America’s government which led to the takeover of the judicial branch.

Based upon what America has morphed into I guess the REAL questions should be, how soon now will it be officially over, and just how many sections will it be divided into?  Will China get a third and the muslims and Hispanics get the other two thirds?  Or will the new world government called the UN divide it up more equally among more groups?

Understanding how this all came to be is really not difficult for those who have managed to pull themselves away from that primary indoctrination device called the television.

WE … The American people … ALLOWED it all to reach this point.  WE … didn’t care.  WE … were TOO BUSY with our own lives.  WE … chose to want to be entertained MORE than we chose to pay attention to what was happening to our nation.  WE … left the fate of this nation UP TO OTHERS.  But those “others” that we left America’s fate up to were NOT too busy to work even harder and faster at destroying this nation.

Though what happened to this nation IS our fault and no one else’s, there IS a reason WHY we became so complacent.

Although invented to be an entertainment device, EVEN BEFORE it was first officially placed on the market, it was realized that television could become (and most definitely did become) the greatest tool ever conceived of for directing human psyche.  More powerful than even Carter’s traitorous turning over of America’s public educational system to those who wanted to destroy this nation from within and allowing them to indoctrinate entire generations of America’s youth.  More powerful than the movies, the music field or any printed media.  All of those became secondary reinforcements to the primary form of indoctrination which was the television.

Through that singular device the entire nation could ever so slowly and subconsciously be directed toward the nations own end.  By taking possession of and totally controlling what news people were to be allowed knowledge of, by presenting that information in the way that America’s enemies wanted it to be presented, people could be herded toward their own end AND be happy and totally oblivious to everything throughout the entire process.

COMPLACENCY is an inherent human trait and as such that trait can easily be nurtured.  And it was most definitely nurtured.  BUT indoctrination of an entire people started long before even that wonderful useful indoctrination tool was invented.  The founders of this nation WARNED us that we should NEVER align ourselves with ANY “political party” because to do so would be to guarantee our own destruction.  They WARNED us that ALL political parties are actually owned and controlled and have a core agenda and that agenda is to favor those who actually control that political party.  Not only did Americans voluntarily turn a deaf ear to that warning, they totally surrendered their entire nation to political parties, and TWO of those political parties became the dominant political parties.  So dominant that all one hears about is the democrat party or the republican party.  Even in movies characters asked each other are you a democrat or a republican?  Jokes were made about both parties and ALL of that was to strictly enforce the idea that THOSE TWO PARTIES were to be regarded as the normal and natural way America’s government was to be run.

However … BOTH of those political parties went to the SAME funding group to acquire the sums of money they needed to conduct their political campaigns.  A steadily growing financial group that very quietly existed and was by far the MOST agenda driven group of all.  NO financial assistance is EVER given without a strict obligation being owed to those supplying that financial assistance.  The obligation of all parties they funded was to give the financiers agenda preference over even the political party’s agenda.  And the agenda of those financiers was and IS a GLOBAL agenda.  Mere countries and even nations are of no real importance when the agenda is to control an entire planet.  They ultimately wound up being in total control of BOTH of the major political parties that American’s surrendered their nation and their fate to and now only use BOTH of those parties to herd Americans in the direction THEY want the nation to go.  The same as they do with ALL of the other governments that they own and control.

Where the financial globalists are concerned the end most definitely justifies the means.  Now on one side they offer Americans the democrat party which is under absolute communist control and for all practical purposes can be considered to be the Jack the Ripper party because it now wants a much quicker and violent downfall of this nation.  On the other side they offer the republican party which has always been under globalist control but can be considered to be the Dr. Kevorkian party because that party offers a much gentler demise of this nation.  And the vast majority of Americans are totally indoctrinated to align themselves with BOTH of these parties and thus with every single election are only choosing which path they want to take to their own national destruction.

Can all of this be turned around and can this nation still be saved?  If one sits back and removes all hope and dreams from their minds and totally void of emotion looks at this nation and what it has become in a pure black and white perspective with no gray areas added to the picture, the answer quite probably is no.  Not without duplicating what the Egyptians finally did when they wanted their freedom back and THEIR constitution restored.  But THIS potential scenario by Americans was ALSO anticipated and prepared for because for generations now Americans have been indoctrinated to actually believe that they are much too “civil” to do what the freedom loving Egyptians are now doing, and as a result most Americans will only complain and should any try to regain their country the rest will not stand with them.  But now having discovered what this present illegal administration in America’s White House has done in Florida, we may be finding out all too soon now just who will or will not stand with whom.

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